A Girls Night In Pt. 04: I Want Her to Love Me

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The Plan Week 3

Katherine stirred slowly her head didn’t hurt that badly. Though, parts of her body ached from last night activity. But, for that moment, all she could feel was soft warmth. She nuzzled herself into the soft warmth.

Something didn’t seem right. Katherine blinked her eyes opened, only to find Cassey’s neck underneath her. Katherine’s body went ridged the soft warmth was from their naked bodies. Katherine pulled back in horror, but was trapped by their entwined legs.

“What? What’s happening?” Cassey cried out startled by her mother.

Katherine untangled herself from her daughter and moved to the far side of the bed, banging into the bedside table. She put her hands across her body, trying to hide her shame.

“Oh God, I’m Sorry Cassey! I’m so sorry.” Katherine was in near hysterical.

“Oh shut up, mum.” Cassey had been enjoying the peace and quiet and just wished her mother would be quieter. She leaning on her right side with her hips turned slightly so that her left leg covered her modesty. Apart from that, Cassey seemed to have no problem with being naked, or her mother, for that fact.

“Look Cassey, I don’t know what happened. But, I’m sorry! And it will stop!” Katherine was terrified when she realised that they were both naked.

“Mum, shut up!” Cassey looked as if raising her voice and hurt her head. “Mum, I woke up to get an orange juice and I saw you freezing, so I put you to bed.”

“You put me to bed?” Katherine started to calm down.

“Yeah, that’s yours.” Cassey nodded towards the side table.

Katherine looked to see 2 glasses, one now empty. She turned Cassey, only to be surprise to see Cassey moving towards her, wrapping her arms around Katherine’s waist and pulled her down the bed. She moved her left leg, so it was now between her mothers. Cassey the lay down on her body, resting her head on her mother’s left breast.

“Now shut up and go to sleep.” Cassey yawned as she closed her eyes. “You still need your beauty sleep.”

Katherine looked down at the beautiful, if not erotic scene. And covered her daughter, hoping that would help to dull her desires.

“Thanks mum… You make a wonderful pillow.”

After about an hour, with Cassey fast asleep, Katherine gently moved her daughter off of her and left the bed. Picking up her fluffy robe, finished her juice and left for the bathroom.

Katherine had been soaking the bath for about half an hour, trying to cast out all terrible thoughts and just relax in the water. When Cassey walked in, now dressed in her own fluffy bathrobe and carrying 2 fresh glasses of orange juice.

She placed the glasses on a shelf near the bath and took off her robe. She climbed into the bath and lay on top of her mother.

“What are you doing, Cassey?”

“Having a relaxing morning, what are you doing?”

“I was trying to relax too. I’m aching all over.” Katherine didn’t want to be too close to her, it was all she could, to stop herself from repeating last night.

“You do that mum.” Cassey wrapped her mother’s arms around her. “Just as well you’ve taken up jogging, you weigh a ton. And after all, we don’t want to have to call out the fire brigade. Their job is exciting enough, without them having to man handle you.”

“Well, it’s one way of meeting new people.” Katherine casino şirketleri was determined to have the last word. Cassey just smiled and lay in her mother’s arms.

They spent the day quietly tidying up the place and going through the accountants, checking for updates.

“Mum? When are you going to write up your report, for the course?” Cassey enquired.

Katherine now dreaded thought of what she had started. “I don’t think I’ll bother with it anymore.”

Cassey was startled by this. “But, mum, it’s helped so much.”

“No Cassey! I think we can do without that!” Katherine was sharper than she wished to have been. But, she had to find a way of undoing the harm that she already done.”

“But, what are we going to do next?” Cassey couldn’t keep the feeling of lost out of her voice.

“We don’t need someone else, to tell us how to live our lives. We’ll decide for ourselves. Though, it’ll be alcohol free!” Katherine continued to be firm with her daughter.

“You must be joking!” Cassey said in a serious “Next week is Valentine’s Day. And I’ll be stuck at home with an old bag, like you.

Katherine didn’t rise to the bait. She knew she had to stop. But, she knew only the smallest thing and she wouldn’t be able to control her lust. They talked about it no more.

It was that evening, while they were sitting on the sofa, watching a film that Cassey admitted to of sent a report.

“What! How dare you!” Katherine’s anger was fuelled with panic.

“Well, you only took the course, only to help. Don’t I have a say?” Tearfully Cassey said in her defence.

“And what exactly did you say?” Katherine, in near hysteria, at the very thought of reading Cassey’s memories of last night. Of then having to look her daughter in the eye, after every accusation, of which she was guilty of.

“Well, why don’t you read it yourself, I left a copy on the lap top, in the office.” Cassey’s own insecurity was beginning to show. She laid herself bare, in the report.

Katherine hurried to the office. But she read her daughters report, she realised that she had little to fear. Her daughter appeared not to remember some of the more titillating details. But, it was the last 2 paragraphs that Katherine found hard to read.

“I don’t know what you and mother have been talking about. All I know is that it has been over 5 years since I was happy. I can’t remember ever being this happy. I look at my mother and I see so much change in her and she seems happy. She cares for me and makes me feel loved. I never want this to end.

I love her so much. I wish I could show her how much I love her. I love her so much, I fear whatever I say can never say how much I love her. I just never want to stop loving her. And I want her to love me more!”

Katherine couldn’t speak. She could hardly see Cassey through her tears. Grabbing Cassey, she crashed in a hug and she never wanted to let go.

“I love you so much Cassey. And I’m never going to stop loving you!” Katherine finally found her voice, though her sobbing.

“I love you, mum. I just wish I could show you how much I love you, mum.” Just as tearful as mother, Cassey replied.

They spent the rest of the evening on the sofa. Katherine lay there, with Cassey in her arms. They held each other close occasionally casino firmalari kissing each other on the neck, staring into each other’s eyes, sharing nervous giggles.

“Don’t worry, Cassey, nothing will ever come between us. I will do whatever it takes, to show you all the love you want.”

Cassey kissed her mother on the lips and wept into her shoulder.

That night, as they went to bed, they looked across the hallway at each other in silence, before entering their own bedroom.

Once inside her bedroom, Katherine clapped both her hands over her mouth to stop her cries from being heard. “I’m in love my daughter! I can never let her know. I can’t tell my daughter how much I love her!” Katherine thoughts crushed her.

Katherine fell onto her bed. She had to pull herself together. She had to get help! Sobbing, she picked up her personal lap top and switched it on. She was determined to get the help she needed.

Katherine was soon to find, that no matter what you searched for, sooner or later it ended in porn (some searchers much sooner than later). Her search was definitely sooner!

Katherine was frustrated. No matter how she changed her search (“Mother, daughter, sex problems”). Katherine kept getting porn sites. She didn’t want to look at this disgusting filth. Though, she then spent the next 40 minutes going through the disgusting filth.

She book marked a number of sites for written stories and videos.

She selected one porn site and typed in “mother daughter” to see what she would get. Going through the videos on display (on the first page) and choose a couple. Katherine felt dirty, as the first video started. She wasn’t a lesbian. 20 minutes later, Katherine wasn’t too sure!

She watched women having sex, bad stories and even worse acting (though the sex was good). But then she watched some that had good production values, good stories and quality acting. Not that she minded, she masturbated to them all.

There were 2 sites that caught her attention “Girlfriend films” and “Girlsway” she enjoyed them so much, that she checked out their sites.

Sunday was a quiet day. Katherine was recovering from the night before. With every new thing she discovered was another reason to masturbate. In the end, she had signed up to both sites. And between them, had ordered nearly 50 DVD’s (Obviously Katherine had thought she had a lot of catching up, to do).

Feeling a little uncomfortable, Katherine left a message in their respective “contact us” section. She hoped that she made it clear that she wasn’t a “pervert!” She gave a brief description of herself, her daughter and their lives. And that, it had only been a few days ago, that she had realised that she was attracted to women, to one woman.

Katherine didn’t know why, but she felt better, by explaining herself.

Monday arrived. Katherine was too tired to go for a jog. But in the end, Cassey had to drag her around the park. At this moment in time, she knew she had to make a choice. Give up watching porn and finger fucking into the early hours of the morning, or give up jogging. Well, it was no real choice. It was about time Cassey did something by herself.

Katherine knew in her heart, that she wouldn’t do that. But, she had to make a change (again). Last night, she had dreamt of the güvenilir casino films she had watched. But, in her dreams every young and innocent girl turned into Cassey and ever dirty deed was done by her.

Katherine’s latest plan was to hook up her lap top to the television. And pretend that there were some new American dramas on. They all had a story line and then came the lesbian sex. Or, they all had a story line, a slow seduction and then came the lesbian sex. And up until that point of the sex, Cassey wouldn’t know she was watching lesbian porn, unless she knew the actress’s, which meant she what’s lesbian porn!

Katherine would have to keep a close eye on Cassey. She had already been imaging the 2 of them watching one of the films, when (surprise surprise!) the 2 women, a step mother and her daughter start having sex. Definitely brings a whole new meaning to a “chick flick!”

Katherine thought of all the different ways that Cassey would react and how she’d react to Cassey’s reactions. Needless to say Katherine masturbated a lot, while thinking it up.

It was while in the office, Katherine was going through emails, that shocked to discovered 2 replies from “Girlfriends films” and “Girlsway.” Daringly, she read them, even though her daughter was just feet away.

Both emails were warm and friendly, though they both made it clear that they would not pry into who her lady love was. But, one did suggest that it might make an interesting story. Both wished her good luck and hoped Valetine’s night might be helpful, for her. In their “Good bye,” they hope to her from her if there was any good news. And that if she was still looking for love, they could point her to some sites.

“What’s that? Is it a reply from the course?” Cassey could see something had excited her mother.

What? Oh, it’s nothing, just a client happy with our. He says he’s saved enough money to be able to get a divorce.” Katherine thought quickly. But she could see that Cassey wasn’t convinced. “As soon as we get a reply, I’ll let you know.”

Katherine had to think fast. She now had to change the changes, all under the nose of her daughter!

It took a number of tea breaks, one toilet one and for Cassey to cook lunch before Katherine could send of her reply.

Cassey was silent as she hung on to every word that her mother read out. But what Cassey really wanted to hear, were the suggestions.

“As “Valentine’s day” approaches, there are those who may feel some in trepidation. Most people think of this as being a day for loving partners of a sexual nature. But, you should think of it being for people who have any kind of loving relationship. Therefore, why not have a special night out. A dinner, a drink, or see a film. Or if you choose a night in, why not design it around your relationship.

Or if you wish to ignore “Valentine,” then why not choose a fun night in, or a theme night.”

Cassey raised an eyebrow at these 2 suggestions.

“Or why not watched a new film, DVD or TV programme and make that something special, for you.” Katherine waited in anticipation.

“A romantic night in, an evening filled with romance!” Cassey’s face was beaming and her eyes sparkled.

Katherine held a fixed grin. All the while she thought; “Carp!” No matter what she had planned, Cassey would think of something else.

“Very well, we are going to have the most romantic evening! Katherine said as cheerfully as possible.

Katherine had stopped work, the day before Valentine day. She had a lot to do and very little to done it in!

End of Part 4

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