Before the Football Game

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She had tickets to a football game and suggested I went to the game with her and her friend. I just wanted to hang out with Lucy to be honest, admire that slim figure, those sparkling blue eyes and long blonde hair. So, I wasn’t thrilled when she said she was going to bring her friend. Still, I agreed that they would meet at my apartment about an hour before the game.

The doorbell rang and I went downstairs to let them in. Lucy was wearing a football shirt and tight blue jeans. She looked stunning. She introduced her friend Gaby and my eyes fell on this pretty African-American girl with a gorgeous smile. She was slightly shorter than Lucy, had long black hair and was wearing a green sweater and tight jeans which showed off her curvy figure. I followed them upstairs, fixated on Gaby’s ass wiggling in her jeans.

I got them each a beer from the fridge and they sat down next to each other on the couch. After a couple of sips of beer, Gaby smiled and said “Why don’t you show us around?”

“There’s not much to see – it’s quite a small apartment” I said. “That’s the kitchen over there, this is the living room, and back there is the bedroom”. I jumped to my feet and opened the door to the bedroom, pleased that I had remembered to make the bed. I showed them the sliding door to the small balcony and they both stepped outside.

“This is really cool” said Lucy. We talked for a bit about how much rent we were each paying.

Gaby was the first one to go back inside and she sat down on the end of my bed, legs crossed. Lucy sat down next to her and leant back on her arms, her long legs stretched before her, shirt riding up slightly to reveal her navel. She just smiled up at me, mischievously. I just stood there, looking at these two gorgeous women sitting on the edge of my bed, Lucy with her long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes and Gaby with her chocolate-colored skin and red lips. Blood rushed to my groin and I shifted uncomfortably.

Then Lucy, the blonde mischievous one, reached over and put her hand behind Gaby’s head and pulled her towards her. Their lips met and they kissed, both of them giggling slightly. Then they parted and they both looked up at me and Lucy fixed me with her blue eyes and said “do you want to join in?”.

She leapt up, came over to me and kissed me roughly, pressing her tight body into mine. I gripped her by the hips and more blood flowed to my groin. My cock was starting to harden in my jeans and before long she was going to be able to feel it pressing against her.

She stopped kissing me and pushed me back to the bed. I sat down and Gaby turned to me. My lips met her gorgeous red lips and we started kissing passionately, tongues meeting. She pushed herself against me and suddenly I could feel her soft but big breasts pushing against my chest. Now I was itching to get her sweater off so I could see how big her boobs were. Her hand came down to my leg and she moved it over to my crotch, feeling for my erection. By now I was fairly hard and I felt her hand rub the end of my cock through my jeans. We stopped kissing and Lucy climbed behind Gaby on the bed and lifted her green sweater over her head. Now things were going to get real, I thought.

Gaby was wearing a thin white bra which really showed off her amazing cleavage. Her boobs were wonderful and I could see her dark nipples showing through the bra. I reached out and took her left breast in my hands, feeling the fullness and then I tweaked her nipple through the fabric. She moaned and her nipple hardened. Lucy undid Gaby’s bra strap from behind and the big beautiful breasts tumbled out of the bra, areola slightly darker, dark nipples hard. I leant down and started kissing her boob, taking Gaby’s nipple in my mouth and reaching over to grab the other breast and play with her other nipple. Gaby threw her head back, her long black hair cascading over my bed and she arched her back, thrusting herself towards me.

Then I heard a zipper and looked down to see Lucy unzipping Gaby’s jeans. She pulled them off her legs. I had my mouth right on Gaby’s nipple, licking the hard bullet, but I watched as Lucy appeared between her legs and started to lick the outside of her friend’s panties. Lucy had taken off her own football shirt and was topless, her pink nipples were erect. Gaby reached down and urgently pushed her panties down and then her hand came back up to my cheek and she pulled me up to continue to kiss her. While my tongue explored her mouth, I continued to caress her left breast with my fingers, swirling my index finger around the hard nipple. This was turning her on, but then she moaned with pleasure and I guessed that Lucy had started to lick her clit. I felt a hand reach down to my own crotch and start to rub my hardening cock through my jeans.

“Why don’t you come down here and take over?” Lucy said to me. Gaby stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes and nodded. I stood up from the bed and pulled my t-shirt over Ankara bayan escort my head. Lucy moved out of between her friend’s legs and now I could see all of Gaby’s gorgeous body as she lay naked on my bed. Her boobs were leaning over to each side, erect nipples on top. Her flat stomach leading down to her curvy thighs, legs spread. Her pussy had a very small amount of pubic hair just above her labia. I got down on my knees between her legs and started to kiss the inside of her thighs, gradually working my way up to her crotch. I could see the hood covering her clit and the dark, wet folds of her labia, with just the slightest pink in between.

I ran my tongue over the top of her crotch, close to her clit but purposely avoiding it, and down to her labia, licking the outside of the hot entrance to her body. She groaned with pleasure. On the next pass, my tongue made contact with her clit and I licked it, feeling it harden in my mouth. Her pussy juices were seeping out of her vaginal lips. I brought my fingers up her other thigh and used them to part her labia, driving one finger between the dark folds into the entrance to her pink tunnel. She was soft, velvety, wet and tight. My cock throbbed in my jeans as the lust buzzed through my head. What would it feel like to push myself inside this wonderful tight channel, I thought?

I pulled my finger out of Gaby’s vagina and used the wet juices to play with her clit, caressing it, hearing the moans of encouragement from her. I looked up and she was looking down at me, though the valley of her chest. I wondered where Lucy was and then I felt somebody start to unbuckle my belt. She undid the button of my jeans and pushed the zipper down. Her hand went inside and I felt it caressing the shaft of my penis, reaching down to the hard end and then underneath to cup my balls.

“I think somebody is nearly ready to play” breathed Lucy behind me. I continued to alternate playing with and licking Gaby’s clit, driving a finger inside her pussy. Her moans of encouragement grew louder and I reached up to fondle her breast, finding her hard nipple and gently squeezing it. “Oh yes!!” she said. “Don’t stop!!”

I flicked her clit with my tongue, drove my finger back and forth inside her tight pussy and squeezed her nipple. “Oh my god!!” she screamed and I felt her pussy tighten around my finger. She yelped with pleasure, driving her crotch up into my mouth. Her nipple was harder than ever and then the tightness of her pussy relaxed and her juices flowed over my fingers and down onto my bedspread.

I looked up at Gaby again and she smiled at me and said “I want you to fuck me now”.

I stood up and Lucy was behind me. She pushed herself into my back and I could feel her hard nipples against my skin. She pushed my jeans down my legs and I stepped out of them. Her hands came down to my crotch and she fondled my erection through my underpants. Gaby said “Let me see!”

Lucy peeled the band of my underpants down my buttocks first and then reached around to lift the top over my erection and push them down over my balls. My cock sprang up and I looked down and she wrapped her hand around the shaft. I was really hard and my glans was solid and shiny and her hand looked so hot wrapped around it. I don’t know if I have ever been more turned-on.

“Oh my god” said Gaby from the bed. “You were right, he is big!”.

“This thing is going to fill you up” said Lucy. “This big hard end is going to split you open”, as she caressed the bulbous mushroom-shaped head of my cock.

I was ready now, Lucy’s hand was driving me crazy and Gaby was lying there with her legs spread open, gorgeous tight black pussy glistening and ready. “Come here”, Gaby said and I moved closer to her, between her legs. Lucy’s hand went to Gaby’s labia and she rubbed between her friend’s pussy lips. “Ooo, she’s wet and ready for you!” Lucy said to me. My head buzzed with lust and my cock throbbed with the excitement.

Lucy’s fingers, wet from Gaby’s pussy, grabbed the shaft of my cock. She angled it downwards so that my solid glans touched the edge of Gaby’s labia and was pointed right at the entrance to her friend’s vagina. My cock looked obscenely huge compared to the small entrance to her body. Then Lucy expertly pushed the hard end of my penis in between the dark folds and I felt the wetness of Gaby’s pussy on the end of my glans. I looked up at Gaby and her nipples were erect. She was intently watching between her legs, eyes focused on my cock and she looked nervous. She caught my gaze, smiled and nodded and then her eyes went back down to her vagina.

I pushed forwards, feeling the tight entrance to Gaby’s body, the warmth of her pussy on the end of my penis. I looked down and my glans had sunk into her, the purple ridge of my corona was between her pussy lips. My pink shaft looked strange against her gorgeous chocolate skin, like some kind of invader. She was Escort bayan Ankara tight so I moved slowly, gradually easing more of my cock into her. Lucy’s hand came down to cup my balls as I slowly thrust my hard cock deeper into her friend’s vagina, the soft velvety warmth of her tunnel enveloping my penis. It felt amazing. Eventually the end of my cock bumped up against the end of her vagina and Gaby groaned with pleasure.

“Tell me how it feels” said Lucy.

“The bulging thick head of his cock is splitting me open… oh my god!” said Gaby. “Please fuck me!”

I withdrew almost entirely and thrust back inside her, feeling the wet velvety warmth of her channel massaging my cock. She felt so incredible. I pulled back again and then keeping the bulging end of my dick inside her, I rubbed back and forth on what I knew was her G-spot, back and forth, back and forth.

“Yes, right there” breathed Gaby, throwing her head back.

Lucy’s hand was massaging my balls and gripping the underneath of my shaft. “I can’t wait to feel this thing up inside me again” she said. “Don’t you just love it when he hits your G-spot?”

“He is so big and thick and hard” Gaby breathed. “I think he’s going to make me cum again”.

Seemingly determined to get her friend off, Lucy reached over with her other hand and frigged her clit. My view was incredible, I could see my cock halfway buried inside this juicy tight dark pussy, Lucy’s long fingers of one hand gripping my balls and shaft while the fingers of her other hand diddled her friend’s nub of pleasure.

Gaby’s back arched and she drove her crotch upward, my penis slipping deeper into her and then she screamed “Yes!!” I could feel her vagina tighten like a vice around my cock as her body spasmed with orgasm. It felt like her body was trying to squeeze my cock and I panicked as I started to feel the building sensation in my thighs. I loved fucking this gorgeous girl bareback, feeling the tight walls of her channel around my cock, but I didn’t think it would be OK to just cum inside her. I was really turned on, I hadn’t cum in at least a week and my balls were boiling with my spunk. “Fuck” I thought, I should pull out before my cock takes over my head.

I pulled backwards and the head of my cock came out of her with an audible pop. Gaby groaned and her pussy juices flowed out onto the bedspread. I was rock hard; my purple glans was solid and glistening with her juices. Lucy’s hand came up from my balls and circled around the shaft, her fingers barely touching around my girth. I heard her breathe into my ear: “Are going to cum?”

“Yes”, I said. I was standing over Gaby’s spread thighs and my cock bobbed just above her navel.

“Then cum!” Lucy said, and she wrapped her fingers around the end of my cock, using Gaby’s pussy juices to masturbate me. I felt my balls clench up as she pulled on the bulbous head of my penis, and my pre-come seeped from the end. Once, twice more she expertly tugged my glans, circling round underneath to the most pleasurable part. I felt the draining sensation in my crotch and then I went over the edge. My heart pounded in my chest and I felt semen run up the length of my cock and then my orgasm hit. My head buzzed as I came and I watched as the first spurt of my spunk leapt from the end of my penis and splattered down onto Gaby’s body, some of it landing in the valley between her breasts. My balls pumped and my cock throbbed and all my focus was on the wonderful spurting feeling of my ejaculation. Lucy’s hand was still masturbating me and cum was flying all over the place, onto Gaby’s thighs, some of it landed on her labia, but most of it was spraying all over her stomach. I don’t think I had ever cum so hard in my life.

“Fuck me, that’s a lot of cum” said Gaby. “Thank god you didn’t spurt that inside of me.”

“He cums so much” said Lucy, as she took her hand away and licked her fingers. I looked down at Gaby. My creamy cum was sprayed all over her gorgeous chocolate-colored skin, between her breasts and on her stomach and pooling around her belly-button. I had unloaded so much of my semen all over her.

I stumbled backwards and pulled up my underpants. Then I found a washcloth for each of the girls. Gaby started to mop up the cum that was all over her body and then she said “I really need to take a shower.” I found her a towel and showed her where the bathroom was.

When I came back into the bedroom, Lucy was sitting on the end of my bed. She had taken her jeans off and was just wearing a skimpy pair of panties.

I got down in front of her and she lay back on the bed, her legs draped over the edge. I started kissing her navel and then her inner thigh, then over the top of her panties and then finally I ran my tongue over her pussy. I could feel the heat emanating from the entrance to her body. I then used my teeth to grab the top of her panties and pull them down. She giggled. Bayan escort Ankara Her pussy was mostly shaven with just a small line of blonde hair just above her labia, which were wet. I reached up and started to caress one of her nipples and then I found her clit with my tongue and slowly started making circles around it.

“That feels so good” Lucy breathed in her sexy voice.

With my other hand, I used two fingers to open her moist labia and then I pushed my fingers into her pussy. Her channel was tight and wet. She yelped with pleasure as I licked her clit and started thrusting my two fingers in and out of her tight vagina. She groaned and started breathing heavily. I think she had been so horny from witnessing the antics with Gaby that it was not going to take long to make her cum.

I found the soft spot on the upper inside of her vagina and rubbed this with my fingertips while starting to flick her clit with my tongue. She pushed her crotch upwards into my face. “Yes, right there, yes” she said and I licked her clit while thrusting my fingers in and out of her pussy. Her arousal was turning me on and I felt blood rush to my groin and my cock start to harden again. Then her back arched and she almost screamed with pleasure and her vagina tightened around my fingers. Her whole body shook with her orgasm.

As she calmed down, I jumped up and sat next to her on the bed. She pulled herself up and climbed over and straddled me and started to kiss me, her long blonde hair tickling my chest. Her naked crotch was pressing on the front of my underpants, where my penis was getting harder, seemingly having recovered from earlier. She grinded her crotch into mine, shifting so she could push her pussy lips against the end of my cock. All that separated my growing erection from the heat and wetness of the entrance to her body was a layer of grey cotton underpants. My head was buzzing again with desire.

She reached down between us and pulled the waistband of my underpants down, lifting over my erection. I was kind impressed by how hard I was having come so recently. My cock sprang up and I pulled her close, her hard nipples against mine, my hard penis wedged between our stomachs. She looked me in the eyes and smiled and then lifted herself up slightly, grabbing the shaft of my cock. She pointed my bulbous glans at her vagina and I felt her wet pussy lips touch the end. I watched as the head of my cock sunk in between her labia and was amazed that she was going to try to make my penis fit into the small entrance to her body. She pushed down a bit and the ridge of my corona slipped inside her. There was resistance as her vagina expanded to accommodate the head. She groaned and breathed “oh my god, you are so big”.

Very slowly Lucy impaled herself on my cock. Her vagina was warm and wet, the tight velvety walls felt amazing around my organ. “You are so tight” I said and she smiled. I put my hands on her hips and kissed her and she pushed down more. I was now buried deep inside her and she wrapped her long legs around my back. I moved my hands up to hold her sides and she arched her back. I put my face in between her small breasts and then found her nipple and kissed it.

She sat back up and lifted herself up, my cock withdrawing so that only the bulbous end was still inside her. Then she started rocking back and forwards, barely moving more than 2-3 inches on my shaft, clearly rubbing the ridge of my glans against her G-spot. My head was buzzing and the feeling of her tight wet channel fucking my cock felt amazing.

“Oh fuck!” she groaned and the breathing was getting more ragged. I reached down and found her clit and rubbed it and she yelped with pleasure.

“Right there, right there” she said and her movements became erratic as she rushed toward her orgasm. I felt her vagina tighten around me and I gripped her close and could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she shivered with her orgasm.

She opened her eyes and looked at me and said: “you can cum in me, I am on the pill”. She lifted up and pushed back down on my cock, her pussy now even wetter from her juices. Up and down she rocked on my penis, her warm channel massaging my shaft, driving the pleasure again. I thought I could last longer this time but she was so tight and I soon felt my orgasm building in my thighs. My heart was pounding and I felt my balls tighten. I felt so hard and the end of my cock felt so full and I knew she could feel it. I was going to cum again and the feeling was fantastic. The semen run up my penis and then my orgasm hit and I exploded, my cum spurting inside her.

“Oh, yes, I can feel it!” Lucy screamed and her pussy tightened and it felt like her body was trying to suck the cum out of me. The pleasure of her vagina tightly gripping my organ was amazing and my cock throbbed and throbbed, my semen gushing out of me in long satisfying spurts. It felt like all the fluid in my body was gushing out of me into her body. I couldn’t believe how much I was cumming given I had already cum all over Gaby earlier, but my cock kept on pumping inside her.

“Wow, you guys are so hot!” came a voice from the doorway. Gaby was standing there smiling, a towel wrapped around her, gorgeous long hair still wet from the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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