Army Sex Back in the 1970s

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When I was in the Army, sexual opportunities were limited, but not non-existent, particularly in the middle 70s when the Army first began to admit women to the general population. Prior to that, the best opportunities were with young civilian secretaries, the occasional nurse or WAC or young wives whose husbands were overseas. Personally, having served in Vietnam, I just couldn’t bring myself to be fucking some guy’s young wife while he was being shot at 15,000 miles away.

My first such experience was with a busty little brunette who was a secretary in the same department in which I was a flight instructor. She had given plenty of encouragement and flirted shamelessly, but it wasn’t until one of the other instructors told me that he had been fucking her for some time and certainly didn’t mind, ‘sharing’, that I pursued the possibilities.

Actually she had told him that she wanted to, ‘take both of us on at the same time’, but he was not comfortable with that plan. He told me that I was free to tap her when he wasn’t doing so. It’s great how buddies are willing to share. He made no bones about the fact that she was insatiable and that there was plenty of fucking for both of us.

My schedule with students involved night training; on night flying days, I would teach classroom instruction in the early afternoon, and it was seldom worthwhile going home prior to the night missions that began around 8:00 PM. She got off work at 4:30 PM and invited me to come to her place around 5:00 PM. I would have at least a couple of hours before I had to get back to the flight line.

She had large tits for a short girl, and a prominent and delightful bubble butt. I got to her place at the designated time and asked if I could use her shower before we got down to business and she agreed as long as she could join me. Naked women in streaming water has always been an erotic experience to me, so I had no argument with her desire.

Lots of finger fucking and groping followed. She wasn’t a very good cock sucker and her small mouth tired quickly, but that plumb little ass of hers was a butt man’s dream. We got out of the shower and dried each other off and headed for the bedroom. She was very direct in letting me know that I couldn’t have her ass, because that was reserved for the other instructor, but that I could fuck her pussy and her tits and while her mouth was too tired to blow me, I was very welcome to fuck her tits and come in her mouth.

She was one of those girls that instinctively, ‘assumes the position’, and her favorite position was on her back, with her cunt and ass thrust up in the air and her knees back over her head. There was something incredibly erotic about a young women who was this direct and knew exactly what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to say so.

She produced a vibrating dildo from the bed table and told me to work it in an out of her ass while I drilled her pussy. The feeling of that vibrating rubber cock just millimeters from my own was intense and I knew that I would come quickly; I also knew I would be able stay hard long enough to give her a good fucking. As I felt myself starting to shoot a load up her twat, I turned the vibrator up to high, tickled her clit and we both came within seconds.

Pulling out, I was still hard; at that age, I could easily cum twice in a row. She opened the end table drawer and produced a large bottle of mineral oil which she squirted on her tits. She then had me reposition and she pushed those big breasts together and told me, ‘fuck my boobs and come on my face’, which sounded like a good deal to me.

This womann was really in to tit fucking, and continuously pinched her nipples until they were standing up straight. I slid a pillow under her head so that the head of my cock just entered her mouth on each stroke. Having just cum, I knew I could last for a long time. I reached behind me and grabbed the vibrating rubber cock and began to work her pussy which brought a huge smile to her perky little mouth. After a good 20 minutes of slow, intense tit fucking, I dumped a sizable load in her mouth and on her face which seemed to make her the happiest little slut in the world; still working the vibrator, she came with a loud and piercing squeal seconds later.

She bounced up and went to the fridge for a couple of sodas, knowing I couldn’t drink within eight hours of a flight, and came back to bed with cum still dripping off her chin. She gave me a sloppy, cum soaked kiss and began to fondle by dick and suck on my nipples. She than told me to turn over on my stomach, placed a couple of pillows under my crotch and began to rim my ass. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was hard again with that talented little tongue working its way in and out of my rectum.

She reached underneath my and began to jerk my cock, then grabbed the mineral oil and oiled it up. With her other hand she grabbed the vibrator and placed it against my balls from behind. I wanted to fuck her again, but she would have none of Bycasino it, telling me that she loved to jerk a man off and that I had more than satisfied her up to this point and that I was to do nothing but let her work.

I was surprised that I was hard again, this soon; this was, however, as erotic and nasty as anything I had experienced. I raised up on my knees so that she could work my cock more freely. I wasn’t that old at the time, twenty-three, and had always assumed the more aggressive posture in sexual encounters, but then I had never really had an experience with a sexually aggressive women. It was incredibly erotic to have this wanton little vixen tongue my anus and jerk me off; when I came it was one of the most intense, shattering orgasms I had ever experienced.

I was pretty sure that I was spent for the day, and she knew it, but she had one more game in her bag of tricks.

“I know you’re a young stud, but I bet you’re fucked out for today, particularly since you’ve got to go back to work pretty soon.” she said. “I need to come one more time, but it really gets me off to finger myself while a guy talks nasty to me.”

She rolled on her back and began to insert first one, then two, then three fingers in her little pussy. She grabbed the mineral oil and squirted it on her cunt.

She gave her instructions. “So, I’m going to masturbate, and your going watch and tell me what a nasty, dirty little fuck-slut I am.”

Well, I had some acting experience in high school and college, so I figured I could help her with her needs.

I did my best to make her happy. “You’re nothing but a nasty little whore, a cum swallowing fuck-bitch who wants all her holes filled at once. You daddy would be ashamed of you if he could see you now, although I’m sure you sucked him off long ago. Your mother would be embarrassed if she wasn’t an even bigger whore who taught you everything you know.” And so on and so on.

She loved the humiliating talk and was getting hotter and hotter, her eyes glazing over as she furiously worked her whole fist in and out of her gash. She rolled over on her stomach and raiser her ass in the air and ordered, ‘spank me’. I obliged with a couple of light taps.

Her response to my love taps was almost a scream. “No ass hole, fucking spank me, make my ass bleed, leave your mark on my tender flesh, hurt me you bastard!”

Now I’d never been down this road before, and was raised to believe that only bad people abused women, and probably, up until this moment had been guilty of being too much of a, ‘nice guy’ when it came to the opposite sex. But, I was getting into this, so I began to spank her pudgy butt with increasing fury.

She urged me on. “Spank me you mother fucker, hurt me or you’ll never get a piece of this little cunt again.”

Her ass was red and there were visible welts as she yelled. “Hurt me you god damned pussy, beat me you fucking cock sucker, show me that you’ve got a set of balls”.

I grabbed her hair, and she yelled louder. “That’s it, pull my hair, punish me for being such a shameless bitch, harder, hit me, hurt me…” and then she came.

It was loud and long. I had never seen anyone come with such ferocity. Within seconds, she was the same little, somewhat demure secretary I had first met, asking if I wanted something to eat before I returned to the flight line. She made a mean sandwich.

After I returned from my second Vietnam tour the Army began to change in the all volunteer era, but the biggest change was the admission of women into the ranks. Now, the first women admitted, particularly in the enlisted ranks, were certainly not the most virtuous members of society. Sex between soldiers began to become a real problem in the middle 70’s. Lesbian sex became very common.; as it would be today, it was grounds for discharge—often less than honorable.

I was on duty one night, and while making my rounds, discovered two very attractive women in an open room in the classic 69. They would have fucked me in a heart beat rather than face court martial. I should have called CID and their commander, but closed the door with a firm admonishment.

“Ladies, for God sake, lock the door next time.” I scolded.

“Yes sir! Thank you, sir!” They replied in unison.

A lot of enlisted women wanted to, ‘bag an officer’, particularly a pilot. This was also the beginning of the whole environmental era and concern for chemical contamination. One of my responsibilities was to run survey teams to evaluate suspicious spills. I didn’t have enough manpower, so the Brigade Commander put a medical detachment under my control.

This was a detachment with specific training in health, hygiene and sanitary standards, but they also had training in identifying other hazards. Of the fifteen or so soldier in this unit, more than half were female.

Most of the women were nothing special, but one was rather enticing, even though fraternization was frowned upon. Bycasino giriş The current, verbal rule was, don’t fool around within your own chain of command. I was a, ‘good boy’ and had no intension of breaking the rules. I was also young and perpetually horny.

The enticing one was a young specialist, E5, with natural red hair, pale, freckled skin and a tight little butt that even Army fatigues couldn’t hide. She happened to be an excellent soldier who took her new responsibilities very seriously and ran a good squad. Since she was one of the more senior young NCOs in the unit, I met with her every other day or so to review her team’s activities. She had a habit of standing very close to me and hanging on my every word that I found extremely erotic. I had no idea that her attentiveness was anything more than respect and diligence, but I was soon to find out what she had in mind.

She called me one day to report a suspicious substance seeping from an old wooden building. It turned out that no one was assigned to the structure and no one seemed to have the keys to gain entrance. She asked me to meet her at the building to help investigate.

When I arrived, she was taking samples of the spill. We both walked around the building and found a window that appeared to be unlocked. I climbed up and forced the window open and she then suggested that we needed to get inside to investigate and possibly stop the spill. I offered to help her up first, giving her a leg up. When she got her hands on the window sill, she did not quite have the upper body strength to pull her self through and asked for a little help. I grabbed her thighs just below her ass and propelled her upward and into the building. I then pulled myself through the open window.

The building was filled with a lot of junk, old mattresses and what turned out to be a five gallon drum of cooking oil—the source of the spill, which was certainly not hazardous. I don’t remember how it happened, but as usual, she was standing very close to me, as she usually did, and the next thing I knew I had my tongue in her mouth and my hands in her pants and we fell on to a pile of mattresses, desperately unbuttoning each others uniforms.

Not wanting to waste valuable time, we didn’t even remove out boots. She sat down on the edge of the mattresses, yanked open my belt, pulled down my fatigue pants and boxers and engulfed my prick in her hot little mouth. I was so aroused I didn’t last more than a few seconds and as I felt the load welling up from my nuts I told her that I was about to come. She nodded and moaned expectantly and I quickly blew a load down her young throat. She didn’t spill a drop, continued to lick and suck the head of my cock and kept me hard.

She stood up, kissed me, and then whispered in my ear. “Thank you for coming in my mouth, sir. Please fuck me now.”

She dropped her pants, turned around, laid the upper part of her body across the mattresses and presented her fine, white, freckled young ass like all good young whores have learned to do. I wasted no time in ramming my cock up her pussy and began to pound into her with almost sadistic fury, like some rutting animal. I grabbed her long red pony tail with one hand and slapped the cheeks of her ripe young ass with the other. It was a classic power fuck and she was into it.

“Fuck me sir, ram your big officer cock up my enlisted pussy, slap me, pull my hair, fuck me hard, make me scream, bang it, fuck it, do me, order me to satisfy you, sir, ram it in, harder, oh, sir, may I come now?” She innocently said.

“Absolutely.” I replied, getting into the role play. “You have my permission to come, you little slut. Take my load you little cunt, come now or I’ll punish you for disobeying a direct order.”

That sent her, and me, over the edge and we both came in a screaming, moaning fury. It was a very satisfying fuck. We both stood up, pulled up or pants and prepared to crawl back through the window.

She gave me a long, cum flavored kiss and whispered, “Thank you for servicing my tight little enlisted pussy, sir, its yours any time you want it; so is my hot mouth.” I almost came in my pants.

A few days later she came by my office to update me on her mission and we acted as if nothing had ever happened. I shared the office with a young Captain named Roger, who, I knew from conversations and from meeting his bitch wife, ‘needed a blow job more than any man on the face of the earth’.

Roger would always make comments after young Army women came by about how much he’d like to fuck them, but he never had the style to go for it and was totally pussy whipped and scared to death of his wife. One time, after another, ‘field encounter’ with my red headed cum slut, she asked me about Roger, since she always felt like he was undressing her every time she came to the office.

Roger was cute, she thought, and she would be more than willing to fuck and suck him, if I, ‘ordered her to’. Bycasino güncel giriş I told her I would work on it and that Roger was the horniest guy I had ever met, but was totally pussy whipped. I told her to be ready for some fun next time she came to our office.

Roger was always pumping me for information about our freckled friend, asking me if I was dicking her, whether or not I thought she sucked cock, took it up the pooper and so on. I was always evasive, but did tell him that she would be in the office on Friday for her annual efficiency report and that, since she was female, I would appreciate it if he would attend. This was traditional when a male officer had a private meeting with a female enlisted person.

Now, it’s very hard to keep people from barging into an Army office, particularly senior officers who have no respect for anyone’s privacy, but efficiency reviews were the exception. We had a printed sign that could be put on the office door and the door could be locked. The sign read, ‘Efficiency Report In Progress’, and even the most senior general officers would not interrupt unless there was a nuke on the way. Roger couldn’t wait for Friday.

The efficiency review went well because, in addition to being an incredible little cock sucker, and a great piece of ass, she was also a damned fine soldier. She was smart as a whip and seemed far better educated then her peers. We were both single and I got no hint that she wanted me as a husband. I gave her max scores in every area, and finally we got to the, ‘needs improvement’ section.

Now, even the best individuals had something they could improve on, maybe more training or education, better delegation, etc. In fact I had written that she should continue to work on her degree and consider Officer Candidate School.

In keeping with the scam that she and I had devised, I suggested that the only area that I personally would like to see her improve on was carrying out orders quickly without too many questions. Nothing like that was on the real report I had written.

She looked over at Roger, licked her lips and spoke. “Oh, sir, I think I’ve improved a great deal in that area. Any order you give me will be carried out without question and in all due haste!”

I told her that poor Captain Roger had a problem; his wife would not suck his cock and it was severely and negatively affecting his performance and that for the good of the Army I wanted her to give Roger a blow job immediately. Roger’s face turned many colors, quickly approaching deep red.

She jumped up, saluted and replied. “Yes sir!”

She than went over to Roger’s desk, pushed his chair back and began undoing his belt and zipper and pulling his cock out. Roger could not believe what was happening, was scared to death that somehow, he would get caught, but before he could protest she had that hot little mouth wrapped around his very erect dick and was taking it deep into her throat. With one hand she unzipped her fatigues, grabbed Roger’s hand and pulled it in to work her pantyless little cunt, with the other she softly caressed his nuts, milking then to get his full load of cum. Roger, as far as I could tell, had never had a blow job, except a bad one from some gook whore in Vietnam; he did not last more than a matter of seconds. He came in her mouth; she never spilled a drop.

“Oh, Captain, sir, thank you for coming in my mouth, but your cock is still hard, so I must complete my mission.” She said.

With that she stood up, spun around, dropped her pants and lowered her tight, freckled little butt into Rogers lap, impaling her hot little pussy on his cock. What a sight. Roger, wide eyed and scared but also filled with lust. My little pale, freckled, enlisted fuck slut bouncing up and down on his cock for all she was worth.

Roger was starting to really get into it, and lust was replacing fear. He stood up, forced her torso down over his desk and began to doggie fuck her for all he was worth.

“Oh, yes sir! I love rear entry, it’s my favorite position. Fuck me hard sir, I live to serve and satisfy. Pound my little cunt sir, make me come.” She went on and on.

I don’t know if she came, but Roger sure did and she did a pretty good job of making him believe she was coming. It was an incredible sight; she got up off the desk, turned around and added to the erotic nastiness of what had just transpired.

“Sir, you filled my little pussy with your cum, it’s so full it might stain my uniform, what should I do?” She mournfully inquired.

Roger smiled and said. “I can solve that problem.”

He then laid her across his desk and began furiously eating his own cum out of her cunt. This time, I’m sure she came. As they finished up their business and put their uniforms back in order, she turned to me for a parting shot.

“Did I follow orders correctly, sir? I’m sure I did more than was expected of me.” She asked.

I ensured her that she would receive a maximum score in all areas of performance. By this time she and I couldn’t contain ourselves and began laughing uncontrollably. We let Roger in on the gag.

As she left, she gave Roger a big kiss and put the icing on his cake. “You’re pretty good for an old guy, what are you twenty-nine?”

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