A No Pants Trucking Adventure

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


It was a Friday night and I was in a neighborhood bar, knocking back a Jack Daniels and water after a long hot week in late June. I was working for a local contractor as a carpenter. My dad had closed his company the year before but I was continuing to work toward my goal of becoming a General Contractor. Sitting at the bar, some ladies might describe me as ruggedly handsome in my Tony Lama cowboy boots, faded Levi boot cut jeans that looked sprayed on, and an equally faded blue chambray shirt, the top three buttons unbuttoned.

“Hey Studly, will you buy me a drink?” Turning around, I see a very attractive blonde with straight hair to her waist, looking at me with big blue eyes. Not an unusual request on a Friday night. Standing, I offered her a seat and asked the barmaid to bring her a drink while we struck up a conversation. We talked and laughed a lot as the liquor took hold. Around 1am, she asked me if I would mind taking her home because she didn’t feel good about driving, saying I had gotten her too drunk to drive.

I was 10 feet tall and bullet proof of course so I told her I’d be happy to drive her home. She told me that her parent’s home was north of town on a big lake. After a quick trip to the restrooms, we held each other up as we crossed the parking lot to my truck. After much laughing and falling down, we got saddled up and ready to ride. From past experience, I knew that the cops would be waiting for drunks to come out of the bars a little after 2 am and I knew where they would normally hang out.

I had an escape route that took us through a large warehouse complex then out on a little used side street, dodging any run in with them and staying away from any major traffic issues. Using back streets and alleys, I get us close to her parent’s without incident. Laughing, she gave me all kinds of garbled instructions as to where her house was exactly but eventually, we got there unscathed.

As we rode, I learned in conversation that her mom and dad spent most of the summer at their place near Panama City on the beach so she had the house to herself, or so she led me to believe.

During the ride, she slid across the seat of my truck, sitting closer to me. “I’m dying to ask you this, but may I feel your chest?” Then as now, with the top three buttons unbuttoned, it’s a request I’ve had many times. Before I could answer, her soft fingertips were already slipping inside my open shirt, running her small hands through the hair on my barrel chest, taking a long minute to feel my nipples with the palm of her hand, pulling them gently, making yummy sounds as she felt my hard pecs. She had not noticed that a hardness was taking shape in my pants also.

Accepting her invitation to come in and continue the party, she turned on some music and we sat on the couch in the living room, talking as she rolled us a smoke. Having lots of fun getting to know each other, she excused herself and told me where the guest bathroom was. When she returned, she’d gotten more comfortable, much to my delight. Wearing a pair of loose gym shorts and a thin top that left little to the imagination. Her perfectly shaped breasts were more toward smaller than bigger, capped by large, dark pink puffy areola, her thick nipples erect, begging me to suck them.

I prefer smaller breasts so I could scarcely contain myself as the bulge in my pants clearly became obvious. Standing in front of me, she asked if I would like to get more comfortable too. When I stood, my 6′ 4″ 230 pound frame towered over her small personage. The smile on her face widened as she unbuttoned the remaining buttons on my shirt. “I’ve been wanting to play on your chest all night!” She chirped playfully, pushing me down on the couch and climbing on my lap, facing me, putting her delicious little b-cup boobs jiggling right in my face. Sliding back on my lap, she was ready to begin her inspection of my chest. Running her fingers through my thick mane, she kissed me, touching my face with hers.

I truly love to kiss and when our lips met, a small electrical charge passed between us. The sparks flew, generating body heat from us both, causing us to sweat. Playing with my nipples as we kissed , the passion built between us and I pulled her top off over her head, freeing her thick, eraser-hard nipples so they brushed my chest hair, eliciting a low moan from her. The bulge in my Levi’s could no longer be contained as she squirmed on my lap.

I could feel her mons pressing against my hardness as we melted together. She pulled my head to her breasts , directing one of her swollen nipples to my waiting lips. I met it with my talented tongue, slowly circling her puffy areola, passing over her erect nipple. Taking her breast in my mouth, savoring her flavor, I inhaled the fragrance of her skin, sucking her nipple lightly.

She tensed slightly as I put a little more suction on, elongating her nipple, causing more low moans to escape from her. I licked and sucked her breasts as she rocked slowly back and forth, grinding kurtköy bayan escortlar her heat on my erection. We continued to kiss and touch each other as I put my hands on her hips, working her loose fitting gym shorts down. “Let me up for a second please.” Whispering to me , she stood, smiling as she slid her shorts down very slowly, giving me plenty of time to enjoy her impromptu strip tease. Giving her shorts a fling left her standing there in a tiny thong.

Turning away from me, she showed me one of the finest round asses I’d ever seen, allowing me to absorb all she was showing me. Her thumbs hooked under the waistband, she rocked her hips from side to side, assisting in the removal of her thong. Letting them drop to the floor, she bent over to pick them up giving me a beautiful view of her ass. “Like what you see?” Somehow I stammered out a yes, unable to take my eyes off her spectacular body. “It’s your turn now Studly!” Pulling me up off the couch, she took a seat, ready to watch me strip for her pleasure as she sat there naked as the day she was born.

Kicking off my boots and socks, I unfastened my belt unable to conceal my swollen erection any longer. Dropping my Levi’s to the floor and stepping out of them, I faced her with a definite point to my tighty-whitey’s. “Oh my! Well, it does appear that you are having a wonderful time, hahahaha!” I turned red knowing full well that she was going to see my hard cock one way or the other. Dropping my underwear to the floor, my thick cock stood straight out. Without words, she put her hands on my hips, drawing me closer to her, licking her full lips.

Taking my cock in one hand, she checked it out in great detail. Taking my balls in her other hand, she massaged them gently, bringing my purple head to her waiting lips. Circling the head with her exquisitely soft tongue her lips felt like silk on my velvety head. Taking small portions of it in her petite mouth, she worked it with skill and devotion to get what she wanted from me. “It’s your turn again!” Playfully slapping my hard cock away from her mouth, she stood to have me sit again. Putting one foot on the seat of the couch, she held on to me for stability, running her fingers through my thick hair. Drawing herself close to me, she put her vulva in my face. It was perfectly smooth without a wisp of pubic hair.

For a man like me that prides himself on his ability to perform oral sex on women, it was like dream come true! Her outer lips were thick and full, disappearing down somewhere near her ass. Budding like a flower, her full inner lips tapered to her thick clitoris, unable to hide from my view. “Do you like me?”

“Yes, I do, very much!” Cupping her wonderfully round cheeks in my big rough hands, her firm ass giving me an excellent grip, I pulled her vulva to my face, desiring a taste of my new friend. Slowly, and with great touch, she ground her thick labia in my face , inviting me to enter her space with my talented tongue. Intending to enjoy that first touch of a woman’s lips to the tip of your tongue, the taste of her being and the knowledge that she trusts you enough to allow your face to be there to begin with, inviting thousands of tiny electrical impulses to pass between the two of you. Picking her up in my arms, I laid her on the sofa so she would be more comfortable as I enjoyed her most intimate charms.

Squealing with laughter as I spun her around, putting her where I wanted her, rolling her back with my broad shoulders between her legs, her heels resting on my back, I sucked her inner thighs, generating more stimulation for us both. Kneading her small, perfect breasts, her nipples respond with rigidity. She began to pant as I closed in on my prize, licking and sucking as I went, running my tongue over her full, pink lips and thick clitoris. Darting my tongue in and out of her wetness, we were lost in a lover’s embrace when I felt another pair of hands on my back.

It would be an understatement to say I was surprised, scarcely believing what I was feeling until Holly spoke, quite loudly. “Michelle! Why didn’t you tell me you were here?” Looking over my shoulder, I saw what appeared to be the mirror image of the girl that had invited me here. Both about 5′ 4″, straight blonde hair to the waist, about a 32 or 34 b cup I would guess, proportionally built to the athletic side, similar to a runner’s build but definitely not skinny. Michelle was naked also.

“I’ve been watching ya’ll for twenty minutes and I just can’t take it anymore. Not wanting to break the mood, I decided to just join in!” As Holly introduced us, I gave her that questioning look.

“I was getting around to tell you about Michelle but we were having so much fun it kind of slipped my mind.” It did not bother me, I always figured the more the merrier! Michelle made the comment that the two of them do everything together most of the time and they both laughed!

“Are you up for this?” Holly asking me this was like asking a fat kid if he wanted more chocolate chip pancakes!

“I’m fine with it”

“You’ll kurtköy escort have to wait your turn Michelle!” Holly grabbed my head, pulling me down between her open legs. “Back to work mister!”

Settling back into the focus of what I’d been doing before being so pleasantly interrupted, I could feel Michelle’s hands travelling over my body, not missing a spot. As she moved around me, I felt her hand on my hard rod and she began stroking it. Michelle was a little more direct than Holly but who was I to complain, especially when I felt her soft tongue on the tip of my cock. After sucking my cock for a little while, she moved onto the couch with Holly. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see they were kissing deeply, touching each other. Clearly, Holly and Michelle did many things together.

With no judgment on my part, I continued to enjoy Holly’s shrine, her creaminess excellent. In time, I began hearing the sounds of a woman on the throes of orgasm filling the room. It sounded as if it was going to be a very good orgasm at that. Holly went limp, rolling over on her side, quivering, a finger or two in her mouth as she panted slowly.

All the days of physically demanding work in extreme conditions were about to pay off. With these two, I was going to need all the strength and stamina I could gather. Finding my drink, I took a long pull. Michelle came up behind me, wrapped her lovely body around mine, pressing her tits against my back , taking my erection in her hand. She stroked me slowly, stretching my length in her hand. “Are you going to fuck me with this?”

“Yes I am, right after I lick your pussy!” Holly watched and giggled as I picked Michelle up, putting her on the couch with her.

“Holly, you found a really strong one here!” Meeting her eyes, Michelle made half smile , half smirk at me. Our eyes fixed together, I could see it in her face. This was going to be hot. Tickling her, I put her on her knees, her firm round ass up in the air. Popping her round bottom a couple times, then kneading her firm cheeks, i slipped my hand between her legs, pushing against her wet pussy lips.

“Spank me some more Daddy!” Michelle moaned. Obliging her, I popped her ass hard enough to leave a little red mark. I took my time with Michelle, running my tongue slowly up and down each side of the cheeks of her ass, teasing her, making her squirm and wiggle her ass, my tongue moving closer to her smoothness. Holly was back in action, enjoying my hard cock as I licked her sister’s creamy pie. Wanting more, I flipped Michelle over, making an opening between her legs, hoisting her up on my chest, moving her sweet kitty right over my mouth so I could access her treasures.

Licking her fat lips and sucking on her rigid clitoris, I reached her tits, squeezing them lightly, tweaking her thick nipples, while I pushed my tongue inside her. She began to rock back and forth, fucking my face as I brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

At the same time, Holly was sucking my fat cock in long, deep passes. The feelings I was experiencing at that moment are impossible to put into words. Michelle was picking up the pace, rubbing her mons harder and harder on my face until I could feel her thighs flexing, tightening on my shoulders, signaling she was almost there. I gave her cheeks a good hard squeeze , pressing her swollen clitoris with the flat of my tongue in such a way that she screamed loudly, pouring out her hot cream on my face, writhing and bucking in the ecstasy of a deep, fulfilling orgasm. She collapsed on top of me at the same time Holly brought me to orgasm, filling her soft, wet mouth with my seed. The three of us lay there hugging and kissing, enjoying the glow.

“Let’s burn one more just for fun then we can shower and hit the hay!” Michelle offered.

“Sounds good to me!”

“Me too!”

Passing the smoke around a couple of times, the girls took me by the hands and gave me the grand tour of their spectacular home ending in the Master Suite, complete with a huge, walk-in shower. We walked into the expanse of the shower, Michelle and I making out while Holly tempered the water. Graciously, they wash me as I lean against the coolness of the wall tile, their hands moving over me like a gentleness machine. My hair was being washed as my body was being scrubbed. My chest, arms, my back, and down to my ass, my inner thighs and between my legs. “We want you to be particularly clean in this area!”

Both of them laughing like crazy young girls, they rub their soapy bodies on mine making a most wonderful bathing experience! Turning both of them to the tiled shower wall, I rinse them off with the hand shower, turning it to ‘pulsate’ I spray them off alternately. Focusing on their tight cheeks, letting the pulsations pound their asses for better circulation and sensitivity. Washing them both, I listen to their purrs of delight as I prepare a soapy wash cloth to make their soft skin tingle!

Washing Holly first, I declare that if she hadn’t asked me to buy her a drink, we wouldn’t be having near the fun we kurtköy escort bayanlar are now! Michelle readily agreed, giving me a long deep kiss, squeezing my flaccid cock. “I’m not done with this yet bud! Right after we wake up tomorrow!” We all broke out laughing loudly. Holly and I give Michelle a very gentle wash down with lots of kissing, turning a normal human process into a very erotic and loving act that evolves into a “I wash you, you wash me” moment.

It was around 3 pm Saturday afternoon when I came to, sprawled all over the super- king bed, the room looking like an explosion of sorts had taken place there. Leaving Holly and Michelle to sleep, I staggered to the kitchen in need of a hot cup of coffee to quiet the sounds of cannon fire in my head. I could hold my mud with the best of them and I knew I’d be fine if I could get a couple of cups of caffeine in me, I’d be ready to party again by midnight. Finding the coffee maker ready to go, I flipped the switch then realized I was sitting there in my birthday suit, thinking another long hot shower was in order.

Looking out the kitchen window toward the lake, I could see the pool and the cabana and made a mental note to check it out after I showered. I located a bathroom on the other side of the manse, showering there so as not to wake my friends from their respective dreams. When I finished cleaning up, I was craving a cigarette, nasty habit that it is. I wanted one worse than an elephant needs peanuts so I found a bathrobe and went to look for my truck, another cup of hot, black coffee in my hand. Their home was so secluded that I probably could have gotten by without the robe, electing instead to ere on the side of caution, not knowing who might be watching.

I found my old Dodge and sure enough there was two packs of Marlboro’s and a lighter, right on the dash where they should have been. Heading back inside, a fresh pack in my hand, I went in search of another cup of coffee and the pool. Out the kitchen door, I headed down the steps to the pool, found a comfortable looking chaise and turned it toward the lake. Throwing off my robe, I took a seat, enjoying my cigarette, my coffee, and the fantastic view.

An hour and a half later, Holly and Michelle appeared in sunglasses and flip-flops, sporting those kinds of tans that people that have pools can sport. Making their way down the steps, they came over to me with more hot, black coffee. “Good morning!” was followed by a kiss from each of them.

“Did you sleep well?” Reaching out, Holly took my hand, pulled me up from the chaise, headed to the pool.

“Come hold me close in the pool big boy, I’m too weak to stand on my own.”

Laughing, Michelle took my other hand. “Holly says you like to do wild stuff.”

“I can hold my own.”

Michelle comes right back.” Then take us to get her car and we’ll go just like we are and ride all over town!” Looking at each other, we broke out laughing again.

“I’m up for it if you guys are!”

“We’ll leave at midnight then, it sounds like a plan!” Michelle said.

The three of us spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out by the pool, getting to know each other better. The local radio station was playing and we danced to some slow movers when the mood struck us. Truly, it seemed that heaven was on earth. About 7, the munchies struck hard. Putting on just enough clothes to be passable, we jumped in my old truck and headed to the grocery for steaks and beer. I was beginning to see what was in store for me at some point in time.

Grilling our steaks and drinking beer around the pool till about 10, the joint decision was made to shower and take a nap, getting ready for a night’s fun. Showering together, we piled up in the big bed for a couple of hours of sleep. Sleep , of course, was far from the unspoken agenda. “Lay back, you big stud! I want that chest!” Holly, playfully pushing hard , couldn’t push me back until Michelle joined her. Helping her sister, the two of them bowled me over, climbing all over me, tickling me and rubbing their bodies all over me and each other.

Laughing, I picked at both of them, pulling their hair and nipples gently, spanking a cheek every time one was available within my reach. Playing like we’d been raised naked together, all the pieces of the puzzle were there and anyone could clearly see it. Giving way to more sensuous actions and movements, the playfulness stopped. Laying on my back with Holly on my right side, her bent knee across my abdomen, she moved it slowly and deliciously around my belly, crossing over my manhood repeatedly. Her movements caused her boobs to touch my side as she slowly rubbed herself on my muscled thigh. To this day, it’s one of the most sensuous feelings a woman can do to me whether she’s naked or clothed.

Sliding lower, Holly was bringing me to a full blown erection, making good on her promise to cause a wonderful disturbance in me with her sweet lips and warm mouth. Michelle was on my left side, her back to me. The feeling of her firm round ass being rubbed on my thigh was taking its toll on me. Finding my hand, she brought it to her steaminess giving me full access and waiting for my big fingers to take her on the ride that nothing else could take the place of. Licking my fingers and spreading them , sliding them down each side of her swollen lips, I licked them again for a delicious taste and fragrance of her excitement.

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