August 22

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I was sitting on the couch, browsing through the morning paper while I half-halfheartedly watched Sportscenter, when Tara bounded into the room.

“Its a beautiful day outside,” she said, “we should go for a run or a walk or something.” She was already dressed for a workout, with her short pink running shorts and her white sports bra. Basically, she was telling me she was going out and she thought I should too.

I was exhausted from a long work week and was looking forward to a couple days off, watching the Sox-Yankees series was the only activity I had planned. I looked out the window and saw the summer sun shining brightly. She was right, it was a gorgeous summer day. As much as I wanted to relax, I couldn’t allow myself to waste such perfect weather.

I placed the paper beside me on the couch and looked up at her, smiling. “Sure, sounds good, baby. Let me get changed.”

The smile lit up her face as she beamed and did a little bounce. Clapping her hands, she exclaimed, “Yayyyy.”

I chuckled as I lifted myself off the couch and headed upstairs to the bedroom. I chose the closest thing I had to running shorts, a rather longish, army green pair, but they were lightweight. I grabbed a gray sleeveless shirt from my drawer and a fresh pair of socks and headed back downstairs to find my sneakers.

She was waiting at the foot of the stairs with my sneakers and my knee brace. I smiled. She always thought of everything. I sat on the stairs and finished dressing for a day out. I allowed my eyes to travel up over her long legs and up her body until our eyes met and I knew she was checking me out as well.

Standing up, I smiled and said, “Ready?”

She nodded and we headed out the door. “I figured we’d go over to the park, there’s a nice nature trail we can use.” The park she was talking about was less than a mile walk from our house. The county had recently built a nature trail curving through the woods. I knew about it, but had never seen it. I figured she had.

We walked side by side, talking idly about our respective jobs and other stuff. As we approached the entrance to the park, she turned to me and asked, “So, are you up for a run or would you rather just walk?”

“What do you normally do?” I responded.

“I usually go for a little run, the trail is pretty long though,” she answered.

“Well, I’ll run as long as I can,” I smiled.

We reached the head of the trail and she stopped and started stretching. I followed suit, but couldn’t help watching her out of the corner of my eye. She was beautiful, I found her as attractive as the day we met, even more so. Her clothes showed her body off well. Her wonderfully toned stomach, her long silky legs. The sports bra constricted her breasts, but I could use my imagination there.

I heard her cough and looked up at her. The grin on her face told me she had caught me staring at her. I willed myself to tear my eyes from her body and stood upright.

She smiled and said, “Try to keep up, big man,” and started jogging. I started after her, running softly beside her. I knew she was starting out slow, but would soon be running much faster. Her little jab at me was a bit of a challenge. She knew she could outrun me. She had more stamina and I was also sporting a knee that was less that a hundred percent.

We ran at an easy pace for awhile, not talking, just looking around at the trees in their mid-summer glory. Listening to the birds chirping and breathing the fresh smell of a summer morning. We came upon a few people walking the trail, enjoying the day in a more leisurely way. I found myself somewhat surprised at the number of people out before noon. I figured they were enjoying it before the afternoon heat became unbearable.

Her pace increased and although I was easily able to match her, I could feel my breathing become more labored. We crested a small hill and the trail snaked down into deeper woods. The sunlight barely made it through the trees here and the temperature was noticeably cooler. The further we went, the less people we encountered. There were brief stretches where the only sounds I could hear was the pounding of our feet and our breathing. To be honest it was more my breathing than hers.

It wasn’t long before she pulled ahead of me and I was unable to keep up. I wasn’t winded yet, but if I tried to keep her pace I would be. I knew she was holding back a little bit for my benefit as well.

We ran deeper into the woods along the trail, passing less and less people.

After a bit, she turned back and asked “Want me to slow down, Ryan?” I shook my head ‘no’ and she grinned and turned back. Mustering up every bit of energy I had, I pushed myself to a full sprint. I easily caught up to her and reached out with my hand to smack her ass as I passed.

She shrieked and jumped a little as I passed, but quickly regained her bearings and quickened her pace. I ran at top speed for as long as I could, but the burning in my legs and the poker oyna shortness of my breath didn’t allow that to last long. She soon overtook me and returned the favor of smacking my ass as she did.

I noticed her gait was effortless, wherein mine was top speed. Her breathing was even and easy, unlike my own ragged labored breath. My little game of catching her, had finished the job of completely winding me.

I slowed to a stop and coughed out her name. She turned to see me, hands on my knees trying to catch my breath and jogged back beside me.

“You okay, baby?” she asked.

Panting, I responded, “Yes, just a bit winded. Need to take it easy for a minute.”

“We can walk for a little bit baby,” she said and took my hand. Holding my hand in hers she gently tugged me along as she started walking. I stood up and followed behind her. My breathing eventually slowed and once again I began to notice our surroundings. The bright green trees and grass. The intoxicating smell of the fading morning dew. The sounds of the birds and crickets chirping.

It wasn’t long before my eyes found their way back to her body. I found myself staring at her ass inside those short pink shorts. I smiled to myself and vaguely registered her head turning back to look at me. She must have noticed where my attention was and soon began swaying her hips back and forth more deliberately.

I let out a low groan which drew a chuckle from her. I couldn’t see her face, but I could imagine the grin that was plastered there. Suddenly she stopped without warning. With my attention elsewhere, I walked right into her, my crotch bumping into her ass.

She pressed back against me and ground her hips a little. Turning her head back to me she smiled and said, “Watch where your going mister.” She started walking again, with me following close behind her.

We were both looking around at the beautiful sights, the different trees and shrubbery as we walked. Every so often she would come to a complete stop, causing me to bump into her again. Every time she would push back against me and grind her ass into me, before starting to walk again. It didn’t take a genius to figure out she was doing this on purpose. My confirmation came when she pointed to a cardinal in a tree just before she came to a stop.

I smiled and played her game. We walked, stopped, ground into each other. After about the tenth time I decided to be bold. When she stopped and I bumped into her, I wrapped my arms around her and covered her breasts with my hands. I could feel her nipples harden almost immediately and when she pushed her ass back against me, grinding, I could feel my body responding to her as well.

We kept up this mutual teasing as we walked further down the trail. By this point I was nearly fully erect. When we bumped together this time, I moved my hips up and down, sliding my shaft between her ass cheeks.

Out of nowhere, I caught sight of a jogger heading towards us from further down the trail. She started to move, either she didn’t see him or didn’t want him to see us like this. I quickly grabbed her hips and pulled her back against me. Not wanting the passerby to see my shorts tented, I pretended to point something out to her in the trees. She caught on and nodded. Leaning her head back onto my shoulder. It was all I could do not to press my lips against the flesh of her exposed neck.

The runner passed us and she pushed away. We resumed our walk. I looked back and saw no one in sight. No one in front of us either. I reached down and took her hand and veered off the path.

“What are you do-,” she started but cut herself off as I squeezed her hand. I cut a path through the trees and she followed willingly. I could hear her breathing behind me and could tell she was excited.

When I was satisfied we were out of sight from the trail. I stopped and pulled her to me. Our eyes met as I backed her up against a strong tree. I could see my desire mirrored in her eyes. I leaned in and kissed her hungrily, pressing her back against the trunk of the tree. She returned my kiss with equal vigor, her arms snaking around my neck.

My hands found their way to her hips as our tongues danced together. I hooked my thumbs into her shorts and began pushing them down. She wiggled her hips helping me work her shorts and thong down her legs. She moaned against my lips as the cool morning air hit her exposed pussy.

Her fingers danced on my neck as her lips moved along my jawline. I hooked my thumbs into my own shorts and pushed them down my legs, along with my boxers. She nibbled my bottom lip as my cock, hard from our teasing bounced free.

Hearing voices from the trail, I kissed her fiercely once more, pushing her against the tree. As the voices faded away, I lifted her left leg up around my hip. Instinctively she wrapped it around my torso. Lowering my hips slightly, I reached down and took hold of my throbbing cock. Rubbing the head up and down through her slit, coating canlı poker oyna it in her wetness. The heat coming from her was immense and she moaned into our kiss once more.

With another slight dip of my hips, the head of my cock was poised at her opening. Her breathing was as labored now as mine was during our run. With a quick upward thrust I buried myself fully inside her. Her moan echoed through the trees. If anyone was nearby, they certainly would have heard that.

Holding her ass cheek with my right hand, I raised my left hand up and covered her mouth. Her eyes bore holes in me over my fingers. My lust for her, fueled by our earlier teasing, and our location, where we could be easily caught by an inquisitive passerby, dictated that this would not be a slow and easy love making, but rather an hard, savage fuck.

I felt her inner muscles squeeze around my shaft and I immediately began pumping my hips up into her. She moaned into my palm with each deep thrust I took. I was soon pounding my cock into her, pushing her body against the tree. She pushed back into me with everything she had.

With her leg securely locked around my waist, I raised my right hand and pulled her sports bra up over her breasts. The pink nipples were rock hard and just begging for my mouth. I hungrily obliged. I felt her teeth against my palm as I lowered my head and sucked first one, then the other nipple between my lips.

My hips never slowed, driving my cock deeper and deeper inside her as I ravaged her breasts with my mouth. Soon, I felt her nails digging into my back through my shirt, she dragged them up and down my back as I thrust into her. Her moans were muffled by my hand. Thank god, because I could hear more walkers on the trail, out of sight.

The moisture was flowing from her pussy now, coating my balls as they slapped against her ass.

I dared to remove my hand from her mouth and take hold of her hips with both hands. She pursed her lips to quiet herself as I watched her breasts bounce with each powerful thrust of my hips. The sound of our flesh slapping together the only noise I could hear.

Our eyes locked, her desire evident in her stare. I drove my cock into her pussy again and again. Her muscles tried to squeeze me, but her wetness allowed me to glide through easily. Soon, she couldn’t hold back her moans any longer. A few soft moans were eventually followed by a rather loud one. Startled, I quickly leaned forward and kissed her deeply.

When I broke the kiss, my hand covered her mouth again. My own breathing was ragged once more. I grunted as I fucked her. I could feel my body slipping closer to the edge of release. She nibbled on my palm and pushed her body into mine.

“I’m close,” I panted between thrusts. Unable to speak, with my hand over her mouth, she weakly nodded her head up and down. When I felt my shaft swell inside her, I leaned into her, burying my face against her collarbone and growled into it as my cock exploded.

When my seed shot into her depths, I felt her muscles quiver around my shaft. Her pussy flooded me as she hit her release as well. I could hear and feel her moan muffled by my hand. I pulled my hips back and thrust back deep inside her one last time, eliciting another moan.

My body was pressed against hers, pressing her back against the tree, my cock still firmly embedded inside her. I softly kissed her neck and removed my hand from her mouth. I could hear her trying to catch her breath, just as I was attempting to catch mine.

After a few moments, I raised my head and met her eyes. We smiled at one another and shared a soft kiss. Her arms hugged me tight to her and I could feel her hard nipples through my shirt. When her breathing slowed she spoke.

“My back is scratched up, but that was wonderful, baby.”

I smiled and kissed her. Letting go of her leg and letting her foot fall to the ground, I lowered my hips, pulling my cock out of her. I knelt down and pulled my shorts back up, then knelt again and did the same for her.

I stood back up and our eyes met again. She smiled and reached her hand out and around my neck, pulling me in for another kiss.

When we broke the kiss, I whispered, “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too,” she responded and kissed me again.

When our kiss broke again, she laughed softly and said, “I’m not sure if I can walk right now.”

I laughed and turned around, squatting down and silently offering her a ride on my back. Looking over my shoulder, I saw her laugh and re-adjust her sports bra. She then stepped forward and accepted my offer. I hooked my arms under her knees and stood up. Slowly, I made my way through the trees, back toward the trail.

As I approached the tree line, I looked from side to side, trying to spot fellow nature lovers. When I was satisfied there was no one in sight, I ducked out of the trees with her on my back and headed back up the trail towards home.

As I walked, I noticed I could still internet casino feel the heat from her pussy on my lower back, through my shirt. I smiled to myself. After a bit, I could feel her lazily dragging her fingers over my shaved head. I thought about the shower we would take when we arrived home. Even after our intense session a few minutes ago, I could feel my cock twitch at the idea.

Eventually, we spotted people walking towards us. Before they were within ear shot, she told me to put her down. I looked back, wordlessly asking if she was sure. She nodded and said she was fine to walk now.

I lowered her to the ground and she immediately took up position next to me. Her hand sought mine out and our fingers laced as we started walking. As we passed the other walkers, I noticed their smiles at the sight of us. A loving couple, walking hand in hand, our faces flushed, our flesh slick with perspiration. As far as they knew it was from a hard workout. If they only knew, I thought and laughed to myself.

When the people had passed, she turned to me suddenly and standing on tiptoes, whispered in my ear. “I can feel your cum leaking out of me.”

I coughed at her words and looked at her. She smiled innocently and kept walking. I squeezed her hand gently. Soon we were conversing normally as we walked. Every so often though, she would stop to adjust her shorts and wiggle her hips. I smiled knowingly every time.

After a nice leisurely walk, I eventually saw the beginning of the trail. Knowing we were less than five minutes from being home, I said, “Damn, I need a shower.”

“You?” she said with a twinkle in her eye. We smiled at each other and walked out of the park and headed for home.

I looked at the sky as we approached the house. The sun was shining brightly against a sea of blue. I estimated the time to be around noon and wondered how hot the day would get. I also wondered if we would take another nature walk later this evening. I smiled at the thought as we turned onto the walk heading to our front door.

We both headed straight for the kitchen when entering the house. Reaching the refrigerator first, I grabbed 2 bottles of water and handed her one. I drank my entire bottle with one swallow and grabbed a second, sipping that one and watching her drink hers. When she finished, I took the empty bottle from her and headed to the recycle bin with it.

Before I turned back, I heard her say, “I get the shower first,” and laugh as she dashed up the stairs. I glared towards her, but she wasn’t looking. I stopped by the front door and removed my shoes before following her upstairs.

When I reached the bedroom, I heard the shower already running. I walked to the stereo and started up a Social Distortion CD, turning the volume up enough that she could hear it in the bathroom. I stripped my clothes off and threw them in the closet hamper, grabbed a towel and walked into the bathroom.

She was already in the shower, her shorts and sports bra in a pile on the floor. I pulled back the shower curtain and stepped in. She was tilting her head back under the spray and never saw me enter. The music I had started ensured that she never heard me coming. When she opened her eyes and saw me, I saw a brief flash of surprise.

“Its summertime,” I said, “always a good idea to conserve water. She smiled. I smiled back. My eyes quickly scanned her body from her silky legs, over her smooth pussy, up to her full breasts with tiny pink nipples until my eyes met hers.

I reached out and placed my hands on her hips, turning her to the side as I squeezed past her to get under the water. The cool shower felt wonderful on my heated skin. I tilted my neck back and allowed the water to hit my smooth scalp.

I opened my eyes and looked at her. “How’s your back, baby?” I asked.

“A little scratched but okay” she answered.

“Turn around and let me see.”

She complied with my request and my eyes were immediately drawn to her ass. My concern for her scratched back quickly overrode my lasciviousness and I raised my eyes. Her back had minor scratches from our woods encounter. Nothing a little lotion and a tender massage couldn’t cure.

I reached out and grabbed the soap. Rubbing it between my hands to work up a lather, I gently started running my hands and the soap over her back. She cooed her appreciation. I lathered her skin up from her neck to the small of her back, before dropping to my knees and running the soap over ass, lingering just a bit. I finished by soaping up the back of her legs.

I stood behind her and used my hands to move her, switching positions with her again. With her back to the spray of water, I began lathering up the front of her body. I felt her eyes follow my movements as my hand and the soap gently covered her breasts. I rubbed my palms over her nipples. They were hard again, or was it still? I didn’t linger on the thought, instead I lathered up her belly and hips.

I could hear hear breath catch when I dropped to my knees again. I soaped up her legs starting with her ankles and making my way up. I looked up and briefly caught her eye, before running the soap between her legs and over her swollen pussy.

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