Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 32

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“What have I done Naida?” Alene asked.

“No point dwelling on it now love,” Nadia shared her view of the situation, “we can’t go back now, what was done cannot be undone…”

“Is this how it ends?” Alene’s tone was melancholic.

“It doesn’t have to end like this, we have each other, and we have her…”

Both girls broke into tears as the words left Naida’s mouth, crushed under the enormous emotional weight. They hugged as Alene aimed her cock into Nadia’s open slit, it slid right in. She didn’t even gasp as Nadia inserted her own cock into Alene’s love tunnel. Both girls lost themselves in the embrace, taking comfort in knowing that at least they were safe now.

170 days ago

Alene sat on the edge of the swimming pool, naked. She loved her slim figure and the light pigmentation of her skin. She used her hand to form circles around her puffy right nipple. While her breasts were nowhere near the size of the other girls, she still enjoyed playing with them, felling the firm and smooth texture of the melon-sized orbs. Alene’s cock also liked the sensations she was experiencing, it flexed and grew, starching the skin to accommodate the approaching erection.

“Good morning love,” Nadia’s voice came from behind her, it alone made her excited cock stiffen and pulse.

“Good morning wife,” Alene said, her voice overflowing with joy, she waited for Nadia to sit by her side, “how did you sleep Nadia?”

“Good,” Naida answered, “Though I miss us… Nicky and Jen are great, but I miss feeling you…”

Alene smiled, “I know, I miss you too…”

“I can see that,” Nadia pointed to the cock between Alene’s legs, “How long?”

“I think it’s about 17 inches,” Alene estimated.

Nadia burst into laughter, “No Alene’ not your cock… How long before we can get it on again? Before you can fuck me?”

Alene giggled, “I don’t know… If it was just up to me, I would say right here and now. But we have a goal, and that goal is not just having mindless sex…”

Nadia hugged her wife, “Right, we want a baby… We want to get me pregnant…”

“And for that to happen we need a few things,” Alene reviewed the plan, “First, I need to create sperm, not just sterile cum like I’ve been making all those years, I need to make fertile cum.”

“Well…” Nadia took over, “You’ve been making that over the last three months, do you think we have that covered?”

“Yea, I think we got that, last time I checked at the lab they told me it was 70 percent sperm cells. That was about a month ago, so by now I should be approaching 90%, right?” Alene asked.

“Sounds right…” Nadia agreed, “Next, I should be ovulating, which is the day after tomorrow according to my menstrual cycle.”

“Great, it seems like the stars have aligned, I am so excited Nadia.” Alene said. Nadia could see the spark in her eyes, the moment both girls waited for was finally here.

“Just two more days, the day after tomorrow we’ll fuck…” Nadia daydreamed, “48 hours seem like such a long time to wait…”

“48 hours? What are you talking about Nadia?” Alene wondered, “I am taking you today love… before the sun sets, we’ll be at it…”

Nadia’s eye lit up like a Christmas tree, “Are you serious?”

“Of course I am,” Alene assured her, “No way your egg is going to emerge into an empty womb. We are getting it right the first time, wife.”

“Gosh, I can hardly contain myself.” Nadia started to move around on the edge of the pool.

“Could you please get the girls? I want us all to have a talk about it before we start” Alene requested.

Nadia jumped to her feet, “Right away Mam!” she saluted her wife and stormed into the house, skipping with joy every now and then on the way back. Alene looked at her cock, it was pulsating with a passion, it has been 3 months since she used the spell to increase her fertility, three months since she fucked someone. In those three months, she only came two times at the lab to see her sperm count. Somehow, her body didn’t feel heavy. she thought it was because making sperm cells required much more from her body, which slowed down production.

Alene didn’t dwell on those thoughts long, she got up and kissed her erect cock gently, “Just a little longer, we have to take to the girls first.

The rod pulsed firmly, as if agreeing with Alene. She made her way to the kitchen, it was almost an exact copy of their kitchen from the old Bristol house, the girls loved it so much and found the designed so practical they copied it over to the new house. Around the table were Nadia, Nicky, Angie, Jen and Sabrina, all sitting patiently and waiting for Alene to take her seat between Nadia and Sabrina.

“Thank you for coming,” Alene opened the conversation, “as you all know, Nadia and I have come to the understanding that we desire a baby and have been making preparations.”

“I noticed, we’ve all been missing you in bed Alene” Angie voiced the girls’ feelings, “But we fully understand and support you two.”

“Thank you illegal bahis girls,” Nadia placed her hand over Alene’s neck, massaging her softly, “Alene has been preparing herself for this…”

“And now we are ready girls…” Alene resumed, “Tonight we’ll make the magic happen. Now I know you girls want to help, I really know…”

“You got that right,” Jen butted in, “Tell us, we’ll do anything you ask of us…”

“Right,” Alene answered, “I want you girls to go out, take three days off…”

The 4 girls looked baffled, they did not expect such a request from Alene, “But we want to help…” Angie sounded.

“You’re helping me by going on a vacation,” Alene explained, “I love you girls, I really do, dearly… But I only want a baby with Nadia… I haven’t cum in three months, you can imagine what’s going to happen when I let loose right?”

“You want us out of here, so you won’t have to worry about us…” Sabrina voiced her thoughts.

“Spot on!” Alene confirmed, “I got you tickets to Whitsunday Island, near Australia, you remembered we looked at it as an option for a vacation…”

The girls started to smile. They all had a list of places they wanted to visit, and Whitsunday Island was a prime stop for all of them. Jen and Sabrina started to giggle, “We thought about surprising you and Nadia with a trip there…”

Alene and Nadia hugged, “Well…” Alene said, “Early bird gets the worm… Here are your tickets, flight takes off at 13:00 so you better start packing…”

“You made all the arrangements?” Angie wondered.

“Yep, all set, you girls just go, I have everything ready for you.” Alene dismissed Angie’s doubts with a smile.

Jen interrupted the celebrations, “Wait, the hotel is reserved for 5 days, what are you going to do with all that time Alene?”

“Well… we… first we’ll…” Alene started to stumble in her speech.

“Jen, don’t you get it?” Nadia intervened, “She is going to breed me, for every second of the whole five days…”

Jen was not expecting such a direct answer, she blushed. “You two are really going to go at it?” just the thought of what will take place in the house while the girls are gone gave Jen a raging hard-on, and she wasn’t the only one, Nicky started to leak precum at the thought.

“Well, better hurry up girls,” Nadia returned the girls back from their fantasies, “Pack your things, we’ll drive you to the airport.” And with that, each girl went to her room and before the knew it, they were kissing and hugging, parting way just outside the terminal.

Alene and Nadia walked back to the car, “Finally just the two of us, love.” Nadia said as she took the wheel, “God I never thought three months could feel like such a long time.”

“Tell me about it, I missed it like air…” Alene let out a long breath, “Let’s go have a meal before we start? I think we have enough time…”

“Sure why not, I waited 3 months, another hour won’t kill me,” Nadia agreed, “I know a great Italian place, we’ll have great food as well as peace and quiet.” And with that Nadia drove off. It was a short 15-minute drive and soon enough the girls were sitting before two giant dishes of what looked like the most inviting pasta ever created.

“Dig in wife,” Alene invited, “You’re going to need it for what’s to come.”

“You’re taking the whole ‘breeding’ thing seriously aren’t you?” Nadia asked and started eating.

“I think it’s my hormones talking… I can feel it, my body is different since I cast that spell to make me fertile.” Alene ate a little before going on, “Like my balls, they look normal-sized but feel like they’re almost exploding… I don’t know how to explain it, like they’re a thousand times denser than normal…”

Nadia kept on eating, she stopped for only a second, “This is delicious.” She expressed her delight before going back to the dish.

“Happy to hear Nadia, it does taste amazing, eat as much as you need, we have a long day ahead of us…”

After Nadia and Alene consumed their food and topped things off with a lovely chocolate dessert the girls drove back home.

“We are doing it, Alene, we are going to get me pregnant, we’ll have a baby…” Nadia gushed with excitement, “think it will be a boy of a girl?”

“Nadia,” Alene spoke as a smile filled her face, “If you could feel what my balls feel like right now you would know the question isn’t boy or girl, the question is how many boys and girls?”

Nadia blushed and her hand reached down as she started touching herself, “You sure know how to get me going.” For a moment Nadia froze in place, Alene wasn’t sure if it was hesitation or if an idea sparked Naida’s mind, “You know what Alene? Let’s go watch a movie, I want to see something romantic to get us going…”

Alene smiled, “Sure thing wife, we can go home and watch, I don’t mind us starting things in the living room instead of the bedroom.”

“No, please Alene, I want to go to the movie theater…” Nadia insisted.

“Amm… Okay, I guess…” Alene said, surprised by Nadia’s illegal bahis siteleri reaction, “What movie do you want to watch?”

Nadia looked through her phone for a few moments, “Their showing The Blue Wave in half an hour,” she offered.

“Isn’t that the 4-hour long movie everyone’s talking about?” Alene wondered.

“Yes, but we waited 3 months, what’s another four hours?” Nadia urged her.

“I guess you’re right Nadia,” Alene agreed.

The girls paid the bill and went to the movie theater. As they were watching, Nadia couldn’t her but notice Alene’s trouser snake pulsating with anticipation for what’s to come. “You’re really waiting for the movie to end, aren’t you?” She asked as the end of the movie approached.

“Aren’t you?” Alene shot back at her.

Nadia smiled back, “Sure I am.” And with that returned to the screen.

As the girls left the theater the sun was starting to set, they walked over to the car when Nadia froze in place, her eyes looking blankly at her fancy white sandals.

“Alene…” She whispered in hesitation, “Do you think we have time to go play pool?”

Alene started to giggle, “Pool? Do you really mean that Nadia?” she asked, hoping Naida was horsing around.

“Yes Alene, pool, I want to play it, I am not kidding you.” Nadia stood her ground.

“You hate that game, ever seems we were teens you hated pool, we tried it a few times, remember?” Alene confronted Nadia, wondering what this new craze was.

“Well, I love it now, can we please go now love?” she urged Alene.

To anyone watching this might have looked like two girls arguing, but Alene knew Nadia since they were both little girls, she knew this behavior was as untypical for Nadia as could be. Alene knew she would never forgive herself if she didn’t ask her wife about it.

“Nadia,” Alene whispered, “I love you… You are the sun in my world, you know that right?”

Nadia’s angry face changed the moment the words left Alene’s lips. Even though Alene didn’t say too much, it was everything Nadia needed to hear, “I’m afraid Alene…” she said, looking at her shoes, Nadia’s hair covered her features.

“Can we go home and talk about it, wife?” Alene asked, compassion clear in her voice.

“Yes… Please…” Nadia agreed and accompanied Alene to the car, both did not say another word. The drive home was a silent torment for the girls, but like all things, it too ended, and the girls found themselves in the familiar living room.

“Did I hurt you, Nadia, did I do something wrong? Gave you a reason to fear me?” Alene let the words out, hoping to understand what changed in the few hours that passed since they sat beside the pool this morning.

“No, no love, I know you’ll never harm me. It’s not that…” Nadia said, “Don’t get me wrong Alene, it’s not you, you’re perfect… it’s just that I’m…” She hesitated for a bit, “It’s just that I’m not… I’m not a goddess like you Alene.”

Alene giggled, “Me? A goddess? I think you got things wrong, Nadia… I think I’m as far from a goddess as can be…”

“I was there Alene,” Nadia recalled, “I was on your cock half a year ago, when you came… I still think about it… dream about it…”

Alene tried to understand what Nadia’s point was, “You were there, I did that for you, to show you what we can do, you and me Nadia… If I’m a goddess, you are one too…”

“Alene, I love you, I adore you… But I am not your equal… Look at me,” Nadia implored, “I am just a simple girl… A simple girl who is about to be impregnated by a goddess.” Nadia pointed at Alene’s nether regions, “You have enough in there to make every woman in the world a mother, I am only one girl…”

Nadia’s eyes started to tear up, and at that moment Alene knew exactly what to do, she rushed over and gave Nadia a hug. Not a hug filled with sexual tension, just a plain hug, filled with pure love.

“I love you and understand you…” She whispered in Nadia’s ear, “It’s scary, I… I don’t know Nadia… I don’t know what to do or say, I just know I want to make you happy…”

“We want a baby, right?” Nadia assured herself and Alene.

“We do…” Alene agreed.

“Only one way to make them… Let’s go upstairs.” Nadia offered and let go of Alene’s hug.

“You’re not scared anymore?” Alene wondered.

“I am…” Nadia said, “I am dead scared… But I am damn sure you will keep me safe, won’t you, love?”

“Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” Alene wondered, “Aren’t you my guardian?”

“Shut up and take me upstairs…” Nadia commended.

Alene grabbed her hand and walked Nadia to their room, every few steps, she stooped and took a piece of her attire off, revealing more and more of her body. Nadia caught on and followed. By the time they were at the door, both girls were sky-clad.

“Come on in,” Alene invited Nadia to the room, the windows showing the vast meadows and fields that surrounded the house. The white bed looked so inviting, both girls knew the remainder of their vacation canlı bahis siteleri will be in this room on that bed.

Alene sat on the bed, before falling onto her back with a childish giggle. Her erect cock, pointing at the ceiling, looked huge for any man, well over a foot long, but tiny in comparison with Alene’s capabilities. Nadia got the hint and walked over to the bed, she climbed on and positioned herself above Alene’s rod.

“Wait, Nadia,” Alene stopped her a moment before she started aiming the beast into her slit. Alene pulled Nadia in for a kiss, her moist slit rubbing along the pulsating shaft. “You’ll tell me if you don’t feel well right?” Alene made sure, “Or if it’s too much…”

Nadia smiled, “Those are the words that tell me I married the right girl… I promise.”

Alene released Nadia and the lover assumed her former position, the lowered herself against the rock-hard tip as her lips parted and the main even began. Both girls moaned in unison at the sensations that washed over them. Nadia was accustomed to taking Alene when she was more than triple her current size, even though this size brought the girls extreme pleasure, it posed no challenge. Within fifteen minutes Alene was pressing right against Nadia’s cervix.

“Want to come in, love?” Nadia offered her inner sanctum.

“We want to make sure you’re pregnant, I better come in…” And with those words, Nadia dropped her weight on Alene as the rod entered her womb. Both girls were moaning and gasping as the intoxicating sensations washed over them.

“Ahhh, Nadia, you feel amazing,” Alene hugged and kissed her.

“Goddess, you too love…” Nadia twitched, “Do me, make me a mother!” She screamed and started to ride Alene in earnest, jumping up and sliding down the engorged penis.

After what felt like an eternity Alene placed her hand on Nadia’s hips and pulled her down, signaling she wanted to stop. “Please, stop. I’m almost there…” Nadia gazed into Alene’s eyes, the meaning of those words snatched her attention.

“Are you ready Nadia?” Alene asked, her eyes fixed on her lover’s.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Nadia answered with a smile.

“There’s no turning back now, I don’t think I’ll be able to pull out if we go any farther.”

Nadia leaned in and kissed Alene, it was a kiss full of love, “I never want you to pull out, my dear goddess wife, I want you to stay there forever.”

“I love you,” Alene said with a smile and she felt the first contraction in her balls. It felt strange, different… This was not the earth-shattering orgasm Alene knew and loved, but it was just as intense.

Nadia’s eyes were shiny, her face showed shock, “wow, Alene, it’s so different from your usual cum, I… ah” Nadia moaned, her belly started to expand and she placed her hands to feel the ejaculation in her. She felt the cock in her contracting as her midsection moved up, she looked nine months pregnant as more and more cum rushed into her womb.

Alene felt her legs getting wet, cum started to leave the overfilled Nadia and pool on the bed, it was so thick one could think it was solid. As her orgasm came to an end she hugged her fat wife.

“Thank you, Alene,” Nadia whispered in her ear.

“Don’t thank me yet wife, we still have the whole night ahead of us.” Alene giggle and started moving her cock in and out of Nadia, riding to her next orgasm as the world around her exploded.

More and more cum washed out of the lovers, covering the bed and pooling on the floor around them. The orgasm went on an on as the girls savored the sensations. After an eternity the pleasure seemed to subside enough that the girls could focus on the present.

“I think I’m pregnant…” Nadia expressed her feelings.

“Sure looks like it,” Alene teased. Alene reached down and grabbed a handful of her cum, it was very thick, almost solid as she held it in her hand. “It feels so strange…”

“Tell me about it,” Nadia caressed her inflated belly, “Wonder what it looks like under a microsco-“

Nadia’s wondering stopped abruptly as Alene moaned, “I’m coming again Ahhh…”And indeed it was true, Nadia felt the cock in her pulsating, pushing her into another series of pleasureful contractions. More fresh cum escaped the conjoined lovers and spilled off the bed audibly.

“Where did that come from Alene?” Nadia wondered once they calmed down.

“I thin-” Alene tried to speak but her body tensed up again as she groaned, below her, the bed was once again cover with a downpour of cum. Nadia saw the sight below her, felt the immense jets of white cum in her, she was helpless against the loving intruder.

“Are you okay?” Nadia asked as things settled down again.

“My body, it’s making sure you get pregnant, it’s replacing-” Again a groan escaped Alene as she came and swept Nadia with her. “My body…” She screamed over the orgasm, “It’s replacing the cum in you every time…”

Nadia realized what was going on, “Your making sure I have…” she paused as an immensely powerful wave of contractions grabbed her, “I have… I’ll get pregnant for sure like this… Feels so good, don’t stop Alene, never stop…”

“Never love, never…” Alene hugged her tightly and the girls kissed, riding the endless orgasms.

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