A Surprise Visit

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Laurie, my very own hot wife of twenty-five years, and I were sitting in the den watching TV when the doorbell rang. Laurie was pretty relaxed – she had changed after she got home from work and was relaxing in a loose blouse and long shorts. (Cold outside but warm in the house – she had asked me to start a fire shortly after she got home.)

I got up to answer the door and was surprised to see Brian and a short blonde girl standing there. I invited them in and Brian introduced me again (we had met previously a few months ago) to his girlfriend, Kathy. He explained that they’d had dinner and a few drinks at one of the restaurants near Pop’s. I took their coats, threw them across a chair in the living room and walked them back to the den. Brian just towered over the little blonde. It looked like her head barely came up to his chest. She had a button-up blouse on, the top three buttons undone, and a really short skirt that highlighted her very cute legs. While not really busty, Kathy has a 34B chest on top of a slim waist and flared hips.

We have a couch in the den that buts up against a love seat. Laurie was sitting at the end of the couch next to the matching smaller piece. Brian and Kathy sat down after Brian gave Laurie a quick kiss on the cheek to say hello. I poured more wine for Laurie and got a glass for Kathy. Brian drank a beer as he and I shared a skinny while we all did the small-talk thing. They have been going out for about a year and a half – no marriage plans, but she is planning on moving to the Chicago area after graduation and I think they are planning on living together.

A little more wine and everybody was losing the ‘first meeting’ jitters. Laurie seemed to be talking across Brian to Kathy. As Kathy relaxed with the wine, she sat further back into the cushions of the love seat. She drew a knee up slightly causing her skirt to ride high up her thigh. As I moved forward to hand the joint to Brian, I was treated to a glimpse of her white cotton panties. Way cute! When I moved back, I saw Laurie taking a peek as well. I do believe that Kathy had assumed that pose intentionally to be provocative

Laurie had taken Brian’s hand in hers, just holding it loosely as they talked. Laurie asked when the graduation was, said my mother was making all of us crazy as she had three college graduations to choose from this May. Kathy asked about the other two. Brian said his ‘1st favorite’ and ‘2nd favorite’ cousins were also graduating. Kathy asked who they were, and Brian threw us a giant curveball.

“You remember my 1st fave,” he said slowly, “I told you about her when I went to St. Louis a few weeks ago. Lisa…she goes to Washington University…remember?” Kathy asked if the school was close to St. Louis and if he had a chance to see her. His face got red in the way that only true redheads can. “Uhm…yeah…actually, it’s in a suburb right next to St. Louis…she came in to the city for dinner and stuff.”

Laurie turned to me and asked if I knew about it. I shook my head and looked at Brian. “No,” I said, “she never mentioned it to me.” Kathy then made the jump and said she remembered – Lisa was our daughter, wasn’t she? Then moving on, she asked about the other cousin. Brian told her that Richard (my nephew) was his Uncle James’s oldest son and he was finishing up at IU in Bloomington.

Kathy asked for more wine, so I refilled her glass and poured a little more for Laurie; then I lit another joint to share with Brian. After Kathy took a long pull of her wine, she took the joint out of Brian’s hand and took a drag herself. Within a few minutes, her eyes started to glaze over. She looked at Laurie’s hand resting on Brian’s knee, then looked directly at her. “So, Laurie,” her voice was a little husky, “is it true?”

Laurie smiled as she considered her reply. (She told me later she wanted to know how much Brian may have told her.) “Is what true, honey?” Laurie’s voice was a little deeper than normal as well. I looked at Brian – he had an ‘aw shucks’ look on his face. Gotta love that kid!

Kathy was blushing now; she was adorable…short, styled blonde hair framed around a blue-eyed cheerleader’s face. One more drag on the joint and ‘adorable’ changed to ‘very sexy’ right before my bloodshot, very stoned eyes.

“Well,” Kathy answered, her voice dropping again, “Brian told me a pretty hot story about…” At that point, Brian interrupted his girlfriend by leaning across the padded arms of the love seat and couch and kissing Laurie directly on her lips. As they continued, and Laurie started to moan softly, Kathy looked at me with a wicked little grin. “So I guess it is true, huh?”

Smiling, I held the joint out towards her and she got up off the love seat and walked around to where I was sitting on the couch. I gave it to her and watched her take a nice, long hit. As she held it in, her breasts started to push further out against her shirt, straining the buttons. “Of course,” sarıyer escort I said, “I don’t know what he told you…but I know my nephew…he may not tell the whole truth all the time, but he doesn’t lie.”

She exhaled and looked over at her boyfriend, actively french-kissing his aunt. Her glazed eyes returned to mine and she smiled her wicked little grin again. She took the joint out of my hand and as she brought it to her mouth, she hesitated. “Wanna shotgun, Uncle Steve?” Wow! Talk about a time warp! I hadn’t heard that word – in that context – for at least twenty years. Before I could say anything, she sat down across my knee, put the joint in her mouth backwards, and leaned in to blow the smoke into my mouth.

She blew gently, the smoke jetting out from between her young, plump lips as she moved her mouth next to mine. I inhaled deeply and then took the joint out of her mouth. I moved slowly towards her, her grin wider now. I tilted her face to mine and pressed my lips to hers. Kathy held her mouth open as I exhaled the smoke back into her. Her hand moved around the back of my neck as she inhaled, holding my mouth firmly against hers; then I felt her tongue dart across my lips. I thought about this new twist for oh, say about a nano-second before I decided to kiss her back. Then I decided to bestow the benefits of my fifty-odd years on this voluptuous child…and I kissed her the way the Thai and the Chinese whores taught a thirty year-old to kiss a long time ago. She liked it. A lot.

I thought I should push the proverbial envelope a bit and slid my fingertips inside the edge of her open shirt and caressed the top of her breast; when she moaned into my mouth, I let my fingers slide under her very flimsy bra. I found her hard nipple and rolled it between my fingers. She sucked my tongue half-way down her throat!

When I could finally disengage, my heart was pounding and my mouth was quite dry. I turned back towards Laurie to find Brian had unbuttoned her blouse and his fingertips were playing lightly over her breasts as they continued to kiss. I turned back to Kathy to find her entranced by the scene in front of her. Her breathing was as shallow as mine as she watched her boyfriend pleasuring his aunt.

I moved her off my knee and stood up. That stopped Brian and Laurie momentarily. I said I was going to get something to drink and put another log on the fire. Laurie suggested I put a couple of logs on and spread some pillows on the living room floor. As I walked out of the den, I heard Kathy ask, “So, Laurie…did, uhm…oh yeah…did Richard get the same ‘graduation present’ that you gave Brian?”

Laurie started to giggle and Brian laughed out loud, as did I walking to the kitchen. “Oh dear,” Laurie replied, “No…that side of the family…no, that could never happen, darling.”

Brian was silent for a moment; from the kitchen I heard him say, “Jesus, Aunt Bet…I mean Laurie…sorry…but could you even begin to imagine?” Then his laughter mixed with his aunt’s.

“Honey,” Laurie said to Kathy, “we’re really not being unkind. Richard is a tall, slim, good-looking boy…actually, quite good looking…but really, if you knew him…a very serious, very religious boy. I mean…I love him dearly and I would do anything he asked.”

Brian interrupted. “But, baby, it would never occur to him to ask. And if it did…Richard is definitely not the kind of guy who would do anything inappropriate.”

As I took a long drink of ice-water, I heard Kathy again. “Is this what you would call inappropriate?” Then I lost them as I walked into the living room and moved the burning logs and embers around before throwing more wood on the flames. I got some blankets and pillows and spread them, along with some cushions, in front of the fireplace. It was quite cozy and it got even better when I shut the lights, lit a few candles, and put some Brazilian jazz on the CD player.

I went upstairs to get a couple more joints and the bottle of massage oil. I refilled my ice-water and got another beer for my nephew and then put everything in the living room. I walked back to the den and picked up the bottle of wine and my lighter and told the girls to bring their glasses and follow me. Then I told Brian to come, too. He’s beautiful – just not always focused.

I refilled the wine glasses again and handed Brian the cold beer. Kathy and Laurie sat in front of the fireplace and remarked at the same time how good the fire felt…then giggled and smiled at each other. Kathy said Brian told her I’d taught him how to give a great massage, but he needed a refresher course as it had been a while. She suggested I use her to demonstrate as Brian copied my actions on Laurie. My mouth was dry again as I looked at Laurie for her reaction. She looked at her nephew (kneeling at her side with a huge grin on his face) and then at his girlfriend. Kathy’s expression esenyurt escort was definitely turning her on. Laurie looked back at me and nodded her head.

I asked Brian to move the furniture back so there was a nice large free space on the Oriental rug in front of the fireplace. Laurie took a couple of the blankets and spread them out and then grabbed a couple of pillows for herself and Kathy.

Kathy had taken her wine glass to the couch during the little flurry of activity. I brought the bottle over to pour her a little more. I sat down next to her and lit a joint. I smiled at the little hottie and asked her if she had any problem with an oil massage. She said that Brian had described it to her and she was really looking forward to it. I gave her the joint and as she drew in the smoke, I started to unbutton her shirt. She looked around to see Brian kneeling next to Laurie, sliding her blouse off her shoulders. Kathy and Laurie moaned together as boyfriend/nephew took one of his favorite aunt’s swollen nipples and sucked it into his mouth. I unfastened the last few buttons of Kathy’s shirt and pulled it open and off her shoulders. Her bra seemed to be made out of plain white cotton, with no support built in. Not that she needed any – she was truly, God forgive me, perky! As I unclasped the bra in the back, Kathy crossed her arms in front and peeled the straps down. Her Playmate-of-the-Month tits stayed exactly as they were, if you don’t count her swelling nipples. Fuck, she’s a hot one!

Brian let Laurie’s tit pop out of his mouth. Her nipple was extended almost an inch from his sucking and licking. Laurie made a sad kind of moan as he drew away. He looked at Kathy and smiled. “C’mere, babe.” He held out his hand to her. As Kathy stood and walked towards the fire, Brian caught my eye. Still grinning, he said quietly, “This one’s for you, Steve.”

Kathy dropped to her knees on Laurie’s other side. She slid her hand up Laurie’s stomach (causing, I was told later, a very rapid heartbeat and a small flood in her pussy) until she cupped the breast Brian just left with her hand. “Laurie,” she whispered, “you are just too hot.” She started to roll the stiff nub between her fingers.

Laurie’s eyes had turned into the lust-filled slits that signal her inhibitions had disappeared completely. She stared at Kathy’s exposed tits for a long, long minute until her dusky, pink nipples hardened under her gaze. Then looked into the young girl’s eyes. “Mmmm…you, too, Kathy.” Her voice was deep and full of desire. Kathy bent forward and took the other nipple between her lips as she continued to roll and pinch the first one.

“Jesus, honey,” she moaned under Kathy’s assault, “that feels so fucking good.”

Kathy pulled back, revealing a nipple swollen as long as its twin. Her other hand covered it quickly and she started to pull and pinch on both. She straightened up and kissed Laurie lightly on her open lips. “Uhmm, Laurie,” she was near breathless, “can we…uhmm, you know…like continue this…after the massage?” She kissed Laurie again. “I’m just dieing to see your tattoo…your nephew told me it was killer!” Laurie smiled her sluttiest smile and nodded slowly back.

Brian walked around to me to get a joint. He lit it, took a drag and handed it back to me. Blowing the smoke slowly out of his mouth, he smiled wide and his eyes were sparkling. “Well? How was that, Uncle Steve?” God, he looked pleased with himself!

I exhaled and handed it back. He took the joint out of my hand, but I kept moving forward until I’d pressed my fingers and palm against the erection straining against his pants. I smiled at him and said, “Looks like you found it exciting, Brian.”

He did the same to me and found me in the same (albeit smaller) condition. He chuckled as he exhaled. “Well I’m not the only one!” He handed me the joint and I took a hit. I was getting so high…I knew he wasn’t used to pot that strong – he had to be flying! I put the joint out and exhaled slowly. Brian leaned closer to me, his voice much lower. “Fuck, Uncle Steve…she’s just perfect, ya know?” I nodded. “When I first told her about you guys…she got so fuckin’ hot! She wanted to know everything.” He started blushing deep red. “I hope you won’t be mad…I told her everything about that first night with Dad.”

I couldn’t breathe…couldn’t speak. I took a long sip of ice-water while my heart got nearly normal. Finally, “Brian…I’m not mad at you…you know we love ya, kid! I was just kind of surprised, that’s all. When we decided to include you, it was because,” I gently squeezed his huge hard-on, “among other things, we all trust your instincts. If you trust this delicious little thing, then we certainly will, too.” I pumped him again, this time taking his balls in my hand. I smiled at him while I increased the pressure slowly on his swollen sac. “And if you fucked up, well…” With a final squeeze, I let go avrupa yakası escort and started to laugh. His eyes were as wide as saucers for a second until he realized I was having a little fun with him. I looked back at the two girls; they sat in front of the fire, drinking their wine, giving each other playful little kisses. I turned back to Brian. “What did she say when you told her?”

His grin was back. “First thing she said is that she had to meet you guys…soon. She was so hot, Unc…she told me that once, in high school, she was really trashed at a party. It was a pool party…she wound up in the pool without her top…that was okay.” I started breathing faster, trying to picture this little blonde minx in the water. “She told me the next thing she knew, she was surrounded by a small group of guys…they were all feeling her up all over and she went a little nuts. She took them to the shallow end and made them sit on one of the steps…told them to take their swimsuits off. She started blowing them. One by one she made them cum. By the time she got to the end, it seemed like there was another body there, but she just bent over and took him in her mouth.”

My heart was pounding so hard, my mouth bone dry again. I couldn’t take my eyes off the little beauty as I took another sip of water.

“Fuck, Uncle Steve…she was so hot when she told me…the last guy she was doing was really working her tits…he got hard so fast, she said…after just a couple of head-bobs, he started filling her mouth with cum. ‘Oh, fuck, Kathy…I always knew you would be great!’ he told her. She said she had the strongest orgasm of all time as she recognized the voice. She said it felt like she was being electrocuted as she felt his cock throb in her mouth – his was the only load she swallowed – then looked up into the loving, slightly drunken eyes of her older brother, home from college.”

I almost came in my pants. I wanted her to be part of the family. I hoped they were really in love. I couldn’t wait any longer. “Brian, what happened in St. Louis?” Again, his face flushed deep red. “Whatever happened, Brian…it’s okay. But no secrets, right?”

“Dad called me at school one day.” His head hung down a little as he spoke softly. “He asked me if I wanted to spend a wild weekend with his slut.” He looked back up at me as he understood I wasn’t going to be angry. “Jeez, Uncle Steve…I thought it was gonna be Aunt Laurie! Anyway, he called back the next day, told me the hotel and room number and said there would be a key at the desk for me. The room bill was pre-paid and we could order all the room service we wanted. (I was impressed – my brother must be having a very good year.) When I walked in the room and saw Lisa, I nearly had a heart attack!”

“Tell me the rest later, Brian. I’ve got a lesson to teach.” I couldn’t take any more without going into some kind of sensory overload. I walked to the fire to put a couple more logs on the flames. I couldn’t help but stare at the four beautiful, slightly moist breasts before me. I leaned down and kissed Laurie. “Ready for a massage, baby?” Her eyes answered me.

She turned around to Brian and slowly stood up. She looked at him, her eyes were just steaming hot. “Can you help me, sweetie?” She moved her hands to the top of her shorts.

Brian came to her and dropped to his knees. He unbuttoned the top and slowly slid her zipper down. As he slid her shorts down her legs, Kathy slipped her hand across the soft lace that covered Laurie’s mound. “I love your panties…so delicate.”

Brian took her hand away and gently told her to let me help her get ready, too. I knelt down next to my nephew and turned his girlfriend’s hips around towards me. I moved my fingers lightly up her sides, and then over her Playboy-perfect tits. She trembled a little as I found the zipper on the side of her skirt. I was kissing and nibbling at her tight tummy as the skirt fell to the soft carpet beneath her feet. When I looked at her, I gasped. Laurie turned to see what caused me to react and she moaned along with me as her hand dropped to the front of Kathy’s panties. As Kathy pressed her hand on top of Laurie’s, they kissed again.

I looked at Brian and said, “Her panties, dude…” They were plain white cotton, a little triangle just barely covering her pussy and thin elastic bands over her hips led to another small piece of cotton covering her crack in back. “They’re exactly the same as the pair your aunt wore…the first time your dad fucked her. Aren’t they, darlin’?” Laurie just moaned into Kathy’s mouth as Brian and I divested them of their underwear and gently laid them down on their stomachs across the blankets Laurie had spread out before the fire. We both stood to undress. Kathy looked up at me, that wicked grin still plastered on her face. I liked her more and more as each minute passed.

“My, my, my, Uncle Steve…” (it really tickled me that she called Laurie Laurie and me Uncle Steve) she giggled, “getting a little forward, aren’t we?”

I looked down at her and tried to be stern. “Turn around, little girl…you’re just here as a…you know…teaching aide. Nothing personal…we just don’t want to get oil on our clothes.” I finished undressing, standing there in front of her.

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