Carpi Diem

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According to a saying you only live once. As true as it may be I do not like that saying, I prefer Carpi Diem — seize the day. I live by that little saying, and a few times I seized more than just the day. One such occasion was with my former boss in his office one long Saturday afternoon.

The day started out as any normal Saturday, I awoke to the sound of the neighbour’s dog barking as the post man delivered his packages from house to house. I arose sleepily and dragged myself into the kitchen where I brewed myself a hot cup of coffee. As the aroma of morning coffee filled my house I decided to draw a steamy, bubbly bath, and as with all my baths I knew it would take a long time.

I drank my coffee and switched off my phone. I entered into a now steam filled bathroom and slowly removed my pyjamas. I checked the temperature of the bath and altered it accordingly. Just as I was to enter the bath I remembered I was leaving a very important item in my underwear drawer. I skipped into my bed room in nothing but my panties and opened my drawer. I pushed back my lacy see through bras to reveal my assortment of dildos and vibrators.

I grabbed my favourite waterproof, vibrating dildo and ventured back to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me, slipped out of my panties and into the bath. The hot water and bubbles engulfed me. I started teasing my nipples until they were rock hard with excitement. I took hold of my dildo and started sucking it while still playing with my nipples.

My hand slid down from my nipples to my stomach and then to my smooth, shaved crotch. I slowly moved my fingers in a clockwise movement over my clit, something I enjoy very much. I continued to suck the dildo as my heart rate rose and after a few minutes I knew it was time for my dildo to leave my mouth and enter through a different set of lips.

I switched the vibrating function of my dildo on and inserted it into my wet pussy. I immediately felt the vibrations through my body. I thrust my hips up and pushed my dildo in further. A shudder passed through my body. My breathing became deeper as I pulled my dildo out and pushed it back in again. I continued this sequence as I felt myself panting. A moan left my mouth and echoed through the hollow room.

I continued the fun with my dildo for a further five minutes before I could bursa escort feel myself start to climax. With this amazing feeling I decided to go faster and as I did my breathing became shallow and fast. I was coming close to climax now and as I was I was moaning more than ever. And then I felt it my whole body quiver. As I relaxed back in the bath I had a feeling of elation.

I finished up my bath and dried my body off with a soft towel. I went into my bedroom in my towel and switched on my phone to find a missed call from my boss. I rang him back to see what the matter was and he told me he had some hard work for me to do, he told me to come in as soon as possible.

I picked out what to wear and I selected a thong and lace bra. I also decided on my over the knee tight black skirt with matching jacket. I wore a tight see through blouse along with skin colour tights and a pair of black patent high heeled shoes. I tied my hair up in a French bun.

I set off for work wondering what on earth my boss would need on a Saturday. I arrived to see his secretary waiting for me at the door. She walked me as far as his office and then left me on my own. I thought to myself that it must be serious.

I knocked on the door and then entered. He was sitting behind his big desk facing the window.

“You were looking for me sir?” I asked causally. He slowly turned to face me and smiled as he did.

“Sarah,” he said, “I’m very happy you could make it.” He looked deep into my eyes.

“Of course I could make it,” I said with a smile. “But sir I hope you don’t mind me asking what it is you want from me on a Saturday.”

“Sarah no need to be so formal call me Stephen,” he said as he re-adjusted himself in his chair. “Now what do I want you for, well I was just at home on-line when I saw you added me on Facebook.”

“Yeah I did,” I had added him as I always had a small crush on him; of course I would never tell him that. “I thought it would be cool if I got to know my co-workers better, but I seem to have offended you so I apologise and it will not happen again.” As soon as the words were out of my mouth Stephen began to laugh.

“Oh don’t worry I wasn’t offended I accepted you,” he chuckled. “The reason I brought Facebook up is these pictures you have up of yourself, they are so…so sexy.” I felt myself going bursa escort bayan red but to cover the embarrassment a just smiled and looked away. “I’m sorry I don’t mean to be so forward but when I saw those pictures they blew my mind.” I was speechless and could see him watching me.

“Am,” I began, “work? You mentioned work.”

“Ah yes,” he said as he re-adjusted in his chair again. “I do hope you can help me.”

“Well I am here at your disposal.” As I was speaking Stephen started to stand up to expose a prominence in his pants. I suddenly looked away but was drawn back.

“Sir what exactly do you need help with?”

“Sarah I told you to call me Stephen,” he started. “And I told you what I had for you was hard.” He smiled and walked over to me, he put his hand on my shoulder and I could feel his bulge on my back. I stood up to face him as he slowly took of his suit jacket.

He grabbed my face and kissed me. As he did his hand slid up and down my back. I pulled away and sat on his table he followed me over and pulled my legs open. He thrust himself upon me and kissed me again. I wrapped my legs around him and started unbuttoning his shirt. He took off my jacket and ripped off my blouse revealing my lace bra. My nipples were so hard and could be seen through it. He slowly moved the straps off my shoulder and kissed my neck, he pulled my long mahogany hair down.

I moved his head up and kissed him again. He flicked my tongue with his as he pulled my bra down to let my big, firm tits out. He moved his head down and licked my right nipple. I let out a moan started to unbuckle his belt. I whipped it off and unbuttoned his trousers. I got off the table and knelt down. I pulled down his trousers and boxers to uncover his big, hard cock.

I grabbed is huge cock with my hand and started massaging it. He moaned so I licked it and kissed the tip. I cupped his balls in my hands and slowly shoved his cock in my mouth. I moved my head in and out. Again Stephen moaned so I quickened what I was doing. His cock tasted so good. He put his hands on my head and pushed me as far as I could go.

We continued like this for five minutes and then he stood me up. He pulled off my skirt and ripped my tights off. He knelt down and started pulling down my now wet thong.

“What the hell is going on,” we escort bursa stopped suddenly as we heard Stephen’s secretary yell.

“I…erm…” I didn’t know what to say.

“You were supposed to call me when you started,” she said smiling at us.

“Well come on over Jen,” said Stephen. She closed the door and walked over to us; she stopped a few feet away and started to dance. Slowly she removed her clothes and as soon as she released her magnificent big tits she walked up to me.

“Want to feel?” she asked. I nodded and she grabbed my hand and placed it over her erect nipple. Stephen started back taking off my thong and Jen started to kiss me. Suddenly I felt a tongue licking my clit. As he moved into my pussy he just kept licking. In the meantime I had started to lick Jens nipples. They were so nice and hard I moaned as I quivered. Jen started to remove the rest of her clothes and Stephen and I lay on the ground.

Jen moved her pussy over my face, I could she was already dripping wet so I decided to put my fingers inside her. I told Stephen to finger me and I copied everything he did. He inserted his middle and ring finger and rotated them around while going in and out. Next he started licking my clit again; his cool tongue flickered against my clit. I could feel myself getting more and more aroused so I removed my fingers from Jens pussy.

“Stephen,” I breathed, “Fuck me.” Stephen moved up and slowly played with the lips of my pussy with his huge cock. He then pushed his way into me; he started off slowly and kissed me as he did. His cock was felt so good inside me. He picked up the pace and started fucking me harder.

Our breathing was integrated with moans. I looked over at Jen she was fingering herself as she watched us. Stephen moved me so we were now fucking doggy style. After three minutes like this I heard a scream from Jen. I looked over and she was squirting everywhere. At seeing this I felt my whole body tense up, I was starting to climax. As Stephen turned me again back to missionary position I was on the brink of orgasm. He was on top of me fucking me harder and faster than anyone ever had.

And then it happened I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I screamed as I orgasmed, but that didn’t stop Stephen. I felt myself orgasming in waves. He kept this amazing feeling for another few minutes until I felt him cum inside me.

“How do you feel?” he asked getting up.

“That was amazing,” I answered, “next time you need help with hard work call me again.”

“I will never consider anyone else.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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