Christine’s Last Days on the Job

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Literally popped this one out this morning in one take. It likely shows, but I just needed to get something finished. I have so many more complex stories in process, this was a breath of fresh air. It’s a continuation of Christine’s First Day on the Job.

A heavy, free-use theme, I’ll put it in fetish, though it leans on exhibitionism, too. All fictional characters of age, consensual. We’re just having fun, people.


Christine Hastings sat at her desk somberly sipping her coffee. Her usual enthusiasm and efficiency was lost on her at the moment. She hadn’t bothered responding to her morning emails, or even checking her voice messages, which sh knew accrued over the weekend. It was a Monday, and also the first day, of her last week, at Dawson Design.

For the past three years, Christine had worked side by side with the owner, Brad Dawson. He brought her on to help grow the company, having secured enough anchor clients to afford hiring the young college graduate, even if he hadn’t paid her much in the beginning. In fact, the salary was so modest, Brad negotiated a term where Christine received ten percent of all net profits of all new clients.

And Brad delivered. First, by contracting with a soap manufacturer. Christine’s unique approach to managing their business enabled Nature’s Soul to become one of the top online soap companies in the nation. Tens of thousands or people and families paid memberships to receive soap and gift baskets on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Brad then picked up a chain of sporting goods stores, followed by a small cinema franchise. Christine’s effective and creative marketing ideas helped secure the new clients, while ultimately complimenting Christine’s salary nicely. Her ten percent stake in all new business had grown to exceed her base salary by the middle of the second year.

By the end of Christine’s third year, she was making well into six figures, and the two had considered hiring yet another employee. They even had conversations about moving into an updated and larger building, so Brad was stunned when Christine gave him the news early last week. “You’re leaving? he asked. “I thought you were happy here.”

“Brad, you know I am. Of course I’m happy here. This has been a dream come true. You give me creative freedom, you pay me well, you respect me…”

“Well, why then? Christine, I need you here, you know that.”

The news was utterly shocking to Brad. He genuinely thought they were a team. When, in fact, he hadn’t expected his first hire to stick around so long, the success they shared together bonded them. Or so he thought.

“It’s in New York, Brad. The Dexter & Lamb Agency.”

Dropping that agency’s name immediately silenced Brad. Dexter & Lamb were one of the best known, and highest sought-after agencies, on the east coast. Companies begged to be brought in, under their wing, even if their rates were three times higher than anyone else in the industry. Dexter & Lamb made companies rich, period.

They had dozens of professional sports teams, popular soda and beer companies, among a host of other multi-billion dollar clients. Even the lowest paid creatives at Dexter & Lamb made more than some partners at mid-size firms.

“They’re offering 180 to start,” said Christine.

For a brief moment, Brad’s mood cheered, hoping to persuade her to stay. “Well, Christine. It’s New York. You’ll spend forty a year just in rent. And after taxes, you-“

“They uh… they offered the same kind of arrangement we have.”

Brad raised on eyebrow. “Oh?”

“I get a fully furnished apartment, all utilities paid. Even my phone. Full benefits, of course, with the most premium kind of coverage you can imagine. And well… it’s New York. I should experience this while I’m young.”

This was certainly out of the scope of anything Brad could counter with. Christine lived in the upstairs apartment, rent free, but iIt likely didn’t compare to a New York flat. He sat back in his chair, deflated. “Are you sure?”

Christine nodded, but stayed silent now.

“I’m going to miss you,” said Brad. “You have no idea how much of an asset you are to me… to this company.”

“Brad, it’s going to be fine. I know you. You’ll hire someone who can handle the work. You’ll mentor them, just as well as you did with me.”

“And I only have two weeks to find someone?”

“Well, I promised D&L that I would be there two weeks from now, so yes. It was conditional. I wanted to give you a month, but they need me now.”

Brad sighed. “Less than two weeks, then. I need you to at least train them on whatever you handle that I may be unaware of. Take them through the same briefing I gave you. Teach them everything you know, in as short a period of time.”

Christine began giggling.

“Hey, this isn’t funny to me,” said Brad. “I might have an anxiety attack.”

But Christine kept smiling. “Well, I was just thinking, I doubt I will give them the same briefing you gave me.”

Brad, casino siteleri for once, smiled too. She had reminded him of the first time they had sex. It was in a rather platonic and casual way, and it sort of set the standard for how they approached having sex over their time together. By now, it had happened on perhaps a dozen occasions.

Christine, busy in her new career, chose to not date anyone these past few years. Considering her latest job offer, she was glad she’d made that decision. But a girl has needs, and when she absolutely had to have it, Brad obliged… sometimes. Christine climaxed on every occasion, fully indulging in Brad’s impressive talents. In Christine’s opinion, his natural gifts were enough, anyway. She wasn’t a size queen, but Brad had a large package, and what seemed like a supernatural ability to keep it rock hard for long periods of time. Christine could ride it in any position she pleased, and get off with ease.

Every time Christine approached Brad for sex (which again, was fairly rare), he willingly went along, so long as she assured him he wasn’t at risk of any sexual harassment claims. In fact, he often recorded her answers, which she was fine with. Other than the occasional shag (and even then, it was only under somewhat unusual circumstances and conditions), Christine and Brad shared an utterly platonic and professional relationship.

Oh, and sometimes she worked naked. Stark naked.

It all started when Brad first hired Christine on, telling her she could work naked anytime she liked. Of course, Christine was disturbed by this, but Brad’s nonchalant method of addressing the issue pushed her into a rather bizarre stunt. She showed up entirely nude on the first day of work. It was also the first time Brad had penetrated her.

It was months before Christine dared to do it again, even though Brad would often mention she was allowed to work naked any time she liked. He told her at least every other day. About three months in, Christine woke up feeling rather frisky, and once more, she left her apartment, taking the stairs to the offices downstairs, and met Brad in the conference room for the morning meeting. Only this time, naked from top to bottom.

Brad didn’t even bat an eye, but he did begin stripping about ten minutes into it. “Christine, if it’s no bother to you, I will also work naked today. I happen to be um… sporting an erection… and it’s much more comfortable this way.”

Christine dropped a folder on the table in front of her and took a seat. “Well, I need you to look at this proposal for Winkler Leather. It’s a print media series, running in Sports & Life over the next six months. I decided to print it out, rather than send you the digital proofs.”

“Good idea,” said Brad, walking around the table, his erection leading the way. It nearly bopped Christine on the nose as he closed in to look at Christine’s proofs. He picked the first print up. “Oh yeah, I like this.”

Christine wasn’t really watching him. His cock was only a few inches from her face, and she got damp as she fantasized about taking it in her mouth. Finally, she slowly looked up, as Brad glanced down to acknowledge her.

“This is very retro. Kinda risky, no?”

“Look at the rest of them,” she responded. “With each passing ad, it evolves into more and more modern styles, showcasing the client’s pursuit of utilizing cutting edge technology in a dated industry.”

“Interesting.” Brad reached down to pick up the other prints, and again, his cock whipped past Christine, only inches from her mouth again.

“Sir. Please!”

Brad stopped and looked at his colleague. He recognized his cock was close to her, as he was standing and she was sitting, but he wasn’t making her stare at it. “Christine! Hello! Are you okay?”

“Oh, yes! Um, yes?” Christine sputtered, “It’s just, well… do you mind if I put that in my mouth?” Instantly, she blushed deep red, wincing, fearing rejection.

Brad turned directly to face her, and with his stiff cock rising parallel to the ground, Christine was practically breathing on it. “Christine, if you think for one minute, that just because I have an erection, that I would require, or demand some kind of sexual re-“

Before he could finish, Christine grabbed his shaft with her left hand, and thrust her mouth open wide over the head of his cock, bearing down. With her free hand she began swiftly circling her clit.

“Please, just let me get off!” cried Christine, pausing, before licking her lips and going back down again.

Brad shouted, “You recognize I had no part in instigating this behavior, but I will allow it.”

Christine was nodding her head with his cock deep in her mouth, shouting ‘yes’ as best as she could manage. She continued stroking her pussy, juices pouring out, and her legs were quivering already.

“You must also agree that you will not hold me accountable for cumming in your mouth, or on you, in any way. Your stimulation of my penis can have consequences, canlı casino you realize?”

Christine continued nodding, wondering if Brad was going to bring in an attorney to seal the deal. She just wanted his cock in her mouth, and would agree to anything at this point.

Christine felt Brad’s cock pulsing faster, and knew he too was getting close. The first tingles preceding climax began striking Christine, as she worked to build him up. She wondered whether to swallow, or let him explode over her face. Brad answered that question for her.

Happening faster than Christine had expected, a thick splash of heavy, warm liquid hit the back of her throat. Another jet stream erupted over her tongue, as she closed her lips firmly over Brad’s shaft, swallowing as fast as possible.

Christine came hard on her fingers as she worked to keep get it all down. Swallowing her boss’ load sent her reeling over the edge, as she was rewarded with the fruits of his large penis, and the size of his load paralleled the size of his dick. With each additional rope of semen ejecting onto her tongue, Christine climaxed yet again. Satisfied she had buried every drop, Christine pulled off Brad’s cock.

“Um, thank you, sir.”

“It’s no bother,” said Brad, turning back to the prints. His dick, remarkably, stayed hard as Christine and he went over the ad campaign and the rest of the morning agenda. As far as Christine could tell, Brad never went soft during the entire meeting.

Suffice to say, this event led to Christine coming to work naked a lot more frequently, at least once a week. She noticed that Brad never got naked on any day where she was dressed, and he only sometimes got naked when she went without clothing.

But Christine was well aware, that though her boss may have played things cool, he really loved it when she went naked. It made the days a lot more fun, too, even if the sex was sparse. But any time Christine absolutely needed release, Brad pulled through, so long as he too was naked. If anything, it was the one thing that Christine would miss the most, moving to New York. The sexual relationship she had with Brad was perfect for her. Essentially no strings attached in the purest form. Or so she had convinced herself.

Brad was going to miss it, too. He never admitted to Christine how much he lusted after her. He was so thrilled that Zachary’s idea had panned out with her, to just “tell” the new assistant she could work naked any time; that there was no dress code. It seemed like a silly and farcical idea, yet it worked. And the bonus he got from the occasional sex was fine with him. He didn’t have to worry about consequences. Or so he thought.

Today, Christine had been in a funk, because the new hire they had picked up last week, was starting her first day of training today. It was also the first time Christine came to work with clothes on in the past week. How she had hoped that Brad would give her an opportunity to fuck her one last time. She never pressed the issue, of course. It was something in the dynamic of their relationship, that she couldn’t ask for it when he wasn’t naked.

But how she loved his reaction, anyway. Without fail, with or without clothes on, Brad got erect in the presence of Christine when she went without a stitch. Now, considering she was training the April Fulton, the new girl, she wouldn’t have any more opportunities, or so she thought.

But Christine’s jaw practically fell off when Angel walked in. Having only met her once before, Christine hadn’t paid attention to how attractive she was. Angel was several years older and technically more experienced than Christine, though she didn’t have as many hit campaigns under her belt. But she had magnificent breasts.

Pear shaped, yet full and firm. Angel also had a dainty, thin waist, more so than Christine, and curvy, little hips. Christine got to see every inch of her, because when she walked in dropping her coat, she was completely in the buff. As naked as Christine had been all last week.

“What the…?” started Christine.

“Oh!” said Angel, stopping short. “Um, Mr. Dawson said there wasn’t a dress code here. Please tell me he wasn’t pulling my leg.”

Christine started to rise up. “Oh, uh, no… it’s just, I wasn’t expecti-“

“There you are,” boomed Brad, stepping out of his office. Like Angel, he too was stark naked. As usual, he was sporting an iron bar of an erection. Christine and Angel both struggled to keep their eyes off of it as he got closer. “Angel, considering you said you loved the idea of our non-dress code policy and wanted to ‘test the waters’ I thought I’d join along with you today. But Christine will assure you, dressing in any manner is absolutely fine with us. Isn’t that right?”

Angel beamed, glancing at Christine. “Thanks you, sir! You’ve really made me feel welcome, and this is so much fun!”

Suddenly, images of Angel and Brad engaging in acts of sex, like she had done with him on several occasions, flashed through kaçak casino Christine’s head. The new girl may have been hot, but if Brad was going to indulge any one of the girls, it was at least going to be her, before she moved to New York. Christine felt, considering their long relationship and experience, she deserved no less.

“Wait a minute!” Christine stepped in. Already, she was unbuttoning her blouse. “If you two are going to go so casual today, I might as well join in. Right, Brad?” She held his name out longer than necessary.

Christine furiously stripped herself of her clothing as she closed in on her boss. The top of his cock touch her hip before she stopped. “Mr. Dawson, I hadn’t expected you to tell Miss Fulton about our dress code policy so soon. It simply caught me off guard. Have you also described some of the other… perks?”

Brad nervously looked to the Angel. He didn’t want Christine to send the wrong impression, but Christine quickly took care of that, as she grabbed his cock firmly in hand, and turned to the new girl. She stroked as she talked, “I was just going to start by going over the email system, and then I was going to walk her through our active campaigns. Would you mind staying for that, Brad?”

“Christine, this may appear rude to Angel. You should consid-“

Christine began pumping faster with her hand, interrupting, staring Brad down. “Sir, I could really use a quick lay to clear my head, nothing more. Would you mind letting me use this for a moment?” She squeezed his cock and then turned to Angel. “Do you mind?”

Angel knew this place was already off kilter, but this was more than she expected. However, it was a good thing she was the type of girl who was game for this kind of thing. Recently single, she was hot and she knew it, enjoyed flaunting it, and she thought it was amazing to have a work environment where one could get off whenever they pleased.

Also, she was eager to see the two in action. “Of course, go ahead,” said Angel. “May I watch?”

Brad couldn’t resist. In the presence of two incredibly beautiful naked women, he caved and rammed his cock deep inside Christine, when she turned around and bent over. Normally, he let Christine do the work, but he began pumping quickly. “If you must, Christine, but I’m not sure-“

Angel interrupted, “Oh, me next, please!”

Christine, her tits swinging back and forth from the rhythm, looked to Angel. “He’s cumming in me first. And so long as he promises to do this every day until I leave, you can have him all you want!”

Angel was smiling even wider now, hopping up and down, her pert breasts catching Brad’s attention. He felt like the luckiest man alive, while trying to play it cool.

“So how’s this for a transition, Brad?” giggled Christine.

He, too, couldn’t help but snicker back. “Best ever.”

Christine started pushing back into Brad’s cock, allowing it to pump deeper. Angel dove down, getting close to the action.

“Are you sure you want me to cum inside you?” asked Brad. “We nev-“

“Yes!” Christine screamed. “I’m on the pill, anyway, for my cycle. And you hardly ever cum, while I’m always a sopping mess after I fuck you. This time I want to feel you. All of you. I want your enormous load to fill my walls.”

Angel’s eyes popped wide. “Does he cum a lot?”

“When he climaxes, yes,” responded Christine. She had swallowed him on least four or five occasions, and it was always a tremendous amount of cum. “But he doesn’t always climax.”

Angel began masturbating as the two got at it, increasing their pace. Their bodies slapped together loudly as Christine began moaning. “Inside me, all in me! Please!”

Angel had three fingers inside herself when both Brad and Christine moaned in pleasure together. Angel could immediately smell the funk as it released from Brad into his partner, who was shivering, goose bumps scattering across her entire body. Brad pulled out and sperm poured out of Christine’s soaking pussy like hot lava.

Finally, Angel said, “So uh… is it always like this?”

Christine was laughing, but shaking her head. “No, but I wish it were.”

Brad knew Christine enjoyed the sex when they had it. Still, he did try to keep things “reasonable” in the frequency of their acts, as he held the belief too much contact could lead to emotional problems. He always wanted Christine in tip-top mental shape.

“Sir, you’ve uh.. you’ve still got some there…” Angel was pointing at the tip of Brad’s cock. “It’s about to hit the floo-” She didn’t finish her sentence, instead thrusting herself forward, catching the last bit of sperm to evacuate his cock, directly into her mouth, and just in the nick of time.

“Oh, uh, thank you,” said Brad, as Angel then rolled her tongue over the head of cock and the base of his shaft. “Just want to be sure you’re all cleaned up, sir,” she responded.

Christine finally stood up, allowing more of her boss’ DNA to slide down her inner thigh. “Brad, I think you’ll be just fine after I leave.”

Brad blushed for once. “I’m really going to miss you, though.”

For the first time, those words felt more heartfelt and personal than professional. Christine liked that. It made her feel… desired.

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