A Miraculous Affair

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The rest of the girls at college knew him as a playboy. Me? I just knew he was an asshole.

Cameron Miracle. It was fucking miracle he didn’t come to the university every day with a black eye. He was a douche, no two ways about it. Every girl he ever met seemed to think so; at least, once he had their way with them. Until then, it was like they were his property; he’d do whatever he wanted with them, and while with them… and they wouldn’t care. They’d follow him around like a lost puppy until he was bored with them, then look for the next girl.

It was almost mind-boggling. The guy may have been a successful playboy, but exactly how he managed to get away with it was beyond my comprehension. Cameron was one of those boys, the type with a smug demeanor and a cocky expression who knew he could get away with anything. He was one of those new-age hipsters that claimed he was a minimalist or a Buddhist or whatever was trendy. Clearly, he was just a hedonist: a douchebag that would pick the hottest (and sometimes youngest, yikes) girl in the room, and do his best to seduce them. It didn’t matter if they got bad vibes from him, it didn’t matter if they were in a relationship. Sometimes his own friends would warn the girls about him, he was that much of a living red flag. But somehow, nothing ever got in his way. Nobody ever told him to stop. And it showed.

His mother worked for the university in some kind of low-paying job, so even his tuition was free. He had blonde hair, done up in one of those stupid, flopping-to-one-side haircuts that some people seemed to go nuts for. Particularly girls. But not this one.

I thought he would never know my name. I wasn’t particularly involved, so I figured I would be able to dodge his gaze. Unfortunately, at a certain point he became fixated upon me. His crooked, focused grin and penetrating eyes were upon me whenever we happened to lock eyes. It didn’t help that my two best friends were none the wiser.

“Jacqueline!” Maddie, one of my best friends, whispered, looking back from him to me as we ate lunch together at the cafeteria. “He was looking right at you!”

“Does he have a thing for you?” Heather, my other friend, asked innocently. We were a good trio, even though I operated as the brains of the group.

I just rolled my eyes in response. “Who fucking cares?” I asked with a little more heat to my voice than I intended. “It’s Cameron. Let him stare. We all know what he wants.”

“I heard he prefers Cam now. He hates it when people call him Cameron,” Maddie replied uneasily.

I looked at her and broke out into a smile. “Sounds like you gave me more of a reason to call him Cameron,” I told her. “You two seriously don’t… you know? You heard what he did to poor Georgina at the party.”

“I gotta admit, he’s pretty cute…” Heather trailed off.

“What?” I asked.

Maddie giggled. “I’m gonna come down on Heather’s side here. Like, yeah, we’ve heard the rumors. He’s a douche. We get it. Or at least I get it.”

“No no, I get it too,” Heather soothed.

“But he is good-looking,” Maddie finished.

I stared at the two. “Oh, so okay, just because he’s cute, that’s an excuse to treat every girl he’s ever known like shit?!” I asked incredulously.

“No, it doesn’t,” Maddie admitted uneasily.

“Just because he looks good?” I added authoritatively. “What are we, in fucking high school?”

“We’re not saying he’s, like, infallible or anything…” Heather gingerly added.

“You sure thought it was worth pointing out that he was cute,” I retorted angrily.

“Alright, fine, I’ll keep my fucking thoughts to myself,” Maddie bitterly replied. “Did you have a bad experience with him or something?”

I sighed. “No,” I admitted. “Sorry. I just don’t want either of you going after him. I just know he’s bad news. We used to get bad news boys all the time in high school. I guess I’m just angry. I thought we’d be mature enough not to let boys… in. At this point. You know what I mean?”

“I never went to your high school,” Heather replied.

“Me neither. Where’d you go, anyway?” Maddie added.

“Weston. It’s in Connecticut,” I answered.

“I was local. Hazelwood High,” Maddie replied.

“That’s not that local,” Heather argued.

“Still in Massachusetts,” Maddie reasoned.

Heather shrugged indifferently as I continued. “Have either of you done anything with him?”

The two, strangely, looked at each other. For a minute, I thought I was being too harsh. At once, they both turned to me and shook their heads.

“I would take a chance on him though,” Maddie boldly admitted. “Is it a crime for wanting to go out with a boy because he’s cute?”

“Maddiiiiiie,” I groaned. Maddie was a good girl but she was a little shallow. “You’ve heard just as many rumors as I have. He fucking destroys girls.”

“I could-”

“I swear to God, if you tell me you could change him…” I threatened.

Maddie slunk back in her chair. In her stead, Heather cleared her throat. “I mean, so many girls have gone after him. That has to mean something.”

“It means we have a fucking long way to go,” I admitted sourly.

“Jacqueline, you kind of like to appear all high and mighty, don’t you?” Heather challenged.

I softened my look. Maybe I did, but I also hated confrontation. “Okay, okay, sorry. I just don’t like him. I kind of… worry about either of you two being in his sights. I’m sure…” I swallowed. “I’m sure he’s kind of hot if you’re into his look or whatever, but I just don’t want either of you two to be his next… conquest or something.”

Truth be told, I was more worried about myself. As much as Cameron had a reputation for being a douche, the one part of his reputation that scared me was the list of all of the girls that fell for him and got their hearts broken. He treated all of them like shit, sure, but that was missing the forest for the trees. There was never a story of anyone that told him no. No one that didn’t let themselves get sucked into his little game. And with his numbers, that was… mathematically, at the very least unlikely. There was something else going on.

I knew that I was conventionally attractive, and if I didn’t, boys would remind me. It didn’t really help me that much in life as much as it drew trouble towards me. Despite my flowing brown hair and blue eyes, I had to adopt a naturally unfriendly face just to ward them off – “resting bitch face,” or so it was called. It wasn’t resting though; not only did it take great effort, but I was all too happy when I was around my friends to lose the face and break a smile. Around boys, I kept it up to deter them, and it seemed I found a boy, famous around the school for treating women like shit, who didn’t seem bothered by the face.

And he kept looking at it.


“Hey, is this seat taken?”

I glanced to my left and heard the first words he ever said directly to me. I stared at him, letting him know with my eyes just how unwelcome he was.

Maddie, the only friend I shared the class with, didn’t get the memo. “We’re not saving it for someone,” she remarked innocently. “Hi, Cam.”

“Hey…” he trailed off, giving her a slight smile and pointing at her. “I’m really sorry, I’m actually so bad with names. Did you ever give me yours?” He brushed his stupid floppy yellow hair out of his face.

“Oh, no, you didn’t! My name’s Maddie, Maddie Wyatt.” She outstretched her hand in front of my face.

I tried to blow the hand away, but Cameron, giving his little cocky grin, gladly touched and shook her hand. Grossly, the touching was its own little motion. I didn’t even need to look at Maddie to know it affected her. “It’s very nice to meet you,” he warmly said in his politician voice, then sat down.

I was both comforted and worried by the fact that he was clearly looking to get to me more than Maddie. As soon as he sat down I stared him straight in the face. “I know all about you, Cameron Miracle,” I practically growled. “And I’d really appreciate it if you left us alone, please.”

“Jacqueline!” Maddie exclaimed, as if I was the unwelcome guest.

To my annoyance, he only smiled. “Ah, so that’s how you heard my name, huh?” he replied simply. “Well, I’d be happy to lay some rumors to rest here and now, if you have any questions.”

Questions?! Was it half the girls in the school against one man? Yeah, what a fucking dilemma, who should I trust?! Please.

“I don’t know, I think it’s silly to immediately assume everything is true,” Maddie gently piped up.

I gave her a look of death as Cameron went on, “Oh come on, I’m sure there’s some truth to them, although, if I can say, it’s never my intent. I could learn to be a better person,” Cameron offered in an admittedly well-rehearsed self-reflective voice. “And maybe with your help I can become one.”

“Well, we can all become better people,” Maddie immediately replied. I was contemplating getting up and going to a new spot.

“Ah now, come on,” Cameron didn’t let up. “No excuses. Yes, in first year, I made a lot of mistakes, and I was a bit of a dick. I can’t ask for forgiveness, but I can try to become a better person. And I actually feel like I could learn a lot from you.” The moving finger pointed at me.

“Me?” I asked, the first thing I said to him that wasn’t dipped in poison.

“You seem to say what’s on your mind with no reservations, especially if it’s for the greater good. Do I have that right?” he asked.

My eyes narrowed. “No idea.”

“Yes, it’s true!” Maddie replied, her voice reflecting annoyance at me. “Jacqueline can get a little… confident that some people are bad, but-”

Cameron held up a hand. “I offered up a lot of evidence to support that, and that’s my own fault.” His smile faded, and he looked sincerely at me. “It’s nice to meet you, Jacqueline. And I hope that I can prove to you that I’ve become a better person.” He held out a hand, wanting me to shake it.

I stared at it. “I hope you’ve become one,” I simply replied, getting up. “You two have fun. I’ll need to concentrate this lecture.” I didn’t bother looking behind me and looked for a free place in the auditorium to sit.

I’m sure to Maddie I looked like the bad guy, and I was going to get an earful later, but Cameron was talking as if what he did was in his distant past. The last girl I heard about him ruining was around a couple weeks ago, and that was the last one I heard about. I didn’t exactly ride the gossip train to hear about this stuff. The last thing I needed was to let him worm his way into my trust. I would be the first woman to tell him no.


“Honestly, yeah, the fact he tried to play that off like that’s some former version of him is a major red flag,” Heather admitted.

“Thank you! Holy shit,” I relished the small victory.

Maddie rolled her eyes and said nothing.

Heather continued. “Like, trying to show that he’s taken accountability and is willing to listen is such a double bluff move.”

“So what’s the difference between a guy that’s actually willing to learn and a guy that just says he is?” Maddie thought out loud.

“His actions,” I finished the thought, and Heather nodded along. “Words are great, especially when a guy knows how to use them, but they’re… just words.” I closed my book so I could look Maddie in the eye. None of us took going to the school library too seriously anyway. “He lured sex out of a girl by pretending he wanted a relationship and then tossing her to the curb after she gave her virginity to him like three weeks ago. Three weeks. You got that fucking phone four weeks ago, and you keep telling us it feels like it’s still new, Maddie.”

Maddie looked uncomfortable. “What girl?”

“I didn’t recognize the name. Point is-”

“Maybe it’s not real,” Maddie offered. “Maybe the story was exaggerated.”

Heather looked at her. “Have you got a thing for him or something?”

“No, I just want to believe that people can be good! That’s not a crime!” Maddie protested.

I kept an even tone, remembering the last time. “It’s true, gossip is unreliable and it’s unlikely every story is a hundred percent true. But do you know what’s even more unlikely? Every story being exaggerated or wrong. There’s like, dozens of them.”

“Alright, alright,” Maddie conceded. “But if he turns around soon, I get to say I told you so.”

I laughed. “If fucking Cameron Miracle turns around soon, whatever ‘turning around’ even means, I’ll throw you a parade.”

Maddie blinked at me. “Turns it around,” she corrected herself after a pause. “Like, his act. Turns his act around.”

I nodded.

“You know,” Heather began in a singsong voice, “The best way to get boys to stop looking at you is get yourself a boyfrieeeend…”

“I shouldn’t need a boyfriend to get him to see reason,” I argued. “If the only reason he’d leave me alone is because I’ve got another boy, that’s actually more fucked up.”

“You just really want Jacqueline to finally get a boyfriend, don’t you?” Maddie giggled.

Heather nodded with a smile. “It’s your year, Jacq. You’ve got these mature college boys, like, all around you, and when you’re not putting on that pout, a lot of them probably get neck cramps from looking at you all the time.”

“Mmm. Pain. Good,” I mused, opening up my book again.

Maddie put a finger to her forehead and pointed another at me, doing a faux fortune-teller act. “I seeeee…” she began in some kind of accent. “You living with a dozen cats in your future!”

All three of us smiled at that, with Heather giving a light chuckle. “Hey, suits me,” I replied. “As long as I can invite you over sometimes to pet them. You’d like them, they’re soft.”

“Already planning for the future, are you?” Heather asked jokingly.

“We’re in college, who isn’t?” I asked.


“Thanks again,” I said with a kind, polite tone. “I had a fun time tonight.”

The boy smiled back at me shyly and chuckled. “Yeah, me too!” he replied enthusiastically. “Did you want to maybe plan for a second date..?”

I pretended to mull it over, then sighed. “Do you want the nice answer or the realistic one?”

“…Is the realistic one mean? Did I do something wrong?” he asked nervously.

“No, you’re okay,” I soothed him. “It’s a me thing, not a you thing.”

He donned a sheepish smile. “That’s what they all say.”

I didn’t like when boys said that. If a guy told me that every woman he meets gives them ‘the speech,’ that only let me know he was the type to warrant that speech often, which meant either he happened to always be around toxic people, or he was the problem. One could easily guess which one was more likely.

Still, I went along with it. “Don’t worry, I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it. You’re a cool guy, and I’m sure you’d be a great fit for someone, but I’m not too sure if I’m into dating. I think I kind of rushed into it because my friends wanted me to, but… I’m just not ready for it. I went out tonight to see if I felt any different, but… I can’t lie to myself about my feelings. And that’s not on you at all, you’re a good guy.”

“Well… I can wait for you! I mean, we can go as slow as you want,” he protested.

My polite smile faded. “It’s not about that, I just don’t feel right doing it at all.”

“What about it doesn’t feel right?” he asked.

“Um, I don’t really have the words for it…” I replied uneasily. “Why?”

“Oh, I’m just thinking, maybe there’s a way we can work around it, you know, get what we both want and stuff,” he replied with a shy smile.

“What I want is to be single and not tied down by a guy,” I replied a little stiffly. “Sorry.”

“Well, uh, maybe, if you wanted, you can still be single and we can do this more casually…” he offered suggestively.

“I’m not interested in that,” I told him flatly.

“Jeez, you’re really not giving me much to work with,” he replied with a chuckle, as if this whole situation was funny.

“I’m not trying to give you anything to work with,” I told him. “I’m explicitly telling you that I don’t want anything to do with a boy, and you don’t appear to be taking that well.”

He gave me a look like I slapped him across the face. “Um, jeez,” he mumbled. “That’s kind of presumptuous. I was just asking.”

I nodded. “After I told you I wasn’t interested. But now you know.”

“But like, I was just-”

I held up my hand to stop him. “I told you no. Can we please just go from there?” My tone approached pleading at this point.

His look darkened. “This is why I’m always worried about pouring my heart out to a girl, because then they just turn around and do this.”

I didn’t even have the energy to give him a look of incredulity. Instead I just rolled my eyes, turned around, and started to make the walk back home, ignoring the no doubt litany of things the boy had to say to me as I reached into my pocket and pulled out my headphones.

Three dates in five months, and two of them ended exactly like this. Boys were so insecure. Granted, the other guy took it really well. That should have been the standard and not the exception, but given the circumstances, I was grateful. We even hung out two times since. I would never hang out with this boy again in my life if I could help it. I didn’t get how guys didn’t get that. We were adults in college, for God’s sake. Sometimes I wished I was a lesbian or at least bi, that would have made things easier. But nope, I was straight as an arrow, which meant I was stuck in the nightmare world of having to find a boy to like.

As soon as I got back to my dorm, I texted Heather and Maddie to let them know the news – though they were probably expecting it – then sighed and flopped down on my bed.

Truth be told, I totally would have settled down with the right man. It was easier to tell my friends I didn’t need to date, rather than the complicated answer of, ‘while at times I feel ambivalent about having a life partner, I’d enjoy spending my college years romantically tied to a boy that communicates openly and demonstrates he knows and supports my goals and desires without feeling like he has a chokehold on me or owns me or something.’ Too many words.

People sucked sometimes. I was so glad that I paid a little extra to have my own dorm room. In here, I was in my sanctuary. No one could bother me, not without my consent. I had the power to let people in, or keep them out, and I would keep it that way.

I shifted over to laying on my side and eyed my wand, staring at it for a few seconds before understanding what I needed. I didn’t masturbate that often, but when I did, it was more because I was frustrated than anything. Like, ‘let me show https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/” title=”escort bayan”>escort bayan the world what someone else missed out on by being a dumbass tonight.’

And ‘show the world’ was right. My wand vibrator wasn’t the quietest thing on the planet, to the extent where it was very possible that both of my neighboring dorms could hear the buzzing, if not also the moaning. I didn’t really learn how to be quiet, and that was a bad habit I kept in college.

I started slow, as I always did, turning the wand on and starting around my inner thighs, moving my hips around to complement the delicate motions. I always liked to tease my body with my wand, only letting myself barely feel the vibrations at first.

My chest rose and fell as my breaths got more shallow. I didn’t have the most impressive breasts in the world – I was the only one in my friend group that could go without a bra and not feel the consequences for the rest of the day – but I really liked the way my nipples looked, and the way they felt. I took my wand and moved them over my breasts, moaning out loud with no shame as I felt them brush against my hardening nipples. I loved that feeling. I was going to be so happy when I could find a guy that had a talented tongue.

I moved my wand back down to my thighs, allowing it to get closer and closer to my poor aching clit. It begged for release, and I was growing impatient. With the slightest touch, I moved my wand and arched my back. Closer… closer…


I moaned as soon as I felt the vibrations on my clit. Loudly. Carnally. My friends wouldn’t recognize the voice that came out of my mouth.

“Oh, fuck yes!”

I ground my clit against the wand, used at this point to how it felt. At first I still had to wear my panties when using the wand, the impact felt that strong. Now, my clit was strong. It could take much more, and I wanted to give it more. I wanted to push myself to the absolute sexual limit. At that moment, I swear, I would have done anything dirty.

I took out my phone and booted up my favorite porn. I felt so dirty watching porn, knowing it was supposed to be a thing girls didn’t do. A lot of it was dumbly made, and definitely not for girls, but something about that excited me too. I found something hot I ‘shouldn’t have.’ I liked that. I moved my hips back and forth to meet my magic wand, working its magic on my love button, watching some hung buff guy absolutely destroying a girl half his size. It was almost a shame I was taller than the average girl. I would have loved to be destroyed like that.

My orgasm came swiftly and powerfully, and as always, I did not hold back my cries as I felt energy surge from my pussy. I liked that word, pussy. It felt so degenerate, almost childish in its openly reductive nature. My needy little pussy.

I panted heavily, feeling myself coming down from my high. I couldn’t wait until I could get a guy that would eat my pussy, I bet that was going to feel amazing. I traced lines around my inner thighs again, feeling out if I wanted to go for round two. It would be far from the first time, and the porn video was only halfway through. Since everything was already prepared, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity. I closed my eyes and bit my lip, feeling the wand get closer to my clit again.


“You what?!” I exclaimed.

Maddie shrugged. “I hung out with Cam yesterday,” she repeated quietly. “It was kind of fun.”

I turned to Heather. “Did we not talk about, like, all the red flags he’s ever shown anyone ever, multiple times?” I asked.

Heather nodded grimly. “You need to be careful, Maddie,” she joined in. “He never just does this for girls because he likes their personalities and thinks they’re cool. He always wants something.”

Maddie paused, then moved her mouth around in thought. “I mean… there are worse things.”

“Are you serious?” I barked.

“I’m just saying! I find him cute, he finds me cute, what’s the harm?” she defended herself.

“The harm-” I started, though Heather gestured that she wanted to try, so with great restraint, I stopped myself.

“You find him cute in a way where you want to spend more time with him and get to know him better,” Heather began. “Which is totally valid. Love that. But he finds you cute in, like, a fascination way. Like, he wants to have you until he gets bored. He might say he wants something real or whatever but that’s only to get what he wants. He’s never made the exception with any girl. He will dump you when you feel the strongest for him. He will cheat on you. He will turn around and say you said and did things to make him look better, things you never said and did. We all know it.” I nodded along the way with every word Heather said.

“I don’t get why this turned into a ‘fuck Cam’ party,” Maddie said with a pout.

“…When has it not been that?” I asked.

“We get he’s cute,” Heather explained.

“I don’t,” I cut in crabbily.

Heather shot me a look, then continued. “But he’s just not worth it. Admire him from afar if you have to do anything. Just don’t engage.”

Maddie sulked as the three of us finished our food. We didn’t talk about a lot more – mainly just classes and stuff. Annoyingly, and worryingly, Maddie was getting increasingly less interested in any topic other than Cameron. That was always part of the story; the girl becoming obsessed. I would be dead in the ground before I was going to let Cameron get to my friend too.

Clearly, though, his sights were set on her. Just as we talked about getting up, we heard his voice from across the cafeteria. “Hey, Maddie!” All three of us turned to see his crooked grin and waving hand. Maddie enthusiastically waved back. Heather and I exchanged worried glances.

No sooner than he had found us was he sitting down at the normally vacant fourth chair. Maddie was immediately transfixed, much to my displeasure. “Hi, Cam,” she sang as he sat down. “I really enjoyed our time together the other day. I was just telling the others about it.”

Cameron smiled and looked right at me. He caught my look and his smile didn’t wane. “Uh-oh, are we going to have a talk?” he teased. “Don’t worry; like I promised, I was nothing but respectful to her. You can ask her if you don’t believe me.”

“It’s true!” Maddie immediately backed him up enthusiastically. “We didn’t – he – I honestly think he’s changed, Jacq.”

“To be fair, it’s her right to not trust me immediately,” Cameron assured us all in his best politician voice. “But I want this behind me as much as anyone else.”

“That takes action, not words,” Heather added, the first thing she said since he sat down.

Cameron nodded solemnly. “I agree,” he replied. “And that takes time, doesn’t it? But hey, anyways, what class do you all have next?”

“I don’t recall us inviting you to talk to us,” I cut in. “If you really are hell-bent on this ‘actions not words’ crap, why do you just assume you can invade our space?”

“Ooh, ‘invade,’ good word,” he teased. “Well, if you don’t want me here, I can scram, but I did want to talk to Maddie here. We’ve been getting along pretty well.”

“As well as Georgina? Or Ash? Or Lena?” I pressed on. At this point, I’d heard all of their names multiple times.

His expression darkened in thought, the first negative emotion I’d really seen him display. “It kind of hurts that Lena’s included in that list,” he replied thoughtfully. “I could see I made mistakes with Ash and Georgina for sure. I’m a passionate guy and sometimes I can make dumb mistakes in the moment. But Lena was really uncool with me. She was, uh… she did some things that were really uncalled for, and kind of slandered me afterwards.”

“What did she do?” Heather asked. Her body language was telling me she still didn’t trust him but her curiosity was still clearly piqued.

“I dunno if I want to get into it,” he bashfully replied. “I mean, I hate this drama going on about me, it doesn’t seem right to do it to someone else, you know?”

Maddie listened to him with wide-eyed wonder. “Did she hurt you?”

“Well, I mean, yeah,” he replied quietly, with a nervous smile. “People hurt each other all the time. I’m sure she’s grown as a person since.”

He kept looking at me for the majority of the time he spoke, like he wasn’t really even speaking to the other two. I guess he really wanted to plead his case to me and show me he was actually a better guy now, but it was definitely weird how much he was ignoring Maddie while he spoke. What was weirder still was that Maddie didn’t even care. He came here on the basis of saying hi to Maddie. And after thinking about it I realized, I didn’t see him looking once at her. Not once. Surely if Maddie was head-over-heels for the guy, that would at least hurt that she didn’t get his attention, even if she did believe his lies. No, especially if she believed his lies.

But she didn’t care, she just looked at him with some sickening combination of adoration and pure interest in his story. “We can keep a secret! I wanna hear about it,” she insisted.

“I can’t keep a secret,” I lied with a sour face. “Guess you shouldn’t spill the beans.”

“Then it’s decided,” Cameron replied with a smirk, gesturing at me as he glanced at Heather. “I’d rather you remember her good qualities anyway. She was an interesting person for sure. She, y’know, taught me things like palm-reading.”

That piqued the interest of Heather, lover of all things spiritual. “Can you still do it?”

Cameron extended both of his hands across the table. “May I?”

Heather gave a nervously excited glance my way. I just stared back at her. When she looked at Maddie, Maddie gave her an enthusiastic nod, so hesitantly, Heather extended her palm across the table. Cameron dragged a finger across her palm, making her nervously squirm in his chair, then studied the lines along her hands.

“Okay, yes… hmm… alright! See this line here? It means, uh… I’m pretty sure it means you’ll come into money, suddenly,” he said hazily, trying to focus. “There’s a lot to remember here. This here is the head line. Now, because you have what’s called a ‘water hand,’ I can tell you that… sorry, is this your dominant hand?”

I rolled my eyes and scooped up my bag. “I’ll see you all later,” I calmly said as I began to walk away.

“Well, hold on, do you want a turn?” Cameron interjected quickly, still holding Heather’s hand. With his free hand, he gestured to mine, like he wanted my hand to come closer.

“No thanks, I’m already late for class,” I replied dismissively.

As I turned around, I wanted to savor the moment and watch him lose whatever upper hand he thought he had. In some kind of either desperation or defeat, he turned to Maddie and Heather and donned some kind of pitiful expression. How stupid. It wasn’t like they were going to help plead his case to me.

“Jacqueline, come on, stay!” Maddie pleaded.

Okay, that one was kind of a given. I was naive to think that Maddie wasn’t won over by his charms by this point. I had to keep a serious eye on her. I would hate myself if I lost her to him and had to witness her having her heart broken by him.

Amazingly, Heather turned around, clear sympathy for Cameron in his eyes. “Are you sure?” she asked hesitantly. “Maybe we should give him a chance!”

My mouth dropped open in disappointment. Maddie was a little shallow, but Heather knew better. So what, just because he could read palms, she suddenly turned on a dime for him This was absolutely ridiculous. I was the only one in this group who had any common sense.

“It’s 1:52,” I reported with a sharp edge to my voice.

“Oh, shit,” Heather cursed. She turned back to Cameron. “Could I have my hand back? I need to get to class, there’s a test today.”

My eyebrows went up. She was asking him for her own hand?

Cameron shared my reaction, laughing with a confused expression. “Can you-? Uh, yeah, of course, I don’t own your hands.” He released her hand which she quickly retracted, and gave her a friendly smile. “But this was cool. Maybe, if you wanted, I could give you an actual palm reading sometime.”

My scowl no doubt deepened. This was how he got them. This was how it starts.

Cameron turned back to me and caught my glance, and I thought his smile would wane. It didn’t. He studied my expression as if he realized a serious error, not as if he was caught being the scumbag he was. “In fact, Maddie, why don’t you come along?” he asked, not taking his eyes off of mine. “Keep me accountable. Plus, I think I’ll need someone to let Jacqueline here know that my intentions the whole time were honorable.”

Maddie gave a stupid little giggle that made me roll my eyes. She could be such a ditz. Heather turned back to look at me, and even with Cameron watching, I shook my head no seriously.

She turned back to him and seemingly weighed her options. “I’ll have to think about it, okay?”

“Hey, that’s all I can ask,” he replied like the proverbial gentleman. I didn’t bother to see what else they had to say before I started walking away.

He was the god damn personification of red flags. Why the fuck were my best friends letting him in so easily? Why the fuck did he have to enter our friend group like this? It was maddening. I had to do something.


I couldn’t do anything. I tried, and I never let up with him, but I could not do a damn thing. Cameron was just accepted into our friend group, just like that. I did feel reassured that virtually any time he was with Maddie, Heather was there – and both of them swore that he was well-behaved the whole time. I even took Heather with me into the next room at one point and confirmed Cameron was never alone with Maddie for too long. I knew this was probably his plan, but I was getting exhausted. Caring was exhausting, as was being vigilant.

I had a worry in the pit of my stomach that he calculated that. He knew, correctly so, that no one could keep thinking about him and talking about him for too long. Eventually, I’d let my guard down, and that would be when he broke Maddie’s heart, or even Heather’s.

I didn’t get Heather. I thought she mostly came down on my side. Even if she acknowledged Cameron was cute to her or whatever, she seemed oddly chill with him, basically as soon as he sat down at our table. If he also charmed his way into my heart when he sat down, or even attempted, I’d at least understand her. But… he didn’t. He only gave me more red flags. I straight-up didn’t understand what made Heather instantly let her guard down for him.

So a few times I asked, and I either got a blank expression or a confused one. She never gave me an answer. She never understood the question. It was not reassuring, to say the least. And to make matters worse, this was the extent of my social life.

I was seeing boys more often if anything. And that’s what they were – boys, not men. Boys masquerading as men, pretending to fit the physiques and majors they paraded around. Some were easier on the eyes. Some weren’t. I tried tough boys, sensitive boys, even writers, for God’s sake, writers.

It always ended the same way. With me, on my back, annoying the neighbors with my loud sex moans, delicately dancing my vibrating wand over my aching clit. Alone. Wishing I could find a guy that I could just put up with past a second date. When I first came to college I told myself I would only have sex with a man if I stayed with him beyond a few months. Now? I was desperate. If he could make it to the third date, I’d do it.

Still, it wasn’t like I needed a man. I had enough cocky masculinity hanging over me, nearly day-to-day at this point. Maybe I should have just seen the emerging pattern and made my peace with it. I could marry my work and cheat on it with my vibrator. I’d probably be happier that way, anyways.


“…And now that we’re in an age of surveillance, the ideas of Foucault are more important than ever,” Cameron gushed.

“That’s so amazing,” Maddie replied, her mouth hanging open in true awe of the sheer brilliance of Cameron. It was a wonder she wasn’t drooling. Heather was more reserved than Maddie’s open worship of the boy, but she was clearly also transfixed on his gospel.

“And his ideas influence so much of the world today: how we see mental health, how we see power and revolution, or resistance to power, and how we see sexuality.”

I shot him a look when he said that word, and annoyedly, I could see he was already looking back at me.

Nevertheless, he blushed. “He’s just so important, and it’s crazy I never learned about him until I took philosophy.”

“I would have thought a guy like you would have been interested in philosophy for a long time,” I replied, feeling I should say something. The guy looked like someone who charmed girls by quoting Marx instead of hyper-masculine things like shooting guns and drinking beer, or even niche things like riding skateboards.

“Oh, I was,” he admitted proudly. “I just really got into Foucault this year. He’s just so good at looking at the real, not just the abstract, you know?”

“Cameron gets so passionate about his journey through life,” Maddie gushed to me. “Like, he actually follows through with it. Like, for example, he’s a minimalist, and you should see it. His room has nothing but his bed in it. It’s so zen! Nothing but the necessities. I dunno, it’s just so mind-blowing to actually see it!”

Cameron laughed in agreement. “So many guys want to say they’re minimalist, but do they put in the effort?” he asked the two. They simply shook their heads. “Right, they just say it because it sounds nice. Well, it feels even nicer to actually do it. It’s actually a lot like Foucault. So many of his contemporaries thought of abstract terms in a vacuum, but he developed his philosophies based on what people were actually saying. That’s real philosophy, you know?”

Christ. I was going to actually vomit. It didn’t help that Maddie audibly sighed after hearing him. I didn’t say anything and kept reading my book as he let the words sink in, but evidently, he didn’t like the silence. “Say, whatcha reading there, Jacq?”

“My name is Jacqueline,” I replied firmly. “A book for class.”

“Yeah, but, what’s it about?” he pressed on.

“I won’t know until I really get into it,” I replied honestly. “I don’t like thinking I know things until I’ve fully understood the message.”

“Ooh, you must hate philosophy then,” he joked with a grin.

“Kinda, yeah,” I replied honestly. Philosophy, at least in college, was usually just a tool students used to sound smart anyway. People would just quote old dead guys and apply it to modern-day life, as if that itself was profound. https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/kocaeli-escort-bayan” title=”kocaeli escort bayan”>kocaeli escort bayan Most of the time they didn’t even get what the philosophers were saying.

Cameron was the king of this. He’d quote Marx at least once every few days or so, and talk about how his ideas were so radical and then… go on to show he knew nothing about Marx’s ideas. I had to read Capital for a class at one point, and it was clear he did not.

Cameron lost his smile, mostly. A remnant of it remained on his face. That was like his face’s version of neutral. “Well, it’s not for everyone. I just like the ambiguity of it.”

“Mm,” I replied disinterestedly, going back to my book.

“You know, I swear I read the exact same book for a class of mine once,” he said, voice brimming with curiosity. “Do you mind if I…?” He reached for the book, his hand outstretched towards the spine of the book, where my hand was.

I moved the book to the side. “Do you mind? I’m reading. I’m sure the library has multiple copies,” I said sternly.

He stared at me for a few seconds, his smile gone completely. “Can we… talk? You know, like, alone for a second?”

“No thanks,” I replied.

He turned to Maddie and Heather, then gestured towards me. “I think I need to speak with Jacqueline alone for a bit, maybe clear out some of this tension. I feel like I won’t be able to be as vulnerable if everyone is here, so could you give us, like, five minutes?”

I eyed them. “I’d prefer if they stay.”

“I think we should have this conversation,” Cameron replied in a new tone. It wasn’t unfriendly, but until now, he had this ‘nah, don’t worry about it’ casual tone to his voice, like the facade of a joke. Here, he was deadly serious. “I want to hang out with the group more often and right now, it’s clear you and I don’t see eye to eye.”

“Sorry, but that’s not my problem,” I replied. “I made it clear from the beginning that I didn’t want you in this group.”

“Yeah, but we do.”

I put down my book. Maddie stared at me, having just stood up to me. I could see frustration in her eyes. Maddie was standing up to me. It was clear that Cameron was getting to her, and clearly, in the battle for her esteem, I was losing. “We?” I repeated.

I turned to Heather, who meekly shrugged. “Well, he’s hanging around us anyway, and, I mean, if he and Maddie and I are going to hang out after class in our dorms… it would be cool if you guys put this behind you. You know, so it could be all of us.”

“…I’ve made it clear, crystal clear, to you two that I don’t feel comfortable hanging around with him. And now you want me to just get over it? What if I refuse?” My chest was rising and falling. This was completely ridiculous. They’d always respected my boundaries in the past.

Heather shrugged again. “I just think you two should talk it out. I think, objectively, it’s a good idea.”

That wasn’t objective at all. “So what, because you two like him now, I don’t get to have my boundaries?” I asked angrily. “No. Absolutely not. Sorry.”

The two looked at him, then at me, and then to my utter shock, got up and gathered their things. “We’ll come back when you two have talked,” Maddie informed me. “And if you don’t talk, we’ll wait for you.”

I sputtered. “So, what, if I refuse to talk to him, you won’t talk to me until I do?!”

“Yes,” Maddie said, deadpan, looking me right in the eye. My breathing got erratic with discomfort. This wasn’t fair. With my eyebrows in a V, I watched them leave.

Cameron watched them leave, then turned to me. “I think we sh-”

“Shut the fuck up,” I ordered, gathering my things. I needed to chase after them. This couldn’t be happening.

Just as I got up, he stood up with me, grabbing my wrist with urgency. His thumb barely scraped my palm, and I felt a jolt run through me.

His unwanted touch was like a bolt of lightning running through me. He was saying something, but it was drowned out. Every thought I ever had ran through me at once, and suddenly his touch on my wrist turned to fire. I felt hot, red hot. Angry at the sheer nerve of his trespassing. Without thinking, my free hand wound back and slapped his face with a force I never knew I had.

The blow was so strong, he staggered back and nearly ragdolled to the floor. His hand, now off of my wrist, flew to his cheek, looking at me with a combined look of shock, pain, and utter bafflement.

I didn’t mean to strike him. I was never afraid of violence, but this was such an out-of-mind experience that, for the first time in my life, I could accurately say I didn’t know what came over me. I wanted to say something, to either apologize for going too far or warn him to stay away or… just say anything, but nothing came out.

When he spoke, it was like the sound in the rest of the library was completely dulled down. It was like someone lowered the volume on everything else happening in life. My surroundings were eerily quiet when he spoke.

“You’re strong.”

He didn’t look pissed. He didn’t look scared. He looked… like he was fascinated. I didn’t know what to say, so, with my already-gathered things at the ready, I grabbed them and bolted.


I had no clue what the hell to say to Maddie and Heather, so when they texted me asking if we talked, I simply replied that I think he got the message. After that, I just lay in my dorm room and groaned into the pillow.

Maybe this was a good thing. I was standing up for myself, right? I had to admit, there were better times to slap Cameron. Here, he probably thought he was just a victim… but then again, given how he talked about Lena after the fact, he probably thought he was a victim if things didn’t go a hundred percent his way anyways.

The groan turned to laughter. I slapped Cameron Miracle. Half of the girls he’d been with would throw me a parade for that. As far as I knew, the guy never experienced consequences, for anything. Finally, he got his. And it was all because of a heat-of-the-moment flash of anger.

What was that, anyway? I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. I never felt that way before in my life. I honestly felt like I could kill him in that moment. Did he just push things too far by grabbing my wrist? Maybe my physical boundaries were stronger than even I thought.

I didn’t know, but I did know that it was a hell of a confidence boost. I slapped Cameron Miracle. I was the first one to give him what he truly deserved. And it felt good.


I smiled smugly at him the next time we saw each other. It was the next day, so clearly work had to be done, but this was clearly a step in the right direction.

“So, did you two work everything out?” Maddie asked before taking a bite of her sandwich. Both she and Heather looked nervously back and forth between Cameron and myself.

“I think we both said all that was needed to be said,” I said with pure confidence, aiming every word at Cameron. “Wouldn’t you say?”

He was clearly disarmed. “I’d say we’re on the same page,” he replied with a delicious subtle shake to his voice.

I even spoke with more confidence than him now. I was loving this. I had power over him now. I had power over Cameron Miracle. There was no way I wasn’t going to milk this. I had won. With just one simple unprecedented move, I had won over him.

“Okay, I guess that’s good,” Maddie replied slowly. “So what class is up next?”

“Yeah Cameron, what class do you have next?” I asked, my voice still brimming with confidence. “Why, it’s philosophy next, right? Why don’t you tell me all about what you’re learning today?”

Cameron gave me a bit of a look, but quickly regained his smile for the other two. “Well, today we’re looking at twentieth-century philosophy as a whole. That covers a lot of movements, including…”

I smirked as he droned on. This was somehow better than Cameron leaving us alone. He was with us, committed and now trapped, and it was a prison of his own making. How was that for philosophy? I guess he should have read more Sartre, because his Hell was now other people.


“You seem happier lately,” Maddie observed as we started to leave our lecture together.

I smiled triumphantly, eyeing Cameron in the opposite corner of the lecture hall. He wasn’t sitting with us anymore. “I’m just relieved,” I explained. “When Cameron and I had our ‘talk’ in the library, I think I really got through to him that being a creep was no bueno.”

“Why did you say ‘talk’ like that? Did you two, like, do something together? Did he kiss you?” Maddie gasped.

“Fuckin’ no, ew, gross!” I retched. “Why the hell was that your first thought?”

She shrugged meekly. “Just the first thing I thought of.” She composed herself as we kept walking. “So then wait, what does ‘talk’ mean?”

“So, uh…” I began bashfully. “Right after you two left, I wanted to run right after you, but he doesn’t like that. So he – get this – the dude grabs my arm. He, like, grabbed my wrist, like this.” I grabbed my wrist tightly with my other hand and held it up to her face. “So that must have triggered my fight-or-flight or something, because suddenly, out of nowhere, and I mean, like, even I didn’t know I was going to do this, I just belt him across the face.”

“You slapped him?” she gasped again.

I nodded with a small smile on my face. “And he just looks shocked. Almost fascinated that I would even do that. But I’m glad. He got the message, and now he doesn’t give me that cocky fucking grin anymore.”

“Wow, that’s crazy,” Maddie mumbled. “I mean, I can see both sides, but…”

“Maddiiiiie…” I groaned.

“I know, I know,” she quickly replied. “Well, I hope this doesn’t make things in the group awkward.”

“It was awkward before, who gives a shit? I didn’t want him around in the first place. If he’s going to hang around anyway, he needs to know he can’t just use women like objects without getting a good smack every so often for it.”

Maddie shrugged and we kept walking, so I decided to keep talking to fill the empty space. “I can’t believe you thought he kissed me. He would have probably gotten so much more than a slap.”

“I would have been jealous,” Maddie replied, blushing.


“I’m allowed to find him hot!” she immediately protested. “Like, I know everything you’re saying. I’ve been listening. But also, like, he is hot. There’s a reason he’s been able to do what he does. It sucks he used to use it to his advantage, but he’s nice to talk to aaaand he’s really sexy.”

I held up my fingers and did air quotes. “‘Used to,’” I rebutted. I couldn’t believe it. Maddie may have had a one-track boy-crazy mind, but it was nuts she’d think I’d ever allow Cameron Miracle to kiss me.


“I think that’s so interesting,” the boy told me in an overly enthusiastic voice. He was neglecting his coffee in his efforts to keep up the conversation with me. Mine was nearly empty. At the beginning of the date I spoke in full sentences, but after about fifteen minutes it was clear things were going nowhere so I deliberately spoke with as short and boring sentences as I could.

“Thanks!” I replied with muted warmth. My background was as plain as it could come. Even the most sheltered boy couldn’t see my upbringing as ‘so interesting.’ Eventually, I had to grapple with the fact that either every boy in Peterson was dry as all hell, or there was something wrong with how I ***********ed my dates.

I was amazed that the boy hadn’t dried me up. Subtly, as he kept talking, I rubbed my thighs together. I didn’t know if it was all of the dating with no success, but I had been so ungodly horny lately. I could practically feel my wetness between my thighs, and wondered if I had to break out my vibrator when I got home.

Scratch that. I was definitely going to break out my vibrator when I got home. Hell, as soon as I got home. Even the idea of using it made me feel an excitement that I certainly hadn’t felt for the entire date.

“So I think my life’s goal is to help others, but in a way that advances my own career too, which is why I majored in business,” the boy droned on. It was hard to even maintain eye contact. He was so soulless. So lifeless. I bet his favorite position was missionary, with the lights off. Socks on? Probably. Why was I using Bumble instead of Tinder? I bet Tinder could help me find the freakier boys. Was I looking for a freakier boy?

I shook my head. I needed to watch myself. If I got any hornier, I would have had to excuse myself to use the washroom and masturbate or something. Ha!

…Which was a thing I could do. A thing I could do anytime I wanted. I could just go there right now and scratch that itch. No, fuck ‘scratch that itch.’ Go in there and masturbate.

“I have to go to the washroom,” I blurted out, realizing only after that I interrupted him mid-sentence. “Sorry, it’s urgent.” Without another word, or even another look at the boy, I dashed to the back of the cafe and made my way to the girls’ washrooms, finding a stall and quickly locking it.

Within a minute, my legs were spread wide apart and I was moaning. No one else was in the washroom, probably, so it was fine. I was loud! I couldn’t help it. I just needed my release, and then I could rejoin the boy. Easy-peasy.

It felt particularly good to rub circles on my clit. I was going to cum just from this. I had no idea what was going on with my hormones lately – maybe I was just eating better or something – but masturbating felt so much better. My free hand was roaming under my shirt, trying to find any extra pleasure where it could – as my moans rang through the empty washroom.


“Woah, Jacq, loving the new skirt!” Heather whistled when she saw me strut up to the lunch table we occupied.

“Thanks,” I replied with a wink as I sat down, placing my lunch on the table.

Maddie looked at me curiously. “I thought you said you hated skirts,” she noted.

“I’m normally more of a jeans girl, but I dunno, college is the time for trying new things, right?” I asked. I turned to Cameron, who was diligently eating his lunch. “And what do you think, Cameron?” I asked, teasing him. “Do you have anything you want to say?”

With one look I egged him on. I dared him to say something about my skirt. We both knew that if he said a single thing out of line, we’d just go through the library routine all over again. Still, he attempted to save face and put on his signature smile. It looked even more plastic than usual. “It’s, uh, cool you’re trying new things, Jacqueline.”

“C’mon, don’t be such a stiff,” I replied in a sickeningly sweet voice. “Call me Jacq. And is that really all you have to say? I’m almost disappointed.” Heather and Maddie joined me in laughing at him. We really did find our happy medium. Cameron would hang around us, slight win for him, but he wouldn’t get anywhere with us and I could mock him for it, huge win for… women. Not just me, women.

He chuckled softly. “I mean, yeah, I like skirts, what guy doesn’t?”

“There it is,” I acknowledged, and this time the whole table joined in on the laugh. “I’m sure you prefer your college girls wearing skirts when you hunt them down.”

“Used to, when I used to do that,” he added in a fun tone, as if we were all joining in on an in-joke. “But, uh… actually the skirts themselves were never what got me. To tell you the truth… my weakness? Stockings.”

The girls and I guffawed at that. “You pervert!” I chided him. “I’m watching you around any girl that wears them now.” The guy really was scum, but at least we could have fun with it now, instead of it being too awkward. At least he wasn’t doing anything with any of the girls.


As soon as the door was closed, the boy and I attacked each others’ mouths. This was it. Finally, the moment. The first boy to meet my standards since I had started this whole dating thing.

At the first chance where our mouths could detach, I slid down his waist, being sure to rub my body down his as I did. I loved grinding my body against his. It felt so fun, so right. And speaking of things that felt right… almost fumbling with the zipper out of pure excitement, I hungrily undid his fly and pulled out the boy’s eager, throbbing member. It barely got a second of fresh air before it was in my mouth.

It wasn’t a lot of ceremony for my first blowjob. Looking back, it was kind of odd that I used to hate the very idea of blowjobs. There was something so fulfilling and pleasing about having a boy’s dick in your mouth. It was a feeling I couldn’t quite explain, but could definitely appreciate.

“Oh wow, fuck doll…” the boy purred. I rolled my eyes. He was talking like that all night. He could be so silly like that. Boys were boys, after all. Like I said, none of them ever found out how to really become men. Maybe someday I’d have to make a man out of him.

My tongue rolled around the head of his penis, savoring everything about it – the feeling, the flavor, even just the submission of me being on my knees, taking it. My eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head in pleasure when I felt his big hands take the back of my head. Going slowly at first, he began to fuck my mouth, and soon my hands even left his hips.

It must have looked so hot. We hadn’t even gotten to the bedroom yet. We were still right next to the entrance door, and yet this perverted boy was making me gag and drool all over his cock. So typical of them. Hopefully he wasn’t going out treating girls this way, he could have made a few of them uncomfortable.

His swinging balls slapped my chin a few times as he ground his pelvis nearly against my face. I moaned in appreciation, only ever opening my eyes to look at him in his. He had a manic look on his face, but whenever he met my challenging stare, he closed his eyes, pretending he was lost in the moment. We both knew the real reason why he was closing his eyes. He wasn’t fooling anyone. God, I loved my power.

Soon, his groans were getting louder, his thrusts shorter and stronger. He was going to cum in my mouth. I could feel his penis pulsing with pleasure, then throbbing with his load, and then finally, with a roar from him, his seed filling my mouth.

Mm, it was so warm. My eyes fluttered as I diligently swallowed. It was thicker than I’d like, but he was the one with my head in his hands, so what was I going to do about it? Dating meant making a few small sacrifices. I still got to suck his dick, so this was a win.

I wiped off my mouth, smiling and laughing at him. “How’d I do?” I teased, my voice smug. We both knew what was happening here.

He laughed throatily. “Fucking amazing,” he admitted. “Though https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/kocaeli-escort” title=”kocaeli escort”>kocaeli escort it’s going to take me a bit to recover from that before I fuck you.” He gestured to his rapidly deflating dick.

Something he said there gave me pause. I was hot as a firecracker and I definitely wanted release, but something inside me didn’t want that. “Actually…” I replied quickly yet hesitantly. “Is it okay if we don’t go all the way today?”

The boy shrugged. “Hey, fine, your head is amazing enough.” We both laughed. “Want me to hit the road then?”

“Sure,” I replied, giving his dick a silly little kiss before he did his pants back up. I got to my feet and smiled at him, his cum probably leaking out of the corners of my mouth.

“But nah, for real, this was amazing,” he quickly added once his dick was back in his pants. “Did you maybe want to plan for a second date or something?”


“So many more boys have been giving me looks and catcalls lately,” I mumbled with a disgusted tone.

“Yeah, men will do that,” Heather agreed, scoffing. “I think you’re right. Like, it seems like the boys here are particularly immature.”

“Or they’re just all that immature and we didn’t want to admit it beforehand,” I added. Both Heather and Maddie nodded.

As she nodded, Maddie’s gaze fell to my legs. “Though, I bet they’re staring in shock too. Like, I’m surprised that kind of skirt length is allowed here.”

“Hey, maybe it isn’t, I never checked,” I replied with a smug smile, looking at my skirt and how much it showed off. We all shared a laugh. “Oh god, fuck, imagine what Cameron is going to say…”

“Yeah, he’s normally on time,” Maddie replied, looking around. “I don’t see him anywhere.”

Heather gasped and put a hand in front of her mouth. “Wait, Jacq, we’re dumb!”

“Why, what’s wrong?” I asked urgently.

“Your stockings! Remember? Cam said…”

“Oh my god, you’re right!” I gasped right back. “Ugh, that was such a bad call. I swear, if he so much as mentions them…”

Heather smirked at me. “Smack city?” she asked.

I smacked my left hand with the back of my right one. “Smackdown,” I confirmed. We shared a giggle and went back to our food before we saw a familiar face enter the cafeteria. Quickly, he found us and moved in our direction, sighing along the way.

“Hey girls,” he greeted us, as usual, looking only at me.

“Hey Cam,” I greeted him with a mock flirtatious tone. “What took you?”

“Lecture was fucking brutal,” he complained. “Luckily I only have one more seminar for the day, and then it’s over.”

We ate for a bit, and Heather couldn’t resist breaking into a grin. “Hey Cam,” she addressed him. “Wouldn’t you say something about Jacq looks… different today?”

“Heather!” I hissed. Still, as she said it, I rubbed my stocking-clad legs together. Wet again, no surprise.

“Hm?” Cam looked up from his food and looked me over. “What’s different?”

“Oh, come on,” Maddie laughed.

“Such a gentleman,” Heather joined in sarcastically.

I made a show of running my hands up and down one of my legs. “Yeah, you’re not fooling anyone,” I told him.

He laughed. “Okay, fine, I noticed,” he admitted. “But I didn’t want to say anything! Maybe this was all a test, who knows?” We all shared a laugh. “I told you I changed and I’m a man of my word.”

“Come on Cam, even I can’t keep my eyes off of her legs,” Maddie giggled.

“Me-ow, time and place, Maddie,” I giggled back.

He donned his cocky grin and looked at us. “Sorry I’m an honest man,” he offered.

As usual, he was fooling none of us. I was so glad we kept an eye on him. He could have been real trouble for the girls of this school otherwise. A charmer like him on the loose… nope, no way. Couldn’t be done. We kept him honest.

Still, even the honesty could have been a facade. If we just kept him where he was long enough, maybe we could ensure he’d be good for the rest of his time at college. Even as it was, I was more aware of his eyes on me than Heather’s free hand rubbing up and down my thigh. Don’t get me wrong, Heather had talented hands, but Cam could have been pulling a fast one, and if he was, he wasn’t going to fool me.


My whole body tensed as I felt my magic wand first make contact with my clit. It may have been my fourth time masturbating that day, but to give me some credit, I found two boys to suck off that day, and sucking cock always made me extra horny. Plus, the second guy got off on calling me a dumb slut and a ditz, and even though we both knew he wasn’t fooling anyone, it made me extra horny.

My free hand roamed up and down my stockings, the only thing I was still wearing. I loved the silky feeling of them. I loved to imagine some boy was stroking them up and down as he fucked me. But which boy? I had such a vivid imagination, and I needed to actually picture the boy.

Trouble was, I rarely saw the same boy twice, unless he was important. The only boy I was constantly hanging out with was Cam, and can you imagine? He fucking wished. It made me laugh just thinking about it. If he dared, it would just be Slaptown, USA. It was so funny to think about.

So funny that, for a laugh, I started imagining it. I imagined naughty playboy Cam taking me, his stupid sexy grin plastered on his face as he became the first boy to be inside me. My free hand stopped rubbing my stockings and I plunged two fingers inside of me.

“Oh fuck, Cam, yes…” I moaned like a submissive bitch. It was so hilarious, imagining this happen. I’m sure he would love it. He was such a pervert. I couldn’t begin to imagine all of the perverted little kinks he had, all of the weird things he made those girls do… what a laugh. Me fucking Cam Miracle. Fuck, it made my pussy wet.

It was such a silly thought that I decided to milk it. I smiled deviously, turning down the volume from max on the made-for-men lesbian porn blaring on my TV, and decided to nonchalantly text Cam as I brought myself to the next two orgasms. And he would never know it. To him, I was just asking about his day, seeing what was up with his classes, telling him about the Tinder date I blew instead of going to the economics lecture I had, all normal things he would never suspect while I secretly made myself cum.

He was such a predictable boy.


Cam put his food down on the table. “Hey Jacq,” he said warmly.

“Hey Cam,” I purred.

“Where are Heather and Maddie? Do they have a test or something?” he asked, noting that we were the only ones at the lunch table.

“Nah, I think they snuck off to the washroom to eat each other out again,” I replied, rolling my eyes.

He joined me in laughter. “Wow,” he said. “That sounds like them.”

“They sent me a couple of pictures if you wanted to see,” I quickly and obediently added.

“I’m good! I don’t need to see!” he replied respectfully, then pointed at me. “You were trying to get me, weren’t you?”

I giggled vapidly. “I was testing you!” I squealed. “You’re such a boy, Cam, I’m going to get you someday.”

“Someday!” he laughed. “By the way, did you happen to take notes during yesterday’s lecture? I missed that one.”

I gave him a weird look. “Uh, duh, no,” I replied, weirded out. “But I think I brought my textbook today if that’ll help.”

“It might, sure,” he agreed, and I brought out my bag and opened it. Any important books or any of that other silly stuff was hidden behind my dildo collection.

Cam took the opportunity to go through them. “Wow, you finally got the ten-inch one, huh?” he chuckled.

I nodded. “And I can almost take all of it down my throat,” I proudly added, like a good girl.

“That’s really impressive,” he said casually. “Oh, here we go.” He pulled out the book and studied it a bit. “Do you use it much these days?”

I laughed. “Nah, I can’t understand half the stuff written in there,” I giggled. “Honestly, like, if you want it you can have it.”

He gave me a serious look. His dreamy eyes pierced mine. I shuddered. “Seriously?” he asked. “Because, you know, I never actually bought one. This would save me a lot.”

“Yeah, take it!” I replied. “If it’ll make you happy. I think I like making you happy.” Not knowing why, I spread my legs a little more.

He stared at them, then his eyes flickered back up to mine. “Wow,” he murmured. “I think you’re ready.”


“Oh, hey!” he said to me as if he didn’t just say something. I guess I misheard. “Maddie and Heather and I were thinking of getting together and watching a movie this weekend. Did you maybe want to come along?”

“What?” My face scrunched up. That didn’t make sense. Not only did Maddie and Heather tell me everything, but also, I was reasonably sure Maddie had other plans this weekend. As in, ‘in another city for the whole weekend’ kind of plans.

“I never heard anything about that. Are you sure it’s this weekend?”

Cam donned his sexy grin and looked at me knowingly. “Jacq…” he replied in a sing-song voice. “You’re being dumb!”

I meant to giggle in response, but all that came out was a moan. “Yeah, I guess,” I feebly replied.

“So, did you want to come with us? I bet you do,” he pressed.

“Yeah, I do, I really do.”

“Cool!” he beamed. “My place, Saturday, 2pm?”

“I’ve never been to your place before!” I gasped. “You’re not gonna try to, like, do anything, right?”

“Jacq,” he replied simply in a condescending voice, his smile only making me wetter. “Do you really think I would? We both know you’ve got me right where you want me. I can’t do a thing.”

I giggled. I was such an idiot. “You’re riiiight,” I sang. “Okay, sounds good!”

“Perfect,” he replied with a grin. I bit my bottom lip just seeing the look in his eyes.


Both Maddie and Heather were already there by the time I got to Cam’s place. I guess they were told to come earlier, or maybe they were just too stupid to remember the exact time. Either or. I squealed when I saw them, and went in for a hug, which quickly evolved into me making out with both of them for several minutes each. Cam was such a gracious host – he just stood and watched us, a smile on his face.

As soon as I was finished greeting the other two, Cam approached me and gave me the same treatment, kissing me on the lips and shoving me against the wall in one swift motion. Finally, he was kissing me. He was so confident too, shoving his tongue in my mouth and roaming his hands all over my body. I was in heaven. I wanted this for so long. Every girl would want this, even a dumb girl like me.

When he finished kissing me, my eyes fluttered open to see Heather and Maddie shamelessly masturbating to the scene like they couldn’t help it. Like me, they had no panties on underneath their skirts. Even their stockings matched. How cute. Cam’s eyes were fixed on mine, and he smiled as he snapped his fingers.

At once, both Maddie and Heather stopped masturbating and their hands instantly fell to their sides. Their eyes were glossed over, their faces plain with no emotion. “You have your orders,” Cam growled, the first thing he said since I got there. “Do what I told you to do.”

At once, the two girls nearly tackled me and nearly dragged me to his room. There was nothing but a queen’s size mattress in it, with nothing else there, apart from us of course. I giggled, not getting what was going on but knowing it was because I was too dumb to understand.

The girls brought me down to the mattress. I was lying down on it with both girls each holding down a shoulder as if I wanted to leave or something. Slowly, Cam entered the room and started to slowly disrobe. He snapped his fingers and commanded, “Eat her out. Get her ready for me.”

One thing I liked so much about Cam was that he understood the world. He understood that a guy never ate out a girl, that was gross. That was a thing for girls to do. I was glad to see that Heather snapped to action – no shade on Maddie, but Heather was so much better at it. From the moment her tongue touched my clit and her fingers plunged inside me, my vision blurred and my eyes refocused for so long that I almost missed the moment Cam whipped his dick out.

He was bigger than most of the boys I blew, but smaller than my professor. The perfect size. I licked my lips watching it come into view before Maddie obscured my view by sitting on my face. Maddie was so silly, she was always doing this. Just a couple weekends ago she invited me over to hang out with her and one of her childhood friends, and the night ended with her sitting on her friend’s face screaming about how she should have done this years ago, with me masturbating watching her. Her friend was unsure at first, and needed a little convincing, but ended the night becoming a slut like us. Girls were so silly sometimes.

Maddie was brought to a screaming orgasm on my well-experienced tongue, just as Heather made me writhe several times while still pleasing Maddie. I heard Cam snap his fingers again, and with rapid speed, the girls assumed a new position, each one grabbing one of my legs and opening it up, holding me in position so Cam could take me.

As if I needed to be held down. These girls were so stupid, even more stupid than they usually were. It’s like they didn’t know me at all. Of course I was willing to submit to Cam, and even if I wasn’t eager, I was going to be a good girl and do it anyways. That was my role. That was my purpose.

Cam lined himself up with me and pushed slowly. I felt every inch of him sink inside me and I moaned my ecstasy to the heavens. This was it. My first time getting fucked by a boy. I was so glad it was Cam doing it. Cam was the perfect man to do it. He deserved me. He deserved my pussy.

He leaned in, sighing, enjoying the spectacle of fucking his dumb slut while her two best friends helped him do it. I almost wished I wanted it less so they could force me like Maddie did with her friend, that would have been hot. He turned his mouth to my ear. “You were particularly difficult to break,” he let me know in a single breath.

I didn’t get what he was talking about, but sometimes that just happened, I just went with it. The important thing was, I won. I got Cam Miracle to fuck me, my goal all along. I was so happy. He didn’t speak any more, and just continued to pick up speed. I was all too honored to be his personal fuck toy for the evening, especially with two other sexy sluts right there. They moaned as well with each thrust of his, with one hand prying open my legs for him, the other on their own pussies, pleasuring themselves at the sight of their sluttiest friend finally getting some dick.

Cam continued his assault on my pussy, eventually shooing the girls away and flipping me over, taking me from behind. I thought I was going to love missionary the most, but to my surprise, I loved doggystyle even more. It was so perfect, and Cam’s dick was so perfect for me. He would be the only boy that would ever get to fuck my pussy. Sure, my mouth was public property, but my pussy was his and his alone. I knew my place.

I looked behind me to see Heather taking pictures and Maddie taking a video with their phones, and I stuck my tongue out at the both of them, giggling as he filled me. I hoped they would send me copies of whatever they took with their phones. I had a lot of contacts on my phone – family friends, boys from high school, even an old babysitter. I was so stupid; I never sucked any of their dicks. Well, maybe sending them the whole video would, hopefully, re-spark their interest in me. I remembered so many high school boys drooling over me, and me pretending to be a prude that never took any interest in them. I’d need to correct the record as soon as possible.

Cam groaned and grabbed my hair as he slammed his hips against mine, his beautiful penis plundering my insides. It felt so good to have him pull my hair. I felt so receptive, so submissive. The proper place to be. I’d do anything for this man. Any good girl would feel that way. It took a long time for me to learn that, but that’s what college was for, getting my education.

I mewed in pleasure, enjoying my role as Cam’s personal fuck-hole. That’s all I was, that’s all I needed to be. Girls were lying when they pretended to be anything more; this was what we were here for. Cam grabbed my hips with his wonderful hands and pounded me with the force of a hurricane, and I realized only then that he was going to cum inside me.

I felt so perfect when I felt Cam’s spunk enter me. It filled me and splashed my insides and made me feel whole, more whole than I had ever felt. I was no doubt hooked. Every girl deserved to feel this way. Every girl in college needed Cam’s cock. It was a crime so few girls were used by him.

Maddie and Heather ditzily cheered like the whores they were as they wrapped up their phone shenanigans. Cam roughly threw me onto the mattress as soon as he was out of me, and I hit the wall on my way down. I didn’t complain, of course; it was not my place.

Immediately, Heather and Maddie diligently flipped me over and took turns eating the cum out of me, occasionally making out with it still in their mouths, getting it all over their shirts. Once I had my strength back, I definitely would be sucking the cum back out of those shirts. Having him cum inside me was great, but I also needed to eat Cam’s jizz. I needed to.

Once the stars cleared from my vision, I reflected on what I came to know as the happiest day of my life. There was no doubt about it, I had to share this with the world. That meant uploading the video Maddie took of me somewhere and making sure girls from school saw it, but also finding and seducing girls from the school and bringing them to Cam.

Of course, I thought with a giggle, I was already doing that for my own pleasure, so I already knew a few girls that wouldn’t need too much convincing. After all, people at school knew me. Boys knew I was one catcall away from sucking their dicks. Girls too scared to admit they wanted to be made into sluts knew to approach me. Professors knew to immediately shut the door if I ever visited them during office hours. But they only got to use my mouth (and eat my pussy if they were girls). Cam had exclusive rights to fucking me. He owned me. And I had a lot of work ahead of me.


Author’s Note: Thank you for taking the time to read this story. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m still kind of new to this genre, and I hope I did it justice.

These stories were made possible in part by the generous donors at patreon, dot com, slash BashfulScribe. If you’d like to support my work, get some cool perks, and help these stories come out faster, please consider supporting my work. Once again, thank you all for reading! Votes and comments, in any direction, are enjoyed and appreciated.

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