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Marty pulled his gray vest in tighter, trying to keep out the chill October wind. He had just finished up an eight hour shift at work in the local convenience store and was looking to get home to relieve a little ‘pressure.’ Working with attractive but unattainable women all day was starting to grate on his calm. What’s more, he had to take the brunt of frustration from a few hundred people looking to get their chocolate fix each day.

The instant he got home he planned to march straight up to his room, find some internet porn, and tease out a good load.

Even as he tried to distract himself, though, his thoughts couldn’t help but wander to the skimpy paycheck he had tucked in his pocket; it would barely cover his back rent. He’d be eating ramen for another month, but at least he’d still have his apartment. He pulled it out and tore it open. Damn, it was even less than last month. Well, it would still cover rent. Just no fancy ramen. Just good, old-fashioned bread.

“Ouch. That hurts.”

Marty turned around to see a tall, muscular man in a nice suit who had been reading his paycheck over his shoulder. “Pardon me?”

The man grinned, but didn’t look contrite. “Sorry. It’s just that I’m a financial planner, so seeing a paycheck like that hurts me on a personal and professional level.”

Marty was about to retort with a biting remark, but the man cut him off. “Actually, I think I can help. My firm is actually holding a little event, asking people from all walks of life some pretty boring questions about money and lifestyle. The pay is pretty good — 500 bucks for one night of free food and drinks, with a little bit of talking.”

That stopped Marty dead. 500 bucks that easy? Any money that wasn’t going straight to rent was a miracle! He didn’t think twice before he agreed — something he would regret a good deal later.

“My beamer’s this way,” said the mystery man with the ready smile. “The name’s Roger, by the way.”


An hour later and Roger was still driving them both through the country. Outside the BMW’s very nice windows, an increasingly dark forest whizzed by.

Marty coughed politely. “I don’t mean to look a gift horse in it’s very nice mouth, but is it going to be much further? I wasn’t really expecting it to take so long to get there.”

“Actually, this is sort of a corporate retreat too — they usually hold stuff like this a pretty decent distance from the city. Y’know, for a relaxed atmosphere.”

That made sense. Marty’d heard of stuff like that, if not actually taken part in anything of the sort.


Half an hour later, Roger pulled the car up a a gravel driveway to a large dark house that seemed to be miles from anything.

“Huh. Everyone else must be out to dinner. Bad timing on our part, I guess,” said Roger.

Marty nodded. At least he could get out of this car and stretch his legs. The huge house loomed ominously in front of him. With an odd premonition and a single gulp, Marty followed Roger into the house.


“Care for a drink?” asked Roger as he flipped on the lights, revealing a massive living room with hardwood floors and dark wood furniture that probably cost twice Marty’s paycheck for each piece.

“Uh…sure. Whatever you got. I’m gonna use the restroom, if I can.”

“Sure thing — down that hallway, first door on your left.”

When Marty came back, Roger was seated in a large, high-backed leather chair with a glass of bourbon in his hand. He gestured for Marty to sit on the large couch facing him, where another glass of bourbon rested on the endtable.

Silence dominated as the two sat there, Roger dimly backlit. Though Roger seemed absolutely calm, Marty couldn’t help but shift and fidget. For some reason, as the warmth of the bourbon spread through his body, he couldn’t help but think of what he would be doing if Roger hadn’t approached him. Namely, jerking off his own hard cock. Watching the exquisite agony on Jenna Haze’s face as she took a monster dick up her ass.

Roger broke the silence, and Marty’s growing distraction. “Bet you could really use that 500 bucks, huh?”

Marty grunted. “Uh, yeah.”

“Well, I actually have another way to make even more money, if you’re interested.”

Marty nodded quickly. “Oh yeah, absolutely.”

“Great. Why don’t you stand up and come over here real quick, then?”

Huh. There was something weird going on, but Marty couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Maybe that drink was hitting him harder than he’d thought. He stood up and started towards Roger.

“Whoa there. Looks like someone else is poking their head in.” Roger looked pointedly at Marty’s crotch.

Marty flushed deep red as he saw his pants tented in front of him. He hadn’t even noticed that all the thoughts about porn had achieved their normally intended results. He started to stammer an apology, but Roger waved him escort kayaşehir off.

“No shame, man. You were probably headed back to see your girlfriend and I interrupted it. I understand, I’ve been there.”

An absurd gratitude flooded Marty, prompting him to blurt out that he didn’t have a girlfriend. Roger raised an eyebrow and gestured him to continue over to him.

“Well, in that case, perhaps you would be interested in that thousand bucks afterall.” Roger grabbed Marty’s frayed tie, the only one he owned, and pulled the young man to his knees in front of him. Looking Marty directly in the eyes, a forceful gaze Marty couldn’t tear his eyes from, he commanded him. “Take out my cock.”

Marty froze. What the hell was going on? In a thousand years, he would never have expected to ever find himself in a situation like this. Never. “B-but…I’m not…y’know, I’m not…”

“Gay? Oh, I know. That’s why this will be so much fun.” Roger studied the twenty year-old’s face for a moment, then decided something. “Here, how about this? I’ll pay you in installments. Each time I ask you to do something, I’ll pay you 100…no, 200 dollars, cash. You can stop whenever you like, keep the money, and I’ll give you a ride back to your place. How’s that sound?”

Actually, it didn’t sound too terrible. Marty was rather secure in his sexuality. He could do…a little…and know it was just for the money. Which he really did need.

Roger pulled out two crisp 100 dollar bills. “Pull out my cock.”

Marty gulped. His hands trembling a little, he reached up and undid Roger’s trousers. The older man’s eyes never left Marty’s face; he seemed to be drinking in every little inner struggle and expression that crossed the youth’s features. Marty closed his eyes and reached his hands through the slot in Roger’s boxers, then gasped as he felt the semi-erect dick trapped there. It was hot, and even in that state felt huge.

Another gasp died in Marty’s throat when he pulled the member free. He watched, enthralled, as the dick slowly straightened in front of him. Marty had a good-sized prick and he knew it — he was an inch longer than average if Cosmo was to be believed — but this…thing…was almost twice as long. And much thicker.

When it was finally erect, Marty looked back up to Roger. Roger made a show of putting the bills in Marty’s free hand, then pulled two more out of a wallet that looked to be bulging. Were those all hundreds?

“Now,” Roger slowly waived the money in front of Marty’s nose. “Jerk me off.”

Marty hesitated, then complied, slowly jacking the massive rod in front of him. Roger groaned and tilted his head back, but then shook his head clear and refocused his eyes on the face of the young man he was turning into a whore. He loved to watch their expressions, searching for the exact moment he broke them.

Marty seemed to have found a rhythm and gotten comfortable with masturbating another man. He looked away from Roger’s intense glare, but the older man grabbed a fistful of his hair and forced him to make eye contact. “Don’t you dare look away. You look me straight in my eyes, slut.”

Marty whimpered and Roger released his hold. Another 200 were in his hand. “Now, slut, suck my. Big. Fat. Cock.”

Something in Marty snapped as he took that money. Whatever reason, whatever designs on hetero-sexuality he had left fell away, and he lowered his wet mouth on giant cock in front of him. His first cock. Roger groaned and buried a hand in Marty’s hair. The boy may not be experienced, but he was making up for it in enthusiasm.

“Ugh…I can’t believe how-ug easy it was to turn you into a cocksucking whore.”

Marty’s eyes flashed. Roger smirked. “What, hard to argue being called a cocksucking whore with my 600 bucks in your pocket and my cock in your mouth?”

Marty tried to pull his mouth off the cock, but the hand on his head pushed him back down even deeper. “Oh no, bitch. You took my money, you stop when I’m ready.” Which wasn’t to be for a while. The minutes slipped by until over a half-hour had passed, but Roger seemed no closer to cumming. And now Marty was constantly worried that the rest of the retreat would walk in and find him with a mouthful of cock.

Finally, as Marty continued to bob away, Roger reached into his pocket and pulled out another couple of bills. Then he pulled Marty away from his cock with his other hand, revealing his massive, slobber-covered cock to be streaming copious amounts of pre-cum. Grinning as an idea occurred to him, he forced Marty’s head back down and smeared the slick liquid all over his face, taking care to cover as much as possible. Pulling his head back up, he winked into Marty’s shocked, shiny face and slapped the money onto his sticky forehead. “Now strip, whore.”

Stiffly, Marty climbed to his feet. He pulled off his tie, then his shirt and undershirt. He looked away from Roger in shame as he started to unbutton his pants, escort anadolu yakası until Roger piped up. “I told you never to take your eyes off me. For that, I want you to dance for me as you strip.”

Marty was shocked, but at this point couldn’t really even think to protest. Awkwardly, he began to dance, undulating his hips obscenely as he dropped his pants, then his boxers, revealing his own straining hardon. The grin was back on Roger’s face. “Jerk off for me, boy.”

Marty’s hand was at work immediately, flying up and down his shaft. Roger let him go at it for a few minutes, until his eyes started to glaze over and his knees seemed ready to buckle. Then Roger climbed to his feet, walked over, and pushed Marty onto his knees. Still completely clothed, Roger slapped his bitch’s face with his hard cock, filling the room with a wet smacking noises.

When he’d tired of that fun, Roger pushed Marty over onto his back and grabbed each of his ankles. Roger pulled Marty’s ankles up until the boy rested only on the back of his neck and shoulders. Marty was whimpering like a beaten dog by now, realizing what was about to happen to him, about to be taken from him, but like the bitch he was he kept quiet and his eyes on his owner’s face.

Perched above his slut, Roger laid his massive cock on top of Marty’s, both point directly at his face. Roger’s dick dwarfed Marty’s. “The difference between a man’s cock and a boy’s dick, whore. But your dick will never have the chance to grow up, not after this. Once a man’s ass is taken, he’s never the same. You’ll never be the same young guy, jerking it to lesbian porn or fucking some chick’s pussy. You’ll always remember the feeling of my cock taking your ass. You’re going to be mine forever. Oh, and bitch? Here’s your pathetic 200 bucks.”

Roger tossed the money onto the floor next to Marty’s head, then positioned his cock at Marty’s tight virgin asshole. With one last grin down at the bitch folded in half beneath him, he shoved his cock into his bitch’s ass hard, illiciting a yelp like someone had kicked a dog. With Roger’s cruel gaze on his sweaty and reddened face, Marty’s eyes rolled back into his head involuntarily as he felt this massive…intruder, in him, violating him. This was something he could never take back. Roger had taken his ass, and in some sick way, it would be his forever now. Marty had sold his dignity, his pride, his manhood, and his self-respect for less than a thousand dollars. He was a whore.

Marty’s eyes flew open when he felt Roger’s hand tighten threateningly around his balls. “Eyes open, boy. Eyes on me as I fuck your ass.” Roger started to saw his cock in and out of his slut’s ass and smiled as he saw Marty’s bottom lip start to quiver and eyes tear up beneath him.

After a few minutes of being ass-fucked at a steadily increasing pace, Marty couldn’t stop himself from mewling like an injured kitten. God, what had become of him? What was more, though the fucking had started out as extremely painful, it was starting to feel good. Somehow he liked this big, strong man riding his ass like he owned him.

Roger could read the questions in Marty’s eyes and almost laughed. The prostate stimulation always caused them to question themselves, their orientation. In fact, given time, the stimulation could force Marty to cum. And Roger had all the time in the world.


After almost forty-five minutes, Marty’s breath shortened and his eyes glazed over, heralding an imminent orgasm. Roger pulled his cock out and paused before the instroke. Marty’s eyes cleared as his hips thrust out involuntarily, a question on his face.

“You’re about to cum all over yourself, slut.” Roger wasn’t asking. “But it seems like now you want something from me — I’ve paid for everything I’ve gotten from you so far, so it seems only fair that you should do the same.”

Marty’s eyes widened. “How about 100?” he croaked.

Roger slowly pushed the head of his cock into Marty’s ass and stopped again. Marty groaned in frustration. “That’s what a hundred gets you. Want more?”

“Ugh…oh god please…I mean, yes. 500?”

Roger slowly drove his cock in and out of Marty’s formerly virgin hole a couple of times, but Marty closed his eyes as he concentrated on his orgasm. “Whoa there, boy. I’ve told you plenty of times not to close your eyes. The price just went up.”

The pathetic despair written all over Marty’s face almost made Roger laugh. “Fine, fine! 800! That’s all I’ve got!”

Roger made a show of consideration. “Well, if it’s all you have…” Roger suddenly slammed his cock in and out of Marty harder and faster than ever, forcing a half-grunt, half-shout out of the young man. Roger pounded away, forcing Marty closer and closer to cumming. A stream of clear precum poured out of the end of Marty’s bouncing dick, sprinkling his face — he tried to turn to either side to avoid it, but Roger had him escort avrupa yakası pinned firmly and there was no way to avoid the facial coating.

Roger pulled out again abruptly, as though something had just occurred to him. “You know, I do believe you just lied to me.”

It took a moment for Marty to battle out of his pleasure and back to something like his wits so that he could speak. “W-what?”

“You told me that 800 bucks was all you had, but that’s just what I gave you. I saw that paycheck of yours, so I know you do have more.”

“B-but I n-need that…”

Roger rolled his eyes. “Boohoo. Everyone needs their money. It’s all about priorities. Now, do you want to come or not?”

Marty couldn’t believe it. Not only was he being forced to choose between being ass-fucked by a virtual stranger versus being able to pay his rent, but he was actually so desperate for cock that he was choosing the assfucking!

“Just t-take the paycheck. I need your cock.”

Roger suppressed a smirk. God, this was beautiful. He reached into Marty’s discarded clothes and pulled out the check. He made a show of looking it over. “Oh my. I don’t think this little thing will cover it. I’d need at least 200 more.”

Tears welled up in Marty’s eyes. “B-b-but I don’t have any more! I don’t have anything except the paycheck!”

Roger visually traced the path of a rivulet of sweat down the youth’s body from his abdomen to neck. “Well, I’m an understanding guy. Here’s what I’ll do: I’d say those clothes are, quite generously, worth a hundred bucks. And I did say I’d give you a ride home. I think the hassle of such a long drive, plus gas…yeah, I’d say that’s worth another hundred.”

Marty blinked sweat out of his eyes, not comprehending.

Roger sighed. “I take your clothes and you don’t get a ride back — in return, I fuck you until you cum harder than you ever have in your life.”

“Ok ok…just fuck me!” Marty pleaded without hesitation.

Roger couldn’t stop the grin this time as he returned to fucking his new toy. Again he fucked Marty to the brink, and again he cruelly stopped short.

“Ugh — you promised!” the younger guy whined.

“Heh. I lied. I want you to beg me for it as I fuck you. Beg me for my cock.”

“Oh please, oh please…” Marty murmured.

“Oh please what, slut?” Roger asked.

“Fuck me! Oh god, please fuck my ass! Fuck me and don’t stop!”

Roger started pounding away again. “Keep talking, bitch, or I might suddenly get too tired.”

Everything that was once a fine, upstanding young man in Marty shattered and fell away, leaving only a cock-hungry whore. “Ram your huge cock into my tight ass, you stud! Fuck the cum out of me! I need your cock!”

Roger’s pace increased, his balls bouncing off of Marty’s ass at an incredible speed. The whore was close — Roger felt his ass muscles clenching on the invading cock. “Oh yeah? Ug…What does that make you, slut?”

There was no hesitation. “Your bitch! EEEeeeeeh… I’m your filthy little bitch!”

“You’re my bitch? What does that make me?”

As Marty screamed his answer, his cock erupted, spurting an astounding amount of cum all over Marty’s face and chest. “DAAAADDDDYYY!”

Roger guffawed at Marty’s unexpected answer. He grabbed the youth’s smaller dick and pointed it into Marty’s open mouth, ending the boy’s shriek in a surprised gurgle.

Roger’s eyes didn’t move from Marty’s face as the young man panted and recovered. He slowed the ass-fucking, but didn’t stop. This was his favorite part. The moment of blind passion was falling away, leaving Marty with the realization of what had happened. That he’d given up his rent money, his clothes, his ride home, his self-respect…for what?

The realization of the current situation, that a stranger was sawing his massive cock in and out of his violated ass, seemed to dawn on Marty. His voice came out a shamed squeak, barely audible. “We should get dressed before the others get back from dinner.”

Roger chuckled. “Back from dinner, huh? So you really hadn’t realized it yet?” Marty’s dumbfounded expression told Roger that he hadn’t.

He chuckled again, shaking his head back and forth. “There never was any corporate retreat, no free meals. I was on my way home from work with a coworker, and he bet me I couldn’t trick you out of your paycheck. I told him that not only could I get your paycheck, but I’d make you beg for my cock. Needless to say, he didn’t think I could turn such nice young man into a desperate cock-slut. But here we are. And as soon as he sees the video, he’ll have to pay up.”

Roger pointed casually at a camcorder on the mantle, red light on. Marty was shocked — it was barely even hidden! How did he miss that?

“Now, son,” Roger smiled as Marty flushed a deep red with shame. “I’m really not even close yet. I think you have a long night ahead of you.”

Marty lay back, completely defeated, and let Roger abuse his ass without protest. He could feel the cum cooling on his face and chest.

“Oh, and bitch? What was that about ‘we’ getting dressed? As I recall, you don’t have any clothes of your own here.”

Marty whimpered.



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