The Meeting

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Here we go again. As if I wasn’t busy enough, now I must waste time taking yet another vendor meeting. Vendors are always trying to see me the next big thing. They always seem to have “the better product, service and prices.” But I’m old school and a loyalist. If I’m getting a fair price and great service, I don’t look to move elsewhere. Normally I don’t take these meetings. I would rather they just send me samples and prices and I can decide from there. However, a buddy of mine called up and told me I had to take this meeting. That this was a vendor he had met and that he instantly knew we should meet.

Ginny agreed to meet me on Saturday morning. I like working on the weekends. There is no one in the office. It is quiet and I get a lot done. It is really about the only time I can take meetings. As I entered the lobby, Ginny was there ready to go. You could tell she was a little eager and excited. Steve had told me she was new at this and that my contract would make her year. I must admit, Ginny took my breath away. I certainly wasn’t prepared for her. Ginny had a classical beauty: fresh faced; amazing body; a sweet demur quality. The type of woman men would paint on the sides of planes and go to war for. I shook her hand and introduced myself and felt an instance electricity between us.

We made our way back to my office and settled in for the sales pitch. I couldn’t get over how incredibly sexy Ginny was. She was dressed professionally with a white button up shirt and pencil skirt. Her stockings and heels rounded out the outfit. I’ve always had a thing for a woman in stockings. Stockings are so erotic and feel amazing on a woman’s legs. I couldn’t help but stare. I had to fight my mind from staring. I was mesmerized by her but didn’t want her to know.

Ginny presented her products, terms and all the guarantees that went with it. She laid out a pretty good proposal, but it just wasn’t good enough to get me to move my business. As she finished, I stood up and moved to the front of my desk and sat on the edge. At this angle I could now see her cleavage and I caught the smell of her perfume. eryaman orospu numaraları Admittedly, I was a little bewitched. I explained that while I appreciated the presentation, it simply wasn’t good enough. What happened next caught me off guard.

Ginny reached up and put her hand on my thigh.

“I really want your business. I’d do anything to get this contract. Are you sure there isn’t anything I can do to change your mind? Anything at all?” she said, as her hand rubbed up and down my thigh.

With one hand on the back of her neck and one on her cheek, I kissed her. A hard, primal kiss that sent a very clear message. Pulling lightly on her neck, Ginny stood up and started unbuttoning my shirt. Soon her hands were running along my chest while we continued kissing. My hands moved along her body, feeling her for the first time.

Ginny pushed me away and I thought I’d taken things too far. As I sat back in my chair, Ginny looked at me with this devilish smile dropped to her knees in front of me. Her hands travelled my thighs and opened my pants. Locked eye-to-eye, Ginny began stroking my cock. Long, slow, and very deliberately she rubbed me. The look on her face was of pure desire and lust. She wanted me and I wanted her.

Ginny moved forward with the tip of her tongue and teased my cock. It was driving me crazy. The anticipation was killing me. I closed my eyes, head back, and relished in the incredible sensations she was giving me. Then, without warning, Ginny took the entire length in her mouth and down her throat. He warm mouth glided up and down my shaft. Her continued sucking, along with the occasional stroke of her hand, had me on the verge of cumming. I wasn’t ready for this to end though.

I stopped Ginny and we stood up. I unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the ground.

“Slowly, take off your skirt for me.” I instructed.

Ginny let her skirt fall to the floor as she stepped out. Now she stood in front of me in a classic black matching bra and panties with a black garter belt holding her stockings in place. I wanted her more now than ever. I had ankara escort to have her. Ginny had this amazingly innocent, demure look while having a devilishly naughty, sensual side. It wasn’t simply enough to fuck her. I had to make her mine.

I pulled my tie off and spun her around. Taking her hands together behind her back, I tied them together. I wanted to control this situation. I then backed her onto the desk and leaned her back. Grabbing her throat, just enough to show her I was in control, my other hand traveled her thigh. Ginny spread her legs and was clearly into my assault on her body. I began by rubbing over her panties. They were drenched. Little moans escaped her lips.

Moving her panties aside, I began rubbing along her lips. Taking her clit between my fingers I began to rub and manipulate her. I increased the pressure on her throat just a little. In no time Ginny began to breath heavy as her moans gave way to screams. Soon Ginny’s body was convulsing; her breathing was intense; her screams filled the office. I continued my manipulation until she begged me to stop.

I had to taste her. I had to have that intoxicating pussy in my mouth. I bent to one knee and allowed my tongue to travel her thighs. I purposely move close, but avoid touching, her pussy. As I tease her, I hear “please,” escape her lips. With that, I move in and taste her for the first time. Only one word could describe this moment, intoxicating. I began running my tongue along her slit. Slowly sucking her clit into my mouth. I dance my tongue along her clit and give a little nibble for effect. While I dart my tongue across her clit, I push a finger deep inside of her. In moments Ginny begins to cum again. This time though, I don’t relent. I continue to work on her pussy while she her body jerks under me. Suddenly I am flooded as Ginny begins to squirt. This just stirs me on more. Ginny begins to roll in her strongest orgasm yet. Her legs clamped tight on my head as she screams out my name.

The moment was here. We both wanted this, and, on some level, both needed this. Standing between her legs elvankent escort I move my cock to her. I rubbed my cock head along her wet slit and across her clit several times. Then, ever so slowly, I push into her. That initial gasp as we feel each other for the first time was incredible. I wanted to save this moment as long as I could. I pushed all the way in and held still. My hand traveled up her body and once again found her throat. While applying a gentle, but firm grasp on her throat, I begin to rock in and out of her. I choose to go extremely slow and to embrace the moment. The sheer desire to fuck her hard and fast was almost too much to resist. The feeling of her tight, wet pussy, grasping my cock was almost too much to take. We were both relishing in the experience.

I couldn’t resist anymore. I stood Ginny up and removed my tie. I turned her around and pushed her down onto the table. Oh that ass! I couldn’t get over how amazing her ass looked. As I bent down to pull her panties off, I found myself directly in front of that amazing ass. I had to explore my desires. Grabbing her checks and pulling them apart, I move in and run my tongue lightly against her asshole. Ginny immediately flinches, but almost immediately relaxes and a sigh escapes her lips. I knew that was the green light I needed. I moved in and began to lick her ass. My tongue darted along and in her beautiful starfish. In almost no time Ginny was responding with yet another orgasm. I could have gotten lost in her ass but my desires wouldn’t wait anymore.

I stood up and thrust hard into Ginny’s waiting pussy. There would be no slow and gentle this time. It was pure and primal now. I had to fuck her hard and fast. I couldn’t resist any longer. I began to thrust had and fast into her. With each thrust, Ginny gave out a guttural sound of lust.

“Yes, fuck me sugar! Fuck me hard!” Ginny exclaimed.

I continued for as long as I dare. As I pulled out Ginny dropped to her knees and quickly took my cock in her mouth. It was so erotic seeing her taste herself on me. She began to deep throat me and almost immediately I erupted down her throat. Ginny continued to suck until I couldn’t stand anymore.

Spent, we both began to gather ourselves and redress.

Then I told her, “Ginny, you’ve got the contract. We are going to have to have several more meetings to work out the details.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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