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Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Donald Stephenson groans and reaches over to the nightstand as the electric shriek of the alarm clock pulled him out of his peaceful slumber. After finally turning that blasted alarm off, he rolls onto his side. Opening his eyes, he sees her laying there, far on her side of the bed with her back turned to him is his wife of almost 15 years, Mary. Sitting up, he rubs his eyes, clearing them of his rudely interrupted sleep.

His legs swing of the bed and he finally gets out of bed as the clock strikes 6 am. He trudges into the bathroom and turns on the shower. As the water heats up, Donald turns on the stereo, letting the soft classical music fill the spacious bathroom. He slides his pajamas off and steps into the shower, moaning softly as the hot water rushes over his body. His mind wanders as he rubs the soap all over his body idly, thinking about Mary…thinking about how things could have gotten this bad.

Donald could remember a time when he loved his wife more than any other person in the world. Her smile could brighten the dullest day and her laugh was sweet music to his ears. But as the time they were together grew, so did the distance between them. They still kissed, hugged, and had sex, but it was only because that was what you were expected to do as a married couple. Except for very rare occasions, all the passion and desire was long gone in the marriage. He just wished he had to courage to do something about it…to get out of the marriage that was strangling the both of them.

He rinses the shampoo out of his hair and turns the water off. Stepping out of the shower he starts to dry of as he looks in the mirror. He was starting to get up there in years, but he wasn’t bad looking. Quite the opposite actually. He had a handsome face and he prided himself on keeping in shape, giving him fairly well toned muscles. He had a full head of hair, and while it was a little more gray in areas than it was a year or two ago, he thought it gave him an air of sophistication. A physical representation of his experience, something the newer professors didn’t have. His cock, as little use as it got, was a respectable 8 inches hard, and Donald liked to keep his pubic hairs very well trimmed.

He comes out of the bathroom in his usual dress shirt with a necktie and dress pants, creeping past his slumbering wife for breakfast. After finishing his meal, Mary walks in and sits down after the two of them mumble their greetings. Donald grabs a cup of coffee for the road and heads for the door. He opens it but before leaving he turns back to Mary.

“Well…I’m off…” He says, fishing for any signs of warmth.

“I don’t have any classes today, so you need to get some milk.” She responds, barely looking up from the paper.

“Right…well bye.”

“Don’t forget the milk.”

He nods and trudges to the car, getting in and driving off to campus. He smiles when he pulls into his spot outside the English building, the school always seemed to be where he’s the most comfortable. He was a popular teacher, respected among his peers, he felt more love here than he felt at home for years. The scenery wasn’t too bad either. Some of the most gorgeous girls in town must go here, not at all like his wife. While not fat and ugly, she was definitely not the knock out she was when he first met her. As the years wore on, she just stopped caring about her figure as much as she used to. Her waist grew fairly rapidly when she knew she didn’t have to impress him anymore. This probably led to the drastic decrease in the quality of their sex life to almost non-existent.

Not like the hallways of the school though…sexuality of all kinds was prevalent wherever he looked. It was fairly obvious who was boning who and who were partners. It was almost to a point where they all but sucked each other off in the middle of the hallways. Like the sight he was viewing now. On his way to the teacher’s lounge he stopped, watching a blonde bombshell pinning one of his female students up against the wall, the two of them kissing deeply right in front of the teacher’s lounge window. Donald smirks, folding his arms around him and tapping his foot.

“AHEM.” He clears his throat loudly, the two of them pulling away from each other and looking over at him, smiling and blushing a little.

“Whoops…sorry Prof…just so hard to keep my hands off her…” the blonde replies, running her hand through the other girl’s hair.

“I understand…just try a little bit harder next time…or at least take it into the bathrooms. By the way…Hannah, that was a lovely essay you wrote, remember, we have a test in two weeks.”

“Thanks Professor Stephenson! And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotWuaaauuggh!!” She squeals surprised as the blonde drags her off by the wrist to the nearest girls room, smiling widely.

“Thanks for the hint Prof! Later!! C’MON Baby!!!!” The two of them scamper off, giggling. He chuckles and opens the door to the lounge, stopped in his tracks by his colleague, Graham Reynolds.

“Why’d you gotta go and interrupt Güngören escort bayan that man? We might’ve been able to see something I gotta pay 20 fuckin’ bucks for!” He says, having been watching them for the entire time from inside.

“Hey, you know the rules. And what do you mean by 20 bucks?” He says as he flops down in a chair, sipping on a cup of coffee.

“You wouldn’t understand man…and it’s always rules, rules, rules with you. You gotta relax! Bend the rules sometimes! Or hell, just break them! Do you know the lengths some of these girls will go to in order to get better grades? I’ve fucked 8 girls this month because they wanted A’s.” Graham rambles on, sitting down nearby.

“Graham, I don’t want to hear about your little romps with the students. I’m happily married.” He lies, trying to hide behind the newspaper, but Graham doesn’t buy it.

“Bullshit man. You’re married, yes. But it hasn’t been happy for years. Every god damn day I gotta hear you bitch about Mary. Bitch about how you haven’t gotten any in months, bitch about how you don’t even get a good morning or good bye. Just bitch bitch bitch.” Looking over at him, a little bit in disgust. “And yet here we are…surrounded by beautiful fucking coeds, that are willing to fuck you and all you have to do is boost their grades, and you don’t take advantage! If it’s so horrible at home and you can’t get any…get some here man! It’s not like your wife’s gonna find out. And if she did, it’ll just be an excuse to get the fuck out of that hellhole.”

Donald ruffles the paper, pretending to not pay attention, but he realizes Graham actually has kind of a point. He had a veritable buffet of women that would do anything for better grades. He’s heard Graham bragging day after day about the hot piece of ass he had gotten or the amazing blowjob he was given in the lounge or his class room. Why shouldn’t he take advantage of it? It’s been years since he’s had any decent sex with Mary. His wife Mary…WIFE. No matter what he feels, it’s his duty to be faithful to her. He made a sacred vow, and he intends to keep it.

“Stepenson…HEY! Stephenson! Still with me old man?” Graham nudges Donald a little as he seemed to drift off into his own world while he is having his moral battle inside his head.

“I uh…I have a class. And you know I hate it when you call me old man.” He quickly folds up the paper and stands up, going to the door.

Graham laughs a little as he leaves. “All in good fun Donny. And just think about what I was saying. Who knows…you might find yourself having some fun again god forbid. Ooooo….the comics….” He drifts off, grabbing the comics from the paper and starting to read as he sips his coffee. Donald steps out of the lounge and heads to his classroom to get ready.

Meanwhile, out in the English building’s quad, another conversation is taking place. One between a Heather Green and her friend Ashley. Heather is a gorgeous girl, firm natural tits and green eyes that you could loose yourself in if you’re not careful. Long blonde hair with a lock of it up front died a bright green. She can normally be found hanging around her friends in almost skintight outfits that are designed to show off her curves and ‘assets’.

There is something definitely odd about Heather though. Although no one can remember the last time she actually studied, she always had high grades in her classes, all but one: Prof. Stephenson’s class. All her flirtations and advances fall on deaf ears when dealing with this man, but she never gave up.

“Green…you really need to do something about your English grade.” Ashley says as she does her nails, the two of them sitting at one of the many tables there.

“You think I don’t know that Ash? I swear to god…if I didn’t know he was married, I’d think him gay or something! I mean, what do I have to do? Bone him in the middle of the class to get him to raise my grades or something?” Heather replies, her head bobbing to the music playing through the bud in her left ear.

Ashley sighs, “I meant like…oh I don’t know….study? You know? Books and shit? What everyone else here does?”

Heather scoffs, “Oh please bitch, like that’s ever gonna happen. Besides, I saw you slipping out of that creepy Prof. Reynolds’ office with your hair all fucked up and clothes wrinkled. And then if I recall correctly, your grade in that class jumped remarkably that period! So don’t play little miss perfect.”

She blushes heavily “Alright FINE. I’ve done it too. But I mean you’ve been trying all year for this guy and he never takes any notice! He’s not going to have a total change of heart in one fucking day!”

Heather grins, “Ah…he doesn’t need to. I’m wearing him down, I can tell. It should now just be a matter of taking it to the next step. No one’s been able to resist this.”

“What you gonna do Green, hold him down and rape him?”

Heather looks over at her and punches her a little, “No I’m not going to rape him…jesus. But it will definitely Escort İnnovia work. Anyways, I gotta get ready for his class. Next time I see you Ash, I should have an A in there. Later!” She musses Ash’s hair a bit and scampers off.

Ash shrieks when Heather musses her hair, “GREEN! Goddamnit…” She says as she pulls out a mirror and works on fixing her hair.

Time passes and we find ourselves in the middle of the class period, Donald up front doing his best to keep the kids attention, he himself finding the topic ungodly boring. The class up until now had been fairly uneventful, except for one thing that Donald thought was odd. Since his classes are quite small, he’s able to get to know his students on a more personal level, and Heather had always intrigued him. Not only was she drop dead gorgeous, but the assignments she turned in were always top notch. The problem was…she didn’t turn them in ¾ of the time. She was always in the back of the class, sleeping or doodling in her notebook, and she didn’t take any measures to try and hide the fact. But what she did do actively in his class was flirt with him. Whenever she got the chance she would rub up against him and drop not so subtle hints as to what she would do if she got better grades.

But today was different. Today she was up in the very front of the class, center desk, her attention devoted to him. A mischievous little smile on her face that drew him to her, sometimes finding himself acting like he was only talking to her, forgetting about the rest of the class. He had never been like this before. He was always able to brush off her advances and looks. And it seemed like Heather noticed this as well.

In the middle of the lecture, trying to divert his attention to the whole class, he is walking around the front, going on about Beowulf and the symbols behind it. Heather slowly uncrosses her legs and opens them a little bit.

“Now…what do you think tha…” Donald stops dead in his tracks when he glances at Heather, his gaze running right up her skirt, realizing she isn’t wearing any panties. Her perfect, shaved pussy in clear sight of him and no one else. He stammers and backs up against the desk, all the students wondering what’s going on as Heather smiles innocently, her eyes locked on his. He wipes his forehead, shaking his head and continuing on with the lecture, trying to get back on track. Nervously moving about the room, his gaze staring dead up her skirt whenever he can get a peek, Heather smiling smugly; knowing today is the day. For the rest of the period Donald can barely get a single solid point off, stammering and stuttering nervously, leaving his papers in front of his crotch, hiding the fact that his cock is starting to tent his pants. After a while he gives up, sitting down at his desk.

“Uhmm…you know what…just….class dismissed early. Go on…get outta here. Except for you Heather. You stay.” He says, the students getting excited, dashing out of class before he changes his mind, but none as excited as Heather, sitting up front, crossing her legs again.

“You wanted to see me Prof Stephenson?” She says innocently.

“Wh….what do you think you’re doing Heather? What in the hell is going on in your head? I mean…you’ve done some stuff that is close to inappropriate…but this is just…” Trying to act authoritative and firm, using all his will power to stop him from jumping up and taking her, twirling a pencil around in his hand.

“You don’t like sir? I did it specially for you…” She says in a sultry voice, opening her legs up again, Donald’s eyes getting bigger and snapping the pencil in his hand suddenly as he get another eyeful.

“I…it’s just…not…you…I’m…I…I can’t…” Stammering like a little child as he stares, Heather getting up out of the chair and closing the class door, locking it and making sure Donald can see. “Heather…I’m married…we can’t…I can’t…” His eyes following her, her gorgeous legs and breasts calling out to him as he sits in his chair, Heather coming up and sitting down on the desk right in front of him, her legs crossed.

“Shhhhhhhh….Don’t lie to me professor…you want this more than anything else in the world right now…I can tell…” She whispers the last part, her foot sliding up his leg and then resting on his aching cock, stroking softly, Donald gasping softly when he feels her soft foot against his crotch. His eyes get wide again when she slowly pulls her t-shirt up and off her body, her perfect tits bouncing free, dark brown nipples getting hard already as the cold air hits them.

She gently takes his hands and pulls them to her breasts, Heather moaning softly when he starts squeezing and fondling them gently. His thumb and fingers roll her tits between each other, Heather’s breath getting heavier. Her hands take his head and brings it closer to her chest, Donald immediately taking a hand off on of her breasts and replacing it with his mouth, sucking on her pert nipple eagerly. Suckling and nibbling softly as the other hand Kağıthane escort still tweaks her free breast, Heather moaning and squealing happily.

He pulls his head away from her tit and scoots the chair back, spreading his legs, letting her see his pants, tented high up in the air. She purrs and slides off the desk, getting between his legs, slowly pulling his belt out from his pants, then unbuttoning them carefully, Donald looking down at her, his hands clutching hard onto his arm rests as she unzips his pants. Opening them up, she reaches in and fishes out his cock, pulling it free and moaning softly when she sees the size of it, stroking softly as Donald’s breath gets heavier.

“Oh Heather….mmm….yesss….” His hands running through her soft hair as she sticks out her tongue and runs it from the tip of his cock to his balls, sending a shiver through Donald’s body while she takes one of his balls in her mouth, sucking softly. “Oh god…mmm…my…my wife never does this…” Donald mutters as his breath gets more and more ragged, clutching onto her hair. Her tongue flicking against his ball, letting it go with a plop.

“And I’ll do even more…but first…you know what I want to hear…” She says softly, looking up at him, her hand slowing down on his cock.

“Oh fuckkk…please…I’ll give you anything…A’s…all A’s…just…don’t stop, please” He says desperately, moaning in appreciation when she finally takes his cock in her mouth, sucking softly as her head slides up and down. “Oh god…yess…mmm…fuck I should’ve done this sooner…” He moans, his hips starting to thrust up into her mouth slowly as her head bobs up and down faster. Slurping lewdly on his cock as it disappears in and out of her mouth, her tongue wrapping around the shaft when she slides back up it. Donald’s head falls back and he lets out a low moan as he gets closer and closer to cumming, his hips bucking up, driving his cock even deeper in his mouth. Heather’s bright green eyes watching him intently as his cock swells up in her mouth. Donald lets out a loud groan as his cock starts spurting his cum in her mouth, Heather immediately starting to swallow every single drop as it splashes on her tongue. She keeps his softening cock in her mouth after he’s done cumming, sucking it clean.

She pulls off his cock and smiles, standing up. “Well that was fun! Thanks for the A’s prof. See you next class period!” She says, heading to where she tossed her shirt, only to be stopped by Donald grabbing onto her wrist and pulling her back to him. She looks at him shocked and surprised, only to find him grinning devilishly.

“Not over yet Heather my dear… on the desk. Now.” He says, a hand reaching under her skirt and rubbing her pussy firmly.

She lets out a soft moan as she smiles, sitting down on the desk. “Well finally someone decided to join the party.” She spreads her legs open wide as it’s Donald’s turn to be on his knees, getting down between her legs and leaning in, running his tongue along her wet slit, sending shivers up Heather’s spine and low moans out of her mouth. “Ohh yess…mmmm….” Her skirt bunched up around her waist as Donald suddenly dives in her pussy, wriggling his tongue around inside her as she starts moaning and squealing. One of Donald’s hands reaches up and grabs a tit, fondling it firmly as Heather’s body writhes on the desk. Her arm behind her sweeps the desk clean and she lays down as Donald’s tongue roots around inside her. He can feel his cock getting hard again from her moans and the way her young body writhes and trembles, his tongue swirling inside her. Her moans get louder and louder, reaching a higher pitch as her pussy starts tightening around his tongue, snaking deep inside her, darting in and out. “MMMMM!! Yess! Ohh god!! Oh don’t stop!! Please!! FUUUUUCCKKKK!!!!” She screams out loudly, her back arching up off the desk, her cum starting to flow out of her quivering pussy.

He suddenly stands up, her legs on his shoulders and rams his cock deep inside her pussy, causing her to scream out again. He leans over her, driving his cock in and out of her pussy hard, prolonging her orgasm. He watches this gorgeous coed writhe and thrash under him, grunting himself as he fucks her hard, harder than he’s fucked his wife in years. Her tits bounce back and forth with each hard slam into her, his balls slapping against her. Her arms wrap around his neck as she lays there, her ankles by her ears, taking it hard. “Mmmm….FUCK you’re tight….We’re doing this more often, got it slut?” He says, his breath heavy and sweat forming on his brow as his pants slip down to his ankles, driving into her hard.

“YES!! OH GOD!! I want your cock again and again!!! Ohh FUCK!!!” Heather screams as she feels Donald’s cock swelling up inside her, his thrusts getting more erratic, getting close to cumming. He drives his cock in deep, holding it there and groaning loudly, shooting his seed deep inside her. Heather screams out, cumming again as she feels him dump his cum in her pussy. Donald keeps moaning as he feels her pussy walls milking his cock of every last drop it can get. After a few moments he pulls out, collapsing back in his chair, catching his breath and admiring Heather as she lays on his desk, her body glistening with sweat, juices running out of her pussy as she writhes slowly, her breath just as heavy as his.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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