Caught my wife cheating at a party

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Jeanna and I’ve been married for 18 years….we were high school sweethearts and married just over a month after graduating. We have 3 kids together. (sons 10 and 6 and a 3 year old daughter) and Jeanna looks just as hot now as when we married. My wife is a 5-7, 150 pound blue eyed blonde with 36DD tits! The last few years have been very rocky as she admitted she felt she missed out on dating other people when we were younger because we were so serious with each other and married right after graduating HS. She had a new job at a home health facility for just over a year now and was hanging out with some of her friends more and more. She told me of a party at one of her coworkers house down by the local lake she wanted to attend but I was dead set against it as I’d be off to a ball game with our oldest son(he played competitive baseball) and she didn’t like going to the away games. She relented….or so I thought.

When I got home Saturday night from the ballgame I was quite surprised to find our friends 14 year old daughter Teri baby sitting our 2 youngest kids. I knew she’d gone to the party against my wishes. I asked Teri if she could stay a little longer so I could go run a few errands and she happily agreed….for an extra $20…I drove” title=”escort”>escort to Rodney and Lisa’s lake house to talk to my wife and hopefully get her to stop acting so selfish…

There were about a dozen vehicles in the driveway so I parked along the street and while walking to the side entrance of the house I saw Jeanna walking to the cabin by the pool with a coworker named Gene…they were holding hands and leaning on each other, smiling and laughing as they walked. WTF! I thought to myself. I followed them and after they went inside the cabin I went around back (no lights there) to catch her cheating in the act would be a quick way to deal with this I thought.

Once they were inside they quickly stripped naked in a matter of seconds and locked into a passionate embrace groping and rubbing each other wildly. Gene then went down on my wife’s gorgeous tits with enormous nipples (i used to kid that our children who were each breast fed were gonna gag on them!) and I noticed his dick had stiffened to a rather normal looking 5 or 6 inches. Gene was about 45 years old, standing about 6-2 with a slim build. Jeanna then dropped to her knees and began sucking eagerly at his stiffness. In a matter of about 60 seconds he blew his load in her mouth (Jeanna gives” title=”izmit escort bayan”>izmit escort bayan awesome head!). She gulped it down and said well that was kinda fast….he said not to worry, the next would take a little longer. At this point I found myself fascinated by watching my wife with another man and already had my cock in hand and did not notice the other 2 guys that had come into the cabin. As Jeanna laid back on a mattress in the middle of the floor Gene began licking her sweet shaved pussy lips fingering her pussy and her asshole(Jeanna loved this) and Jeanna moaned loudly. Then I noticed one of the other guys was Joey…her supervisors husband. Joey was a black man, early 30’s, appx 5-9,225 lbs with an extremely thick cock that looked about 6 or 7 ” long. He knelt beside her and Jeanna began sucking it as Tucker knelt on her other side and Jeanna stroked his cock I guessed was about 10″ long. Gene then knelt between her legs, pushing them up and sliding his cock in her slit, pounding in rapid fashion my wife’s pussy. After about 2 minutes of this with all of them moaning loudly Gene pulled out hollering he was gonna come and the Tucker knelt down and took Gene’s cock into his mouth and swallowed. Jeanna then rolled over and climbed” title=”izmit sınırsız escort”>izmit sınırsız escort on top of Joey screaming with delight as his 3″ wide cock stretched her pussy wider than ever! She rode him for the next 4-5 minutes as Tucker continued to suck Gene’s cock. Then Tucker moved behind Jeanna and positioned his lengthy rod at her asshole as Jeanna paused her Joey ride….Tucker slid his cock in slowly pausing every couple of inches to allow her hole to stretch. After he was in and on about the 3rd stroke Jeanna hollered for him to fuck her ass hard! At this time Gene saddled in behind Tucker and quickly buried his cock into Tucker’s asshole. The 4 of them moaned loudly with pleasure as they rocked and humped back and forth in a 4 person humping heap festival until they all climaxed together. I had blown 5 wads myself outside and just made my way home drunk from blowing my load that much and taking in what I’d seen.

I sat in the driveway at home a while thinking it all in. I went inside and Jeanna soon came in too with one of the happiest smiles I’d seen on her in some time. This made me quite happy in a weird way. Jeanna asked if I’d take Teri home and said sure. As Teri and I walked out to my truck I caught myself checking her out..having just turned 14, she was 5-2, about 110 lbs and nice 34B breasts…she just kept on flirting and touching me and I though, now this is gonna be a nice ride home. Another story 4 another day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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