Boy of My Dreams

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Sarah Jefferson lay in bed, restless. She was in her pajamas. She was a nice looking girl. Dark eyes and hair, pale golden skin. Really beautiful. She looked good and knew it. She was an honor student at her college. Her parents made a good living. Her father owned a chain of restaurants and her mother was a lawyer. Sarah herself was a model and she had a good reputation. She had it all. Money. Fame. Looks. She could have anything she wanted except the one thing she wanted the most.

It was the only one thing that she really she wanted. For years she had wanted it. She had stalked the object of her desire and when confronted, fled. She had urges she could not control. Shameful urges that could destroy her. At night she often lay there, crying. At school there was a world of beautiful people and other people. She could have anyone. But the one she wanted was unattainable.

“Oh, God,” she cried. “Why are you doing this to me? Why can’t I have the one I want?”

Surely the good lord would not allow one of his better children to go on wanting. Even if what she desired was shameful and amoral. Surely. Or would He? Ever since she became aware of her sexuality, Sarah knew she was different. Guys left her cold, for one thing. So did girls. She felt cursed. Everywhere she went she maintained an air of calm, confidence and discipline. She fooled everyone. Except herself.

She woke up and decided to go to school. She had to tell somebody, or she would explode. She went to talk to Johnson, one of her friends. He was a nice guy, tall and lean and blond. He was also an intellectual. Sarah knew him well. Johnson was in Junior Army League at school. An odd place for a closeted bisexual to be. Ever since he told her his secret, they’d become each other’s confidantes. Johnson had a huge crush on Ken Muniz, a black guy at school. Muniz was a basketball player whom most girls found hot.

“So, what’s bothering you?” Johnson said.

The young soldier looked at her with those blue eyes that made most girls melt. But not Sarah. She knew him too well. He liked to go around. He told her how he once slept with two Chinese actors, a male and a female. He did both of them at the same time! Johnson did some wild stuff. Sarah looked around to make sure they were alone. They were in the cafeteria but in a secluded spot. Almost nobody nearby.

“Well,” Sarah said. “You better sit down for this.” Johnson readied himself. “Well, I like someone,” said Sarah. “Does that someone have a name?” asked Johnson.

“No,” Sarah said, instantly scared. No one can know! They talked for a few minutes. About Johnson. Then there was some commotion in the cafeteria.

A young college freshman stood on a table, he was laughing and throwing stuff at people. He was goofing off and laughing as pizzas and meatballs were flung at him by his friends. Some people were cheering him, others were just staring at his display of immaturity. He didn’t care, for he was just a guy being a guy, not caring for political correctness. “Ah-ha, you can’t get me!” said the young man proudly. “Bunch of losers!”

Just then a girl dressed all in black pulled on his leg and he fell. Sarah leapt to her feet. “Luther!” she said.

The boy got back up. He laughed and went back to his table. He didn’t seem worried about falling, nor did he seem to care that the whole cafeteria seemed to be laughing at him. “Hey, Heather,” he said to the girl in black.

“Luther, you weirdo!” said Heather. ” Is there anything you can’t do?”

“Luther, are you okay?” said Sarah.

“Yeah, sister!” yelled Luther. He went back to eating what was left of his food. Sarah got back to her table where Johnson waited. There was a deep frown casino şirketleri on her usually happy, beautiful face.

“Sarah, we are friends,” he said. “We should be okay with each other. So who is it?” Sarah looked in Luther’s direction and lowered her eyes. Johnson followed her gaze and it took him a moment to understand. “Oh, God!” Johnson said. “No!” Sarah’s face went bright pink. She buried her face in her hands and quietly sobbed. Gently, Johnson took her hands away from her face and made her look him in the eye.

“How long have you felt this way?” asked Johnson. The guy looked like he needed a cigarette or something. Sarah didn’t blame him. What she had just sprung on him was definitely not easy to swallow.

“This is strange. Uh, two years,” said Sarah. “I can’t help the way I feel. I want him so bad.”

“Is that way you won’t date anyone?” said Johnson. ” There are plenty of hot people of both sexes at school, babe. You can have anyone.”

“Yes,” said Sarah. ” There are plenty of cute guys at school and some of the girls hit on me all the time but nobody lights my fire. The only one who does is my kid brother and I hate myself for it.”

Johnson grimaced and crossed his arms. “Wow, I would have thought you hated Luther.”

“I never have,” said Sarah. “Even when he was being a pain. I love him, Johnson. He’s my kid brother. I am such a freak.”

“Does he know?” said Johnson. What he had just learned from Sarah was seriously beginning to worry him. He had known the girl for years and had no idea she felt that way around her own brother. It was unnatural, yet he didn’t hate her for it. The heart simply wanted what the heart wanted.

Sarah looked at him. “Doesn’t have a clue,” she admitted. “What do I do?” she asked.

Johnson looked at her. “I really don’t know, but I know hiding from things isn’t for you Sarah. You should face this head-on.” He got up and left. Sarah watched him go. Then she went to class as the bell rang.

Later, she went home and thought about the events of the day. All things considered, she thought that things didn’t go so bad. Johnson had listened to her instead of running in the opposite direction. Currently, Sarah was in her room. For once the house was empty. Her older brother James was away at college. Mom was at the office and dad was at work. Luther was… wherever. Finally alone, she let it out. She was angry at herself for feeling the way she did. She threw things. She was pissed. Finally she ended up crying. She was moping still when a hand touched her shoulder. She turned with a start. It was him. Luther. He stood there, clad only in black sweatpants. He was sweating. Sarah found the sight of the bare-chested young man enthralling. “Hey,” he said. “What’s up?”

“I’m okay,” she said. Luther looked at her. She stared at him.

He was so fine-looking, in a childish, debonair, carefree kind of way. He was a slacker. Overconfident, too. She could feel her heart beating in her chest.

“Uh? Sarah, you are not okay. You never throw stuff around. You are the smart one, remember?”

Luther looked at her and touched her cheek. His hands were so smooth. He had that dopey, benevolent look in his face. She saw love there. But it was the love of a concerned little brother for a big sister, not that of a boy for a girl.

“You okay?” he said again. He casually lifted a box and put it down on the counter, then he opened it.

“Yeah,” said Sarah breathlessly. The sight of Luther blew her away, though she desperately tried to hide it.

She watched him as he went to the kitchen and got her a drink. Then he asked her to talk about her problems. Sarah chuckled. How could she talk casino firmaları to him about her problems? She wanted him, that was her problem. If she told him, he’d freak out and run like hell. She’d feel like a bigger freak than she already felt. She desperately tried to get rid of her feelings but she couldn’t. Out of all the people in the world, she had to fall for him.

“See, I made you laugh already,” Luther said laughing. “You’re going to be okay, Sarah.”

They talked some more. He started talking to her about his problems. How he liked a chick named Kylie, only she had a crush on Johnson. “This chick is so wrong about him, ” Sarah laughed. “Johnson is queer. ” Luther looked at her. “Get out of here,” he said in disbelief. “Mr. Picture Perfect Military Bastard is Gay. Wow.” He smiled. “Man, you just never know what people are really like. Any more big secrets?” he asked.

Sarah blushed. “Well, there is something I would like to tell you. You better sit down for this.”

“Hey, ten steps ahead of you, sis,” said Luther. “Drop it on me, sister.” She did. All the color vanished from Luther’s face. “This is a joke, right?” he said. He looked at her, fear in his eyes. “Come on, Sarah, this is a joke, right?”

“No,” she said. She approached him. He recoiled with a mixture of fear and awe in his face.

“Sarah, no!” Luther said. He ran. Or tried to.

Sarah could not stand it any longer. She caught him. She pinned him down on the floor. She held him like this for several seconds. Luther struggled.

“Shhhhhh.” she said. “Please, bro. I love you and I want to show it to you.”

She spent several minutes talking him down, whispering sweet words to him. Luther stopped resisting. Her hands were all over him. She looked at him. He was looking at her. There was defeat in those eyes, and curiosity. She kept touching him. “No,” he said weakly.

Her expert hands undressed him and found his penis. It was a lovely organ. He was longer than she would have thought. A full eight inches. She touched the head of the cock. Luther’s eyes widened. She held him, careful not to hurt him. Slowly she freed him. He stood before her, helpless and naked. He was almost her height, slender, with dark curly hair and very little pubic hair. He was just the most beautiful youth. Only eighteen years old. Two years her junior. She had wanted him for so long. Dreaming about him at night. Pretending to hate his guts in public so one could suspect how much she loved him. She had watched him with Heather and Kylie and felt a terrible jealousy. Now he would be hers. She’s make sure of it.

She got on her knees and sat him down. He looked at her, eyes wide with fascination. Sarah’s heart skipped a beat. She took Luther’s cock in her hand and slowly pumped it, making him bigger. Then she put it in her mouth. She knew what to do. Watching Blowjobs for Beginners six times a day really helped. She licked him tenderly and accidentally her tooth touched it. Luther gasped. She cursed herself mentally for almost hurting the one she loved more than anything in the world. She persevered. She sucked his cock, pumping it up with her hands. She licked his shaft and felt it grow harder and longer by the second. He growled and held her head in his hands. She took it out of her mouth and watched the oozing pre-cum.

“Oh, god, this was good,” Luther said.

Sarah swallowed his dick once more and he came in her. She drank his precious cum without spilling a drop. Even so, he shot his load in her face. She closed her eyes, feeling the warm liquid all over her face. Luther was gasping. He looked somewhere between heart attack and ecstasy.

“I’ve never felt anything like this before,” güvenilir casino Luther said. “Thank you, Sarah.”

She wiped her face clean of his cum and licked her fingers. She got up. He looked so disoriented. She found that amazingly attractive. She took a step forward. He looked at her with fear. She realized this was a totally new to him. Luther was a virgin. Sarah herself wasn’t. She lost it to Ted Jenkins a couple years ago. She remembered the feeling. She looked at Luther. So beautiful. She wanted to make him feel what heaven was like…. on Earth. She sat him down in bed. He looked at her with uncertainty. She came to him and into his arms. He held her and she was amazed at his strength. She lay against him, nude body against nude body. “Luther,” she said. “I love you, I want to give you something special.”

He looked at her. “There’s more?” he asked dizzily.

Sarah smiled. She lay on her back, legs spread. She took Luther and guided him into her. He positioned himself at the entrance of her pussy. He looked at her, cock stiff and hard yet still hesitant. They looked into each other’s eyes. He entered her. Luther gasped. Sarah’s pussy was so tight. He had never felt anything like this before. Sure, he jerked off in his bedroom at night thinking of porn stars but sex itself was new to him. He went in. Sarah gasped.

“Luther, not so hard!”

He slowed down. He fucked her tight pussy, going in deeper and deeper. Sarah was gyrating her hips and touching her breasts as her pussy was fucked. Luther’s cock was on fire. She looked up at her brother. He seemed so big and strong now. Like a man. He continued to fuck her, his thick cock plunging into her wet tunnel. Her pussy juices made the penetration easier. She felt something build up inside of her. Luther got the same feeling and told her. He bent down and kissed her on the mouth and they came together as they locked lips.

“Aahhhhhhh!!!” Sarah said.

“Oh, my God!” screamed Luther. He shot his load inside of her. Then he collapsed against her. They were panting and moaning together.

“Oh, Luther,” she said breathlessly.

Luther lay against her, his cock still thick and very much embedded in her slit. “What?” he said.

“I love you,” said Sarah. “I just wanted you to know. I always have. I want you Luther. Please be with me.”

Luther looked into her eyes. Sarah had always been smart and tricky and acting superior, now here she was, no longer the smart ass sister but a beautiful babe very much in love with him. She was hot and she wanted him. Part of him wanted her. A lot. Part of him screamed that she was his sister and what they did was wrong. Sarah looked up at her lover. He hadn’t answered her. She could feel her heart sinking. Perhaps he was realizing what he’d done and was regretting it. He would reject her and she would be alone. Never having the one boy she truly loved. She felt tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Sarah,” Luther began.

Here it comes, Sarah thought. He’s going to leave me.

“I know I probably shouldn’t do this but this feels right. I don’t care if I am damned, I love you.”

Sarah hugged him fiercely and kissed him. They were going be together. Somehow, they would be together. She would love him and teach him everything she knew. All in good time. For now they would love each other.

When their older brother and parents came home they found the house neat and Luther and Sarah cooking dinner and getting along. This was a shock to them. They couldn’t figure out why they were laughing all throughout dinner though.

“Well,” said Mrs. Jefferson, “I for one am glad to see my boy and my girl loving each other.”

Sarah winked at Luther, who smiled. If she only knew. The two of them giggled and went back to what they were doing. Sarah promised herself that things were going to be different around the house from now on. She loved Luther and wanted him for herself. And she would do anything to keep him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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