Bad Penny Ch. 10

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This is the tenth chapter of this story — It should be readable without having to read the previous chapters, but the back-story does explain how Penny and Sean got into this strange lifestyle. It veers pretty far into Loving Wives territory, and a little BDSM, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, please go no further. If that melts your butter, I hope you enjoy this — feedback, positive or negative is much appreciated… So please take two seconds to vote, and if you can spare a minute, comment!


I never found out the name of the young man who was fucking my girlfriend on the rug in the living room of our flat.

She was kneeling with her head pulled back by her ponytail as he took her from behind. His body was skinny, not muscular, pale and almost hairless. I reckoned he was about eighteen or nineteen, a couple of years younger than her. His hair was shaggy, medium length, brown and straight. He wasn’t bad looking, but not handsome. His cock was pretty average too, but he was enthusiastic, and Penny seemed to be enjoying it.

He had not been introduced to me. He had been brought by Tara and Mike and Tara’s cousin Naimh. His presence was explained simply as being Naimh’s ‘Boy’.

It was Tara who had told him to fuck Penny. Although she had not used her name. Penny, my girlfriend, was simply referred to as ‘Master Sean’s Girl’. I had been a little surprised when Tara issued the command. Not that it was atypical.

Tara, her partner Mike, her cousin Naimh and two others a Boy and a Girl, had arrived at our flat unexpectedly that Saturday morning. Penny and I had already had a quite strenuous morning, and she had slipped deeply into her submissive persona, which she had first started to adopt under Tara’s supervision some months before. Tara had taught Penny to call me Master, and her Mistress, and had introduced her to all sorts of sex games and toys. So when our uninvited, but very welcome, guests turned up it had been second nature for Penny to start serving them refreshments and obeying their commands.

Tara had just accepted a cup of tea from Penny when she said “Good girl, now kneel on the rug there and show me your pussy.”

Penny, who was already naked apart from the gold chains on her wrists and ankles and around her neck, had meekly done as she was told with a quiet “Yes, Mistress.”

I have to say it had given me a little thrill to see her turn and kneel so gracefully, putting her head down to the floor and setting her knees a foot apart, arching her back and reaching to pull her buttocks wide with both hands, displaying her most intimate parts to those sitting on the sofa. Tara watched this with a smile, and then casually turned to address the young man, who was fully dressed and handing round a plate of biscuits and another of cake, and said “Boy, strip off and fuck the Girl there.”

Before I could say anything Tara had followed it up with “And you, Girl, can suck Master Sean off while he watches.” This last remark was directed to the beautiful and curvaceous blonde, who Naimh had also brought, so I had not thought to object too much.

The blonde girl was called Lucy. I knew that from a previous encounter, when Naimh and Lucy, Mike and Tara and Naimh’s boyfriend Alan had spent a weekend with Penny and myself and very little clothing. Lucy and Naimh had been best friends from childhood, and lovers for years before either got a boyfriend. Naimh was Tara’s cousin. They were both redheads, both sexually adventurous and both sitting on the sofa playing with Mike’s cock.

Lucy was wearing a short skirt and a tee shirt, with knee socks and gym shoes. A sixties schoolgirl look. With her full breasts and slightly rounded hips, long limbs and elegant posture (eight years of Ballet class) she was eye catching as she walked towards me, despite what Penny and The Boy were doing on the rug at my feet.

She had a lovely smile as well. Happy, naughty, full of anticipation and fun. She stepped past The Boy as he stepped out of his trousers, and she cheekily patted his bottom, then came to stand in front of me with her hands behind her back and her head bowed a little to one side, looking at me coyly. “Mistress Tara says I have to suck your cock, Master. May I proceed?”

I raised my hands towards her and said “Come here and kiss me first.”

She giggled and climbed onto the chair with me, a knee on each side of my hips and her arms around my neck. “Nice to see you again, Master Sean,” she said, but without any of the deference that Penny might have used. Her voice was low, sexy, slightly mocking. This was a game, and all for fun. I liked it.

I liked her. ‘Nubile’ was the word that sprang to mind. It used to mean ‘of an age suitable for marriage’ but in the days when sex outside marriage was anathema it came to mean ‘ready to have sex’. Lucy was most most definitely nubile. She kissed me with passion and affection, and I whispered “Mmn, nice to see you again.”

I missed The Boy kneeling down behind Penny, rubbing his cock casino siteleri against her pussy lips to get himself hard, pushing into her, taking a few strokes to get his shaft wet, then grasping her hips and starting to pump his cock in her, making her tits swing in time with his balls.

Lucy was kissing me and putting her hand between us to grab my cock. Since I was only wearing a dressing gown that was easy to do. She also pulled up the front of her tee-shirt to reveal her bare and hardened nipples to me, bringing one to my mouth. I grasped both of her breasts and squeezed them, sucking and licking each fragrant tip as she moaned a little.

Lucy pulled her tee-shirt off. I love that moment when a girl pulls a shirt up over her head, her breasts pointing straight out, her hair tumbling down. I pulled her down onto me, and she rubbed her crotch against my cock as I sucked each nipple and rolled my tongue around them. Her breasts were a little larger than Penny’s, and her nipples were bigger, delicious and different feeling in my mouth. Fortunately she also liked having them sucked. Which she commented on. Leaning over me she kissed the top of my head and said “Oh, Sean, I could let you do that all day, but you are missing the show that Penny is putting on. Have a look,”

Lucy pulled back and did something gymnastic with her legs to lift herself off me and slither down my body, giving me a peck on the lips and kissing my left nipple as she passed. Penny, and The Boy, came into view as I felt Lucy’s breasts brush over my cock.

She was panting. Penny, I mean. She was almost sideways on to me, so I had a good view of her profile and the cock that was making her breathe so hard. Her eyes were closed, and I could see the muscles working in her legs as she pushed back on the rod the young man was forcefully driving into her. The slap of flesh on flesh mixed with her gasps and he started to grunt in chorus.

Penny’s breathing changed. She made a noise in her throat; a little cry; one of the sexiest sounds on Earth. The sound of her starting to come. Lucy was licking my shaft, from tip to root, with a finger and thumb grip just below the glans to slowly and gently wank me. Very teasing and distracting, but even when she pushed my legs further apart and started licking my balls, my eyes were fixed on my girlfriend.

She was close now. The Boy was pounding into her. He had released his grip on her ponytail and got both hands on her pelvis, levering his hips for maximum speed, depth and force. Penny’s head had dropped, but her neck was strained, her face contorted, and her spine was curved, her shoulders up, arms rigid. She was going purple.

Lucy licked back up the length of my shaft and took my cock in her mouth just as Penny finally came. She cried out and her head tossed from side to side as The Boy kept thrusting into her. He was close to coming too.

She slumped onto her elbows, rocking forward a little, and The Boy had to shuffle forward to keep slamming her. His rhythm hardly changed as he moved. Penny whimpered with each thrust, but not in distress.

I glanced at the others on the sofa. Tara was bright-eyed, focussed on the couple in front of her with intense interest. She looked triumphant and very turned on. Mike was also watching Penny and The Boy, but he was distracted by the fact that Naimh was wanking him. She had obviously been sucking his cock, although at the moment she was also watching the couple fucking on the rug.

The Boy came. He grunted and made huge sucking noises, and closed his eyes as he thrust deep into Penny and froze in place.

There was silence and stillness for a few seconds. I don’t think anyone breathed. Then The Boy groaned and sat back on his heels, pulling out of Penny and pushing her forwards. She slid on her hands to lie flat on the floor, legs open, The Boy kneeling between them, swaying a little.

Tara looked at me and beamed. “Do you mind if I get the Girl to do something else?”

I was puzzled, but said “We could give her a moment to get her breath back, but certainly, go ahead.”

Tara shook her head and said “No, I mean that Girl.” She pointed at Lucy.

I was intrigued. And Tara usually had fun ideas, so I shrugged and tapped Lucy’s shoulder, saying “Mistress Tara has another job for you.”

Lucy gave my cock a farewell kiss and winked at me, before sitting up and turning to Tara, saying “Yes, Mistress?”

“Suck The Boy clean.”

Lucy moved to comply. On Tara’s orders she helped him stand and turn, to let Tara and the others on the sofa get a better view. It meant that all I could see was the back of Lucy’s head, but I wasn’t worried. I was looking at Penny, who was lying with her face toward me now, her eyes open, but slightly glazed.

I heard Tara say “That’s enough, Girl. Now turn the other Girl over and clean her.”

Lucy did as she was told, gently helping Penny to roll onto her back, lifting her legs up and apart, and bending to lick the come from her pussy. Penny lay canlı casino with her eyes closed and softly moaned. Lucy’s soft touch and gentle tongue was just what she needed.

I watched the play of quiet pleasure on Penny’s face, and heard Tara say to The Boy. “You may dress now. Come on, quick, quick.”

Penny brought a hand up to rest on Lucy’s head, not controlling or stopping her, just touching her soft blonde hair. It was a beautiful picture, as with her eyes closed my girlfriend arched her neck and smiled and opened her legs a little wider, tilting her pelvis up to let her licker reach down to her ass-hole, deeper into her pussy.

I was surprised again by the next thing Tara said, and looked up to see the equal surprise on The Boy’s face. Tara looked petulant, and waved her hand at him, saying “Didn’t you hear me Boy? Go home! Leave. You are no longer required. Get out, now. Go away.”

He looked astonished. Mike shrugged at him, and said “Better go, mate.”

Naimh said “I’ll see you out,” and she took his hand and lead him to the door.

Tara then tapped Lucy’s foot, and said “Have you got her nice and clean then?”

Lucy was looking in astonishment at the exiting Boy. “Ah, yes. Yes.”

“Good, you may return to sucking Master Sean’s cock,” said Tara, and turning to Mike said “There you go dear, she is all ready for you to fuck now. Would you like some lube so you can bugger her as well?”

I could hardly believe my ears. This sudden turn of events was so unexpected. Fortunately Lucy had recovered from her surprise and spun on her knees, crawling over to my feet in a few quick movements, and was pressing my knees apart as she smiled up at me. “Now where was I, before I was interrupted? Oh yes, I was sucking this, wasn’t I?”

Her mouth engulfed me and the sensation stunned me. I closed my eyes for a moment and groaned as her tongue flicked over the sensitive skin just below my glans. When I opened them again I saw Mike kneeling between Penny’s open legs. His trousers were round his ankles, his long pointed cock was sticking straight out, and he was pulling his shirt off over his head. Penny was smiling, reaching up to him. When he threw the shirt aside and leaned forward, placing his hands on the floor on each side of her, she smoothed her palms over his chest and stomach, one hand moving up and around his neck to pull his head down, the other going down to grasp his cock.

She drew him to her, onto her, into her. Their lips touched and I saw hers open, a flash of his tongue-tip as he possessed her mouth. Looking down I could see her hand guiding his shaft, I knew the head of his cock was against her pussy, pressing the lips open, spearing her. His bottom pressed down, he sighed and she gave a deep groan and raised her legs. He was inside her. Wrapped in her, arms and legs and mouth and pussy. Not fucking. Not quite making love. Something in between.

I groaned again as Lucy ran her tongue down my shaft and between my balls. Her eyes were sparkling with amusement when I looked down at her. Her tongue rasped the sensitive spot beneath my balls and made me gasp again, and I felt and heard her giggle.

I had not thought I would be able to come again so soon, having been with Penny earlier that morning, and the afternoon and night before. Lucy’s actions, her excited laugh and her pretty, saucy smile aroused me more than I had thought possible. I had a sudden desire to take her, to posses her body, to come in her.

She giggled again as I pulled her up on top of me and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her knickers beneath her skirt. She held her bottom up so I could slip her panties down, and rocked forward at the same time to present her nipples to my mouth again. I sucked on each one as I worked her underwear off one ankle, and caressed the inside of her soft thigh, my fingers reaching for her hairy slit, seeking the moist cleft, pushing the lips open and sliding into the warm wet depths of her.

She shuffled forward, reaching to lift my cock, lining me up, displacing my fingers and pushing down onto me, settling her hairy mind against the base if my stomach, her blond curls mixing with my dark. She moaned and rose and pressed down again and so the ride began.

Her skin was so soft and smooth and warm that I wanted to run my hands uninterrupted from her head to her toes, I pulled at her mini-skirt found a button and zip at the side and helped her take it off over her head. My hands smoothed over her flesh, her shoulders, into the narrow of her waist, the flair of her hips, the round firm buttocks, the smooth thighs and calves. The socks around her ankles, and her gym shoes, interrupted my exploration, so I retraced my journey, taking a moment to run a finger around the shaft of my cock where it met her pussy-lips, and touch the secret entrance to her bottom. My hands also drifted round to her front, squeezing her full breasts and thumbing her nipples on the way past. I extended the sweep, up into her armpits, raising her arms and kaçak casino pushing them in the air, my hands around the soft limbs as I pushed up over them until our hands entwined. She was all mine, for those brief moments, and all of her was concentrated on the shaft of flesh that penetrated her.

Lucy was lithe and fit, eighteen and horny, and she put all her energy into moving her clitoris in circles and spirals and loops, shafting herself, riding me, milking me.

She came. I didn’t make her. Her just rode me until she cried out and jerked and then went stiff, and then sighed, and then groaned as she rose and fell again, and began to work her way to another orgasm.

I simply revelled in her. She was beautiful and amorous, enjoying her body as much as I did. I didn’t care about coming myself, although it was close a few times; after such a wild week with Penny I needed at least a few hours more to recharge. My pleasure was in hers. When she came for the second time and fell on my lips with breathless kisses, moaning “Oh my God, oh God,” I was happy to hold her close, feeling her warm skin and her fast beating heart, her breath on my shoulder, the pulse of her body around my cock.

The embrace shifted, flowing into a quiet and affectionate cuddle, and I noticed that we were almost alone. Naimh was in the kitchen, putting on the kettle, but Penny, Mike and Tara had disappeared.

I cradled Lucy and we caught up on gossip and each other’s lives for a moment, until Naimh came in with the tea tray, and served us mugs of a fresh brew. The cup I had been about to drink earlier was now cold.

That was when I learned about The Boy. Naimh, under Tara’s instruction, had picked him up in The Bot the night before. She had taken Lucy with her, and the two had chosen him from a group of young men at the bar. Naimh had walked up to him, asked him if he had a girlfriend, got the right answer (no) and pointed to Lucy who was standing about fifteen feet away. She told him that her friend fancied him. Would he like to meet her?

It was such a corny line that I laughed. I hadn’t heard of a girl saying “my mate wants to go with you” since I was fourteen. Still, The Boy fell for it. And why not. Lucy was quite beautiful, and he would be a fool not to take that chance. He accompanied Naimh over to Lucy, who was dressed in revealing fashion, and it was clear that he liked what he saw. But before he could say anything Naimh said “I want you to know something before I introduce you. This is a one night stand. And we don’t want to know your name, and we won’t tell you ours. And when I say ‘we’ I mean both of us. This is my Girlfriend. She fancies you, and I agree. For one night. And I don’t want to take you to our place, so we have arranged to spend the night at a friend’s house. So if you would like to come with both of us, we have a car outside.”

Apparently he looked at her, and Lucy, and said “This us a wind up isn’t it?”

Lucy stepped close to him and said “No. My Mistress is allowing me to have a treat tonight, but I want to share. You get to fuck me first though. If you would like that.”

“Are you serious?”

Naimh claimed she rolled her eyes and said “Yes. Absolutely serious. We don’t want a boyfriend, we just want a boy for the night. We want to share this. So, what do you say? You want to come to bed with both of us, right now, or will we look for someone else?”

Not surprisingly he just waved to his mates and went straight to their car.

They called him Boy right from the start. Lucy was just Girl, Naimh was Mistress. Tara and Mike were introduced as Mistress and Master when they arrived at the house. Lucy had already been snogging him in the back of the taxi, and let him feel her up a bit, and had stroked his cock through his trousers, so he was pretty convinced he was onto a good deal.

They welcomed him in, handed him a large gin and tonic, and left them to it. He was starkers, and so were both girls, with Naimh sitting on his face and Lucy sucking his cock, when Mike and Tara came back in the room. They were naked too. Since Tara immediately got on his cock and rode him, and Naimh started sucking Mike, he didn’t have time to object.

Tara kept calling the changes, and ensured that The Boy has a good time, although he was always under orders. So when they rose this morning he was ordered into the shower with Lucy and Tara, then told he had to accompany them all to another place where he might have to fuck another Girl. The rest I knew.

“So really, no one knows his name?”

“And he didn’t know ours. Tara says if we ever meet again we should just pretend we have never seen him before. I think I might go along with that. He was okay, but I wouldn’t be fussed about doing it again.”

I looked at her as I appraised that claim. Was this the girl I had known for years? Shy and giggly Naimh? And what about Lucy, who had been so innocent a few months ago? For that matter, what about Penny? It took me years to get her naked, longer still to finally consummate our relationship. Today a man she had not even been introduced to fucked her in front of a roomful of people. And then she shagged Mike. After Lucy had licked her pussy and swallowed the stranger’s come.

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