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This story is the result of an online discussion. I met the woman whom I have called Yamina on the Literotica chat, and we enjoyed an evening of exchanging experiences. I was so fascinated by this one that I had to write it down. I spoke to Yamina again and she said I should send the story in. It is a real experience.

Yamina stepped into the hallway of her house. Pausing only to throw off her raincoat, she went upstairs to the bedroom she shared with her husband, Mark. She stood for a moment in front of the big mirror, and looked at herself. She saw a not-very tall brown girl, with, she thought, quite a pretty face, wearing jeans and a pullover. Closing her eyes, she undressed totally, then composed herself and looked again. She forced herself first to look at her breasts, small, neat and with big brown nipples. She allowed her gaze to drift downwards. Below her navel, in place of this morning’s thick dark thatch, was a thin line of pubic hair, tracing a path to where her sex lips now showed. Yes, she thought, the effect was as good as she had hoped. Mark was really going to like this! She glanced at her watch. Three-quarters of an hour to get to the restaurant.

She pulled her black minidress out of the wardrobe and laid it on the bed. A pair of black hold ups followed it. She pulled on the stockings, enjoying the sight of her newly visible sexlips framed by the black lacy tops. She paused for a second, slapped her thighs, then sighed philosophically. As a second-generation Pakistani, there were some parts of the genetic makeup she had not escaped. At least they were solid muscle, not just fat! She pulled the dress over her head, appreciated the sensation of it clinging to her body. As she straightened it out, she realised that she had made another decision. She was not going to put on knickers, not even a thong. Mark was really, really going to like this! She went into the bathroom, quickly brushed out her long, black lustrous hair, and refreshed her makeup.

Yamina ran down the stairs, and collected her raincoat. As she picked up her house key from the table by the door, she was unable to resist the temptation to take another look. She stood in front of the full-length mirror and raised the hem of her dress to show the newly depilated belly she had wanted. The beautician had called it a landing strip. Yamina giggled. The plane that landed there would have to have in-line skates! There was barely three or four hairs’ width, compared with her natural bush.

Mark was coming from one of his sites up near Oban, and would drive them both home afterwards. Yamina was pleased to take the tram into the centre; it would give her time to feel the cool evening air under her dress. She walked briskly to the stop, enjoying the sensation of being nearly exposed to all the unknowing yenidoğan escort passers-by. It made her feel sexy. She checked again the depth of Lycra that lay between her bare sex and the world. Just about a hands’ width…

On the tram she stood at first. It allowed her to pretend she was bracing herself against the swaying of the vehicle, whereas in fact, she was revelling in standing, legs apart, her sex slightly damp and feeling the breeze. Then she sat, at first closing her raincoat over her thighs and allowing the dress to ride up a little in secret. Then she opened the coat, straightened the dress and crossed her legs, so she could quietly squeeze her thighs, and her sex lips, together. She regretted that there were no other passengers to tease a little….

Mark and Yamina met at the restaurant called the Officers’ Mess. It had many advantages for them. It was just by a tram stop, it served good food and had tables separated into little booths. Mark kissed his wife. He was straight out of his car, still in his work suit and tie.

“Hello, gorgeous.” He grinned at her. “Your eyes are glowing. That usually means good things. Is there something I need to know?”

Yamina looked at her husband. Tall and blond, his suit fitted him well, and she felt a warm pride in her heart, as well as a tingle under her dress, to think that this was her man.

“If there is something, you will have to feed me properly to find out” she said “and I am not promising anything”

They went in to the restaurant, heading automatically for a booth on the higher level. They were so accustomed to the eating there; that they knew the table they wanted. The lighting here was more discreet, and there were rarely other clients. This evening they were on their own. The tables here were covered with a tartan cloth, which hung almost to the floor. Mark held out a chair for Yamina, while she removed her coat, and smiled in appreciation of the short black dress she wore.

“Leave the chair there a moment, Mark, please” she said, “and go and sit down”

Obediently he left the chair and took his place facing her across the table. Yamina looked around, and slid her dress up around her hips, showing him her naked and almost hairless sex. There was a sharp intake of breath from Mark.

“That is just sooooo beautiful” he said. “I knew you were up to something, but this is just fantastically sexy”

Yamina smiled demurely, sat down and straightened the dress.

“I’m glad you like it. I have been dying to show someone all the way here!”

“Do you want to see how hard you’ve made me, just by doing that?” Asked Mark

“Mmmmm… let me see. Yes I think I would! Is the waitress anywhere around?

“I can’t see her, why?”

Yamina lifted up the tablecloth, yenikent escort and disappeared under it. She was short enough to be able to squat under the table and she could feel her sex open as she did so. Mark felt her hands open his fly, and take out his solid erection. Suddenly he heard footsteps on the little stair leading to their booth. “Waitress!”, he hissed. He adjusted the tablecloth so that it hid anything that Yamina might do and tried to appear relaxed.

The waitress arrived, a tall young woman with a mass of golden-red curly hair down to her shoulders. Mark was pleased to note that, under her white regulation blouse, she was wearing a dark bra. In his experience, that pointed out that although she had to wear the uniform, she wanted to be noticed as a woman too. He smiled at her, trying to ignore the fingernails which were gently scratching his cock.

“We’ll have a bottle of Barolo. It will be the tagliatelli ai funghi for me, and the vegetarian lasagna for my wife. She will be back in a moment, there was something she wanted to do…. Downstairs”

He could feel Yamina’s warm breath on his penis now, and he struggled to control himself as her soft, full lips kissed his sex. The waitress wrote their order.

“Do you and your wife come here often?” she asked. Then she flushed slightly. “I mean, you ordered without even glancing at the menu!”

Was that what she had really meant, wondered Mark. Yamina had taken his full length into her warm mouth and was sucking him luxuriously. He was torn between the desire to have this stranger watch him come and the knowledge that she might create a scandal.

“You are new here…. Nancy?” he said, peering in the soft light to read her name badge. I see the manager has maintained the policy of employing attractive waitresses! The girl who used to serve us was also pretty, but even shorter than Yamina!”

His face registered a sudden shock as his wife bit him on the helmet of his sex. Clearly, the tablecloth did not prevent her from listening in. Nancy seemed not to have noticed.

“Yes, I just started two days ago. Is your wife Pakistani? She is very attractive, isn’t she? And I do like her dress!”

She turned to walk away, her order pad in her hand. As she reached the top of the little flight of stairs, Mark folded forward, as he flooded Yamina’s mouth with his sperm. He looked up, and saw that Nancy was still at the top of the stairs, looking towards him, before she turned again and went down.

Yamina emerged, smiling, her cheeks flushed.

“How was that, big boy?” She asked, “Did our waitress notice?”

“I’m really not sure either way, but I wouldn’t bet on her having missed what was going on”

Ten minutes later their dishes arrived and they ate. Mark yenimahalle escort could not help noticing though, that he could no longer see the dark bra under Nancy’s blouse when she served them, but was unsure whether it was his imagination.

They had eaten, and were finishing their wine when Nancy re-appeared, offering desserts. This time there could be no doubt, thought Mark, she had taken off her bra, and also opened a couple of buttons so they could see her breasts move. They ordered desserts. Nancy arrived with their choices and when she had gone, Mark said:

“Now my turn. Sit up close to the table. Yamina, I fancy a little extra dessert, if you are prepared to co-operate.”

Shivering slightly, Yamina moved in tight to the table and Mark squeezed himself under the cloth. She felt his hand slide her dress up her thighs and then his finger start to probe her sex. She rested her forearms on the table and tried to maintain an appearance of calm. She was lost in the sensations when she heard:

“Was everything all right? Can I do anything else for you two?”

Yamina breathed deeply and forced her voice to remain normal as she thanked the waitress. She splutteringly explained that Mark had gone to the loo. Mark was already kissing her sex and she was very wet, but Nancy showed every sign of wanting to chat. Yamina felt the presence of this other woman turning her on more and more.

Nancy was telling her about the job, but Yamina was only vaguely aware of that, as she felt Mark’s fingers explore her. Now he was slipping beyond her sex, towards her anus. She thought God; if he goes in there I shall come! She could feel him touching the ring, tapping it with a finger end. She leaned back in her chair, tried to listen to Nancy.

“Your husband is a very attractive man, isn’t he? You are such a good-looking couple. Have you been married long?”

“No. Just a few months and I am so happy.”

Yamina’s body was screaming out to come. Mark had got one finger in her ass, and was wiggling it, while another two were doing the same in her sex. She stretched back and put her arms behind her head.

“Are you ok?” Asked Nancy “you look a little strained”

“I’m fine,” said Yamina, trying to keep the wobble out of her voice as her orgasm started to build.

“You know, maybe I should clear these glasses” said Nancy, and reached across Yamina. As she did so, her blouse bellied open and Yamina saw the bare breasts of the waitress right in front of her face. Nancy smiled at Yamina:

“Do you like to see that?”

“Yes, they are beautiful”

“Would you like to touch?”

Instead of replying, Yamina buried her face in the breasts on offer, suckling the fat stiff nipples as she came, crushing Mark’s hand between her thighs.

“ I could tell you needed that” smiled Nancy, as Yamina recovered. Mark came out from under, barely embarrassed by the presence of Nancy. He smiled at her, taking in the fact that her breasts were still on show.

“Do you have a telephone where we can reach you?” Mark asked

“I’ll write it on the bill” laughed Nancy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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