A Family At Odds Chapter 10

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It’s Friday the middle of July. A week has gone by since Savannah, Megan, and I committed to each other saying our vows and love to each other. It was a interesting week in the least Sasha and Lucy came over Wednesday trying to start some drama. They asked why we never told them about Sierra or that I was back. I told them that things were not the same because of their parents. They just stood in the yard as I was holding Sierra in my right arm and hip. Savannah and Megan were on either side of me keeping their eyes on Sasha and Lucy. I then laid it all out how their dad tried to get Savannah. And how some things just happen for no reason. And how the night of the 4th of July how their dad and Gavin started flirting with mom and Savannah. They stood there listening to all I had to say. I guess they had some thinking to do as both just turned and got in Lucy’s car and left. It’s 10:30 a.m. when Dad decides to go for a ride. He asks Megan and I if we would like to go with him as he wants to have company. Megan and I look at each other then tell him sure. Shelby and Lisa were with their fiance’s working on what they wanted for their wedding. Mom, Savannah, and Sierra were out getting groceries for the week. So that left Dad, Megan, and I in the house. We all got on our riding attire and hit the road. I was behind my dad and Megan riding on streets that turned into country back roads. We had our headset’s on so we could talk to one another. Dad would tell us about when he was younger how this was his old stomping grounds. How him and his buddies would ride around most of the day until the evening on the weekends. It wasn’t long that I looked in the right side mirror to see we were being followed by a white van.

” Heads up were being followed.” I told them which made dad see I was right

” Well let’s see what they want. You both got your belt chains on you?” Dad stated then asked

” Yep.” I answered as did Megan

He sped up to show us where we were going to park and wait. It was just a small place to pull over. Once pulled over and parked we three got off our rides, stood and waited. It wasn’t long until the van pulled alongside the road in front of us and parked. I had my hand on the chain around my waist as did Megan. Dad walked and stood between them and us as to get ready for something. The side door of the van opened and came out was 4 men. I say they stood between 6’1 to 6’3 all weighed around 200 to 220 lbs. All four had short hair. The tallest one walked up to my dad but stayed a few paces from him. The other three took steps to spread out around us. the two shorter ones had shotguns where the leader I took it and another not far from him had handguns. The leader looked at us three and smirked. I took a few steps to get in front of Megan as to protect her if anything was to happen. They all looked at Megan with looks I didn’t really care for. The leader looked at me not paying that much attention to my dad.

” You must be Nick I have heard so much about you.” The leader said in a sarcastic way

” Yes, but I haven’t got the pleasure to know who you are.” I stated giving him a cold stare

” My name isn’t needed, as to why I am here is.” He says with a smirk again looking at Megan

” And why are you here and why you following us?” My dad said getting to the matter

” Oh that is easy, were here to take her, hand her over or things will get very bad.” He tells us with some authority

” Oh really, and why would I hand my woman over to you assholes.” I said getting a bit angry

” Because if you don’t my men have orders to shot you, but not kill.” He says getting my father and I looks of wonder

Megan came up to me grabbing my arm. There was four of them and only us three. I knew I could take two on, but them having guns wasn’t something that I could take a chance on. I didn’t want my dad to get hurt or Megan. Megan squeezed my arm getting my attention. I turned to look at her and saw fear, but also courage. I knew she could take care of herself due to years of being by herself. My dad turned to us I guess being curious as to what we were doing. I leaned down and gave Megan a kiss on her lips. I told her after not to let any of them touch or hurt her. Megan responded saying they would have to kill her first. She let go of my arm and started to walk towards them. Once she got to dad she gave him a hug and whispered in his ear. I didn’t hear what was said, but when I saw his face turn red and his fist clinch into a ball I knew he was against her going. She took a few steps towards the leader of the four and that was when he grabbed her. He forced a kiss on her right in front of me. I took a few steps when I heard a gun click. I got to my dad’s side and kept my eyes on Megan. The leader broke the kiss and grinned.

” You sure have fire for a blonde, it’s going to be fun breaking you.” He said with a laugh

” You even touch her I will fucking kill you asshole.” I said letting my anger show

” Oh and how you going to do that when we will be long gone, and if you cherish her safety don’t even try following us.” He stated backing up to the van

I watched as they all went back to the van. Dad had his arm extended out against my chest. Once they were in the van and the door closed I was stepping to my trike. The van started up and peeled out going down the road out of sight. My dad was on his cell phone once they were gone. He came over to me and told me to calm down some as he spoke to someone. I sat on my trike clinching the handle bars. I told him we had to get after them and what they could do to Megan would hurt more then anything. My dad told me to wait saying help would be here soon as he got off his phone. It wasn’t long until I heard bikes and by the sound of it quite a few. I looked at my dad and he smiled.

” Son remember I told you about my friends when I was younger?” He asked me being some what calm

” Yes, but..” I answered him being cut off

” They live out here, they know these back roads and every side dirt road. You see if those assholes don’t know the way out then we will find them.” He responded to me stating

There pulling up were 10 bikes from one direction and 5 from the other. They all parked but kept their bikes going. One got off his and came over to dad and I. Dad and the older biker shook hands and hugged. He told us the van was parked on a side country road about three miles up and was rocking back and forth. I looked at him and dad and started my trike. They got on their rides and started up. Dad pointed to one of the bikers and then at Megan’s bike. The guy shook his head understanding. Dad took off first with the others either turning to follow or waiting for me to get in the middle. I followed those in front of me as the road seemed forever. My blood was pumping as my fears were taking over. I was scared that Megan was getting hurt or raped by the biker saying the van moving back and forth. It wasn’t long until I heard my dad’s voice.

” Straight ahead son and Ted was right it’s rocking back and forth.” My dad said into the headset

” Oh god no, dad please hurry.” I said getting mad and scared

” Son to the right were turning now.” He told me responding

I looked at the right and saw the van. The bikers in front of me sped up and over so I could get in front of them. I got past them and behind my dad. We turned onto the country road and parked not just 5 feet behind the van. I turned my motor of and got off my trike as dad got off his bike. The other bikers lined up and did the same. I walked fast hearing screams and yelling. I opened the side door and got a sight I never thought id have to see.

” You assholes thought you could take me, you fuck monkeys.” Megan yelled kicking trading off between the leader and another

My dad and I just looked on watching Megan getting back at her abductors. There were two behind her in fetus positions holding their balls. A few bikers came up and also watched the assault Megan was doing on the two in front of us.

” My husband has more balls then you flap ass’s. And his dick way bigger then you four put together.” She yelled as we heard groans

Megan stopped when she heard someone clear their throat. She turned in our direction changing her expression from anger to a smile. She stepped over to the open door and stepped out. She wrapped her arms around me as I placed mine around her. Dad told his friends to take care of the four fuckers. His buddies were stifling a laugh saying they would. After our hug Dad and I walked Megan back to my trike so we could check her out. He lip was bleeding as the left side of her face was red. She still had her clothes on which I was relieved for that. She sat on my trike as I checked her face. She looked into my eyes and spoke.

” So um baby how long were you standing there watching?” She asked me with a nervous expression

” Oh I think during fuck monkey and flap ass’s.” I answered with a chuckle

” Baby don’t laugh oh god I feel embrassed.” She says getting a laugh out of my dad and I

” Megan hun we are just glad you are ok.” Dad replied telling his daughter n law
” They tried to hurt me, but I just started kicking and hitting. There was no way they were going to violate me fuck that.” She said telling dad and I

” Did they say who wanted you honey?” Dad asked Megan with concern

” No, but they did mention that they were going to take me to their other four buddies for a gang bang. Oh wait the leader named Spade said something about their boss going to sell me and another to the highest bidder.” Megan explained as two biker women came over with a first aid kit

I looked at dad then over at the van. I guess he got my hint as he turned to walk towards the van. I followed him feeling my anger boiling. Once at the van I reached in and grabbed the leader named Spade. I had him by the collar and dragged him out of the van. He was still shook up I guess from what Megan did to him.

” Ok Spade tell me what the fuck is going on and who sent you?” I yelled for him to know I meant business

” I am not saying a fucking thing man.” Spade said laughing like I was crazy

I turned to my dad and he nodded.

” Ted you have any strong rope or chains?” My dad asked his old friend

Ted nodded his head smiling then motioned to two others. They went to get what Ted asked for. Then I noticed two others get on their bikes and start them. They moved into the road with one turning to point the other direction. Ted and other named Charlie grabbed Spade and dragged him over between the two bikes. They laid him down as his feet and hands were being tied with rope and chains. Dad motioned me over and I did walk over to where ted and Charlie were. I looked at Spade’s eyes to see fear in them.

” What…what are they going to do to me?” He asked with a scared expression

” I say they going to rip you apart. Have you ever heard that saying never mess with a biker’s kid or property.” I told him was a smirk of my own

” They can’t or they will get in trouble.” He stated thinking he knew a biker

” Actually we are out in the country, and this is their territory. There a lot of places they can hide you and your pansy friends.” My dad pointed out to him saying

He laid there taking in my fathers words and that was when I heard the bikes rev up and noticed Ted give his buddies the signal. At that moment they eased on the gas and Spade was being stretched. He let out a scream after a few minutes then they let off the gas as they backed up to let him down. I kneeled down and again spoke.

” So you going to talk or are they going to keep quiet?” I asked him getting a nod
“ No never you can torture me all you want assholes.” Spade said feeling cocky

Ted motioned his guys again and they did as told. Spade was stretched for a matter of minutes until we heard something give. Spade yelled in pain as the two bikers eased off the gas and backed up to lower Spade back to the ground. I stepped up and kneeled to one knee and asked him again. He looked up at me and nodded his head with watery eyes.

” We..we were to distract you and your dad from going home. They other team took your ebony bitch.” Spade said telling me why he was taking Megan

” Where..where is Savannah?” I asked him grabbing his collar again

” At the warehouse on the edge of town. They were to leave you a note saying to come alone and unarmed. That is the truth now let me go.” He confessed to me and my dad

” Oh we will let you go, but only after we teach you a listen in respect fucker.” Ted said motioning his buddies again

I watched Spade’s eyes get wide as I stood turning to walk to my trike. Dad followed behind me catching up and grabbing my arm.

” Son you can’t do this on your own. You have no idea who is pulling the strings.” My dad stated telling me very concerned

” Dad think about it, who is the one person that has been doing all he can to get my attention.” I said looking in his eyes

My dad stood there looking at me with a expression of curiosity. https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/” title=”izmit escort bayan”>izmit escort bayan Then his eyes went wide and he let go of my arm.

” Karl he is the one dad. I have to go and safe Savannah. If it was mom you would do the same.” I responded to him turning to walk to my trike

I got to my trike and Megan looked up at me. Her eyes showed love and concern at the same time. Dad gets over to us and stands next to me looking at Megan and I. Megan asks what’s going on and that is when I tell her. She listens as does those around us. Megan starts to protest as I tell her I have to go alone. I tell her she needs to get home and watch over Sierra as mom might be going crazy as to wondering what’s going on. Dad concurs with me saying they need to see if they are ok. Megan says she needs her bike and dad tells her he will take her. Megan stands and gives me a hug as I return in leaning down and kissing her lips for what might be the last time. She breaks the kiss and hug and tells me she loves me as I respond saying I love her just as much. She goes to dad who places his arm around her giving her some comfort. I can see some tears starting to show in her eyes. I get on my trike and start it up. Dad and Megan move out of the way as I start to ease out and onto the road. I hear a few bikers yell for me to stop, but dad tells them to stop as this was something I had to do. I took off not looking back as the wind hit my face. I was in a serious frame of mind. I had to stay focused to save my ebony love.

I ride up to a warehouse on the out skirts of town that Spade told me about. He told me I was to come alone and unarmed. I notice some cars and a van that Savannah must of been taken away in. I parked my trike in the broken cracked parking area. I looked around making sure no one is outside and see no one. I get off my trike and I start for the doors that seem to be open a bit. Once to the doors I take a deep breath and open the door. It’s not all that dark as there is a light coming from the end of the small hallway. I keep walking until I hear a scream it’s Savannah that screams. I hear her tell who ever to keep their hands off her. I hear the familiar voice yell saying he will eventually have her after tonight. I start walking again until I get into the big open room. I notice a cage in the middle of the room. It’s the kind you see in cage fights in wrestling. I stop for a few seconds to see Savannah in a chair in the middle strapped to it. She is only in her bra and panties. I looked around to see some guys outside the cage holding guns and shock batons. I take a good look who is in the cage along with Savannah. There are two men one being Gavin and the other Karl. Gavin is standing in front of Savannah slapping her a few times. She has tears coming down her face. Karl is standing not far just smiling as he rubs his crotch I guess thinking he will get a turn with my wife. I take a breath and let it out slow as I continue walking towards the cage. I get about 10 feet away when Karl turns and notices me.

” Well, well it’s about time you showed. I was being to wonder if the slut was that important.” He says to me laughing at his words

” NICK PLEASE HELP ME!” Savannah yells before Gavin slaps her again

” Shut up slut I told you after tonight you will be mine.” He says to her with some anger

” Gavin you touch her again I will kill you.” I get out before feeling a shock to my back

One of the guards snuck up behind me without me hearing him. I go down on my knees and hands feeling the electric current run through my body. It’s just a few minutes later I am being dragged to and into the cage. I am placed a few feet in front of Savannah. I get enough energy up to look up and see her face has a few bruises. They don’t bound my legs and arms for some odd reason. Gavin although takes a few free kicks to my left side until Karl stops him.

” Gavin that’s enough we have guards to do the beating.” Karl states to Gavin while I feel hands grab my arms and help me to my knees

I am being turned around and made to look up at Karl.

” What do you want Karl.” I ask him being held

“ Oh I just want to watch you get beaten to a inch of your life then give you the final blow. I want this tension between us to die along with you.” He says with a smile on his face

I look up in his eyes and see hatred.

” Oh god no, please don’t do this. I will do anything just let him go please” Savannah says before I hear a slap

” I said shut up and anyway your going to do what we say anyway after he is dead” I hear Gavin say as my shirt is being ripped from behind

I am again turned around and facing Savannah who has fear along with tears in her eyes. Gavin gets behind her and makes her see me.

“ Look as this is the last day you will ever see him alive.” Gavin tells Savannah getting her to shake her head no

“ Guard you may begin, we have to do our part to make it easy for his opponents don’t we?” Karl stated to one of his guards

At that moment I felt a strike of pain hit against my back. I gritted my teeth as I felt another strike go against my back. I knew now how he wanted me to weaken by having me whipped. I just kept my eyes on Savannah as she kept hers on me. I watched as she mouthed the words ‘ I love you’ to me. I tried to mouth the say words but to no avail. I was being whipped for I don’t know for how long. Until I heard some doors open and slam.

” Oh good your opponents have showed up.” Karl says looking at Savannah and I

I turned my head slowly to see Sasha and Lucy walking towards the cage. They were dressed in tight outfits with shoulder pads like out of a warrior movie. Both of them walk into the cage and past their dad to Savannah and I. Sasha told the guards to let me go and they did. I am let go and fall forward barely catching myself with my hands. I am helped up to sit on my feet. I see Sasha’s eyes and notice something different about them. Lucy tells Gavin to back the hell up as she helps Savannah. Savannah picked up what clothes she still had left and tried to cover herself up.

” Girls what are you doing?” Karl asks them as they get closer to Savannah and I

” Just making sure Nick wasn’t to damaged dad. And Savannah doesn’t need to be in here if you want us to fight our dear old cousin.” Sasha responded to him finally as Lucy was checking on Savannah

Lucy has a bag in her hand and opens it. She reaches in and takes out some gauze and tape. Lucy starts attending to Savannah’s face and few cuts that Gavin caused. Sasha steps behind me and squats to check my back out. Lucy throws her some gauze and bandages to doctor my back. I wince a little as she presses applies the gauze and begins to wrap a bandage around me to hold the gauze in place. She does this a few more times to make sure my wounds are covered. She gets in front of me and I look up in her eyes and that is when I see it. She cares about me again. She helps me stand having me lean against her. I feel her slide something in my back left pocket. Its maybe 5 inches and slender. I just hope Karl didn’t see it as Sasha helps me turn to see Karl just standing there letting my cousins do what they do best nurse. I turned my head and noticed something I didn’t before. There was a electric cable connected to the cage. Must be for the fights that I recently found out about. I get a sudden idea, but it is so risky that it saddens me to even think about it. Sasha moves back in front of me and notices where I am looking at. Here eyes go wide as she looks up at me. I notice Lucy handing some rubber sole shoes to Savannah in which makes me look at Her and Sasha’s feet both have rubber sole shoes on.

” Well what is taking you both so long check them out you both need to get ready.” Karl starts saying sternly to both Sasha and Lucy

They both turn and look at him. Sasha says she is almost done as does Lucy. I lean down and whisper to Sasha.

” Sasha get Lucy and Savannah out of here.” I tell her as she looks up in my eyes

” Nick we will and you just follow our lead.” She tells me whispering

” No Sasha, this needs to end tonight. Your dad needs to be taken care of and I am the only one.” I tell her and she gets a shocked look in her eyes

” Oh god Nick please don’t. We love you as our cousin and what about your family. Savannah, Megan, and Sierra they will need you.” She says pleading to me

” Sasha, for years you and Lucy have been like sister’s to me, and as for my family it’s you and Lucy’s turn to protect them like you did me growing up.” I tell her with a last request

” But.” She starts to say until I cut her off

” No buts, you know I am right. Get them out of here and once you do shut the cage door and get ready to hit the button on the cage.” I explain to her

She looks up into my eyes with a sadden look. She turns and looks at Savannah and Lucy. She walks over to Lucy and Savannah. She tells Savannah to give me a hug and Kiss as she may not get to later. Savannah asks what is going on. And Sasha tells her that she is getting her out of there safe. Savannah stares at Sasha for a few seconds then comes to me. Savannah places her arms around me. I notice Sasha whispering into Lucy’s ear. Then I see my cousin’s eyes go wide looking at me. I place my arms around Savannah and lean down and kiss her lips. Gavin is standing a few steps away protesting about me hugging Savannah. Karl tells Gavin to shut up and live with it. It’s only a few minutes later that I hear a throat being cleared and it’s Karl.

” Come on quit with all the stalling. Girls you better go get ready and take the slut with you make her ready for Gavin and I. We want to play with her while watching you both kill Nick brutally” Karl says instructing them

” Yes dad.” Sasha says but not in a loving way

I break our kiss and look into Savannah’s eyes.

” I love you baby, I always have and always will. Tell Megan I love you and tell Sierra that daddy will always be with her.” I stated to my ebony love

” Baby I love you too. but you going to be alright your tough and can take anything they give you.” She tells me being sincere

” I know darlin, but just incase remember what I said and tell my other wife and our beautiful daughter.” I tell her with a tear going down my right cheek

Sasha and Lucy tell Savannah it’s time to go. She hugs me again tight and kisses my chest as she always did over my heart. I watch as she follows them out the door. Once she gets out the cage door Sasha and Lucy turn and step past her. Lucy shuts the door and Sasha locks it. Hearing the door shut and lock gets Karl’s attention. He goes to the door and grabs it finding it securely locked. He looks at both his daughters and starts speaking in a loud voice.

” Whats the meaning of this girls?” He asked them a bit angered

” Father dear, you have mistreated us for so many years. You raped us of our womanhoods. You have treated our mother as a slave. You took our loving cousin from his parents, and now you and Gavin were going to rape Savannah tonight. All that stops as of now daddy dearest.” Sasha exclaims explaining to him

” Sasha is right dad, and don’t look for your guards to help. For when you die we are taking over and make things right. And we start by protecting those our cousin Nick loves most.” Lucy says standing up to her father

” How dare you speak to me like that. Let me out right now.” Karl says loudly to his daughters

” No dad we loved you, but you took advantage of us saying it was all ok. We are sick of you and all your sicko ways.” Sasha said as her and Lucy grabbed Savannah away from the cage

Karl starts to turn when he hears a scream come behind him. Karl turns to watch as I grab Gavin by the neck and raise him in the air and choke slam him onto the concrete. I turn to see Karl stunned and shocked. I start walking towards him eyes dead locked on his. Karl shakes him self and turns to try and get the door open to have no luck. I rush him and place my beaten body against his and lace my fingers through the cage holes and clamp them. He is pinned his face against the cage. I place my chin on his left shoulder so he can see my eyes.

” Karl you hurt a lot of people, my parents, your family and I can imagine innocent people.” I tell him with anger as I notice Sasha move over to a breaker box not far away

Lucy is holding Savannah back away so she can’t get close. I see tears in her eyes as a few start coming down mine. Karl still tries to struggle to no avail.

“ Let me go you bastard, Gavin wake up help me, Guards, Guards.” Karl says loudly trying to struggle

” No one is going to help you Karl you wanted to see me die will here is a front row seat. Now join me in hell” I say pausing looking in his eyes then yell ” NOW SASHA NOW.”

At that moment I hear doors open and a person yell for us all to freeze. I notice Sasha over on the far wall with her hands in the air as is Lucy’s. Savannah is running over to the cage to try and get inside until a police officer stops her. I hear a https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/izmit-eve-gelen-escort” title=”izmit eve gelen escort”>izmit eve gelen escort familiar voice tell me to move away from Karl. I debate on that idea then do as I am told and turn to see someone I never expect to be there. Maya is standing there with her gun drawn on Gavin as officers open the door to the cage. I then moved out of the way as a man walks in and up to Karl.

” Thank you officers for coming when you did. Nick and my daughters were going to kill me.” Karl says trying to save himself

” Mr. Karl Carrington.” A man in a suit asks as Karl nods his head then adds “ You are under arrest for illegal activity and crimes against you.” The tall man says to Karl

” What are you talking about? I have been a upstandable man. I have done nothing except get dragged here for no reason.” Karl says again trying to save his own ass

” Mr. Carrington I beg to differ we have enough evidence on you to make you not collect 200 dollars or visit Boardwalk. Now these kind officers are going to read your rights to you and you will listen.” The suit says as he turns to me then adds ” Are you alright Nick?”

” Yes, just some wounds on my back and confused as to how you all knew about what was going on.” I tell him with confusion

” That would be because of me.” Another familiar voice said to me

I turned to see a person at one time I showed my anger to. Standing there beside Maya was Cal. He seemed more stronger and showed confidence. Savannah was by me at this moment with her arm around my waist and mine around her shoulders.

” What do you mean because of you?” I asked him still confused

” After I confessed two years ago to Alex he took it upon himself to get involved. He called the police station down here and talked to the Chief of police. They talked for awhile and thought it best to start on getting rid of Karl. So for the past months to a year I have been working for the PA and police gathering evidence.” Cal was telling me as Savannah and I listened

” So you knew about today?” Savannah spoke up asking Cal

” Yes, but they needed to catch Karl in the act. I am sorry I didn’t warn you, but you were never alone Nick and Savannah.” Cal said to Savannah and I with a smile

” Well still it would of been nice to know something.” I related back to them

” That would be me as I didn’t what this moment to pass us up Nick. I needed proof and the help of your cousins.” The man in the suit said then added ” Sorry I am being rude, I am the PA, Don Greenhill.”

I looked at him then at Sasha and Lucy who were by the cage on the other side.

” You two helped without telling me?” I asked them feeling a bit shocked

” Nick we love you and when the police came to us and said the PA wanted to talk to us well it was a start. And besides we are tired of everything dad has made us do. And we couldn’t tell you in case dad over heard us.” Sasha said speaking for her and Lucy

I stood there taking everything in when Savannah squeezed my side. I looked down into her eyes and say relief and love. She looked at them all and spoke again.

” Can Nick and I go home? I want to get today out of my head.” My ebony woman asked the PA and the police

” Yes, but I think it would be best if you rode in a car then on the back of Nick’s trike.” Cal said pointing at her clothes that were ripped

” Yeah that might be best Savannah. Lucy and I can take you home besides we haven’t been able to be around our Aunt, Uncle, or cousins for so long.” Sasha stated getting a grin out of me

Savannah and I nodded and started to walk out of the cage when we heard a voice. I turned to see Gavin standing with a gun in his hands.

” You bitch I told you after tonight you are mine.” He got out of his mouth as he aimed the gun at Savannah

“ Gavin put the gun down you really think after all you have tried to do she would want to be with you?” I said as I stepped in front of Savannah

“ It wasn’t about love you idiot. It was about control and power and your not all that Nick.” Gavin said aiming his gun at me

“ Gavin there more to life then money and power. You are so twisted as Karl now drop the gun.” I exclaimed as he kept standing there with the gun on me

“ Your a fool Nick you could of had all the money, power and women you wanted.” Gavin told me with a laugh

“ Gavin that the thing what is money if you can’t use it in a good way, What is power when you hurt those around you, and as for women I only have two that share my heart and a daughter that brightens it.” I proclaimed to him standing my ground

“ Nick love is just a word control and power is how you make a woman obey.” Gavin said cocking the hammer back on his gun

“ Again your so twisted as Karl. Gavin give it up drop the freaking gun.” I told him loudly

“ Fuck you.” Gavin said taking a step before trying to fire

I turned and shielded Savannah with my body just incase until I heard a few shots ring out. I had Savannah in my arms and eyes closed. After it was all said and done I opened my eyes to see a few officers had their guns drawn and pointing behind me. I slowly turned to see Gavin laying on the floor face down dead. A officer walked over and kicked the gun away from Gavin. He kneeled to check and affirmed what I thought. Savannah had her head against my chest and asked if it was over. I told her yes as I looked to see Karl’s eyes were wide. He looked at me after with hate. I picked Savannah up and started for the door. As I stepped out of the door a officer placed a blanket over Savannah to hide her female parts that might show. Maya holstered her gun as the other officers did and started to walk by us as my cousins followed. I heard Karl speak for the first time after awhile.

” This isn’t over Nick you can bet on it.” He stated as I stopped and turned to look at him

” Karl as of this moment you are dead to me. You come anywhere near my family you won’t like the outcome. And you are the one that started everything thinking your all big and bad. Telling your sweet words to get people to bow down to you. Well that ends today asshole.” I told him being cold as I turned and kept walking

A few officers took Karl out the door as I helped Savannah into Lucy’s car. Maya said she would follow behind as Cal said he would escort in front of me. I told them both thank as I noticed a female officer helping Sasha and Lucy take wires off them. I stood there in shock as they giggled.

” You mean you both were wired.” I said in shock to them both

” Yes, that is how we knew to come in Nick. So you wouldn’t have to do anything stupid like you were going to.” Cal said to me placing a hand on my right shoulder

Savannah reached for my hand and squeezed it. A few officers came over to us pulling me aside to get my statement as another squatted to take Savannahs. They heard everything but need our versions. After they were done I was back by Savannah.She asked if we could go home now as Sasha and Lucy got in the car. I leaned down and placed a kiss on Savannah’s lips. I broke the kiss and shut the back passenger door. Cal walked to his car as did Maya and me to my trike. I sat on my ride as I noticed some paramedics wheel Gavin’s body out. I didn’t want him dead really, but he brought it upon himself all this time. I placed my helmet on my head and started my trike up. Cal was already in position to pull out as I eased up behind him, then it was Lucy and Sasha behind me with Maya behind them in a SUV. I motioned to Cal and he eased on out into the street as the rest of us followed. I followed him thinking of everything that had happened today. It was all crazy and really uncalled for. If Karl wanted it to end why didn’t he just come after me himself. He had plenty of opertunities in the past few months, but then again that wasn’t his style. He liked everyone to think he was a good family man and church going. I let out a chuckle think how everyone was going to hear the truth now. Once this hit the reporters it would be a whirlwind. The ride home was not so tensed except how my parents were going to respond to what I almost did. Or how they would accept Sasha and Lucy after so long out of their lives. I noticed two bikes coming towards us and on them was Caleb and Simon. I motion to the back and they nodded as they went by. I looked in my left side mirror to see them u turn and pull up behind Maya. I rode on thinking what she thought of my biker brothers. I might of not been in my dad’s club, but his members thought a lot of me as a nephew to some and a brother to others. Some of the women in the club thought of me as a little brother or nephew just like the guys.

It was after 1 p.m. when Cal pulled in front of my parents house. I noticed a unfamiliar bike in the drive that dad had for bikes. I pulled up in the yard since Caleb and Simon had to park also. Lucy pulled up behind Cal then Maya behind them. Caleb and Simon pulled into the Bike parking area. I was taking my helmet off when the front door opened and came out was Sierra followed by Megan. Sierras legs were not as fast as Megan as she picked up my daughter and came to me. Dad and Mom came out followed by my sisters. Then out of the house was a familiar face I have not seen in awhile also. Seemed today was becoming into a small reunion for the person walking behind my family was Alex. He gave me a smile and a nod. I gave him one back until I felt a body being pressed against me. Megan and Sierra were both by me. I grabbed Sierra and hugged her. I held her then placed a arm around Megans waist and pulled her to me. I tried to keep it together to stay strong, but inside I was still a bit scared. What if I didn’t get to the warehouse? What if I didn’t react in time to stop Karl or Gavin would Savannah be worse off then she was.

” Da Da okay?” Sierra asked me breaking the hug

” Yes baby girl daddy ok. Just a little wounded that’s all. Lets go check on your mommy.” I assured her handing her to Megan

I got off my trike to notice Dad and Mom helping Savannah out of the car. I walked fast over to her and she came to me and wrapped her arms around me. She looked up into my eyes and said I was her hero and to never leave her again. I told her I wouldn’t that she had me for life. Then she looked at our family and told them everything to the point I came in and to the end with me about to scarefice my life to save my family. My family and friends looked at me with disbelief until Sasha and Lucy spoke saying it was true. Dad and Mom looked at their nieces and then at me. My mom stepped up to me and slapped me against the left side of my face getting a gasp from everyone. Dad step close to her and held her, but she kept looking in my eyes.

” Nick you ever try a stunt like that again I will bring you back to life and slap you again. I love you Nick did you even think how hard it would be for me. You are my only son and I couldn’t go through that.” My mother yelled with tears coming from her eyes

” Mom, I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t let him keep hurting any of my family. I wanted to end him, but the police showed up and then I knew what was happening.” I told her stepping to her with Savannah

We hugged her tight as she cried on my chest. Dad moved in to comfort my mother. It was just a few more minutes when she broke the hug looking into my eyes again.

” I am proud of you Nick all the same. You stood up to the one person that no one ever did for a long time except your father.” She told me with a loving smile

” Thank you mom, but do you think you, Megan, Shelby, Lisa, Sasha, Lucy, and Maya can check Savannah out please. She been through a lot and I want to make sure those assholes didn’t hurt her any worse then they did?” I asked her getting a nod

“ Yes, but what happened to you? Why the bandages son?” My mom asked before gently grabbing one of Savannah’s arms

“ He was whipped by one of Karl’s bastard guards. They made me watch and do nothing. Oh god I can’t get the images out of my head.” Savannah pointed out stating what happened

“ Dammit why didn’t you just fight back man?” Caleb asked me with some anger

“ Yeah fight back and watch them kill Savannah then possibly me. Caleb I went there to save her not lose her or my life.” I answered him telling what the outcome could of been

I asked mom again to take Savannah in the house to get checked out. Savannah tried to protest hanging onto me. I asked her please and she finally accepted as Mom and Shelby helped her into the house. Megan handed Sierra to me then gave me a kiss before following the women into the house. I stood there with Sierra on my right hip with my right arm behind her. Alex came up and we shook hands and half hugged. Sierra giggled at what we did. Maya also giggled with Sierra getting a chuckle from the others. Alex asked Cal and Maya if everything went well and they said yes except that Gavin was shot before he could shoot Savannah and I. He looked at them then at me and just nodded. Caleb, Simon, and Dad shook Cal’s hand thanking him for all his https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/izmit-otele-gelen-escort” title=”izmit otele gelen escort”>izmit otele gelen escort help. He told them he had to, because he got tired of seeing the son of a bitch get away with everything. They thanked him again saying he did the right thing. It was just a few minutes later that Rick and Kera pulled up behind Maya’s SUV. They got out and ran over to us.

” Where’s Savannah Nick? Is she ok son?” Kera asked me with a panic expression

” She is in the house getting checked out by Mom and the others.” I answered her with a calming voice

” Whew, the police told us what happened, are you ok Nick?” Rick told me asking about me

” Yes, I got there just in time. They only had her down to her bra and panties. I stopped Gavin from slapping her or hurting her. But then was held then whipped on my back.” I explained to them truthfully

” Oh god, but that bastard I hope he rots.” Kera exclaimed to us then noticed my face then added ” What is it Nick I see your expression there is more.”

” Gavin was shot trying to kill Savannah. I shielded her from his aim, but the officers shot him before he could shoot.” I explained again to them

They all looked at me with wide eyes. Rick shook his expression from his face only to be replaced by a smile.

” You really saved our daughter we can’t thank you enough.” Rick stated coming up to me as did Kera

” Yes, but deep down I was scared shitless.” I said hugging them back then heard Alex

” Nick that is to be expected, but you stepped up where most wouldn’t.” He told me being sincere

Rick and Kera broke the hug and stepped back looking at Alex.

” Who is this if I may ask?” Rick stated wondering who Alex was

” Rick, Kera, please meet Alex Cartwright my God son. His Dad and Uncle are old friends of mine. We use to ride around together when we were 18 to 20.” My dad answered introducing them

Rick shook Alex’s hand as did Kera.

” Gandma.” Sierra said reaching for her grandma Kera

” Awww baby girl come her honey.” Kera said taking Sierra from me

” Sierra you being a good girl?” Rick asked his granddaughter with a smile

” Yes, ma ma okay.” She said answering her grandparents

” Were glad baby girl you want to go in with me to check on her?” Kera asked my daughter with a grin

Sierra nodded her head as Kera started walking towards the house. Rick watched as she did smiling. I knew what he was smiling about watching his wife’s ass and also the love that was family. He noticed me looking at him and gave me a grin. We all stood talking when Sasha came out and walked up to dad. She looked in his eyes I guess trying to see what mood he was in.

” What is it Sasha?” Dad asked her with a curious tone

” Uncle Gray I want to say I am sorry for how my dad has been. I never knew what happened all those years ago. I still want to be your niece if you will let me and so does Lucy. We have missed you, Aunt Tessa, Shelby, and Lisa.” She explained to my dad as I stood and waited for his reaction

My father is a tough man, but in heart he is a loving man. He looked into Sasha’s eyes for a few seconds then smiled. He opened his arms as she walked into them and he wrapped them around her. She had tears coming from her eyes and down her face. Through all that Sasha and Lucy had to go through it was this moment that seemed forgiving. My dad looked at me and nodded. He knew the road would be long for my cousins in their healing, but this was a start. Sasha broke the hug and looked up in her Uncle’s eyes.

” I love you uncle, Aunt Tessa is going to help Lucy and I get therapy for all the stuff dad and mom put us through. She said we could stay in the guest room that is if you don’t mind.” Sasha explained to my dad which he stood thinking

” I don’t mind, but what about your mother Sasha?” My dad asked being concerned again

” Uncle Gray we don’t want anything to do with her. Dad has her more twisted then Lucy and I. All mom thinks about is getting a thrill between her legs, ass, and mouth.” She exclaimed to my father

” Sasha, I don’t mind you and Lucy to stay here, but if this is some act I’ll have the women bikers do to you both that your aunt was going to have your mother go through.” Dad stated making a point

” No Uncle Gray this is no act. Lucy and I are being true. We have missed you all and just want to be loved again like when we were little.” My cousin said telling my father truthfully

They hugged again until I fell to one knee. Alex was the first to come and help me stand. They all looked with concern and Alex asked what was wrong. I told him I thought my adrenaline rush must of calmed because I am dizzy now. Alex got on my left side as Caleb got on my right and helped me into the house. Once inside they sat me on the couch while Sasha ran to get me some water. Dad sat in his chair as Rick sat in the one across from dad. Alex sat next to me as Cal, Caleb, and Simon stood. Sasha came back and handed me the glass of water. I slowly drank it as to not over do it. We all talked about what was next. Alex filled in what he could say without getting in trouble. Rick actually understood along with Dad. Cal stay quiet as Caleb and Simon wanted to know more so they knew what to look for in the weeks to come. Sasha explained to us that the PA came to them wanted them to give testimony against their day. They said they would. This gave Caleb a idea saying that Sasha and Lucy then needed to be protected from what may come. My dad looked at his two friends and sat thinking. I think Alex was picking up on my dad’s thoughts.

” Gray, I know what your thinking and it won’t work. Your nieces need to stay close so there won’t be any trouble if they were away. The best thing for the locals to do is patrol and you have members around keeping a eye out. Uncle Damien filled me in on what you might do. And Cal can stake out until Karl goes to trial which the PA plans to do in about a week.” Alex said explaining options and choices

” Uncle Gray your friend is right. Dad has friends that will try anything to get to Lucy and I. I am so sorry for putting you all in this.” My cousin said sadly

” Sasha, First your family, second if it wasn’t for you and Lucy Nick or Savannah may not be here, and three your not going anywhere. Alex how long you and Maya down for?” My dad told Sasha then asked Alex

” About a week. We planned to camp out some where and help the PA and Police department. We didn’t think things would happen this fast.” Alex proclaimed to my father

” Caleb you still have that camper trailer we took to Strugis a few years ago?” My dad asked Caleb curious

” Yeah why?” Caleb answered asking my dad

” Bring it over and set it in the back. No God son or god daughter of mine is staying in a SUV or motel. Second tell the surrounding charter members to be on look out. And have about 6 here at all times alternate between them. And Rick my friend?” My dad said devising a plan

” Yes Gray?” Rick asked with a confused look

” Guard our granddaughter, because until Karl is sentenced and in prison were not taking chances. And I want that little dumpling safe.” My dad told Rick with a smile

” No problem, I can have Dwight and Yvonne stay home.” Rick answered telling my dad

” You can also have E.P., Jax, and Junior hang out also Rick. You know they will help when push comes to shove.” I told him in which he gave me a nod

” Nick are they the friends you would bring over?” Sasha asked me with a nervous smile

” Yes why you liked one of them and didn’t tell me.” I asked her playfully

She sat next to me shyly then nodded her head. I gave her a smile and nodded back. She smiled blushing as I told her when all this was over with I’d introduce them to her and Lucy. Her eyes sparkled at my exclamation. It was just a few minutes later that a fast running Savannah came over to me and sat in my lap. She placed her arms around my neck and started crying on my shoulder. I placed my arms around her letting her cry. Sasha was massaging Savannah’s back trying to help calm her down. Mom and the other ladies came down the stairs with sad faces. I took notice and spoke.

” What’s wrong? What happened?” I asked them getting sighs from them

They went to their loves except Lucy and Maya. I assumed Sierra was asleep in her bed. Lucy went to sit on the other side of Sasha. Maya went to sit by her dad Alex. Mom looked at me and then spoke.

” Son Savannah is so traumatized that she doesn’t want to leave your side. And Megan seconds it they both don’t want to lose you. Savannah explained everything to us of all you said and done. Lucy backed her up on all she said.” My mom explained answering me

” I did what I thought was right. I didn’t want to sacrifice myself, but I will do all it takes to make my family safe.” I told them all being truthful

” Son we know that, but look at Savannah she loves you as does Megan. They both think of you as their world. Remember you committed your love and life to each other.” My dad explained as both Megan and Savannah squeezed me tight

Megan was seated between Alex and I. She had her arms around my left squeezing tight. Savannah squeezed my neck complying to my dad’s words. I sat there taking in all that they said to me. I look into Savannah’s eyes as she was looking at me. I gave her a smile and gave her a kiss. She returned it placing her hands on each side of my face. her kiss to me was deep and strong. She broke the kiss and turned my face to Megan’s and I leaned down and kissed her just as I did Savannah. As Savannah did Megan placed a hand on each side of my face and kissed me deep and strong. After a few minutes she broke the kiss and smiled. I looked at my parents and noticed they were kissing as two high schoolers for the first time. I smiled at their affection they were giving to each other. It was a bit later that Caleb and Simon left to do as dad asked. Cal said he had to get downtown to the PA’s office to tell him of our plans so he could set up some help. Alex and Maya said they had to report in to the police station and tell them they would be staying for a additional week to help guard our house. Savannah and Megan went up stairs followed by Kera to get some things for Sierra. Savannah didn’t like the idea, but wanted our daughter safe. Mom asked Sasha, Lucy, Shelby, and Lisa to help in the kitchen to make supper early. That left Rick, Dad, and I to our thoughts. I sat thinking of all that has happened and said. This day brought a lot to think upon. I tried to be positive, but if Karl had friends in high places things weren’t going to be easy. My thoughts were interrupted by foot steps. I looked to see Savannah walking over to me with Sierra. My daughter reached for me with a smile. I took her from Savannah who sat back down, but next to me on my right as Megan sat on my left. Sierra hugged my neck as I hugged her. She broke her hug and looked in my eyes.

” Da Da I love you.” She said to me in which gave me tears

” I love you to Sierra.” I answered her back

I held her for awhile until Rick said they needed to go so they could tell Dwight and Yvonne. Dad had them to wait a bit longer as we heard bikes coming. We walked them out with Kera taking Sierra as Savannah, Megan, and I gave Sierra a hug and kiss goodbye. Dad walked to a few of his members and had two escort them home. The bikers nodded as Rick got in the drivers side of his SUV as Kera placed Sierra in the car seat. Once she was in Kera got in front on the passengers side. One biker in front and one behind. We waved them goodbye as I felt my beautiful wives of my heart hug up to me. I placed my arms around them leaving my dad outside to talk to his friends. Once back inside we went back to the couch and sat. They both placed their heads on my shoulders as I snuggled down and held them. I kissed both their foreheads one at a time.

” Baby, thank you for saving me. I love you my loving husband.” Savannah said looking up at me

” Your very welcome baby. I love you also darlin.” I told her with a smile

” Baby I love you also with all my heart and also thank you for saving our beautiful love.” Megan said

” I love you Megan my wildfire beauty.” I told her with a smile

” Baby any idea how long our daughter will be away from us?” Savannah asked me in a sad tone

” I don’t know baby, but we can call her everyday, and you know she will be safe from harm.” I told her

” I know, but I just want our baby here in our arms.” My ebony love told me starting to cry

I held them both feeling my heart ache also for my daughter. I listened as my father came in and went to the kitchen to talk to my Mom, sisters and cousins. I looked at the picture of my grandparents on the entertainment center. I looked at my grandmothers eyes and with one single thought in my mind said.

” Grandma please watch over my daughter, and please grandpa watch over us keep my family and friends safe from harm.” I said in my thoughts as I heard both Savannah and Megan breathing slowly

As they fell asleep in my arms on the couch. Karl’s words came to me him saying this wasn’t over yet. I began to think of what I needed to do as to protect those that I loved. Besides what my dad, Alex, and the police had in mind.

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