The New Game Ch. 09

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Chapter 09 — Home Cookin’

The office buzzed for the remainder of the week in the wake of our visit from the Deville sisters and there now former boytoy. The thought of that made me smile. I felt we had played it perfectly and the only thing lost was a small piece of Mindy’s pride, which repaired easily on a woman her age.

The mood was light and there was comfort in the air. As the week ended, I was excited to be going home and not having to go to someone else’s house. I cared for these women, but I liked our home. I could not wait to go home as Friday’s workday came to a close.

I stayed at the office a little late on Friday but finally shut my pc off and headed for the door. As I drove home I thought of how things had gone this week and how I had played my role. I tried to stay out the way of all of the ladies after the meeting, knowing each of them was probably involved in someway or another in the aftermath.

As I pulled into the driveway, I was content and happy. I stepped out of the car and into the house with expectations of seeing my two loves. This was a thought that had more appeal to me that I can possibly describe. I shut the door behind me and made my way up the stairs. As I entered the dining room, only one of them was waiting for me.

The sunset going on outside made the natural light in the house limited and it did not appear that any lights were on when I reached the top of the stairs. I was very surprised when I saw that the table was set with two place settings and a single lit candle was between them. I was even more surprised when Penny appeared from the kitchen with two plates, one each hand. She laid them on the table at the two settings and then looked at me with a smile.

“I made you dinner,” she informed me.

I took in the sight of her beauty as she was wearing only a loose fitting, thin strapped black summer dress. Her feet were bare and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. It was simple and understated, yet somehow breathtaking.

“Thank you,” I responded politely.

As I looked down at the plates on the table, I noticed steak and potatoes filled them. It was interesting to say the least that she had surprised me like this. I smiled at her and put my briefcase down before moving behind her. I put my hands on her shoulders and softly kissed her cheek before I pulled out her chair for her and gestured for her to sit.

“To what do I owe this lovely surprise,” I asked as I moved back around the table to take my seat across from her.

“You owe it to a lot of things,” she remarked. “I have a lot of things I want to say to you.”

“Oh, are they good things,” I asked curiously.

“Some of them are,” she admitted. “Some you might not like and some you will have to digest.”

I looked at the solemn honesty on her face and wondered where she was going with this conversation. I was not uneasy or nervous but I was very interested in every word that she had to say. I loved this woman, that much was inescapable at this moment.

“Alright, please tell me what’s on your mind,” I urged.

I cut a small piece of steak and put it in my mouth as I looked through the shimmering light of the single candle onto the face of a woman with remarkable beauty. I was often surprised at how she continually took my breath away.

“Well, canlı bahis let me start by saying I love you,” Penny began. “I do. It’s become a part of who I am and all that I do. I am not saying it for any other reason than to let you know how you impact my world with every breath you take.”

I took in her words and watched her sip her wine. At first I thought she looked nervous, and then I looked at her again. As she set her glass back down on the table, I reevaluated my position. She was not nervous; the confident look on her face squashed that theory. I decided that it could only be that she was so overcome with emotion about the things she was going to say that it made her tremble.

“I am thankful every moment of everyday for that being the case,” I acknowledged. “I have given and will continue to give my best effort to take great care of the gift of your heart.”

“I know,” she confirmed softly. “That’s why we are here. I missed you while you were gone. I have thought long and hard about the time you were gone and what exactly went on here. Some things have become clear to me.”

I was very anxious to hear exactly what she was talking about.

“Please, enlighten me,” I implored.

“First, we all missed you, GREATLY,” she outlined. “None of us really knew how to deal with it. After a short while, we all tried to find distractions to keep from missing you so much.”

“I’m sorry,” I interrupted her. “I really can’t tell-“

“Just let me finished,” she said as she held her hand up to stop me.

I looked at her through the small flame of the candle yet again. I nodded slowly.

“I am not trying to make you feel bad or rehash things we have already gone through,” she indicated. “Just hear me out.”

I nodded again as she sipped her wine once more.

“We started to spend less time with each other because each of us reminded the rest of us of you,” she revealed. “It was hard losing you and harder losing each other. It almost tore us apart.”

I couldn’t help but hang my head as she spoke. When I looked up at her again she was smiling. I loved her smile.

“While you were gone, I took some time away,” Penny informed me. “I went home for about three weeks. My dad got into some financial troubles by mismanaging his money and not understanding how to deal with his insurance company related to his illness.”

I looked at her intently. I did not know that she went home and I wondered why she waited until now to tell me. This was uncharted territory.

“I helped my parents regroup and recover,” she explained. “Then I came back. Things were a mess here. There was tension and anger at the office. There was confusion and hurt that no one was dealing with. I felt scared and lost inside for the first time since Emma started helping me learn how to grow up.”

As I watched her speak, a small trace of the fear she spoke about was evident on her face.

“It was about this point when Brooke and I started to get close,” she continued. “I was sitting alone in my office on a rainy afternoon. We were the only two left in the building and she just walked in, without knocking and took a seat. She looked at me and I remember not saying a word. Then, she just started talking. She started by telling me that she missed you and she was tired of bahis siteleri not saying it out loud. She did all the talking, going on and on about you, the office, her sister and a host of other topics. I just sat there calmly and listened. When she got up to leave, she looked back at me when she got to the doorway of my office. All I could say to her was ‘Thank You.'”

I listened to the recount much of the same way as Penny described how she listened to Brooke that night. I was mesmerized by this story and I wondered where it was going.

“So, I came home that night and cried myself to sleep,” Penny furthered. “I went to work the next day and Brooke took me to lunch. We just started spending a lot of time together. We went to ballgames, where we thought of you. We went out clubbing, which reminded us of you. We did so much together and I loved hearing her talk. She had so much life, so much energy and so much passion. She became my rock, the one thing that would get me through the ache I was feeling.”

I finished the food on my plate and wiped my mouth. I dropped my napkin on top of the plate and waited for Penny to go on.

“I was in a lot of pain and Brooke was making it easier to deal with,” she explained. “I had not opened up to her, though. Until one night, we were at her place. We were watching a movie and I started to cry. I cried uncontrollably and I laid my head in her lap. She brushed my hair back and wiped my tears until I was all cried out. Then she asked me how I felt. The only answer I gave her was, ‘I’m tired of not being his sunshine anymore.’ Then I went on and on about my love for you. I told her how empty I felt without and how much I wanted you to come back to us all, but mostly to me.”

I felt a lump form in my throat as she recounted this portion of her story. I could not believe how hard she had taken my being gone. I was truly undeserving of this type of affection. The softness behind her eyes told me everything I needed to know about my Penny.

“The next day Brooke left town,” Penny picked up after another sip of wine. “I assume that is when she went to get you. She did it for me. No one else would have done it and she would not have done it for anyone else. She did it for me. That’s why she’s here. If I am not here with you, then she is the only other person I want you to be with in this house. Forget the game for a second. No one else loves you like I do, that I know. I also know that no one understands you for who you are better than Brooke. I love that you can be yourself 100% of the time around both of us now. This is the first time in my life I have felt happy and complete at home and it’s because of both of you. This household is special for three reasons. I expect to find it the same way when I get back.”

Her last statement caught me by great surprise. I replayed in my mind several times before reacting.

“Get back,” I repeated. “Where are you going?”

“I have to go home again,” Penny revealed. “My dad needs me to help sort some things out again and I want to be there for him. I am going to be gone for a couple of weeks, but I am absolutely coming home to you.”

The look on her face when she said that was possibly the most determined look I had ever seen on the face of any woman. It was as if it were not just a conversation bahis şirketleri between us, but her declaration to the world that this was her home and this is where she belonged. I was equally moved by her look and her words.

“When are you leaving,” I asked softly.

“Tomorrow morning,” she disclosed.

“I’ll miss you every moment that you are gone,” I told her.

“Then I will come home as soon as humanly possible,” she responded.

I stood from my chair and walked around the table. I leaned down and placed my hand on her cheek and lightly brushed her bangs behind her ear. I kissed her softly on the lips and felt her melt beneath me like a wilting flower. Penny reached up and locked her arms behind my neck as she continued kissing me sweetly. I scooped her up into my arms and carried her as we kissed.

I made it up the stairs, never taking my lips off of hers. I entered Penny’s room and laid her on her bed. I crawled onto the bed and hovered over her, staring into her eyes. Tonight was not about the game or anything else except my sunshine. I kissed her on the neck and ran my hands along her hips as I kissed between her gorgeous breasts. Penny pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it aside.

I ran my hands along her along her thighs and under her dress before lifting it over her head and throwing it to the floor. Penny was not wearing a bra and her lovely boobs were bare before me. Her black lace panties teased me as I stared at them and then back into her eyes. I lingered above her as she undid my belt and the button on my pants.

Penny helped me wriggle out of my pants and boxers as we kissed again. She had me worked up beyond words and my cement cock sprang free when she lowered my boxers past my knees. I kicked them off and to the floor along with my pants. My dick throbbed as Penny slipped her index fingers inside the waistband of her panties and moved them slowly down her legs.

Penny grabbed my firm shaft and guided it to her very moist opening quickly. I pushed inside of her and entered her easily. My rod pulsated inside her box as I forced my full length into her. I groaned as I kissed her neck again. Penny scratched my back with her perfectly manicured nails as I penetrated her again. I buried my entire tool within her hole as she gasped with delight.

I pressed into her again and again, firmly and deliberately. Penny moved her body in rhythm with mine to receive the maximum pressure from my prick. She felt amazing and I was in heaven. Again I injected my cock into her wanting gash as my batch built quickly. I withdrew and pressed into her once more, forcing Penny to groan. I pulled back and pushed inside of her harder as she wrapped her legs around my midsection.

As I pulled out Penny used her legs to draw me back in causing our flesh to crash together. I arched my back and attempted to remove my dick from her soaking wet pussy but Penny refused to allow me to exit her hole. I used all my leg muscles to pull out again but Penny dug the heels of her feet into the small of my back and I crashed into her opening again.

I came suddenly, flooding her insides with my batter. Penny shuttered and twitched lightly underneath me, biting her lip to silence her pleasure as I dumped my spunk into her box. I launched man milk into her vagina until I was completely spent. I crashed to the bed next to her and pulled her to me. We laid there in the silence and darkness, both breathing heavily in rhythm.

I couldn’t remember a more perfect moment in all my life.

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