Bad Idea at Work, But…

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His name is Maurice Wilson Sullivan but everybody calls him Sully, he has been at his job for several years and it probably caused his divorce, but he enjoyed the pressure and just loved the people there. He is forty three and most of the other employees working for him are under thirty. Oh was it mentioned they’re all women? No? Well let me tell you what they do then you’ll understand.

He started the business when there was an opening in the phone sex industry because the interest in the internet kind of pushed the phone into the background. He hired college girls and guys to design the programs and web sites and set it up so they would get class credits and he got cheap labor. It worked out perfectly and now he has over fifty sites that provide various needs and a few of the still popular phone sex sites. The new thing that has taken off is the virtual sex sites.

People call in and have their virtual selves have sex with someone else’s virtual self. I know it sounds weird, but when he saw a demonstration he was hooked. It’s like make believe animated people meet and bone each other. The cool thing is you don’t really know what the real person looks like or if it happens to be the opposite sex, if that’s what you want or the same sex partner.

The dynamic of the industry changed so much that a lot of college age women needed to have tuition for their education and this was perfect, if their morals didn’t get in the way. Of course guys would apply but since he was doing the hiring, well you understand.

He had, I say had, a policy not to get involved with any employees for a sexual encounter. He stuck to it even though several of the young women attempted to make him break it. Let me tell you having a nineteen year old sexy good looking girl tell you she would do anything for you is well mind boggling.

So a few years go by his divorce is final and he is single again. The girls are looking real good to him and his lack of release has his dick wondering if he is ok.

There is an opening for a new executive secretary, his last one got pregnant and married all at once. He set the standards pretty high for a secretary because of the volume of work she’ll have to do. He didn’t want to have a young college girl because she wouldn’t have any experience. He wanted to have a woman that still looked good because the clients deserve it and would have no problems with the kind of work they do here.

He interviewed almost twenty applicants some were very good but when they found out what kind of business it was they said, ‘No thanks!’

It was down to the last three resumes, the first two looked promising and the interviews were just ok. The last woman, Peggy, had his full attention.

Peggy was recently divorced after ten years and had been the secretary for her ex-husbands business all that time. Her skills exceeded my expectations and when he told her what they do here she just smiled and told him she had used the virtual sites several times after her divorce.

Peggy had an exceptional personality and figure. She had medium blond straight hair, blue eyes, about five feet six, medium sized breasts, a trim waist and gorgeous legs. She told him they didn’t have any children so there was no problem with working the occasional weekend. Peggy just sitting in the office gave off a sexual vibe that had him hard in minutes. With her personality, her looks and her work experience it was a no-brainer. They discussed what she was looking for as far as her salary went, he had a hard time keeping a straight face when she told him what her ex-husband paid her, he said “Peggy I have to tell you I’m impressed with your attitude and work experience, but let me write down a figure and you tell me if you can work for that amount. Don’t forget the salary doesn’t include the benefits we discussed already,” he wrote some numbers down on a slip of paper and slid it towards her.

He knew she expected a lower figure and to be honest he only did it to tease a little. He offered her almost double what her ex-husband paid.

She had this worried look on her face so biting her lip she looked at the paper then at him then back at the paper, “This isn’t a joke is it?”

He grinned back and said, “Peggy I told you I pay people what I think their worth and what you made before, well lets just say it didn’t come close. Now, that is the starting salary and in ninety days you and I will meet to re-evaluate and if I’m satisfied with your work and you’re satisfied with being here then I always give a ten percent increase, that’s salary and stock option package. I insist you don’t decide now, take the rest of the week and call me on Friday afternoon. Here is my cell number,” they shook hands and Peggy left. He went to my window to watch her walk to her car, “Wow she has a nice ass,” he said. She almost made it to the lot when she threw her hands in the air and did a little dance then ran to her car. He laughed as she tapped her hands on the wheel and sang to her music all the way out of our lot, “Peggy poker oyna welcome to the family.”

The few days left in the week went fast. Finally on Friday at three minutes after twelve his cell rang, “Hello?”

It was her, “Mr. Sullivan? Hi its Peggy we had an interview on Tuesday and you told me to call back.”

He couldn’t believe it his dick got hard just hearing her voice, “Uh, yeah Peggy how are you? Did you consider my offer carefully?” he fantasized she was naked on the phone, it was very distracting.

She giggled, “Yes I did and if you still want me I’d like to start as soon as possible.”

Shaking his head he came back to life, “Of course! I look forward to seeing you at nine on Monday morning. I’ll set up the orientation and a full tour of the facility. Peggy welcome aboard.”

She thanked him and hung up. The image of her in the nude kept coming back, so rather than trying to ignore it he just let it happen. It kept him in a consistent horny condition the rest of the day.

On Fridays he had the usual meeting with all departments and went over any problems or research coming up. It helped him see things from their perspective and head off any potential problems.

That night he met some of his buddies at a local watering hole and they commented on the ball scores and women that walked by. By nine o’clock he was bushed so after setting a tee time for Saturday morning headed home. On the drive his mind went back to Peggy without clothes, thinking it would be real bad if he had a wreck and a cop saw him with a hard on and no one in the car, so he straightened up and made it home in one piece.

His neighbor Doris was sitting on her front porch and asked him to sit with her for a drink or three, “Come on Wilson, I just want some one to drink with, I promise to keep my clothes on for a little while anyway,” she giggled and he could hear she had already started.

Doris was a horny forty year old school teacher who didn’t want any commitments just to get laid every once and a while. She had a great sense of humor and could always make him laugh. Doris wasn’t a beauty queen, but she knew a lot of tricks in the bedroom to keep her partners attention. She was all of five feet nothing with a huge set of tits for her height thirty eight double D, pretty short brown hair, brown eyes, fairly trim and her other best feature was her ass. Her cheeks were tight and round with just enough give to make him firm up thinking about them.

He pulled off his sport coat and sat down, “Doris how the hell are you?” he asked and poured myself a scotch over ice. Taking a swallow he said, “Now that hits the spot! Did you have a good day dear?” it was their standard question.

Taking a swallow of her drink she giggled, “Well darling let me tell you what happened to me today! I got up and went to the gym like always, did my usual exercise’s, went to the tread mill and started to run. Here comes that guy I like Gerald, you know the muscle head, anyway he gets on the treadmill next to me and I can see him staring at my tits out of the corner of my eye. Now granted,” looking down at her chest, “It’s kind of hard to hide them, but I can feel my nipples getting hard and decided to give him a little show.”

Doris motions him to pour her another, which he does, “I turn to him as I stop and I say hello and would he hold my machine for me. Of course I will he answers still staring at my tits. I swear his eyes never left them,” she takes another swallow.

“Well Doris they are spectacular,” he tells her, and they are.

Setting her glass down she looks at her chest and with a laugh grabs and shakes them, “Well thank you sweetie, of course it’s because you have had a hold of the girls too.”

“Touché,” he taps glasses with her. He can see she is her usual, “Three drinks and I want to fuck,’ mood.

Looking at him she smiles, “Shit Wilson you look good tonight!”

Shaking his head he says, “No Doris, no sex for you until you finish the story!”

Making a sad face she says, “Oh poo, ok, I go back in the women’s locker room and take off my sports bra. I don’t know why they call them a sports bra it’s more like a girdle for your tits. I come out and start back jogging on the treadmill again. I swear to God I thought he was going to start jacking off while he ran. His eyes never left my chest and when I peeked over his dick had made a tent out of his shorts,” she pulled her legs up and laughed and laughed.

Doris had on a very short robe over a short skirt so when she pulled her knees up he could see, or I should say not see any panties covering her smoothly shaved pussy. Because of their relationship he said, “Doris what will the neighbors say about you not wearing any underwear?” he laughed.

Laughing she spread her legs wide open and said, “Well I don’t give a shit and looking at the tent in your pants I don’t think you do either!” she started to giggle again.

Pointing his glass at her he said, “Its ok I can watch and listen at the same time. canlı poker oyna Finish the story please.”

Doris left her legs open and moved her hand down to rub her mound, “Oh, ok, well if it doesn’t bother you then. Gerald almost tripped over his feet several times. I felt sorry for him and asked him if he could rub my neck because it was sore. He came off that machine in a flash. I got him to follow me into the pool area and into the steam sauna. Well to make a long story short, as big as his muscles are his dick wasn’t huge, but it met my needs very well. He had a lot of enthusiasm and filled my mouth and cunt with some very tasty cum. There my story is over, now what?” she slipped her fingers between her lips and fucked her self while he watched.

Moving over he kneeled between her legs and kissed her on the mouth, “Doris you are such a tease. What you need is a cock that is larger than average, here let me show you what I mean,” he picked her up and carried her in to her bedroom and set her down.

She was never one to wait for anything so jumping up on her knees she stripped out of her robe threw it on the floor and stood up stripping her skirt off and threw it across the room, “Hurry up baby, I really need your big pecker bad!” reaching up she unbuttoned his shirt and let her pull it off. With fumbling fingers she tried to get his pants undone.

Grabbing her wrists he said, “Just lie back and watch sweetie, I’ll take them off,” she dropped back and played with her self while she watched him. Smiling at her while she played with her pussy he undid his belt and slowly unsnapped the pants. Holding them together he unzipped his fly and let them drop. He always wore boxers so as his pants slid past his crotch his dick made a teepee out of the front. Doris likes to be teased a little so he sat down on the chair across from the bed and removed his socks.

Doris sat up and slid over to the edge of the bed, “Oh Sully you bastard!” one hand was between her legs the other had a breast held up for her to suck on the nipple.

He liked it when she sucked on her own nipples; they stuck out like little cocks. Both were almost an inch long and as big as my pinky also very sensitive. She can have an orgasm from having her nipples licked, sucked and bitten. Pulling his shirt off and set it on the back of the chair. Standing up he moved in front of her and stuck his thumbs in the waistband of the boxers slowly moving them down over his stomach, “Sorry baby I seem to be having a little trouble getting these off, could you help me?” he stepped between her feet and placed his hands on his hips.

She looked up at him and grinned, “Would I ever! Here let me help you sweetie.” Putting her hands on the top of his shorts she kissed his stomach then as her hands lowered the boxers she kissed him all over until his cock sprang out. She was ready for it though, her mouth clamped on that dripping dick sucking it deep in her mouth. Letting the shorts fall she used both hands to give him a first class blow job. He doesn’t consider himself to be hung like a mule, but with eight inches of hard cock at his disposal partners have never left unsatisfied. Over the years he finds it more fun to satisfy his partners first and then they like to reciprocate.

Doris and he had several, ‘fuck me,’ sessions and he knew she was the same way. She liked to feel a guy cum any old which-way, in her mouth, in her ass, in her pussy, on her tits, between them or wherever he wanted to make a deposit. She didn’t really care where he came as long as she got off last. The only problem she ran into was Sully; he liked to see her cum first then and only then was he happy to blast spunk in any hole she wanted.

Over a few encounters they agreed to try to cum at the same time. This led to a few marathon sex sessions leaving both of them sore and wasted, but very satisfied. Once they lasted for two and a half hours so when they finally had their orgasms she screamed, ‘fuck me,’ loud enough to make the neighbors turn on their outside lights. He felt like he had dumped a gallon of sperm into her cunt. Her sheets were soaked with their combined sweat and mixed juices. The next morning they were both so sore it felt bad just laughing.

Doris was up to her old tricks, trying to make him cum first. She had his dick in one of her fabulous lip locks where she kept her lips around his cock and used her tongue to rub the sensitive spot under the head. Every so often she would drop her head forward and swallow it into the back of her throat using those muscles to squeeze and caress it then draw his cock out never letting it leave her mouth.

He decided to let her have her way and started to fuck her face letting her know to get ready, “Mmmmmmh,” she mumbled around my cock. She had the most amazing way to suck a cock that it didn’t take very long, “Oh God Doris your mouth feels wonderful baby. Suck my cock, that’s it, get ready honey, and get ready! Cmmmmmmnnnngngggng!” grabbing her ears and pulled her face onto his cock spraying internet casino cum across her tongue and down her throat. When she wants to drink down a load she won’t spill a drop.

As his seed filled her mouth he felt her swallowing it down then sucking out the last on her tongue. When his throbbing subsided she pulled him out of her mouth with a slurp and pop, “Oh Sully baby! I guess you saved that load for me didn’t you honey. When you shot into my mouth I came,” kissing his balls she licked them and the shaft.

“Doris you are the only woman I have ever met that can make me cum like that,” bending down he kissed her mouth, “Mmm, I taste good on you baby.” Helping her he laid her back on the bed and as she slid back he grabbed her legs spread them open and stuck his face in her soaked pussy making her squeal.

“Oh yes Sully eat my pussy, that’s it honey you know what I like, yes, yes, right there baby, right there!” she held her legs wide open and her knees pressed against those magnificent breasts while he licked and sucked her lips and clit. The thing he loves about women is the fact they can cum and cum without losing anything, not like us guys.

Doris was moaning and groaning as his tongue invaded her slit. He let his probing go from her asshole to her clit running rapidly rubbing my tongue across it making her squirm against his face. From experience he knew where her spots were that made her cum hard so he worked on them only. After several minutes she had an orgasm that made her lose control, she just let her legs fall open and grabbed her big long nipples pinching and twisting them.

Pulling his face tight into her pussy she moaned out, “Oh God baby, yes, yes fuuuuuuccccckk!”

He hit her most sensitive spot, her clit. Rubbing his tongue across it very fast she clamped his head between her legs holding it there until her orgasm subsided. When she took some of the pressure off his head he removed his face from her crotch. Eating her made him hard again so as soon as she relaxed a little he got between her legs and slammed his cock deep in her cunt making her scream with joy.

“Ohhhhh, fuck me, fuck me! Harder baby, harder!” she held her legs back open so he could get all the way in. The only sound was their heavy breathing and the slap of their bodies while they fucked like a couple of rabbits. He peeked out the window and didn’t see any lights coming on yet so he increased the tempo. Pulling almost all the way out then pounding his cock in her cunt she started to grunt and then scream.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh, fuck, fuck! Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me! Oh God, oh God, oh God! I’m Cmmmmmmnnnngngggng!” her head dropped back with her mouth open and squealed while she came.

Watching while she had her orgasm he felt his coming on quickly. Pounding her like a man possessed until he emptied his balls in her pussy as it tried to milk his sperm out from her muscle contractions. Slowing he continued to slide in and out of her soaked pussy while their juices ran out of her on the bed. They caught their breath slowly until his now softening cock slid out of her. She let her legs down and he dropped next to her on the bed, “Holy shit Doris!”

She giggled and lay on her side. Reaching over she caressed his wet cock rubbing their mixed cum into his belly hair, “Yeah you got that right baby. You are by far the best lover I have ever had Sully, and that’s saying something!”

He laughed, “Why thank you dear. I appreciate that coming from someone with your vast experience, and you are the most enthusiastic lover I have ever had, ever,” reaching over he pinched one of her nipples.

They lay there talking for a little while then kissed each other and he headed home for a shower and much needed nights rest.

Saturday was uneventful and full of nothing but golf early in the morning and yard work filling the afternoon. He got everything cleaned up and was putting the yard tools away when he glanced over at Doris’s yard doing a double take then started to laugh quietly.

Doris was getting serviced by not only her pool guy but some other man. She was on her patio with the pool man, Jose a small Mexican fellow, between her legs. The other guy was a lot bigger but his cock wasn’t as big as it should have been for a guy his size, then it dawned on him it had to be Gerald from the gym. He was getting his cock sucked by Doris and from the look on his face was about to blow. She saw me and waved then pulling his dick out of her mouth blew him a kiss. Gerald was oblivious to her action and Jose could have cared less while he munched on her box. Waving he shook his head and went into the house.

Sunday came and went, but at least he caught up on his sleep. It has been his habit over the years to get into work before anyone else and settle down to the routine; coffee first then the newspaper. He checks the internal systems and sees what the employees are up too. Because they set up web sites and make their own programs it isn’t unusual to see a string of porn sites in the history’s of their computers. Every other company that has internet access in the office has to monitor the time spent away from ‘business related,’ site visits, but here he encourages his folks to check out the competition.

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