Bad News Ch. 01

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Big Dick

Part one of a two part story

It was shortly after my divorce was finalized when this story took place. As much as I hate to admit it even after everything was finally over with, I still felt like shit inside!

When I started calling the girls I used to date, I quickly learned the majority of them were now either married or weren’t interested. To make matters worse, all those horny older women that hang around in the cocktail lounges looking for young guys, to recapture their youth with, were now looking for guys younger than I was. Needless to say I wasn’t getting any pussy!

As I walked into Randy’s I could feel someone staring at me. But that wasn’t unusual because Randy’s wasn’t a gentlemen club with a few high priced strippers swinging and swaying around a brass pole in their G-strings to an expensive sound system.

Randy’s a redneck’s bar, that’s patronized by bikers, construction workers, trucker’s, and some other slightly unsavory characters with questionable occupations.

There’s usually one or two of the female patrons on the bar, stripping and gyrating their hips, to the blaring music coming from the jukebox. After their number, they jump off the bar, and prance around the barroom so the patrons can grope them and slip a couple of dollars in their panties.

It the price is right, they might even go into the back office and give their horny admirers a private lap dance or whatever.

There are a few pool tables, in the backroom with some booths lining the wall opposite the restrooms and the back door. So as I entered Randy’s from the parking lot. I could feel someone staring at me.

When I looked around to see who it was; I saw this woman sitting on a bar stool by the pool tables staring at me. She had jet black hair hanging down over her pale white shoulders.

The woman had a long triangle shaped face with a pointed chin. She was wearing blue eye shadow with a ring of mascara around light blue eyes. She also had dark red lipstick on her thin lips. She had huge black plastic hoop earrings dangling from her ear lobes.

She was chewing gum with her mouth slightly opened and moving her lower jaw from side to side like a cow gnawing on its cud. She had some drool oozing from the corners of her mouth. As I watched her casually dart the tip of her pink tongue out and flick up the escaping saliva from between her lips, my cock twitched and began to harden.

I couldn’t keep myself from fantasizing about how it would feel to slip my dick between her lips, into her moist mouth and fuck her face. Needless to say my perverted desires were giving me an enormous erection causing a bulge to form in the front of my jeans.

The woman was brazenly giving me the once over. When she noticed my swollen cock she seemed quite pleased with herself and grinned at me. Then she playfully winked at me and licked her lips, sending a shiver of excitement up and down my spine that ended in the head of my rock hard cock.

Not to be outdone by her. I raised my eyebrows puckered my lips and blew her a kiss. Then I returned the favor and slowly gave her a thorough once over.

She was wearing a string of large black beads around her neck that matched her earrings. She had on a skimpy red halter top that barely covered her smallish breasts. As I leered at tits, her nipples began to stiffen.

The woman’s face was turning pink as she watched me blatantly ogling her tits and stiffening nipples. But she didn’t say anything or look away; she just kept smiling and blew me another kiss.

I knew she was having fun playing this little game with me, so I smiled back at her and slightly opened my mouth slipped my tongue between my lips and ran it around my lips, and from side to side, like I was running it around her areolas and across her nipples.

In response, she looked down at my dick puckered her lips into a large exaggerated O and blew a kiss down at my fully erect manhood.

As my eyes wandered down from her tits I noticed she had a sparkling thing in her naval. She was wearing a tight hip hugging black leather mini skirt that barely came down canlı bahis below her crotch. Her long slender legs were crossed and she was wearing a pair of shiny black come fuck me boots.

Just by looking at her, my heart began beating faster sending more blood surging into my already hard pulsing pecker. I wanted this woman like I haven’t wanted a woman in a very long time. What I didn’t realize was, she wasn’t only turning me on, and she was also making me feel alive again.

When she saw me staring at her legs, she uncrossed them, lifted her ass off the stool and parted her thighs giving me a quick glimpse of the crotch of her dark red panties.

When she did that, I think my heart stopped and I thought I saw a damp spot over her womanhood. In response to her sexually enticing show, I stuck out my tongue and lapped it over my upper lip like I was licking her pussy.

As she watched me lapping my lip, her face went from light pink to a bright red. Then she quickly sat back down clamped her thighs together and re-crossed her legs. Then she began giggling like a young cock teasing high school girl, as she shook her head from side to side, in disbelief.

Then the woman nodded her head towards the back door like she wanted me to follow her. As I started towards the exit; I noticed a couple guys coming towards her! Each of them had a cue stick in one hand with a bottle of beer in their other.

There was something strange about those guys, that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was obvious by their appearance that they didn’t belong here.

There was also something about that woman didn’t seem quite right to me to.Then it hit me: these guys are cops and she’s the bait in a prostitution sting!

Aah Shit, I though to myself, I should have known better, she was just too freaking good to be true.

So I said to myself, Aah fuck it, and went over to the bar and ordered a bottle of Budweiser.

There were a couple slightly drunk women stripping on the bar, but neither of them appealed to me. I was about to leave when the bartender brought me another bottle of beer and told me it was from the woman standing by the back door.

I turned to see who it was and my cock twitched when I saw her standing there smiling at me. As our eyes met she nodded her head sideways towards the door and went outside. I immediately looked around to find out where her two cop friends were. When I found them, I saw that they were still shooting pool and they weren’t paying any attention to either one of us or anyone else!

Against my better judgment, I followed her outside. As soon as I was out the door I heard her call in a deep sultry voice,” Hey Stud, I’m over here. I want to talk to you.”

She was standing in the far corner of the parking lot by my jeep. Whether she knew it was mine or not I didn’t know. As I started towards her, she asked in her slutty voice,” What’s the matter, Stud? Don’t you like what you see, anymore?”

Before I could answer her, she went on to say, “Come over here, you big sexy bastard and tell me, what I did wrong.”

I said, “You’re a cop and you’re trying to set me up.”

She started laughing, as she said,” No I’m not.”

As soon as I got in front of her, she put her arms around my neck pressing her body against mine and asked with a slight chuckle in her voice,” Do you really think I’m a cop?”

Instead of answering her I instinctively put my arms around her waist and cupped her firm little ass cheeks in my hands. As I held her against me, she whispered into my ear, “Honest Stud, I’m not a cop. “

Then she lifted her leg and wrapped it around the back of my thigh and began pumping her crotch against mine as she said in her deep sultry voice, “Stud you turn me on and I’m all yours, if you want me.”

Maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part.

But I couldn’t help thinking to myself maybe she’s not a cop after all and for some strange unknown reason or other, maybe she really does want me.

So I turned my head and began kissing the side of her long slender neck down to that hot spot between her neck and shoulders bahis siteleri and began sucking on it.

She pleaded softly, “Ooh, God, Stud, that drives me crazy, but it makes me want more.”

Then she moved her head and lifted her shoulder trying to push me away from her neck as she whispered in a deep husky voice,” Please don’t give me a hickey, where anyone can see it.”

While she was saying that she was pumping her crotch against mine, with her leg wrapped tightly around the back of my thigh holding me firmly against her.

The next thing I knew she was sucking on my lower lip and she had her hand between us rubbing my hard swollen cock; it was so long since I’ve been with a woman that I was already on the verge of creaming my jeans.

I had worked her skirt up over her firm little rump and somehow managed to get my hand between us and slipped it under the waistband of her panties.

When she felt me sliding my hand inside her panties she gripped my dick and squeezed it as she sighted, “Oh, God, I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

As I slipped my hand between her thighs and cupped her cunt, she groaned, “Oh God, please don’t stop. I love having my pussy played with.” Then she darted her tongue between my lips into my mouth.

As her tongue slipped into my mouth I greedily sucked on it and began swirling mine around hers.

While our tongues were playing in my mouth, she was already unbuckling my belt and pulling down my zipper. When I felt her warm hand wrapping around my dick; I ran the tip of my middle finger back and forth between her slippery pussy lips trying to get it wetter than it already was.

When the tip of my finger touched her sensitive little bundle of nerves, I felt her body begin to twitch. Then she pressed her hips harder against mine. As I ran my finger tip around and over her clitoris, she shuttered and pulled her leg tighter around my thigh and told me again, “Oh, God, stud, I love having my cunt played with.”

When she said that, I almost came.

While I played with her clit, she started stroking my pecker in my pants. It felt so freaking good, I didn’t care if I did come in her hand like a teenager.

As she stroked my poke I forced my tongue into her mouth and slid my middle finger into the depths of her warm wet womanhood and covered her little man in the boat with the tip of my thumb.

After I got my middle finger deep inside her, I curled it and slowly pulled it downward against the front wall of her vagina in search of her G-spot. As soon as I found it, I began firmly rubbing the tip of my thick invading middle finger up and down over it, while I ran the end of my thumb around and over her clit sending shivers of pure pleasure up and down her spine.

She gasped between our lips “Aah, aah, don’t stop, please, don’t stop. I’m gonna come. “Then she sucked my tongue back into her mouth and nipped it. Then she went so stiff, she started to quiver. The next I knew, her whole body was shuddering violently in my arms.

As the intensity of her orgasm began passing through her. She was groaning loudly and passionately between our parted lips. Then her pussy muscles started contracting and releasing around my middle finger while her warm juices flowed into the palm of my hand.

She had let go of my dick and wrapped both her arms firmly around my neck with her leg was still curled tightly around my thigh. Then she began mumbling incoherently, something about how fucking badly she needed that and how freaking long it’s been, since she’s came that good.

When she finally unhooked her leg from behind mine and stepped backwards. She dropped down to her knees she saying, “I’m going to lick and suck your dick like you’ve never had it, licked or sucked before.”

Then she yanked my pants halfway down my thighs, but as she did it, she also pulled down my dong. When my jeans cleared the end of my stiff dick it sprang up hitting her under the chin.

She sucked in her breath and sighed as she exhaled, “Oh, my God, you’ve got such a big beautiful dick.”

She instantly began kissing my thighs and tenderly caressing canlı bahis siteleri my aching balls in her soft warm hands. She licked under the shaft of my pecker as she stroked it. Then she sucked one of my hairy nuts into her mouth and began flicking the tip of her tongue back and forth across it, sending shivers of pure erotic pleasure up and down my spine.

My whole body felt like it was on fire, my heart was pounding, my pulsing was racing and I was trembling so freaking hard my legs were getting wobbly. I could feel my balls beginning to tighten and tingle as they filled up sperm.

I looked down at her as she pulled her mouth off my scrotum making a loud playful popping sound. Then she kissed the tip of my dick and licked around the head.

When her lips touched the tip of my dick, I closed my eyes and sucked in my breath. She was saying something to me but I couldn’t hear her.

All I could hear was a loud buzzing in my ears and myself groaning, “Oh, God, I’m gonna come.”

I knew it was too quick, but I couldn’t help myself. It had been so long since I’d had an orgasm with anyone other than myself. I just couldn’t hold back even if I wanted to.

So I let myself go and began ejaculating, spurting globs of thick creamy white sperm out of my balls, up the shaft of my dick, out the head of my cock all over her, as wave after wave of intense pleasure soared through my shaking trembling body.

My knees were getting weaker and weaker as I erupted emptying my nuts. So I put my hands on her shoulders to steady myself. But the intensity of my long overdue pent-up orgasm was so strong I couldn’t. Consequently I flopped down on the black top of the parking lot panting and gasping for breath. I couldn’t remember the last time I came that much or if I ever had.

I honestly don’t know how long I sat there sucking in air trying to catch my breath. When I finally managed to open my eyes and saw her opposite me. She had globs of semen all over her, in her hair, on her forehead, dripping off the tip of her nose, and on her chest. I thought she was going to be pissed.

But she started laughing at the shocked expression on my face and asked, “How long has it been since you’ve gotten off, stud?”

Before I could answer her I heard some strange odd sounding female-like voices calling,” Victoria, Victoria, where are you Vicki, dear?”

She whispered, “Quick get up and pull up your pants, it’s my brother.”

As I stood up, I managed to pull up my jeans at the same time. While Victoria was getting to her feet, she hiked up her halter top up exposing her perky little pink tipped breasts.

She quickly wiped her face and chest with her top and pulled it back down over her boobs. She was still wiggling around trying to pull her skirt down, as she called out,” I’m over here, Fredrick.”

Then she asked quietly,” What’s your name?”

I answered almost inaudibly, “My name is Danny but everybody calls me Meat or Driver.”

I barely had my pants buckled when the two cops were standing alongside us. Victoria was saying, “Fredrick, this is Danny but everybody calls him Meat or Driver.”

He gave me a queer look as he said in an overly female sounding voice, “Oh how nice to meet you, Mr. Danny. I’m Ms Victoria’s brother, Fredrick, but you may call me Freddy or even Fred if you like. I’m sure you already know my sweet sister prefers to be called Vicki.”

Then he said in his girlish voice, “This is my dearest friend, Percy.”

That’s when it hit me; these guys aren’t cops, they’re gay!

I was trying hard not to laugh as I heard Fredrick saying, “Victoria dear, Percy and I absolutely must to go back to the city for the weekend.”

Then he slowly looked me over with a knowing grin on his face as he said with a slight girlish giggle in his voice,” Vicki Dear, I don’t suppose your new friend would mind terribly giving you a ride back to the hotel.”

Then Fredrick winked at me as he said with a slight giggle in his voice,” I’m sure you wouldn’t mind taking my sweet sister to the hotel and making sure she’s tucked into bed, for me?”

Before Vicki could say anything I quickly replied, “Sure, Fredrick, I’d be happy to take your sister back to the hotel for you. ”

As I was saying that I was thinking to myself … and fucking her brains out.

End of part one

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