A Weekend in the Mountains

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It had been a long, hot summer. Another girl and I hatched a plan to take a few days to go up to the mountains in the north. It had to be cooler there. We decided to go in late August—take 3 days off for a 5 day weekend–just us two girls and the great outdoors. All things considered, I hardly knew her. She wasn’t a really close friend. Sure, we’d worked together for over 2 years, but we’d only seen each other once outside the office, and that was at the Christmas party. We got along great in the office, and I had no qualms about letting her make the arrangements.

She reserved a room in a huge 4-bedroom cabin that rented rooms out separately. We weren’t there for comfort. We were there for location. It was a good rate, I thought, as we drove through the forest on our way. Who cared about the rate? I had money, and I gathered she did also. I just hoped the place was clean.

We finally cleared the last grove and there it was—magnificent. The cabin stood on an outcropping with an awesome view of Big Mountain (If I told you what mountain, you could deduce too much). Little Big Mountain loomed closer, and that was my goal for the weekend. It was a perfect location. As best I could tell, we were the only ones there. The owners had stocked the refrigerator with breakfast foods. For the rest we were on our own. The front door opened to a large sitting area with a huge, rock fireplace. The kitchen was to the right with a large breakfast counter opening into the great room and with a view of the romantic fireplace. On one side of the great room were stairs to 2 rooms, on the other side were stairs to the other 2 rooms. Our key opened a room with a view of Big Mountain, rising snow-covered in the distance. We dropped off our bags and then went out to look around. After a little exploring of the cabin and its surroundings, we decided to hit the grocery store and then find a restaurant for our first dinner. We would depart early the next morning for further explorations.

I only wished I had someone to share the romantic surrounding with. Male, that is. Such are the sacrifices of single life. It had been 4 months for me since my last breakup, and I had decided to take it slowly. I was beginning to think that 4 months was a long time to be without a guy, but that’s what electronics are for.

As we were pulling out for dinner, another car pulled up. Two guys were in it. I gathered we wouldn’t be the only ones here this weekend, what a bummer. I didn’t spare them a second glance. It bothered me that our girls’ weekend would be interrupted. We didn’t stop but went to eat. They were gone by the time we returned. We unloaded our groceries and explored the house a little more. There was no TV, only a hot tub out back and a large fireplace. Embers glowed in it. Apparently the guys had lit a fire earlier and then let it die out before they left. Since there wasn’t much to do, we went to bed relatively early. Shortly thereafter, we heard them return. From the sounds of it, they were in the opposite wing of the cabin. They seemed to go right to their room.

Although it was going to be quite crisp that night, the room still held the heat from the afternoon sun and it was warm inside. I wore a simple t-shirt to bed and lay on top of the covers and tried to sleep. Nothing worked. Counting sheep, jello, nothing worked. I could hear Sue breathing deeply in her bed, why couldn’t I fall asleep too? Finally, 2 hours later at like midnight, I gave up. I had seen chamomile tea in the cupboards and hoped that it would do the trick for me. I tried to be quiet. Apparently, I failed and Sue stirred in her bed.

“You OK?” Sue asked dreamily.

“Yeah, I can’t sleep. I’m going down for some tea,” I whispered in reply.

“Mmmmm,” she answered and was silent.

I considered trying to find something more decent to wear out, as my nightshirt barely covered my bare bottom, but it was dark and I didn’t want to disturb Sue any further. Besides, I figured, there was no one else up. I would only be out for a few minutes and I wasn’t planning on bending over.

I crept out of the room with only my nightshirt on, hoping not to disturb her any further. I turned on the light in kitchen and dimmed it a little so that it didn’t hurt my eyes so much. I was relieved not to see any roaches scurrying away. I took out the Mr. Coffee and started heating some water. There was quite a selection of exotic herbal teas, but I selected chamomile. Now all I needed was some honey. I knew I had seen some in the cupboards. Chamomile tea is the only time I use honey, so I don’t even have any at home. I savored the prospect of tasting it in a nice hot brew. I opened the cupboards and searched as Mr. Coffee started to rumble. I found a jar of honey in the third one, unfortunately, on the top shelf. Stretching up, I could just reach it.

“Y’all need a hand?”

I squealed and spun around to see some guy standing in the kitchen behind me.

“Sorry if I startled you,” he smiled, strolling over to the get a beşiktaş escort bayan cup. “I’m staying in the room up there, and thought I’d come down for a cup of tea to help me sleep,”

My mind was still reeling from the surprise.

“Yeah, me too,” I replied motioning to the coffee maker. I suddenly realized he had probably seen my bare butt sticking out from under my nightshirt. I could feel myself blush furiously. Of all the instants to reach up, it had to be when he walked in. I stared at the ground.

“Do you mind if I boil water in a pot? I don’t like the aftertaste of coffee in my tea.”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied. He took a step towards me and paused. I looked up at him.

“You’re, ahhhh, standing in front of the pot cabinet.”

“Oh,” I replied and scurried away.

“Did you need to get something from up there?” he asked as he rummaged through the pots. I quickly reached back and checked the length of my shirt. Although I couldn’t be sure, it had probably risen up enough when I had stretched to reach the honey.

“The honey, please.” If he had seen anything, he was being a perfect gentleman and not hinting at it. He started filling the pot and acquired the honey for me, placing it by my cup. Mr. Coffee started to hiss.

“Would you like me to make water for you also?” he asked.

“Sure, that would be great,” I answered, getting myself together again. I hated the aftertaste of coffee in tea also, but had just wanted to get it done quickly and quietly. He was making water anyway, and the tea would be better for it. I turned off Mr. Coffee, and we started talking.

He was wearing sweat shorts, a loose gray tee, and white socks. He stood at least a head taller than me and was a good talker. We talked about what we were doing there and what we had planned. He was also there for a few days and planned to go up Big Mountain. I conceded to myself he was cute. As we chatted he strolled over to the fireplace and tossed some kindling and a couple of logs on the embers. By the time the water was boiling, the fire was burning nicely. We made our mugs, and I added my precious honey to mine. Still chatting, we walked over to the sofa in front of the fireplace. I re-realized I was only wearing a nightshirt. This made the prospect of sitting down while holding a large steaming cup of tea quite a challenge. If I sat first, something may show, if I sat last, something might show. He sat down first and slowly leaned over to place his mug on the magazine stand next to the sofa. I took the opportunity to pull down my shirt with one hand and sit, managing to avoid spilling anything. We continued to chat and sip our teas as he produced a blanket and draped it over our legs. This was fine for sitting demurely, but I soon realized the folly of having bare feet on the cold stone floor. I had also made the error of sitting too close to the arm of the sofa, so I couldn’t really tuck my legs under me without a major realignment.

As if reading my mind, his arm lifted up the blanket from underneath and said “If your feet are cold, you can put them under here.”

I looked at him, trying to discern his intentions. He expression seemed altruistic, but I wasn’t sure. Suddenly, I thought I saw a quick motion in the shadows. A mouse? My legs flew up under the blanket and my feet landed in his lap. I moved so fast I spilled a little of both of our teas, but nothing major. I stared into the shadows but saw nothing further. I realized his hand was on my shin. I’m not sure which of us was more surprised. I sipped my tea casually as we talked. I soon forgot about the phantom mouse and just enjoyed his conversation. We talked about hikes we had been on, good parks to visit and places to stay. His hand remained on my shin, but started slowly stoking it. I was glad I had chosen to shave my legs that morning. As the tea levels fell slowly in our mugs, his hand moved slowly up to my knee. Neither one of us chose to acknowledge this fact. I, however, was acutely aware that he was less than 18 inches of bare skin away from a very private part of me. A very private part that was beginning to clamor for attention.

Finally, our teas were finished and it was time to retire. I rose, making sure my shirt lay flat before dropping the blanket.

“Is there anything you want from the kitchen?” I asked.

“Well, there is one thing,” he replied, rising.

“What’s that?” I asked, stepping towards the kitchen.

“You could put the honey back.”

It took a moment to process comment. I blushed as realization dawned on me. So he had seen me. I paused as I studied his face, trying to decide what to do. A soft, distant smile graced his features.

“OK,” I heard someone say softly. It was me. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before I slowly turned and walked back into the kitchen.

I placed my mug in the sink and purposefully grabbed the honey. I turned to ensure he was watching and to savor his look of anticipation. I looked back to the beşiktaş escort top shelf of the cupboard and stretched up. It was even higher than I recalled. I had to stand there a moment, perched on my tiptoes, exposed, as I caught the lip of the shelf with the honey jar and finally pushed it over. I turned to face him, flushed and tingling. I knew what I wanted.

The object of my desire approached me with smoldering eyes as I backed up against the counter, my hands gripping it as if for support. My eyes locked in his. His hand slowly extended to cup my cheek and he leaned forward to kiss me. We dispensed with the preliminaries and dove right in. Our lips parted and our tongues joined in a passionate battle. Any resistance I might have been able to muster melted with that kiss. I heard the clock strike one as my hands reached up to caress his arms. His free hand landed on my shoulder and drifted down my back to my hip. He gave my hip a gentle squeeze before lowering his hand to my bare thigh. I inhaled sharply but did nothing. He broke our kiss momentarily to lean down and reach under my knee. He stood again and rejoined our kiss while raising my knee, placing my foot on the countertop. I was now perched precariously on one foot, leaning back a little, with my legs spread lewdly. I knew my shirt was bunched above my waist. I was his.

I clung to him with my hands on his back as we kissed. He could touch me anywhere, but he chose not to. His left hand moved to the back of my head, giving me a little extra support. It was his right hand that I was most interested in. He gently stroked the inside of my upraised leg, from knee to just before my hungry pussy. I wriggled my hips in the air hoping to rub against him, to no avail. I could feel a firmness in his crotch where he was pressed against my thigh, but there was little I could do—I was too off balance to let go. I tried to reposition my arms but soon settled for just caressing his back. I resigned myself to the sweet prospect of just enduring the sensations. His hand continued to stroke me, tantalizingly close, moving closer and closer but slower and slower. I was panting more than kissing now, moaning in frustration. My breasts jiggled unattended, screaming for caresses, my pussy ached for friction of any kind, and still he stroked my thigh. His finger ran up my thigh and headed even closer. I drew my breath in anticipation. Teasing me further, he turned straight up to my belly and stroked my bush. I squeaked in spite of myself. I thrust my hips out, hoping he would get the message. He flatted his hand against my tummy and started his descent over my bush. As he got close, he broke our kiss and looked into the slits of my eyes. I looked at him in sweet anticipation. Instead of touching my steaming cunt, he positioned his had with the heel of his palm on the bottom of bush and his index finger on my perineum, cupping my pussy. I closed my eyes in frustrated ecstasy. I could feel the heat from my cunt trapped by his hand and I squirmed. I couldn’t hold out any longer.

“More,” I begged.

He kissed me as he took his hand away and took my leg off the counter. I lurched forward and stood again. I took my hand, free at last, and dove into his shorts. I was rewarded by finding him hard and ready. He removed my hand and drew me in front of him. His other hand planted itself on my bare bottom. He stood half beside me, half behind me and we kissed as he led me out of the kitchen. He walked me up to the back of the sofa. Still kissing me, he tapped my heels with his toe, spreading my legs apart. I suddenly realized how exposed we would be—Sue or his friend coming out of their room would see us. I submitted to his request anyway. Breaking our kiss he moved behind me, continuing to tap my heels apart. I felt more than heard his shorts fall. He took the hem of my shirt and lifted it up over my breasts and then pushed me over the back of the sofa. He had spread my heels so far that nearly all of my weight rested on my hips where I bent over. My ass was in the air, my legs spread, toes on the ground, arms on the sofa cushions in front of me. He moved in behind me and I felt his cock head press against the lips of my pussy. His hands moved up to hold each breast. I moaned too loudly. Using his handholds of my breasts for leverage, he slid into me and paused. The additional upward force of his penetration left my toes barely touching the floor. His fingers fondled my nipples as he took a deep stroke. I moaned again too loudly. I was sure to wake someone, and I didn’t want that.

“No, stop, stop,” I panted despite my body’s desperate wishes to continue.

He stopped, confused. I knocked one of his hands off me and he pulled back. I did a half summersault off the front of the sofa and my pussy screamed for being suddenly empty. I clambered back up and faced my confused lover and his glistening dick.

“I’m making too much noise,” I said. I grabbed his cock to keep his interest and stroked it. “I’ll wake someone up.” I bent forward and sucked him in, tasting the slickness of my own juices on his rigid member. He reached down and took my tits in his hands again. I moaned around him. He pulled out of my lips with an audible pop and walked around to the front of the sofa. He sat down beside me and I quickly went back to work.

He laid a blanket on the floor for me as I scrambled down between his legs. I started sucking him in earnest. His hands lifted my nightshirt again and fondled my breasts as I sucked. His hands were really keeping me in a frenzy, and I tried to take it out on his dick. I really wanted to get laid, but here was not the place. I sucked him and licked him, making occasional eye contact as I worked. Gentle flickers of light from the fire danced across his skin, heightening the eroticism of the moment. His hands stayed on my breasts, rubbing my nipples, keeping my internal fires raging.

“Oh my god I’m coming,” he suddenly moaned. I could feel his cock harden even more, and I braced myself. I realized than any spillage on the sofa would be difficult to cover up, so I had get all of it. I positioned my mouth over the head of his cock and rubbed my tongue against his love button as I pumped him with my hand. He breath turned ragged and his hands left my tits to hold on to the sofa. He came hard. Really hard. He tore the fabric of the sofa with his hand in the throes of his passion. I tried to swallow, something I rarely do, to keep the amount in my mouth manageable. I was only somewhat successful. His grunts were loud and hard. Spurt after spurt erupted into my hungry mouth as I continued to suck and pump him. I could feel rivulets of cum escape and drip down his cock and onto my hand. Finally, he pushed me back. I coughed a little as I swallowed what was left and managed to catch a dollop that had escaped with my other hand before it hit the sofa. With nowhere else to put it, I licked it off. I wiped my other hand on my night shirt as I pulled it back in place. He sat on the sofa with his head hung over the back, panting. I crawled up next to him and held him.

“Wow,” he moaned.

“Was that good?” I purred lasciviously.

“Unbelievable,” he replied.

I was glad I had made him feel good, but I had needs too. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

“Let’s make love.”

He looked over to me, surprised. “But I thought…”

“Let’s go upstairs and I’ll kick my roommate out and we can do it up there.” I realized that awakening Sue in the middle of the night to screw some guy could be awkward, but I had only one thing on my mind. I glanced down at his wilting penis, “Are you going to be up for the task?” I smirked.

“Oh, I’m sure I can find some amusements until I’m ready,” he grinned, tweaking my breast through my nightshirt.

We kissed momentarily and I hauled him to his feet. He donned his shorts and we went upstairs. I had him wait in the hall as I went in.

“Sue,” I called. “Sue, wake up.”

“What’s up?” she asked sleepily.

I flicked on the light and we both blinked at the brightness. “Could you please sleep on the sofa downstairs?”

“What?” Sue blinked in confusion as she sat up.

“I met this guy,” I started as he walked into the room, “And I want…,” I finished bugging my eyes in emphasis.

“What?” Sue repeated, looking and him and me, her mouth agape.


“Okay,” Sue replied, staring at him as she shuffled for her slippers.

“Thanks,” I said as I ducked into the bathroom to quickly rinse with mouthwash to get the taste of his cum out. When I emerged moments later, I was shocked to see Sue with her back arched against the wall in front my guy with her night shirt unbuttoned to her waist, opened wide and him cupping her bare breast. I paused, shocked.

“Can we have a threesome?” Sue panted at me as he looked on sheepishly.

“No,” I said firmly. “I need everything he has to offer.” He pulled his hand away and shrugged an apology at her. I really didn’t care he was touching another woman, it’s not like he was my boyfriend or anything, he was just my fuck tool tonight and I needed for him. Sue pulled her shirt closed with a big pout.

“What about my itch? Who’s going to scratch it?”

“Try my roommate,” he offered as he walked over to me, “I’m sure he’d be agreeable.”

“Yeah, right,” Sue pouted. “You two have fun,” she groaned as she left, pulling the door shut. The door hadn’t even clicked shut we embraced and kissed, his hand firmly gripping my ass. I could feel his erection firming up.

“Did you like that?” I asked, cupping his cock through his shorts.

“Oh yeah,” he replied, grabbing the hem of my shirt and lifting it over my head in one smooth motion. We broke our kiss just long enough to allow it to clear my head. I repeated the motion with his t-shirt and then swiftly pulled his shorts down. He stepped out of them and pushed me down on the bed, my hips hanging off the edge. I was glad to see he was at almost full hardness. He grabbed the backs of my knees and forced my legs apart as he dropped to his knees to eat my pussy. I gasped in appreciation, but I was already completely wet—I needed him in me. I pushed him away.

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