Bulge Exposed

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College wasn’t easy for Jay. He was self conscious about the size of his package, as people would stare and some people would point and comment. Baggy clothing would often cover it up. However, after gym class, he would have to shower with the other boys. Concealing his 18 year old package in speedos was the only way he would dare enter those showers, but often his long, thick, flaccid penis would jut out of the speedo, allowing glances of his meaty ball-sack to poke through the sides. This wasn’t helped by the fact that the water would cause the material to stick to his meat, so all the other boys could see the outline if they wanted to.

Jay was in-fact gay. Showers were his most disliked time of the day, but seeing all of those bare butts in the showers would often cause an erection, but he couldn’t let it show because he wouldn’t know if anybody was looking.

One day it had all changed. It all seemed normal at first, but he couldn’t help it this time. All of the boys entered the shower, a normal routine. Jay was rinsing the sweat from his aching body when he turned to get the soap. He was met by the side-view of another boy bending over to pick up soap off of the floor. Jay was used to just seeing the boys standing statue still, but seeing them jutting their naked bodies towards him took him to a level of horniness he had never experienced before. He felt the bulge in his already tight speedos get larger, but he couldn’t do anything about it this gaziantep escort time…He didn’t care if they saw it.

As the boy straightened his bend from the floor, his head brushed against Jay’s erection, making Jay let out an audible, sexual sigh. The boy looked at him, slightly biting his lip before he realised that the other boys were looking.

“What the hell! You have a boner” shouted the boy, determined to cover up his gay action. Eyes focused on his erection. It was getting bigger. The speedo was getting more and more stretched as they gazed at his slowly inflating member. Jay knew he had been exposed, so he pushed his giant erection down with his hand and proceeded to walk out of the showers.

Water had rendered the tiles on the floor as slippery as possible, meaning that all of them would slide if they moved an inch. Jay didn’t focus on that, he just wanted to get out of there while he still had his dignity. Fate had other ideas.

Jay slipped near the end of the showers as other boys were entering the shower room. His engorged meat sprung out like a pendulum and he let out a moan of agony as the pain in his back had stuck him to the floor and the speedos pulled his erection down.

“Whoa! How big is your dick, Jay?” questioned one of the boys, slowly kneeling towards him, his eyes focused on his distressed package. This comment made Jay even hornier, and his dick somehow got even bigger, with pre-cum making a small stain at the top of his speedos.

“It’s about 9 inches erect,” said Jay nervously. Sexual tension filled the air. Everybody was stood there, naked, staring at the enormous package concealed in a speedo.

“What’s that noise?” said one of the boys, as little tears started appearing in Jay’s speedo.

“It’s Jay’s speedo, his dick is too big for it” replied one of the boys.

“Well we can sort that out” replied one of the other boys.

A well built senior was leaning towards Jay, his erection bouncing in the motion. He put his hand on Jay’s massive bulge and started to rub it as the other boys started to rub their semi-erect penises, licking their lips as they watched it unfold.

The boy slowly pulled Jay’s speedos down to his knees, allowing his huge meat to spring free. Throbbing meat from Jay’s speedos bounced as they were removes, violently slapping the boy’s face as it sprung free from its tight, Lycra prison.

Before Jay knew it, he was surrounded by a crowd of attractive boys, all engaged in kissing and caressing each others bodies and pumping their rock-hard erections. Two of the boys were fixated on Jay’s cock; his cock was being touched and licked at the same time, the tantalising waves forcing his dick to pulse and causing him to moan loudly. Lips touched inflated heads. Hands scaled the lengthy shafts of the horny teenagers and moans of penetration were emitted into the air.

Jay’s meat was being squished and sucked by the boys. They enveloped their mouths around his overinflated cock and he jerked their meat with both his hands.

“Your dick is so big, Jay” whispered one of the boys, slowly descending his mouth down the towering dick that stood upright in-front of him.

Pumping Jay’s dick was proving to be hard work. The boy covered Jay’s cock with saliva and continued to work his vein-y, pulsating meat for 8 minutes before Jay’s moans became more intense.

“Ohhhh, I’m getting so close” whispered Jay as he closed his eyes and clenched his feet with pleasure.

This nostalgia was soon interrupted when the gym teacher appeared in the doorway to find out why they were taking so long to leave the showers.

“This is where you a…What the hell are you doing Chad?” shouted the teacher, walking towards the boy to pull him away from Jay’s stirring dick and out of the showers.

“No Sir! Don’t” shouted Chad, as he took Jay’s dick out of his mouth and started to jerk it as fast as he could.

Jay started seeing spots as Chad’s supersonic hands vibrated and jerked up and down his thick shaft.

“Chad, get over he…”

“Ohhh, Ooooohhhh, OOOOOHHHHHH!” moaned Jay as his meat violently erupted, shooting a puddle of cum all over the shower floor and onto Chad’s face.

The teacher turned around and left the showers in a hurry, as Chad licked the semen off of Jay’s cock head and shot his load over Jay’s chest.

“Oooohhhh, that was so good” moaned Jay, standing up as his deflating meat flopped in the motion…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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