Alexis’s Revenge

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This story includes many kinds of different fetishes, erotic couplings, BDSM, incest/taboo, mind control, nonconsensual/reluctance and transsexual forms of sexual interludes. If you don’t like that type of story, stop here.

The introduction is fairly long but I would encourage you to read it because it sets up the entire story. If you are desperate for a sexual fix, skip down to the middle of Chapter 1, or for that matter any other chapter, and you will find what you are looking for.:) However, I would still suggest that you go back and read the introduction.

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My husband Samuel Bartholomew Garcia III was born with all the opportunity and privilege one could wish for in a lifetime. Brought up in Spain by parents that made their money the old-fashioned way which was to say they inherited it. My husband had some would say the opportunity at an early age and throughout his life to be educated at the very best private boarding schools in all of Europe.

At the age of 18 months he was enrolled in the very exclusive Queens College which was the largest British boarding school in Madrid, Spain; where he was educated and cared for by nannies, tutors, chauffeurs and anyone else other than his eccentric parents who never planned on having children in the first place.

When his parents had Samuel they hired a nursemaid or temporary guardian who had young children to care for him since birth; change him,feed him and care for him medically and of course money was no expense until such time that he starts his educational schooling and enters Queens College which he will be attending until he graduates at the age of 18 years old with both his high school and bachelors degree.

More about his spoiled upbringing later in the story but after Queens College my husband chose graduate school at the upper level private institution of Kings College in Barcelona, Spain which was an extension school of the lower level Queens College in Madrid.

Samuel had some outstanding physical qualities when I met and married him when he was only 24 years old; 5’8″ tall, fantastic body which was lean and agile, golden tanned skin, dark curly black hair down to his shoulders or kept in a fashionable ponytail, high cheekbones, dark eyes, full lips, long eyelashes and full manicured and sculptured eyebrows.

After graduating with his master’s degree in finance from Kings College he moved to New York City where he became a high roller opening up his own practice on Wall Street where he became a man who was respected and quickly seen as a major player in the world of finance investing in stocks and trading in derivatives on the world market on his way to further wealth.

I on the other hand was born into a very poor section of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; my parents who were extremely poor only had two children myself (Alexis) and my twin brother (Alex) Cabral. As far as my education was concerned I only went to school up to the ninth grade but some have said I have a master’s degree in psychoanalysis with a background in street smarts; I was 15 years old at the time and while out panhandling during the Carnival Festival in Rio trying to do my part in pitching in financially to support my family I was noticed by a fashion agent on assignment for Vogue magazine.

I was told by the fashion agent that I could make a lot of money and support my family by modeling for Vogue. At 15 I never considered myself pretty but after telling the agent a little bit about my family heritage which was a mix of three races; the indigenous Indians, European settlers and African slaves, he told me the combination of my family history produced a unique and therefore exotic look that could move me and my family out of poverty within five years if I would just take a chance and sign on as a model with his agency in New York. Obviously the easiest and quickest choice I ever made!

My physical characteristics when I was fully grown a few years later was one of a woman who stood; 6’1″ in height, measurements of 36-22-34. I had dark brown soft flowing straight hair that gently fell to the middle of my back, golden tanned skin, high cheekbones, dark eyes, full lips, long eyelashes and nicely shaped eyebrows. My breasts tightly filled a D-cup bra, although my stomach couldn’t be defined as a “washboard stomach” it was flat and extremely tight while my güvenilir bahis legs were long and shapely and looked incredible in a pair of 5 inch pumps which brought my height up to 6’6″ tall. Those who know me best referred to me as an “Amazon Queen.”

More about my good fortune in the modeling industry later in the story. My parents signed over temporary legal guardianship to my agent until the age of 18 and other than sending money home for financial support I had not seen my parents or my brother who I missed tremendously for some time but after some quick success in my new career I was at a modeling shoot in Miami Florida when I was first introduced to my future husband which I was to marry two years later. Although Samuel and my relationship was one of only business until I turned 18 years of age I knew at that point in my life that this would be the man I would marry after I turned the legal age of 18.

We made a beautiful looking young successful couple who after getting married settled into a cozy $3 million condo overlooking Central Park in New York City. Samuel working on Wall Street and I traveling the world as a fashion model for Vogue magazine seemed like the perfect life and it was for a while. Due to my modeling career we both decided to talk about having children further on down the road which was fine with my husband because I got the feeling he wanted to avoid the conversation until a later time anyway.

Chapter 1

I began seeing warning signs between Samuel and I which became stronger and stronger after being married to Samuel for five years; Samuel, now 29 years old and I, 23 years old were still incredibly young considering most couples did not get married till well into their 30s in the United States. For the first two or three years sex was incredible between Samuel and I; most nights when I was not out of town on a photo shoot for Vogue, Samuel would come home early from work with a different small thoughtful memento each night and would present it to me after a night of passionate lovemaking between him and I that seemed to last till morning. Marriage was good. Finances were healthy. Work was interesting. Life was good.

So what changed?

Over time those moments became fewer and farther between and when Samuel came home from work he would go straight into his home office lock the door pour himself a drink and spend half the night in their before unlocking the door and coming upstairs to bed, he would fuck me like I was a paid prostitute and then pass out on top of me. When I finally confronted him and made the suggestion that the job may be requiring too many hours of his day and suggested that he hire extra help to assist in alleviating the extra workload and added stress it was putting on his life, he would grow instantly angry and frustrated at me and eventually tell me to shut the hell up and mind my own damn business.

He would wake up the next morning like nothing was wrong and go about his day running his business only to come home from work and fall into the same routine. When I suggested marriage counseling, anger management classes, yoga or an AA meeting for christ’s sake, he would completely go berserk and begin swearing, kicking doors in, throwing chairs across the room and flipping tables over claiming he was fine.

With nowhere else to turn I asked my friend Zena a fellow runway model who used the agency “Keslor International” in a similar situation for help. She set me up with a private investigator from the company to find out what the problems were so I could resolve it. After two weeks of him prying into my husband’s life, looking for his deepest darkest secrets the private investigator finally had some information for me. I met him at the corporate office of Keslor International where he pulled out a folder on my husband Samuel Bartholomew Garcia III.

Step-by-step he went through the different areas of my husband’s life; background information on his childhood and family history, education at Queens and Kings College, his companies financials, family trust funds, doctors records, co-workers and friends, and finally his computer records including usernames and passwords to all information and transactions on the Internet. After reviewing all the information he focused in on the computer records.

I stopped him cold for a minute and asked him straight out has my husband been unfaithful to me? Not exactly said the private investigator but he türkçe bahis does seem to have a passion for a website called “Personal Passions” which is a free collection of erotic stories published on the Internet listing many types of erotic stories by category or author. It seems to be a very popular and extremely private erotic website. I was able to hack into his account and find out his username and password, it appears that your husband has been quite active on the website over the past couple years.

Would you like me to tell you about his activity on the website. Alexis said yes please go on, the private investigator came out from around the desk and leaned on the front of it with the folder in his hand. Okay, let’s take it by category: your husband seems to have an appetite for reading and writing stories that contain BDSM, celebrities, numerous fetishes including various foods and lactating women, incest/taboo relationships, mind control stories, nonconsensual/reluctance sex, the use of toys/masturbation and situations involving transsexuals & crossdressers.

Alexis sat stunned in the chair across from him; the PI asked if she would like some water? She said yes please. While he was gone her mind seemed to race through numerous stages: Shock & Denial, Pain & Anger, Depression & Reflection, Loneliness, The Upward Turn, Reconstruction & Acceptance which in her mind spelled out REVENGE! How dare he keep this from me.

When the PI returned Alexis had already developed the beginning of her plan for REVENGE! The PI offered the water to Alexis which she drank half of and placed it on the table beside her. The PI explained that the only thing left to do was to settle up the cost of the investigation. He asked Alexis how she would like to pay: cash, check or credit card?

Alexis stood up and removed the wrap she was wearing over her shoulders. Gently pulled the tie on her dress that laid between her shoulder blades and shook the dress free while seductively stepping out of it. She then slowly released her hair from the ponytail it was in and also shook that out seductively, she was wearing compliments of a Victoria Secret’s shopping spree a very revealing matching black bra and panty set with black thigh high nylons secured to a black garter belt which hung provocatively low on her hips just above her shaved pussy. Topping off the look was a black pair of Manolo Blahnik’s 4 inch high heel shoes and a red manicured fingernail that magically made its way to her moist lower lip.

She asked if he could think of any other form of payment that may be acceptable?

This was not a unique situation for the private investigator but it never happened with such a beautiful woman such as Alexis. When she got no response she took a few steps forward and with one hand reached down and felt the PI’s crotch which was quickly becoming increasingly hard from his growing cock; she had her answer.

She then unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and slowly slid the zipper down causing his pants to fall to the floor. After a few light kisses through the PI’s lowrise tight cotton boxers she released his hardon from the straining shorts.Alexis grabbed the PI’s hard cock with one hand lifting it up, with her other hand she gave his balls a playful squeeze and while looking up into his eyes leaned forward to take one of his balls into her warm wet moist mouth while applying a subtle sucking motion with her lips and tongue.

The PI let out his first words since he asked her how she would like to pay? cash, check or credit card? With a low moan he voiced the words “Ooooohh Fuck Don’t Stop.”

With a loud pop she released the PI’s ballsack and slowly licked up the underside of his fully extended penis while her lips came down fully over his manhood for the first time. He was not as big as her husband Bartholomew but made up for it in girth. She quickly developed a good rhythm and went about deep throating the PI until the time she felt him losing control, not wanting the afternoon to conclude quite so quickly without her getting thoroughly fucked and brought to orgasm she slowly pulled off the hard cock and stood up to whisper in the PI’s ear.

She whispered “how would you like to lick and tongue my pussy then fuck me hard eventually bringing me to multiple orgasms by squirting your warm seed deep into my hot wet pussy.”

Alexis stepped back and reached behind her to undo her bra allowing her36D size breasts to güvenilir bahis siteleri be witnessed for the first time. The PI was at a loss for words for the second time that day but stepped forward and took this bombshell by the neck and kissed her roughly while slowly moving down the side of her neck and to the front of Alexis’s impressive tits, squeezing her left breast fully while pinching her growing right nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

Taking her right nipple into his mouth the PI took turns slowly kissing and sucking on Alexis’s nipples and stomach until she could take no more. Partially out of breath Alexis screams to the PI “my pussy needs attention and relief get to it already. On command the PI quickly moves his face to below Alexis’s garter belt and forcefully tears her panties off, moving his tongue towards the top of her labia he focuses on her already hard swelling and erect clit, his lips and fingers quickly begin to rub, suck and apply pressure to her clit while sliding a finger and then two inside her wet pussy.

Alexis grabs the back of the PI’s head and grinds his face into her balb pussy and says “yes, yes, yes, right there harder, faster, deeper; Oooohh Fuck I’m going to Cummm, Oooohh Fuck, Oooohhh Fuck, taking one hand she moves it up to her erect nipple and squeezes, twists and turns seeking release from her hot wet pussy.

The PI feels her thighs tighten and squeeze his head a little harder and knows she’s close, he quickens his pace and Alexis yells out one more time Oooohhh Fuck-Arrrrrghhh, Oh that’s it, Oooohhh Fuck, Arrrrrghhh, Right Thierrrrrr, as her orgasm releases and soaks her pussy while it continues to run down the PI’S fingers and onto his hand Alexis commands the PI to take her now and fuck her deep and hard.

The PI stands up and directs Alexis to the top of the desk, shedding the rest of his clothes he enters Alexis with one long deep push of his hips burying his 8 inch cock all the way into Alexis’s hot wet orgasm filled pussy. Alexis gasps and says “that’s it, pump that big cock in and out of me, fuck me hard.” The PI pulls Alexis towards him as he pistons his cock in and out of Alexis while he leans over and grabs her big firm tits in his hands and begins sucking and pulling on her erect nipples.

Alexis leans back with her head hanging off the front of the desk, her back arched as much as possible feeling her second orgasm building inside of her and begs the PI to release his seed and cum deep into her hot wet pussy right now! With a half a dozen hard pumps the PI does just that as cumshot after cumshot shoots into Alexis’s pussy while Alexis begins shaking uncontrollably throughout her whole body feeling the effects of her second orgasm of the afternoon. She sits up suddenly on the desk smashing her tits up against the PI’s chest and holds on while the explosive sex takes her over the edge.

After relinquishing his seed into Alexis the PI slowly withdraws his semi erect penis out of Alexis’s pussy and begins to stand up, walking across the office he retrieves her water and brings it to her. She accepts it and drains the remainder of the glass. The PI says; Services Rendered. With a smile she responds; Services Rendered.

After they were both back fullydressed I say to the PI your professional services may be needed again in the future will you be available. The PI nods and hands her his card with his private business line on it along with the investigative folder suggesting she call any time.


Over the next few weeks Alexis reads her husbands collection of erotic stories on the “Personal Passions” website while Samuel was at work and fine-tuned her plan for him. Under almost any other situation she would never invade her husband’s privacy this way but after the two years of guilt, shame, mental abuse, and torment she refused to let it go. She wasn’t sure what made her more angry his dishonesty, his outward anger towards her for trying to help him, the way he used her late at night like a prostitute or his private double lifestyle.

By day he was a strong, confident, independent, respected man on Wall Street; by night; locked in his office reading erotic stories while not being man enough to act out on his fantasies. The one thing that made Alexis furious was that for years he didn’t even attempt to open up to her or include her in his erotic fantasies. It made her feel unwanted and less than and that’s how she used to feel in Rio as a child and refused to relive any of those past emotions again as an adult.

Things were going to change. Her psycho-analytical mind went to work as she planned Phase 2 of her REvENGE on Samuel!!!

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