A Helping Hand

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Everyone should try and do a good deed every day.

At least that’s what I believed and tried to follow through on in my life.

So when my new neighbor moved into my building I decided to put my money where my mouth was and offer him a hand.

He was a good looking guy. A light skinned black man about my age and from the looks of it someone who frequented the gym on a regular basis. He wore small gym shorts and a tank top and his sweaty black body glistened in the sun. My eyes stopped for a minute on the anaconda that was sleeping between his legs and then I realized Derrick was looking at me and smiling. I fumbled and mumbled something and grabbed some boxes.

I’m straight and didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. I could only imagine what he was thinking as he caught me staring at his monstrous cock.

Derrick told me that he had been transferred by his company and didn’t know anybody. Being neighborly I offered to show him around and introduce him to some folks.

We moved in all of his things in just about 5 hours, taking a break every now and then to pull a cold beer out of a cooler and chat some more.

Derrick was a good looking guy with a good sense of humor and I told him he’d make new friends in no time.

On one trip up the three flight of stairs, I found myself with a particularly heavy box marked PERSONAL STUFF.

I asked Derrick for directions and he steered me towards the huge walk-in closet. Once inside I turned on the light and set the box down. A flap on the box opened and i saw that the box was filled with magazines and dvd’s.

Curious I opened the box and saw that the ‘personal stuff’ Derrick had so carefully packed was apparently his collection of gay porn.

I knelt down beside the box and began to look through the extensive collection.

There is no denying that the photos in the magazines and on the covers of the dvd’s were hot.

There were photos of men, black and white, showing off their muscular bodies and epic, engorged monster cocks. There was closeups of washboard abs and rock hard, toned asses. There were photos of men engaged in almost every activity I had thought possible. There were photos of men in the 69 position, sucking each other’s cocks and balls and playing with their puckered man-holes.

There were close-up shots of huge cocks stretching assholes and sliding into wet, eager mouths.

There were photos of younger men, some looking barely 18 and so pretty they could have been girls. Those photos showed them with boys like themselves, smooth and pretty and wrapped around each other and inside each other. There were also photos of those girly-boys with older men. In some of the photos the older men had the boys over the lap and were spanking them.

There were photos of hairy men and smoothly shaved men. Derrick apparently didn’t have a specific type of man he liked to look at. He just liked cock and ass and all the things you could do with both of those features.

As I was staring at a photo of a white man taking a monster black cock past his lips, I heard a voice that stopped my heart momentarily.

“You okay in there?”

It was Derrick.

I stood up, a little more than embarrassed than shocked and dropped the magazine of the closet floor, it’s pages opened to a scene of the black man’s cock buried to the hilt of the white’s man ass.

“I’m sorry,” I stammered, “I just…”

“I mean, you didn’t pull a muscle did you?” He was looking directly at my crotch.

I looked down and saw that my cock was tenting my cotton shorts and there was a large wet spot directly over the head.

“Oh GOD,” I stammered, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri but really, what can you say in a situation like that?

I heard a little voice inside my head say ‘Well, I know you hardly know me but I got wood while standing in your closet looking at your gay porn…hee hee hee.”

“It’s cool, Jack,” he said with a sly smile. “I get the same reaction when I look at that stuff. And to be honest, your condition is having an effect on me as we speak. So before this gets any weirder for you, what say we finish moving me in, there’s only a few things left, and then enjoy some cold beer and throw some steaks on that grill on your patio. Sound like a plan?”

“Yes. Ummm….thanks Derrick.”

“No sweat, bro, why don’t you get yourself readjusted and comfortable and I’ll meet you down at the truck. Take your time and come out of the closet whenever you’re ready.”

He laughed and walked away. I watched his muscular ass flex and relax with every step.

Within the next silent hour, we finished moving Derrick into his new apartment.

True to his word he brought a cooler of ice cold beer onto my deck as I prepared the grill and steaks. As the sun set, we finished off a 12 pack and ate the best steaks we had ever had.

We sat on my deck in just our shorts and watched as stars began to dot the summer sky.

“So, does it bother you that your new neighbor is gay?’

“No,” I answered bluntly, “It’ll actually be kind of nice to have someone in the building who can help me pick out some drapes.”

“Fuck you!” he said with a laugh.

“SEE! It’s starting already! The gay man is making his moves on the naive, unsuspecting straight man! Help! 9-11!!”

We laughed for a minute or two and then he said, “Oh, come on, Jack. I get the sense that you’re neither naive or unsuspecting.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I get the sense that maybe you’ve been with a man before. I’m not saying you’re gay, but judging from…ummm…your reaction in the closet…you’ve at least thought about being with a guy before. Am I right?”

“High school,” was all I managed to stammer.

“Tell me,” he said as he leaned forward allowing me to breathe in the scent of man-sex. The man-sex that was stirring inside his tight little shorts.

“My best friend and I experimented a little…you know…’

“I don’t,” he said, his hand on my knee, his eyes locked onto mine, “Tell me….please.”

“We were looking at magazines one night…magazines like you have…”

“Magazines showing photos of hot naked men with big cocks?”

“Pretty much,” I answered, not wanting to see the look in his eyes, “and we both got hard.” I continued, “like young guys do…and we found ourselves looking at each other…and then at our hard, young cocks and then…” I gulped some cold beer down quick, “…with some silent agreement, we decided to jack off in front of each other. One thing led to another and we ended up with each other’s cock in our trembling hands, slowly pumping each other as we looked through the pages of those magazines.

We finished in the shower, taking turns, on our knees, looking up into each other’s eyes, sucking each other to orgasm.”

“Did you swallow his load?”

“Yes. I choked a little and most ran past my lips, but I took as much as I could.”

“What else? Tell me, Jack.”

“We tried to do what we had seen in the pictures that had started our adventure. There was some kissing. It was all very clumsy and awkward…and…”

“HOT,” he said, finishing my thought.


“Did you ever fuck?’

“No. We tried but güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri we too afraid.”

Derrick leaned forward, his lips brushing against my chin, his strong hand resting on my hard cock, “How about now? Are you afraid now?’

“No,” I answered, “Not in the least.”

My hand found the monster that was continuing to grow in his cotton gym shorts and a finger traced along it’s length as our lips met for a brief kiss.

“I can’t…,” I whispered as I broke our kiss.

“Your mouth says ‘no’ but this-” his hand squeezed my shaft and he gave it a tender tug, “…but this says ‘Yes Derrick. Take me into my bedroom and please, please fuck my virgin ass.”

“Well, he’s always had a mind of his own,” I replied with another kiss.

Derrick stood, his cock at its full length, looking as though it would burst through his shorts at any second.

I could smell the musky aroma of it and my head was spinning. Derrick took my hand and led me to my bedroom.

Once in my dimly lit room, he stripped off my shorts and tank top. Kneeling, he peeled off my biker shorts slowly, allowing my own cock to spring towards my belly. He gave it a light kiss and then stood once again. Our eyes met and then he whispered, “Now you undress me.”

I stepped close to him, my cock brushing against his, and pulled his soaked t-shirt off his hard muscular body.

I knelt in front of him, suddenly feeling so submissive to this ebony god, and began to slowly pull down his shorts.

He was wearing tiny little black bikini briefs which were no longer containing his thick black cock. It was snaking along his washboard stomach…glistening with pre-cum.

I slipped my fingers into the waistband and slid the satiny briefs down for him to step out of. His cock hit me in my face. The large purple mushroom head was leaking precum and thick veins wrapped themselves around the shaft. He had to have been at least 10 inches.

I touched his cock and all the memories of my high school experimentation came flooding back to me.

I leaned forward and kissed the sandpaper head, capping with my quivering lips and sucking lightly.

Derrick pulled me to my feet and led me to my king sized bed. He laid me down on my back and crawled between my legs, taking my cock into his mouth, his eyes never leaving mine.

I have never had my cock sucked like that before. He was a master. He licked along my shaft as he played with my tensed balls. He tongued my cockhead all the while keeping an incredible sucking motion. He traced along the underside and down the veins on my shaft until he reached my balls. Taking them in turn into his mouth and bathing them gently.

At one point his tongue slipped further into my crack and I found myself raising my hips for him and spreading my legs a little.

He motioned for me to roll over and I obliged him.

He gently spread my white cheeks and leaned forward, his master tongue finding my sensitive puckered ring. He licked around it and occasionally slipped inside me, sending electric shocks through my body.

At one point, a moistened finger entered me and I tensed. Derrick leaned forward, kissing my neck, and whispered, “Let me in. Let me get you ready baby.”

Soon I had three fingers inside me, stretching me and getting me ready for the monster that was swinging between his legs and brushing against my bare legs. I could feel the heat off of it and could only imagine what it would feel like inside me.

Derrick then slid off of me and told me turn over. When I did I found myself staring at his cock.

“Make Daddy wet and slippery güvenilir bahis şirketleri for you Baby.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice.

I crawled to it and gripped it with both hands.

I opened my mouth and took as much of it as I could. I pumped my mouth which was stretched beyond capacity. I pulled off, leaving a trail of saliva from the mushroom head to my mouth.

For the next several minutes I bathed his black beauty with my spit until it shone with molten slickness.

Finally, Derrick told me to lay back. I did as instructed and he put my legs on his shoulders. He said he wanted to see my face my when he took my cherry. He inched himself closer until I felt his cock head slide between my cheeks.

I pushed forward until it touched my tender ring and told me to push out. I did and for a second the pressure continued to build. Finally his purple mushroom head slipped inside me. I gasped and he stopped, allowing me to get used to the million sensations I was experiencing.

Slowly, our eyes locked onto another, he fed me more and more of that monster until finally, his balls rested against me.

Then he began to pull out of me. Just when I thought he would pull all way out, he pushed forward, slowly building a rhythm that had me panting and sweating.

Derrick was a gentle lover and as cock filled me and fucked me, he leaned forward to offer me his tongue, which I sucked into my mouth.

Derrick began to increase the speed of his thrust and I found myself pushing back to meet each and every one of them.

We were both grunting like animals now and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he erupted inside me. Finally, with a primal scream, Derrick climaxed inside me, showering my insides with a massive blast of his hot cum.

I could feel every spasm, every twitch of his black cock as it brushed against my tender ass lips.

He pulled out of me and I felt instantly empty and knew that I would have to have him inside me again.

He told me to get on all fours and before I could catch my breath, he slipped all the way back inside me and started to fuck.

I felt his hands on my cheeks, pulling me to meet every thrust, his balls slapping me. I pressed my face into the mattress, more content than I had ever been as Derrick began to spank me.

“YES DADDY!!!” I cried out.

“Who’s my little white baby? WHO?!” he grunted as he spanked and fucked me.

“I am….” I said in between sharp breaths.

“You ARE MY WHAT?!” he said with a particularly hard thrust.

“Your little white boy.”

“Damn straight,” he said, once again showering my insides with a huge, hot load.

He pulled out and rolled me over and collapsed onto my sweaty body and our cocks, both well-spent for I had also cum as my cherry was taken, seemed to melt into another.

There were only gray shadows in the room but through the night’s darkness I could see his hard naked body next to me. He slid behind me and pressed forward, his cock sliding into me as his hand found my cock. He cupped it and kissed my neck.

I turned to face him and we kissed. He, more so, than me. Which sounds weird coming from a guy who had just let his new neighbor fuck him, but I wasn’t sure I was ready for that.

I then laid my head down on his strong, broad chest. I could feel his heart beating and I knew he could feel mine.

“So,” I asked, “You think you’re going to like living here?”

“Oh yeah,” he answered, giving my cock a squeeze, feeling it begin to stir in his touch. “My apartment is quiet, I’m close to work, and the people here seem really nice…and helpful.”

“Yeah. Well good then. I’m glad.”

“Which reminds me. Thanks for the helping hand today.”

“I should be the one thanking you, pal.”

With a smile on his face, and with his now hard cock sliding all the way back inside me for Round Three, he whispered, “Oh. Don’t worry, Jack. You will. You will.”


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