Christie’s Homeless Friend Pt. 04

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As the kiss intensifies, question after question starts racing through his mind, although very few of them are actually coherent. The most consistent one is ‘where is this [affection] coming from?’ Other questions that follow are ones like ‘Is she for real?’; ‘Am I breathing?’; ‘Should I pull her into the tub with me?’, and ‘Will she mind?’

While the status of his legs is still questionable at this point, her kiss gives him the adrenaline rush to be able to lift her over the side and into the tub with him!

She squeals softly as she lands in the water, but relaxes as she settles on him. Clothing-wise, she doesn’t have on anything that would be ruined by being in the water in this manner, and while she usually has her phone on her, it was left out on the sink counter, so there is nothing holding her back from laying into him.

“This reminds me of that night in the jacuzzi,” he whispers in her ear.

She smiles softly as the memory comes back to her, “oh yeah? How so?” she asks, curious to know what he remembers most.

“Well, the roles are switched, but one of us is fully clothed in the water… and the other doesn’t mind the company.”

Blushing a little, Cindy replies “that night was a lot of fun. I remember it was the first time since we met that you didn’t hold back,” she tells him as her hand grazes him between his legs, “you let whatever happened happen.”

A lump forms in his throat momentarily. “It was also the first time you two had me in your hands, not just your feet.”

“And yet you always thought we wanted you just as a friend.”

Brian doesn’t say anything in return at first. The more he thinks about it, the more he realizes how many opportunities he had to make a move on either one of the ladies, but he also remembers what stopped him – he was insecure of the reaction he would get. “I suppose you could say I was playing it safe.”


“Yeah. I mean, I knew you and Christie always had each other, you two always made that obvious when you walked on me. But, I guess I never saw myself as a guy you two would really want for anything more than to step on, so I figured the playfulness you both showed was just a part of who you were, and you were always going out with other guys… so yeah, I thought I was just your go-to guy for trampling, and I was happy being that for you.”


“I don’t have Christie’s gift. I can’t read your minds, and I’ve never been good at picking up hints.”

“Obviously,” Cindy teases.

Brian smirks a little, and continues “All of this is still a shock for me, and learning that it’s what you both have wanted for a while now… it’s mind blowing.”

“Kinda strange that our jacuzzi night didn’t clue you in to how we felt,” she says as she grabs hold of his shaft, gently massaging it in her hand.

He moans softly, trying to keep his thoughts straight. “I felt like if I acted on anything, I would lose the best thing that ever happened to me…that being the friendship we all had.”

“Sweetie, that’s nonsense. Why would you think that?”

“Because that’s what had always happened to me before. Anytime I liked someone, and acted on it, they’d leave and I’d never hear from them again.”

“Awww,” she says, understanding his explanation. With a firm grip on him and more soft kisses alternating between his lips and cheek, she tells him “we aren’t like other girls. If we want something bad enough, we’ll wait patiently to get it. Christie is definitely a major part of it though. If it weren’t for her sharing with me what she knew about you, yeah, we probably would’ve moved on at some point. But that jacuzzi night… mm, we knew you were what we wanted after that night.”

“Well why didn’t you say anything then?”

Cindy cracks up laughing, “Brian, you were in our mouths! I really don’t think there was much more we could’ve said!”

He blushes somewhat shamefully that he missed the most obvious sign from them. “I’m sorry.”

As to not discourage him too much, Cindy keeps her tone playful, “You should be! We put a lot of effort into making you ours. She had to really weed out what was going on with you, and it really made our trip tough cause we knew we couldn’t do anything about it right away.”

Hearing that opens up a pit in his stomach. It was never intentional to put the ladies through that, and he feels stupid that he didn’t act on it when it was super obvious. “Why would you wait around for someone so dense?”

Sensing the disappointment in his voice, Cindy calms him by telling him “for the same reason you came back to us. We complete each other.”

“But I’m an idiot,” he says trying to rationalize his past actions.

“Hun, you’re being too hard on yourself again. We had this talk yesterday, remember? You make mistakes, yes, but we won’t let that come between what the three of us have together.”

He can’t think of anything to say to that, he just tightens his hold on her, being the best attempt at a hug as he can make.

“Consider poker oyna yourself enlightened to how we feel about you. Don’t beat yourself up for the past, it’s done and over with. Just embrace what you can do with us now~ Deal?”

“Wow… Yes, deal!”

They share a few more kisses before Cindy rises up partially out of the water, “so can you walk yet, or am I going to have to drag you out by the wiener?” she asks giggling at him.

“Uuhhmmm, I don’t know. I haven’t tried to stand up yet.”

“Hmm,” she replies through a smile. Standing up fully in the tub, her clothes drip all over him and down her own legs and back into the water she’s standing in. There is almost nothing left to the imagination as her clothes cling to her amazing figure. Without a word, she effortlessly removes her top and rings the water out of it and onto him, or least the parts of him that aren’t submerged as well.

Brian’s eyes are glued to her as she stands over him. He’s seen her in a bikini many times before, but there’s no bikini or a bra of any kind involved here; her bare upper half has the exact effect she wants on him, and there’s no way he can hide it.

The walls of the tub are higher than average, which is why very little water was spilt when he pulled her in, but this also gives her the advantage of having something to lean over and hold onto as she rubs the top of her foot between his legs. He might be drained from earlier, but in no way does that stop her from getting him rock hard again, especially with the way she smiles down at him with solid eye contact.

“Looks like I have my handle to carry you out with,” she teases.

Brian doesn’t catch the joke right away, and as a result, his voice cracks, “What?”

Cindy lets out the loveliest giggle, “I’m just kidding! Don’t get your nuts in a bind.”

He breathes a quick sigh of relief. “I will get you for that.”

“Mm, yeah? Here, start with these,” she teases further as she moves her foot from between his legs and pushes her toes into his mouth.

He has no problem sucking on them as everything is relatively clean, even with a slight bubble bath after taste. Her grip on the sides of the tub prevent her from slipping and falling into the tub, although with his erect member twitching about, she doesn’t exactly see that as a bad thing. However, she still wants to get his haircut done, and knows there will be plenty of time later to play, so she lets him get a few more good sucks done on her toes before pulling them back and stepping out of the tub.

Her pajama shorts are still on, and soaked, although not really dripping as much now. Continuing her playful mannerisms, she pulls them off and stands fully nude in the middle of the bathroom for barely a second before tossing them back at his face. She’s quick with the towel though, and in the few seconds it takes him to react and clear his face, she’s already covered up and drying off.

“Coming?” she asks innocently as she looks over at him.

He doesn’t respond verbally, just grunts in playful disappointment. Scrunching her shorts up and tossing them down into the water, he pulls the drain to release the water before attempting to stand up. Getting to his knees, he uses the sides of the tub for support to help lift himself to his feet. Surprisingly he’s able to remain standing, but looks like a baby giraffe doing so.

Cindy keeps a steady eye on him as he makes his way out of the tub. She secures her towel, and then grabs his and puts it around him, hugging him face to face all in the same movement. Her towel dries the front of him, while she dries his back with his. She moans ever so softly as the erection she caused gently pokes at her against her towel.

“Yeah, that’s all your doing, so deal with it,” he whispers to her as their embrace becomes more of a tease for her.

He doesn’t see it, but she blushes softly before kissing him on the neck. His stance weakens slightly, but he’s able to catch himself because of how he’s leaning on her, and being that they are about the same height, he doesn’t go far when his chin catches her shoulder.

They spend a few minutes drying off as they hug, and Brian can’t help but feel anything but thankful for her help. It’s a feeling that surpasses the satisfaction of having his erection maintained. Obviously he’s thankful for that too, but his thoughts go far beyond what she’s doing for him here and now. He reflects on how patient she was to get to this point, dealing with his dullard moments and all, and that he owes her and Christie nothing short of his life.

“Thank you again, for everything,” he says quietly while still resting on her shoulder. “I’ll forever be in your debt.”

Cindy looks him in the eye, “Hey, we’re all in this together now. There is no debt to us.” With another soft kiss on the lips, “You are what we wanted, and the only price we paid was those two years we couldn’t be with you. Trust me, Christie would say the same.”

He rests his forehead against hers, “your canlı poker oyna kindness is…angelic.”



“I’m glad you think so,” kissing him again followed with a beautiful smile. She looks up at his hair and runs her fingers through it, “Come on, let’s get this fixed up.”

“After you.”

Since his towel really isn’t covering much, she smirks at him before grabbing hold of his member, which has softened up a little, and leads him slowly out of the bathroom. He still walks funny, but the sudden shock of her grabbing hold makes him forget about any problems he may be having, and gets him to focus on just following her – because really, what choice does he have at the moment.

Guiding him in one hand, she grabs a chair and sets it in the kitchen with the other. Pulling his towel off his shoulders, she wraps it around his waist and secures it with almost ninja-like accuracy. “Sit.”

He honestly doesn’t know what to make of that. She didn’t lift him out of the tub by his member, but one could argue that she still carried him out of the bathroom by it! He dwells on that as she gets another towel to catch his shavings with as well as her styling kit. The buzz of the shaver snaps him out of his thought process.

One run up the back of his head and she’s already having fun with him, “Voilà! Done~” Another few runs, “Oh, found a bug.” She keeps this up until most of his long hair is gone.

He’s caught off guard by her antics at first, but he eventually catches on and laughs along with her. He also enjoys it because how often does one get a haircut done by a lady wearing only a towel?

Once she starts trimming and getting the finishing touches made, her playful nature subsides just a little to make sure he looks the best he possibly can. Plus, she knows Christie will comment on it later, so the extra effort is something she takes pride in.

“Ok, now you’re done for real,” she tells him, handing him a mirror.

She legitimately gave him back five years in his appearance! Minus his current thinness, he looks the same as he did the first day they met. It’s impressive!

“Wow,” he says looking at himself in the mirror, “I’m going to lose my voice just saying thank you.”

Cindy smiles, “You like?”

“I do. Very much so.”

Cindy’s phone jingles from a text message. “I’ll be back handsome,” she tells him with a smile as she returns to the bathroom where her phone was left.

The message is from Christie. It reads, ‘C6! We’re celebrating, but keep it hush-hush!’

‘C6’ is short for ‘Code 6’ and is a dress code the ladies made up. ‘Code Zero’, or ‘CZ’ to them is the equivalent of shopping at Wal-Mart with pj’s and no make-up, whereas ‘Code 9’ is the equivalent to a top tier meeting…with a movie star – as in Dress to the Nine’s! ‘Code 6’ is semi-formal.

Cindy replies ‘But you are already C8.’

‘Don’t worry about me, just be ready. Remember, hush-hush.’

‘He still needs new clothes!’

‘Then go get him some!’

‘He’s having trouble walking.’

‘It’s a tensed up muscle. Walk on his back, and massage his calves, he’ll be fine.’

“Damn she’s good,” Cindy whispers to herself. ‘We can be out of the house in 30, but he’ll be going commando.’

‘More to play with when you two get back. =D’

‘He’ll be remedied when we get back though.’

‘Never stopped me before. Enough chit chat. Go!’

And with that, Cindy slips into the bedroom and gets ready. “Hey darling,” she calls Brian from the bedroom, “your clothes are in the dryer. Get yourself ready, and holler if you need anything.”

A few minutes go by. She guesses that maybe he is old-manning his way over to the dryer, but she doesn’t hear the chair move or the dryer door open while she’s getting ready. She figures maybe she just missed the audible cues.

Out of nowhere she hears, “You got the green out!” She smiles to herself, rolling her eyes, and grabs her shoes.

Entering the kitchen, she sees Brian bent over with his head in the dryer. Quietly approaching him from behind, “You looking for Narnia in there?”

He jumps, banging his head on the inside. Cindy holds in her laughter.

“No, I think my shirt lost a button,” he replies rubbing his head.

“Well, unless that shirt has sentimental value to you, don’t worry about the button. We’re going to go get you some new clothes here soon.”

“Uhhh,” he replies as he slowly stands up straight, “What?”

“We’re going clothes shopping for you soon,” she repeats.


“Because you need them, silly.”

He pauses briefly in disbelief. “I um… I…” His mind scrambles to try and make sense of her generosity. “Um.. what about the issue with me getting around? I’m not exactly quick right now,” he says, vaguely pointing to his legs.

“Mm, we’ll see,” she replies with a soft smile as she turns towards the living room. Tossing her shoes down in front of the couch as she passes by it, she turns again internet casino to face him as she leans back against the wall. Playing with her hair with her fingers, rather than simply tell him, she gestures for him to lay down on the floor by tapping her toes in his spot; a smile growing on her face in anticipation.

He knows that gesture all too well. Without a word, he powers his way over to her slowly, briefly holding onto anything he can get his hands on for support as he goes, but trying his best to keep his weight on his legs to get the strength back in them. By the time he makes it over to her, he is only slightly wobbly.

“You know, having you two walk on me earlier is probably what gave me the problem with my legs in the first place,” he mentions in a soft tone.

Unfazed by his thought, “Well now I’m going to fix it,” she replies, continuing to curl her hair around her finger.

“And what if it doesn’t work the way you think it will?”

“You’ll just have to trust me.” She pulls him gently by the back of the neck into another kiss that coincidently sucks the energy from his legs, in a good way, until he’s back on his knees. Holding his face in her hands and looking him straight in the eyes, “besides, if it doesn’t work, you’ll be stuck on the floor, and I think we can both agree that it’d still be a ‘Win’.”

They both smile at each other because she’s certainly correct with her assumption. Since the ladies don’t focus on his legs much, and his torso and back are fine for the most part, other than not being able to walk, there’s no real downside to being stuck on the floor, especially when the ladies love having him on the floor constantly anyway. It sounds crazy, but it’s something he could live with if it came to that.

He sinks down the rest of the way onto the floor, but rests face up.

“I’ll need you to turn over, hun. This treatment is for your back,” she says, nudging his arm slightly with her foot.

“Sure.” There’s no real protest that comes from him. As much as he loves looking up at her as she walks on him, he knows miracles happen when she’s on his back too, and right now he needs one. It’s the trust he has in her that gets him to oblige her request automatically.

His back is fully exposed as he hadn’t put on his shirt yet due to the button mishap, however, he did get his pants on, so it’s something Cindy has to work through as she examines his muscle status.

She starts with her hands as she crouches over him, feeling around for the tense muscle, or muscles, that Christie mentioned to target. Since they both just came from a bath, their skin is moist and soft upon contact, making any massaging relatively frictionless. She knows she’s found what she’s looking for when his whole body twitches from her touch to the small of his back.

Because of the way the muscles have tensed up, she decides standing on them right away will actually make things worse, so she straddles his upper back facing down his body, and conveniently lets her stunning soles rest inches from either side of his head.

This of course gets his attention instantly. As much as he wants to do something to her foot, he knows not to move much as she presses firmly on his back to get the muscles to relax. The further down she goes, however, the closer her feet shift towards his head, and as she presses her hands down on his waistline, the balls of her feet clamp against him, one against the bridge of his nose, and the other against the back of his head.

Hearing his moans makes her smile to herself. As she presses into his back, she teases him a bit by wiggling her toes. She can tell how much it’s affecting him as his skin heats up significantly compared to the temperature of her hands.

He pecks her sole a few quick times as she moves back up his spine with her hands, resting in an upright position. Already he finds it easier to breathe, even with half her weight sitting across his shoulder blades.

She turns and playfully messes up his hair with her hand before standing up and setting a foot down where she was just sitting. Pointing down parallel to his spine, she presses the ball of her foot into him several times down his back to see if she gets any negative reactions from his muscles. When there are none, she steps up full weight onto his back and instantly gets several obvious pops out of him, followed by a satisfying moan.

At first, she takes baby steps up and down his back, keeping an eye on him the whole time to see when he tenses up aside from what she can feel through her feet. They both know about being able to relax fully when being walked on, and with that knowledge, he knows not to tense up on purpose, and she knows that if he does, it’s involuntary and needs more work. She spends a good ten minutes with this routine alone.

All the rough nights on the streets had really screwed with his posture, and she can tell where most of the stress has been on his body with spots that just refuse to settle. This conditioning isn’t meant to be a one-time fix, just enough to help him walk normal again for the day. These stubborn muscles will be a work in progress, but under constant supervision from the ladies, they will return to their former relaxed state in no time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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