At the party_(4)

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My boyfriend and I have just gotten into a huge fight about him not appreciating the things I do for our relationship of two years. So I’ve decided to keep him clueless about the party that was about to happen in the evening. It was organised by our high school students so I was pretty sure it was going to be lame and boring and I didn’t really plan on staying longer than an hour.
I was in my bedroom trying to decide what to wear. The only thing I was certain about was my pretty little black thong. I always felt like it brought me luck somehow, but maybe it was just the fact that it made me feel sexy and confident.
So there I was – in my tight thong looking through the wardrobe. I’ve never been that girl who spends a lot of thoughts on what she’s gonna wear so I just grabbed the first skirt I could find and of course it was the shortest one I could’ve possibly picked out but I just went with it since I didn’t have the nerves to look and further. I decided to wear a tight black croptop with it and no bra, my nipples gently poking out. I wore a black pair of Vans on my feet to keep me comfortable. I felt so sexy in black and I went on to put some red lipstick as a cherry on top. I have dark hair that is cut right bellow my chin so I went through it with my hands to make it a bit messier and fluffier. It was time for me to put my jacket and helmet on. I grabbed my keys and got on my motorbike since the party was a 20 minute drive from my town.
As soon as I arrived I saw a few of my friends already drinking out of a cheap bottle of wine outside the party house so I joined them. There were Gina, Amber, Vincent, Demi … and a beautiful girl I’ve had a crush on since … forever, Tasha. She was the only one not paying attention to my arrival and it still hurt even though I was used to her ignoring me since our first kiss. She got a boyfriend and so did I so we had decided to take some time appart and try to ignore our feelings. Her hair was longer than mine and a bit lighter as well. Her eyes were dark brown, almost black and I wasn’t sure if she had noticed me staring at her. She seemed shy at first but” title=”escort bayan”>escort bayan after a few moments she smiled at me, oh god her smile … she looked down again breaking eye contact but somehow her attention made me happy even though it was just for a split second.
A moment later came Anna with a girl I’ve never seen before. She was pretty and she seemed so confident and relaxed. She quickly jumped towards me, offering her hand as she introduced herself: “Hi, I’m Stefany!” We shook hands … I remember her skin being so soft … It reminded me of our time with Tasha … when she still held my hand …
We noticed all of our drunken friends had already gone inside so we laughed and ran after them.
The band was playing and it was a bit too loud to talk so we had decided to spend a few moments on the terase first. They all sat down around a table and of course I was the one who didn’t get the chair so Stefany invited me to sit on her lap. She seemed so excited and happy when I accepted her offer and I slowly sat on her. Her hands were resting on my hips and I was wondering whether or not she wanted to slide them a bit lower. But it wouldn’t matter since she wasn’t Tasha … We sat like this for a good half an hour until we went inside to dance.
I could feel my body shaking from the loud music that was being played by the band and surprisingly it wasn’t even that bad. Subconsciously I started dancing. I decided to close my eyes and relax, I just wanted to enjoy the sound and vibration around me as I moved my hips around. I was so happy to be there, not to be bothered by anything. I wondered away in my mind, forgetting where I was, but I was quickly brought back to Earth by a soft touch on my back. I recognised her, how could I not. Her hand was the one pulling me closer to her for a kiss a few months back. I could feel her approaching me from behind and her fingertips on my bare skin since I was wearing a croptop. Her hand slid all around my waist until she was right in front of me. Our eyes met and there was something so calming and soothing about it. I missed her so much. She gave me a hug and I’m pretty sure she could” title=”kocaeli escort bayan”>kocaeli escort bayan feel my hard nipples against her chest. Well, I could certainly feel hers. I hugged her tighter burying my head into her hair, meeting her neck. I licked my lips a bit and slowly kissed her skin. Her hips pushed against me a bit more and she moved her head to the side, exposing her neck even more. So I kissed it again. And again. Her skin was perfect and I licked her with the tip of my tongue.
The music was loud and I didn’t hear what she said to me next but her hand grabbed mine and she pulled me across the dance floor. We went to another room. Surprisingly no one was there. It was dark and I could barely see her but it seemed like she knew what she was doing. Her hand let go of mine and she pushed me on the couch I haven’t even noticed before. The door, which was still wide open, let just the enough amount of light in for me to see her figure. She was gorgeous, so simple and elegant … so sexy. I was pretty sure I was dreaming about her … again. She came closer, put her hand on my thigh as she slowly climbed on my lap so that we were facing eachother. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter just by her presence. Her hand slid up my body over my chest with her fingertips stopping on my rock hard nipples. She pinched them lightly which resulted in a huge amount of blood rushing down my body and making my clit pulse in despreation for her touch. She leaned closer to my lips so I could feel her warm breath on my face. I couldn’t take it anymore. My arms hugged her perfect body and I kissed her. Her lips were so soft … just like I remember. We kissed again … and again. She slid her tongue out to find mine and we french kissed. I missed her … So. So. Much.
I grabbed her ass and she let out the cutest moan out of surprise but she wouldn’t stop kissing me. My pussy was wet and my clit was on fire. She knew that. She let her hand follow gravity and her fingers gently but with confidence pressed against my wet pussy. I moaned and kissed her like never before. She smiled, proud to know” title=”kocaeli escort”>kocaeli escort she can give me such pleasure.
My hand slid down her ass cheeks to her pussy and we rubbed eachother and moaned. She kept kissing me while her hand was soaking wet with my juices. She had been my dream for so long and I finally had her in my arms. I grabbed her ass again and got up with her in my arms. I sat her down on a counter nearby as I stood between her legs. She held me tight and she kissed me again, pressing her tongue against mine. I slid my hands under her blouse and up to her chest. There wasn’t much to grab but they were perfect for me. I pinched her nipples and I unbuttoned her shirt. She didn’t stop me. I got lower and carefully licked her nipples while keeping eye contact with my horny little goddess to make sure she was okay with it. Her head leaned back as she let out a soft moan and I kept playing with her chest with one hand while I rubbed her wet pussy with the other one. I got lower, with my face between her legs and I slowly moved her soaked panties to the side explosing her sweet pussy. She looked at me in desperation for my touch and I had to make her happy. My lips got closer to her clit and I gently licked it, teasing her.
Her moans made me want her even more and I licked her clit with a bit more force this time. She grabbed my hair. I knew she wanted me badly. I ate her with all the love I could’ve possibly given to a woman. Oh, her voice … I could feel her legs shaking and her pussy getting wild. She let out the loudest and hottest moan as she came. Her body was covered in sweat and I couldn’t believe what just happened. I got up to her and she kissed me pushing her body against mine. She jumped off the counter and pushed me on the couch again. Her hands quickly found their way under my skirt to my pussy and before I could see what was going on her lips met my clit and my head feel back on the soft pillows. I moaned as she ate me out until I came. She layed on top of me, smiled, happy with her job well done as she kissed me. The kiss was extremely wet and strong and I didn’t want to let her go. She put her head on my chest and whispered “I’ve missed you too.” We didn’t know what was going to happen in the future, but at the time, we had decided to be grateful for being so close that one night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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