A New Kind of Education

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Jake had been eyeing her all semester long — the girl who always sat at the front of the class, eager to answer the professor’s questions about literary allusions, metaphors and all of that other stuff that flew right over his head. If there was one good thing that came out of this boring, mind-numbing class, Jake thought, it was that he got to stare at her as she hunched over her notes, playing with her hair and biting her nails in concentration. How anyone could find this stuff interesting was completely beyond him!

There was something about Melody that had fascinated him since the first time he saw her back in January of his junior year of college. On the first day of class, Jake watched as she moved modestly through the crowd to find a seat, certain not to attract anyone’s attention. On the contrary, Melody’s timid nature definitely attracted Jake’s gaze. He couldn’t believe someone so beautiful could want to hide from the world.

In the beginning, Jake noticed that every day Melody would have her sleek auburn hair pulled back, clipped away from her face except for a few strands that always seemed to escape and fall across her face, framing her deep blue eyes. Jake always thought that her red hair paired perfectly with her pale, milky skin and the dark orange freckles that ran across her nose. Melody’s figure was curvy, but petite, and he loved to study the silhouette of her waist as she leaned forward in her chair.

Before this class, Jake had never noticed Melody, and he had been at this university for three years already! He assumed she was a freshman, sophomore at the eldest. It simply amazed him how a girl so beautiful could be so shy.

Then one day everything changed. Jake got to class early, as usual, so that he could watch Melody walk in and take her seat. After walking in the door, Melody paused to talk with the professor, giving Jake an opportunity to take in her presence once again. Jake dragged his eyes down her body, reaching Melody’s center. And to his surprise, Jake noticed that Melody’s usually formless sweater now fit snuggly on her body, pulled tight across her skin revealing a small, rounded belly and breasts that actually filled out her shirt. If Jake didn’t know better, he would say that Melody was pregnant. But with a girl like Melody, he just couldn’t believe it!

Yet Jake couldn’t get the idea out of his mind. This girl — so seemingly innocent — is pregnant? Of course, it wasn’t impossible, but her demeanor always seemed so naïve, so pure.

He tried to push the thought out of his head, but as the semester wore on, Jake could actually see her belly grow and swell, pressing against her clothes more and more each day. There was no denying it. This pure, young woman actually was pregnant! From that day on, Jake’s attraction became obsession as Melody’s pregnant form made his body tense every time she stepped into the classroom. He loved to watch her waist line swell, day by day.

Melody never thought anyone would notice this early on, but as her belly grew she saw Jake staring at her every day as she walked into class. She could feel herself blush as she tried to quickly take her seat. While she never talked to that many people in her class, she was sure that she’d have to explain her pregnancy eventually, and it seemed as if it would have to be sooner rather than later. She still had 3 months to go before the baby was born, and her 6-month-pregnant belly stood out much more on her slim body than she had expected it to. Melody had hoped to make it to the end of the semester without anyone noticing her belly, but with two months to go, the chances that it would go un-ignored were looking pretty bad.

Close to the last few weeks of school, Jake watched Melody as she packed her things and started to leave the classroom one Friday morning. Quickly grabbing his things and rushing out the door, he caught up with her, grabbing her shoulder from behind to stop her from heading into the library before he could talk to her. The minute she stopped, Jake couldn’t believe what he had done; his mind went blank — he though he had worked up the courage to finally talk to her, but maybe he was wrong!

Finally, after staring blankly at Melody for a few drawn-out seconds, he found his voice: “Uhh…Melody. I need your help.” Her eyes looked confused, before he continued. “I mean,” Jake stumbled, “I’m barely passing Professor Meyer’s class and I know you’re good with books and everything. I was hoping you’d help me out a bit before the final next week?”

“Sure, I think I can do that. Just let me know when…” She trailed off as she walked away, uncomfortable talking to the guy who had been staring at her all semester.

Jake ran to catch up with her again. “How about now? You don’t have plans on a Friday night, do you?”

“Well, no. But don’t you?”

“None that don’t include me passing this semester and hopefully graduating!”

“I guess if it’s that important. Sure, I’ll meet you in the library canlı bahis after dinner?” Jake paused, “The library? Ohh, I could never concentrate in some place so stuffy. Meet me in my dorm room in Brighton Hall?”

“I guess that’d be fine. I’ll be sure to bring my notes.” Melody tried to get away, opening the doors of the library, but giving Jake one last glance before she disappeared into the building. “I’ll see you tonight!”

Jake was pacing in his dorm room. All afternoon he had been nervous. Should he try something with Melody? What about whoever got her pregnant? Was she still with the father? When he heard her knock at the door, all of those questions left his mind. They didn’t matter anymore.

Reaching quickly for the door knob, Jake anxiously opened the door. He smiled and moved aside so that Melody could step into the room. “Hi, I’m glad you could make it, Melody! You have no idea how much help I need.”

“Well, I hope that I can help. I’m not that great of a teacher, but I guess there’s no better time to learn.”

“You’re right. There’s a first time for everything, I guess,” Jake said as he watched Melody blush. “I don’t really have a desk area to study on. Want to have a seat on the bed?” He motioned for Melody to sit and watched as she slid onto the bed, her back against the wall, legs crossed at the ankles and her ever-growing belly resting softly on her thighs.

“You sure this is alright?” Jake asked, gesturing to his sitting next to her. “I don’t want anyone walking in and getting the wrong idea.”

“Well, don’t worry, I don’t have a ‘knight in shining armor’ waiting outside the door to defend my honor,” Melody chuckled at her own literary joke as Jake gave her an odd look.

“So your boyfriend must be from home, not from the university?” Jake pried.

“No, not at university. Not at home either.”

“Then how…” Jake trailed off, afraid to ask the question as he stared at her belly.

Smiling and blushing, Melody stumbled on her words: “I thought I’d have to explain eventually.” Before she continued, Melody paused and rested her hands softly on the crest of her belly. “The baby isn’t mine…”

Jake stared at her. What could she mean? What screw was loose in her head?

Melody shyly started again: “When I turned 18, my parents stopped paying for school. Well, they stopped paying for everything, actually. They cut me off. I got through last year just fine using some money I had saved up, but I couldn’t pay for tuition this fall.” Looking at her, Jake could see that she was getting worked up and nervous.

She paused and looked up at Jake. “Did you know they pay surrogate mothers $40,000 to have some other people’s baby? I mean, I had to pay for tuition and it seemed so easy!”

Jake stared at her, reaching his hand out bravely and setting it on her belly. “I think that’s amazing, actually.” When he first touched her, she shied away, but didn’t ask him to move his hand. Before he knew it, his thumb was rubbing gentle circles over her taut skin. With his hand still on her tummy, he abruptly asked, “So, did you have to sleep with the guy to get knocked up?”

Immediately he was ashamed at how he asked the question, but he wanted to know! Surprisingly, Melody was forward with the answer and simply said, “No, not at all! Actually…I…umm…I’ve never done anything like that before…”

Jake’s fingers stopped their movement on her belly, “You mean…you’re a virgin?”

Melody started to pull away and got up off the bed, “I knew it! Why would anyone believe that?!? I swear I’m not making this up…”

Jake grabbed her hand before she made her way to the door. “No, I believe you. It, well, I guess it took me by surprise.” He guided her back to the bed and motioned for her to sit down. Jake sat down slightly in front of Melody so that he could see her eyes.

They sat in awkward stillness for a minute or two before Jake broke the silence: “So you must be scared, huh?” He didn’t know why he asked, but he just felt like it was on Melody’s mind.

Melody’s eyes brightened slightly, happy that someone actually cared. “I guess I hadn’t thought about it. Usually girls my age are worried about how they’ll care for their baby and if it’s too early in their lives. But I don’t have to worry about that, do I?”

Jake moved closer to her, putting his hand on her shoulder, showing silent support. He suddenly couldn’t help himself and leaned forward, kissing her temple softly at the hairline, placing his hand once again on her tight, swollen belly. After a second he pulled back, “I’m sorry. I know I must seem so rude…”

“No. I liked it,” and as she said this, Melody actually made the move to take Jake’s lips in her own. Leaning forward, Jake wrapped his hand in Melody’s hair as they kissed deeply. They moved closer to each other, Jake’s hand traveled up the side of Melody’s belly and then to the bottom of her chest, caressing the swell of her breast. He could sense bahis siteleri her take in a sharp breath. Jake rested his hand just below her bra line, giving Melody a chance to stop him, before sliding it further up and feeling the weight of her breasts. As Jake’s hand wandered over her curves, Melody moaned into his kiss, slowly sliding down to lie on the bed.

Jake followed suit and laid himself next to Melody. He couldn’t believe he was finally with her. After a semester of studying her in class, he was finally touching her, feeling her, experiencing her. Jake could feel his cock getting hard as he pressed himself against Melody’s side.

Trying to take his mind off of his hard-on, he pulled back. Looking at her, Jake asked, “Melody? Can I?” as his finger hooked the edge of her shirt, gently raising it to reveal less than an inch of the tight skin of her swollen pregnant belly. Seeing Melody nod, Jake pushed the top up to the edge of her bra, leaning over and gently brushing his lips against her belly, beginning to kiss his way up. Reaching the edge of her shirt once again, Jake looked to Melody, and then pulled the shirt over her chest then up and over her head, leaving her lying in her bra and skirt.

Taking a moment to make sure Melody was alright, Jake pulled away. Immediately, Melody began to blush, smiling a little, “Are we really doing this?”

“Only if you want to.”

“You have no idea…” Melody murmured before saying something unintelligible about hormones and urges. All of a sudden Melody was very conscious of her semi-undressed state. Taking advantage of her sudden confidence, Melody sat up and reached for the hem of Jake’s shirt, pulling it forcefully over his head. She placed her hand on his shoulders, feeling his skin, and then let her hands glide down his chest as she leaned in the kiss him once again.

With her hand still on his chest, Jake’s lips left the sanctuary of Melody’s kiss and traveled down the smooth slope of her neck, reaching her collar bone, and finally the crest of her swollen breasts. His deft, but shaking, fingers made their way to the clasp of Melody’s bra, struggling at first, but succeeding in unlatching it.

Melody’s intake of breath was audible as Jake’s tongue descended on her tightening, perk nipples. Her back arched in pleasure, pressing her belly against Jake’s prone body. Emboldened by the brilliant feeling coursing through her body, Melody trailed her fingers down Jake’s chest until she felt her reward; the warmth from Jake’s stiff cock invited Melody to stroke its length, feeling him twitch under the cover of way too much clothing. Afraid that her courage would leave her, Melody quickly unfastened Jake’s belt, slid down the zipper of his pants, and then eased his jeans over his slim hips. Jake gratefully kicked his pants and boxers off as Melody sat up on the bed.

Jake smiled at Melody stared in awe and horror at the hardening shaft in front of her. He was the largest she had ever seen, though not surprisingly since her experience was limited, at about eight inches and as wide as her delicate wrist. Melody’s hand reached forward, as if of its own volition, and encircled Jake’s cock. It was her turn to smile as she heard Jake’s sharp intake of breath. “Is this right?” she asked, shyly.

“More than right,” replied Jake as he lay back, allowing Melody to explore her new toy. She permitted her hand to slide up and down his length, feeling the skin slide under her fingers. A few tentative brushes were made across the swelling head of Jakes cock as Melody’s explorations became more emboldened.

Melody glanced at Jake and then tentatively started to lean her head forward. Her tongue darted out, tasting his tip. She was about to slide her lips down his length when Jake put a hand on Melody’s shoulder, “No, not today. That can wait for later. Today is for you.” Jake pushed her back onto the bed and removed the rest of her clothing, skirt and panties sliding to the floor.

Bringing himself to lay parallel with Melody, Jake kissed her passionately as his hand trailed upwards on her thigh. Feeling his light touch, Melody moaned and instinctively spread her legs. Jake’s hand accepted the invitation and found her center, fingers smoothly running against her lips, feeling her wetness, her eagerness.

Melody moaned into Jake’s kiss as his fingers alternated between stroking her wet slit and rubbing her swelling clit. Melody’s back arched as Jake started to slowly slide one finger inside her, up to the second knuckle.

“Melody, you are absolutely gorgeous,” Jake announced before he thrust the remaining length of his finger into her and allowing his tongue to descend onto a nipple once more. In his mind, Jake could not stop thinking about how tight she was and how good she would feel to him. Sucking harder now, Jake could feel Melody’s body softly trembling. His finger started to move in and out, his thumb rubbing against her clit.

Though Melody was not saying much, bahis şirketleri her breathing became quicker and deeper, as if she was gasping for air, while Jake continued his ministrations. Just when Jake sensed that she was about to cum, he slid his body down and let his tongue take over where his thumb left off. Exactly as he thought, Melody started to moan and shake; Jake felt her pussy tighten around his finger as she thrust her hips forward. He took advantage of this and slid a second finger inside her quivering center, stretching her, and was rewarded with a deep moan of pleasure as Melody continued to cum. Her hips rocking, Jake continued to gently lick her swollen clit as she descended from her orgasm.

Moving back up on the bed, Melody rolled over and hugged him tight, kissing him and tasting herself on his tongue. Jake’s arms held her tight, one hand finding the swell of her belly and stroking the smooth, tight skin there.

Melody lifted her head and gazed into Jake’s eyes, “I don’t want to seem too forward,” at this Jake smiled, “but, would you show me? I mean, would you show me how babies should be made?”

Jake laughed and kissed her once again, “Melody, I would be honored,” and his hands went to either side of her belly, rolling her over so that she was straddling him. With her pregnant belly pressing against his abs, Melody could feel his pulsing cock against her wet, dripping center.

Melody lifted herself onto her knees and reached down between her legs, taking Jake’s cock into her hands and stroking it, rubbing the head up and down her slit, making her body jerk every time she ran it against her clit.

“Guide me, please?” Melody asked as she placed him against her entrance. She leaned forward and felt him spread her lips, stretching her opening. Jake placed his hands on her lovely, wide hips and followed her lead.

Melody began to push down, feeling his thick cock spreading her. Jake’s hands soothingly rubber her hips and belly as she started to take him. Inch by inch Melody lowered herself onto Jake’s hard, stiff cock.

“Ohh Jake…are you sure I can take you all?” Melody reached down, panting, to find that there were still a long four inches left outside of her.

“I don’t think I’ve broken through your…cherry…yet, “Jake said, uncomfortable using such juvenile language. “Let yourself get used to me, take it slowly”

“I’m tired of taking things slowly. I’ve taken things slowly my whole life!” And with this, Melody leaned forward, her hands on either side of Jake’s chest, and pushed with all her strength down onto his cock. “Ahhhh!” she screamed as she felt herself tear, but also as she felt herself give away to pleasure. Leaning forward, panting and moaning, she rested with her belly and breast pressed against Jake until the pain subsided.

Sitting up, Jakes hands brushing against her breasts, teasing her nipples, Melody started to rock against his now enveloped shaft, rubbing her clit against Jakes pelvis. Slowly, she began to rock her hips harder, lifting herself up and down on his throbbing cock.

“Ohhh, Melody, so good…please, keep going,” Jake almost begged as he leaned forward and took one of Melody’s swollen, pink nipples into his mouth.

Encouraged, Melody began to moan and move harder, faster, on Jake’s cock, feeling herself lift halfway off before sliding back down. Her movements became more and easier as she felt herself dripping like she never had before.

“Mmmmm…Jake,” was all Melody could manage to say as she felt her body respond to his. Her body was becoming limp and her motions slower, and Jake noticed this as she began to be lost in the pleasure.

Jakes hands reached out and still her hips. He reluctantly guided Melody off of his swollen cock and told her to move onto all fours on the bed. She did as she was told and Jake moved to his knees behind her. Again, he teased her slit with his cock, just as she had rubbed him against herself minutes before.

“Please, tell me if it’s too much,” Jake said just before pushing himself into her wet center once again. He was welcomed with a quick thrust back from Melody. They started to move with a slow, but eager rhythm. Jake’s hands found Melody’s belly once again and he marveled at how just moments ago this young, pregnant woman had been a virgin. He had a feeling, as she thrust back and forth to meet his own drives, that she would be no stranger to pleasure from this point forward.

Jake could feel himself start to reach his peek so he lowered one hand to find Melody’s clit, the other travelled up to stroke her swaying breasts. Leaning forward he whispered, “I want you to cum with me,” and he could have sworn he felt a slight pressure move against the hand that was gently stroking her swollen belly.

A moan and a faint “Uhh huh,” was the only response he received. Both Jake and Melody’s movements became frantic. He could feel Melody begin to shake and quiver, “Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, almost there…”

Jake continued to move, faster, eager, wanting to feel Melody come with him, “Please, please fuck me harder!” Melody screamed, and just hearing this shy, demure girl reduced to such language sent Jake over the edge.”

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