Body Chemistry

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Big Tits

Just what is that personal “chemistry” between a man and a woman that makes one woman so desirable but the next so repulsive and at the same time makes one man so macho but the next so much of a wimp?

Each man has the same basic equipment: a penis and a pair of testicles that produce sperm. Granted some are hung like stud horses while others are…well, less well-endowed in that department. Still, if the delivery system functions as it should, the size is really immaterial since the sole reason for the erection of a man’s cock is not pleasure but for the delivery of the procreating, live giving sperm into the woman’s body.

Each woman has that certain special extra opening to her body that a man just doesn’t have but which almost every man strives to enter at one time or another and a pair of breasts that range from small to gigantic. So what makes one woman more attractive than another, pussy unseen? Not just the outside looks alone for some of the prettiest women I have ever met have been the worst ones in bed and some of the “ugliest” women I’ve ever met have been utterly fantastic in bed.

By the way, my basic tenet is that there is no such thing as an ugly woman, at least not where sex is concerned. When it comes to ego, however, the outer packaging becomes very important to both genders. This is, in itself, a very sad state of affairs for the hardened cock and the dripping pussy just don’t care about looks, they care about the act of fucking each other silly…of depositing the man’s sperm in the woman’s cunt so as to fertilize the egg, make her pregnant and recreate the species. Pleasure is secondary to this basic primeval need to procreate. Ah, but what a goad this pleasure can be. But all this leads up to my story, the story of how my mother and I, through body chemistry, became lovers over twenty years ago and remain lovers to this very day.

When I was younger than I am now, right after I turned 18, I would lie abed with my mother after my father went to work early each morning. My mother was no raving beauty, but she also wasn’t shabby, if you catch my drift. She was about 5’6″ in her stocking feet and weighed about 145. Three children in a span of three years had an affect on her body, making it more rounded and, in my opinion, more sensuous. Her near black hair was always clean and well brushed, hanging almost to the flare of her butt cheeks. Her butt was scrumptiously large as were her two wonderful tits and she was a tad on the overweight side of perfect, but she was beautiful, at least to me and her body was mine on those wonderful mornings. When she got ready to go to work, I was the one who saw her in all her naked glory, from tits to cunt, and I was the one who helped her hook her bra on her body and cover those two lovely mounds of breastly delight, mounds that intrigued me even at that young age.

My sister and brother never knew of my mother’s habit of getting me out of bed just to have me snuggle up to her naked body under the blankets. Nothing overtly sexual ever occurred…I never played with her tits and she never handled my cock, but my prick, even soft, was nestled nicely in the crack of her ass cheeks.

This arrangement went on for quite some time until my father came back one morning because he had forgotten something at the house. He caught me spooned against my mother’s naked butt and laid into both of us unmercifully. He didn’t really hurt either of us, but my morning forays into my mother’s bedroom came to an immediate and permanent halt–at least for the time being.

Five years later, after I had turned 23 and was in my senior year of college, my thoughts always seemed to stray towards sex and how to get it. My problem became one of finding a girl that would measure up to my mother and I never seemed to be able to find one. That isn’t to say that I had never played stinky finger with a girl or had my cock pulled by one, it’s just that I had no desire to fuck them if they didn’t come up to my mother’s unintentionally imposed standards.

The first time I fucked a girl, it was a total disaster and both of us were left really wondering what had happened to ruin a lovely day. While this girl wasn’t as heavy as my mother, she was still no beauty queen though she was fairly well put together in all the right places, especially between her legs. We had been to an amusement park that day and had found places all day to play with each other and kiss our way to total excitement, even on the crowded public bus on the way home. Once we got back to my car, I put her in it to drive her home and we stopped at a roadside rest area with a screen of trees between the area and the road. I had her panties off and she had my hardened cock in her hand with my pants around my ankles. I had barely penetrated this warm, moist pussy when I could feel my cum rising in my Ankara escort cock. Hurriedly I pulled it out and sprayed cum all over her pussy lips. Neither of us had given a thought to having a condom available and we were both scared by what had almost happened. Technically speaking, we were both still virgins…at least she was left with her hymen intact. We never saw each other again.

Something must have shown on my face after that night of sexual frustration, for suddenly my mother, when my father and siblings weren’t around, started playfully grabbing at my crotch. Since this was something totally new, she had my attention and she knew it. For the next several weeks, we flirted every chance we got. Soon, I was being treated to small flashes of tit flesh when nobody else was looking or she would deliberately wear a short skirt with skimpy panties under it and I would be treated to brief glimpses of her untrimmed pussy hair. Even today I like my women to be natural in the genital hair department.

Of course, whenever nobody was around to see, I would “forget” to completely close the bathroom door when I took a piss and with the hope that my mother would get an eyeful–and she did on more than one occasion. Even though my cock was usually soft, I could hear her occasional moan as she walked by the open door. I knew I was getting to her. Hell, I was getting to myself just thinking about her obvious charms and how she flaunted them in front of me.

I still dated girls my own age and even finally managed to fuck one of them, but I wasn’t satisfied with her and she wasn’t very happy with me telling me that I needed to learn how to fuck a girl before trying it again. All in all, not a very satisfying experience. I found more release with my own hands than I was getting from pussies.

Nothing happened all summer between us other than the mutual teasing. I had enrolled at the local community college and was still living at home. My father still went to work early and my brother and sister left for school before the sun fully rose. My mother had been hurt on the job and now stayed home. My classes didn’t start until 10 AM so I had plenty of time to putter around in the morning.

The morning that my life took a change in direction was no different than any other…at least not in the beginning. I had been out late the night before with some of the guys and had decided to stay in bed an extra hour or so. About a half hour after everybody else was out of the house going to work or to school, Mom burst into my room.

“Henry, why aren’t you out of bed?” She threw the covers off me and gasped as she realized that I was totally naked on the bed. “I didn’t know you slept naked.”

“Well, Mom, I do. I got in late last night and thought I’d sleep in this morning.” She stared at my groin and I quickly realized that I was sporting a mighty nice piece of morning wood. As I moved to pull some covers back over my raging erection, Mom stopped me.

“Hank, you sure have grown since the last time I saw your cock. What’s it been…three years?”

“Five years Mom.”

She reached out and touched the head and I thought I would explode on the spot. Feeling the twitch, Mom grasped my cock firmly at the base and blocked the cum from shooting out. After the urge had passed, she looked at me as she slowly started stroking my cock. I moaned my appreciation at her efforts and warned her that I was dangerously close to cumming.

In response Mom said “Go ahead, shoot your hot cum…let it go.” With that she dropped her face to my cock and covered its head with her mouth. She created a seal just behind the ridge and started pumping my prick with one hand as the other played gently with my balls.

“Mom, I-I-I’m gonna cum!” She nodded her head, sped up the movement of her hands, and created an even tighter seal around my rampaging dick. These actions were more than enough to get me to let loose with what had to have been the most intense cum of my young life. To Mom’s credit, she swallowed every last drop of that gigantic flow of life giving sperm. Then she sat up, smacked her lips, smiled at me, and bent over to kiss me. I tasted my cum on her tongue as it penetrated into my mouth. We attacked each other like too very horny teenagers which was almost true in my case, but she wasn’t.

She stood up and removed her housecoat revealing that she had been wearing absolutely nothing underneath. I gazed at her two lovely tits and let my eyes wander to the natural bush between her legs before returning to her huge tits once again.

“Like what you see, Hank?”

“Hmmmmm, yes, I guess I do.”

“What do you like the best? Be honest now.”

“I like it all, Mom.”

“Hank, you are about to fuck your mother. I think between us you can call me Carol, don’t you?”

“Yeah, Carol, I guess Ankara escort bayan I can.”

“Only when nobody else is around. And what we are about to do has to remain a secret for all time. Understood?”

“Yeah.” I watched as she climbed into bed with me and pulled the covers over us.

“Remember how you used to sleep with me?” Mom asked as she turned her back to me.


“I think this time you can do a little more than sleep with me, don’t you?”

“Yeah.” I was beginning to sound like a broken record, but I did snuggle up behind her as we used to snuggle with each other. This time, however, my cock was much longer and harder than the last time I had spooned her. Mom wriggled her ass until my cock head slipped deep along the crack, the head pushing through some hair and finally finding a very hot and wet spot between her legs.

Mom started humping back against me and I took the hint and started moving my hips back and forward until we had established a rhythm. Each time I thrust forward, my prick encountered that warm wet spot and got slipperier and slipperier as Mom’s body lubricated itself. On one particularly hard thrust, my fleshy spear entered Mom’s pussy causing her to moan her appreciation. She stopped her movements, but let me continue mine. I moved down slightly to improve the angle and finally sank my cock balls deep inside my mother’s hot and very wet pussy.

I started hammering my dick into Mom’s pussy and she reached behind her and grabbed my hips, slowing my thrusts. “Take your time, Hank. We have a couple of hours before you have to leave. Girls don’t like to just be prodded with that cock of yours, you have to take it slow and easy and make it feel good for the girl too. Later on you can start fucking harder and deeper.”

I slowed my thrusts as she had directed.

“Now, come at my pussy from slightly different directions each time. Keep me guessing where your cock is going to come from.” I tried it and the first couple of thrusts almost threw me out of her pussy completely. After the opening volley, my thrusts started getting erratic in the direction that they penetrated Mom’s pussy.

“That’s better, Hank.”

Encouraged, I varied the depth, speed, and direction that my cock penetrated through those lovely pussy lips that gripped my cock so tightly and yet so lightly at the same time. Due to the lubrication secreted by Mom’s body I was able to fuck her pussy almost effortlessly and since I had already cum in her mouth there wasn’t that urgency to just dump my load.

After another ten minutes of this, I could feel my cum boiling its way out of my heavy balls. “Mom, er,Carol, I’m going to…”

“Cum inside my pussy, Hank. I’m on the pill. Just fuck me as hard and as deep as you can until you cum.”

I did just that. I had never pounded a pussy as hard or as fast as I pounded my mother’s cunt that morning and she just grunted and urged me to fuck her faster and harder. I plunged one last time before going stiff with my cock buried balls deep inside my mother’s hot pussy, my mouth sucking on her nipples, and her heels holding my cock as deep as I could get it inside her. My cum created a series of seizure-like shakes that racked my mother’s body for a full minute after they started.

As my cock shrank back to it’s deflated size it plopped out of Mom’s cunt drawing a stream of white spunk with it. My cum dripped down the crack of her ass and deposited itself on my bedding. I rolled over on my back and closed my eyes.

“Hank, you were fantastic. Honey, if you can keep our secret, you can fuck me every chance we get. OK?”

“Ok, Mom, er, I’m sorry, Carol.”

“That’s all right dear. I understand. Maybe you should just keep calling me Mom for safety’s sake. We don’t want you slipping up around your brother and sister, or heavens forbid, your father. Damn! Look at the time! Hurry up and take your shower. I’ll have your breakfast ready by the time you get downstairs.”

I hurried home after classes and fucked Mom again in the living room while the soaps were playing on the television. I walked in and dropped to my knees in front of my mother spreading her legs wide. She was wearing panties which I reached up and pulled off her legs. She helped by lifting her hips and then sat back down.

“Just what are you doing, Hank?”

“Repaying you for that wonderful blowjob this morning, Mom.” I plunged my head between her legs and captured her clit on the first try. I tongue whipped her pussy for all I was worth even venturing down as far as her asshole before licking my way back to the top. I soon had her moaning and panting for air. Her hands held onto the back of my head forcing it deeper into her crotch. Her pussy hairs tickled my nose and chin as I dipped my tongue as far as I could inside her lovely cunt. Escort Ankara Suddenly she shivered like she had that morning. Quickly recovering, she dragged me into my room and threw me down on the bed. This time she climbed on top after opening my pants and pulling them and my underwear off. As she straddled my hips she lowered herself until my cock disappeared deep inside her body. Mom’s hips started a slow rocking movement that quickly built up in intensity until her pussy exploded its juice all over my cock and balls.

Now it was my turn and I rolled her over without breaking contact and fucked her in the good old-fashioned missionary position, my cock entering and exiting her cunt in a blur of motion. A very few minutes later I shot a huge load of sperm deep within her receptive cunt and bathed the walls of her womb with my seed.

We rested for just a few minutes before Mom pulled away and, quickly gathering her clothes, headed for the master bath to take a quick shower. I followed her lead by going into the bathroom down the hall and taking a shower to wash the sex smell off my body. When I returned to my room, sex was literally in the air so I opened a window and pulled out a can of air freshener.

Just as we finished, we heard the school bus pull up outside, letting my brother and sister off from high school. That was the closest we ever came to being caught in the act. There would be other times throughout the years when we got lucky and finished before being caught, but that time was the closest and Mom and I had a good long talk about the consequences of being caught by anybody, especially by my father.

That first day of our mutual fucking was almost twenty years ago. We fucked like rabbits every chance we had after that in any room in the house wherever we were that took our fancy. We were never caught, nor were we ever even suspected of carrying on an affair. Once I had moved out of the house, Mom came over almost every day for one reason or another. Dad thought her the most wonderful mother in the world for the way she took care of me. He reminded her occasionally of his catching me in her bed years ago and was satisfied that his occasional mentioning of the incident would keep her in line. If she couldn’t come over to my house, she’d call and ask me to come see her, which I did since I made and still do make my living at home via the internet and can set my own hours.

Mom slowly lost weight and started a good exericse routine three times a week. By the time she was fifty-five, she looked to be in her late thirties and had a body to die for complete with a set of tits that would stop any hockey team dead on its skates. We often were accepted as husband and wife by those who didn’t know our real relationship.

I never married since I never met the girl with the right body chemistry to take me away from my mother. Dad, of course, blamed the reason of my not having a wife on the way my mother babied me. If he only knew the real reason. I did date and bed various women just for appearances sake–once I was tempted to marry the one girl who vaguely reminded me of my mother in her younger days–but the love of my life always was and always will be my mother. The engagement was called off after two months. Mom fucked my father enough to keep herself above suspicion but she and I both knew that she was only going through the motions.

When my father died ten years ago, long after my sister and brother were each married and living on the West Coast with their spouses and children, Mom gave up the house on Cape Cod and moved into my Boston house with me “just to help Hank with the rent.” That seemed to satisfy my sister and brother and they thougth it was just great, knowing that I was their built in caregiver when she got too old

Then we became insatiable in our demands for each other’s body, walking around the house stark naked and fucking each other whenever one or the other desired sex. Our normal sessions included a sixty-nine, oral sex, anal sex, and just good old fashioned fucking…or any combination of the above. We tried all the numerous positions in the Kama Sutra and even invented a few of our own as time went by and we became more attuned to each other’s body.

Mom died suddenly last month of a massive stroke. We had just finished taking a shower together after one of our torrid love making sessions when she keeled over on the shower floor. I called 9-1-1 and hurriedly dressed while they were on their way. When they arrived, I was standing at the end of the driveway waiting for them. Mom was pronounced dead on the scene by the paramedics. I told them a little white lie and said that I had heard a noise come from the shower and had gone to investigate, finding my mother on the floor without a pulse.

I’ve never told anybody this story of our love affair until now mostly because of my promise on that very first day to keep our love life a secret. At least I’ve got the memories of our outstanding love life to keep me warm at night. I hope Mom will understand why I’m telling our story now.

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