12 Toes 13 Stories Pt. 10

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August 2001

Liz kissed John firmly on the lips. “This will be alright. They will accept us. They like me and they love you.”

John held Liz in his arms holding her athletic body against his tanned and toned. “I know. I just worry though.”

“It’s okay. We’ll explain that we love each other and that the age difference isn’t really a factor.”

John looked into Liz’s eyes and became aware of the slight wrinkles at the corners. Holding her body close he realized that her large breasts were beginning to sag, but she felt so wonderful and perfect next to him. Her blue eyes were so close to his and her smell, just being close to her was intoxicating. She was what was missing in his life.

Liz broke free and twirled around in front of him. Her sundress hugged her slight belly and blossomed out around her thighs. Her sandals showed off her magnificent twelve toes. He knew he shouldn’t fetishize it like he did but she was so proud of them and natural about the tiny thing that made her unique.

“I love you.” John said.

“Often and well.” Liz said with a smile. “Your parents will be here soon. Are you sure you want to be the one to tell them?”

“I wouldn’t be man enough to get married if I weren’t man enough to tell my parents.” John reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. “I know you didn’t want me to spend a lot of money on an engagement ring.”

Liz smiled at her 18 year old paramour and secret fiancée. “Any money.”

They had only been screwing for less three months and dating for less than two but Liz felt closer to John than anyone else she had in her entire life. She was a successful dotcom millionaire and he was the son of neighbors and her yard boy but there was something magical in their connection.

“Well this isn’t an engagement ring per se. It’s just a gift between lovers.” He opened the box and revealed a glittering toe ring. She lifted her left foot and he slid it on what he supposed would be her ring toe. He started to gently suck on her toes.

Liz smiled and kissed him. “We have about fifteen minutes if you want maltepe escort another quickie.”Liz felt herself getting wet. She had been craving John’s cock all day. She played with herself at work during her lunch break and blamed the moans in the bathroom on cramps. She had jumped John the moment she got home from work. He had come over early to get things ready for the dinner with his parents and still she wanted more.

John slid her skirt up and grabbed her waist in his strong hands. He lifted her up and she wrapped her arms around his tanned toned body. “All the girls in Colorado Springs are going to be missing out on this.”

John held her up with one hand on her ass while he opened his fly and pulled out his ready dick. Liz squeezed tightly on his hips and raised herself while he guided his dick into her pussy. “I’ll never get tired of this,” she moaned as she lowered herself and leaned back, her legs wrapped around his hips and her hands on his shoulders.

“Careful or you’ll break my dick.” John said as Liz started to speed up her bouncing. She was in her early thirties but was still lithe and athletic and was grinding hard on John. John steadied himself on the counter as Liz was bouncing more enthusiastically.

“Fill me studmuffin. I’m your horny bitch.” She started to shudder and John moved her onto the table for support. He kept pushing into her and came quickly himself. John decided that he was going to spend the night after he told his parents his intent to marry her. Perhaps even move in over the weekend.

The two lovers traded kisses that slowed and the lingered. John was squeezing her breasts through her dress, mostly for the novelty of being allowed to do so at any time he wanted. He felt her pussy twitch and then start to tighten around his softening cock. “You’re going to get me going again,” she said. He stopped squeezing and rested his forehead against hers and looked into her blue eyes.

Liz looked into her young lovers eyes. She bit her lip. “There is something that I need to tell you before your parents get here.”

Suddenly the doorbell escort maltepe rang. John quickly zipped up his pants and looked for any signs of wetness as Liz walked to the door, her panties askew across her cum filled pussy.

“Steve and Sarah, it’s so nice to have you over can I get you some iced tea?”

Sarah was about 45 blonde and matronly, festooned with gaudy jewelry. Steve was the same age with the look of a former athlete. He had a bald head, small pot belly and a shambling gait that spoke of old knee injuries.

Steve looked at his wife and she shot him a stern glance. “Iced teas would be nice.” She said responding for both of them.

Liz led the group into the dining room. She and John went to the kitchen to fetch the dinner. Roast chicken and vegetables, a salad and rice pilaf.

“John, how about you do the honors.” Liz said, handing a large knife and fork to him. John took the cutlery and began to nervously disassemble the chicken serving pieces to everyone. When he finished he took a deep breath and let go of the knife.

“Dad, I don’t want to go to college any more.”

Steve stood up with anger in his eyes. “Do you understand how hard you worked to get into the Air Force Academy, how hard we worked to get you the letter you needed!”

“I love Liz. I want to marry her. I want to stay here and run a business and start a family.”

“Maybe after college when you get your commission or after you get out. You can marry her. ” Sarah said. “She’s older, she knows how to wait.”

“You don’t have to worry about him. He has a great head for business. He showed me the business plan so he can start a landscaping business. I fronted him some seed money and he has already paid it back. Next summer he’ll have his own crew and really make money.” Liz supplied.

Sarah turned on her, “Look whore. John is going into the Air Force like his father. I don’t know how you beguiled him, but he is going.”

John looked at his mother. “Mom, she’s not a whore. She is a wonderful woman who loves me very much.”

“You’re just a worthless maltepe escort bayan gigalo” Steve shouted standing up. “Where is the honor and dedication I’ve taught you, the sense of duty and love of country. You’re dropping it for, well, a cunt.” He appraised Liz carefully and she could swear she heard him sniff the air. “A worn out cunt at that.”

Liz felt the blood rise in her cheeks as she rose to her feet. Her plate fell to the floor and shattered at her feet. “I am neither a cunt nor a whore. I am respected software engineer and VP of a Fortune 100 company. Fuck you very much, and I would appreciate it if you and your bougie wife left.”

Sarah sat transfixed at the broken plate by Liz’s feet. She gasped and then pulled Steve’s arm and pointed at Liz’s feet. He looked at her feet, “So? she has a toe ring. Slut like her I would expect an ankle tattoo.”

“She has twelve toes.”

Steve sat.

John and Liz stared at his parents.

“You are originally from around here right? You’re 30 right? Had a sort of punk rock thing going back I the early 80s?” Sarah asked calmly.

Liz sat down.

“You can’t marry her.” His mother said. Liz was starting to cry and nodded.

“I love her and I will marry her no matter what!” John shouted.

“She has twelve toes.” Steve repeated.

“I don’t get it, because she is some sort of freak I can’t marry her? If I didn’t suggest she wear sandals you never would have known.”

Steve stood and placed a hand on his son’s shoulder. “You know you’re adopted. We’ve always been up front with you about that.”

John nodded.

“One thing we never told you was that you were born with twelve toes. We didn’t want you to have any trouble with it as a kid so we had them removed when you were a month old.”

Liz looked at John. “I named you Sid after Sid Vicious.”

John took Liz’s hands. “We can make this work. No one will have to know.”

Liz eyes were filled with tears. “You’ll want kids someday, don’t worry. You’ll find someone new, someone better.”

“What about you?” He asked desperately.

“I’ll always be happy if I know my baby is happy.” She kissed him on the forehead and John and his parents walked out in silence. Liz cleared the table and threw broken plate into the garbage where it lay next to a positive pregnancy test.

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