CWB 5 – More than Just Cousins

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“Hey sis!” I answered the phone this way as my sister Ellen’s phone number was entered in my contacts list, so it told me it was her cell phone.

“You guys feeling OK?” That seemed like a strange question, and then realization dawned on what it might be. A cold chill ran down my spine.

“Yeah, why?”

“Danny’s got it, and Dave thinks he does, too. He’s been felling punky since last night.” Danny was her 10-year-old son; Dave was her husband, my brother in law.


“Yeah, tell me about it.”

“Any idea how?”

“Danny took a present over to his best friend the day before we went to Mom and Dads. He said he wore a mask, but after he got sick when I questioned him again, he admitted he didn’t. He was only there for about a half an hour, but their entire family has gotten it. They all got ill on Christmas day while we were out of town.”

“You haven’t gotten it?”

“I don’t know. I’m not showing any symptoms and feel just fine. I’ve moved out to the living room couch. Danny and Dave are using the master bathroom; we’re just trying to stay away from them and stay healthy. I don’t know how close you were around Danny over the holiday…”

“I know he hugged Mom and Dad and Mom kissed him.”

“All we can do is hope they don’t get it. Thank God they took our mask requirements without arguing. I guess time will tell?”

“Yeah,” my sister laughed, “when was the last time Dad did anything without arguing?”


“Nice room,” Stacy said, stepping out onto the patio on the seaward side. I stepped up behind her, wrapping my arms around her, my nose dipping to the hair over her ears and inhaling. It wasn’t just the smell of her shampoo, it was the smell of Stacy, and I immediately felt the beginning of an erection. She felt it, too, as it pressed against her backside. “Is that for me or for her?” she asked, causing me to look around as I hadn’t seen anyone else. Outside of every room was a covered awning, providing shade, and with the dropping of curtains between areas, semi-privacy if desired. A large bed sized pad was provided at each awninged location. I hadn’t noticed before, but now I looked around and realized that Stacy was referring to our neighbor to the right. The woman was just beyond the pad, alone for the moment, sitting in a beach chair in the sun, reading. At first, I thought she was nude, and then realized as I stepped closer to the door that I could see a string around her hip. I couldn’t see in front other than a partial side view of her boobs; presumably she had on some kind of thong bikini bottom as her hip and part of naked bun was visible from our vantage point. Her smallish breasts were naked so that there was nothing visible covering her from what I could see.

“All for you,” I whispered back into Stacy’s ear, “I hadn’t even looked that way yet. She is pretty sexy though,” I teased.

There was no doubt that “clothing optional” was not a misnomer. We’d had to walk by the pool, on the way to our room, where there had been multiple people in various levels of dress and undress. There were multiple people that were lying out around the pool, some totally naked, almost all of the women had been topless, others were wearing revealing swimwear. All were not wearing masks however, but at least the lounges were mostly spaced well apart, and even in the pool, couples seemed to be separating somewhat, although it was obvious that several couples were, or would soon be, playing together.

As for Stacy and me, we’d been traveling all day, multiple hours in a plane plus a layover in Dallas, and a three-hour time change. Even though it was early evening here, it was only late afternoon on our internal clocks. But we were also on vacation, in a room that opened onto the beach, and the gorgeous sand and water beckoned. “Want to go for a swim, or have me take advantage of you?” I whispered into her ear, pulling her closer and letting my hands roam her breasts.

“How about we go swimming and then we take advantage of each other?”

I was surprised at Stacy when she didn’t put on her “new” bikini, but rather her plain old flowered one. “Not going to wear the new one?” I asked when I turned around and saw what she’d put on. “How come?”

She pulled her lower lip between her teeth, looked out the open window and door (we hadn’t even closed it to change) and looked back at me with a bashful look. “I will,” she said, “but do you mind if I wait until Carrie gets here?”

She had waffled when we’d planned this as to whether she was going to invite Carrie to join us, but eventually broke down and invited her best bud to come along. Carrie wouldn’t be in for a few more hours however, and then she was only going to stay for three days. She had to get her brother and sister to agree to visit and take care of her parents. That was an “inconvenience” for them, of course, with them totally forgetting the complete inconvenience that Carrie had been living for six months, but she had managed to get them for the weekend Beylikdüzü escort and a little more. They’d both balked, until she’d thrown a fit and accused them of being selfish, and she eventually got the two of them to take two days each, and luckily her parents had insisted she take some time off and then had paid for her airfare and half of the entire weeks cost at the resort. That actually was just fine for me with Carrie joining us for just three days. With Stacy and me living “alone” together, it was nice to have some interaction with someone else, but I had also had a reason for, and had been looking forward to, just being with Stacy away from home.

I assured Stace that she could wear her new bikini or not, that I found her hot and sexy whether she was showing off or not. If she wanted to wear her new bikini, which I knew not only showed, but enhanced, her body, was up to her.

But what was this bashful stuff all about? I was surprised; this was my Stacy who had gotten naked and walked across the meadow and made love with me under the trees when we’d gone camping? This was my Stacy who walked around the apartment naked half the time, and almost naked the other half of the time, seemingly enticing me at every moment? She’d never shown any bashfulness around me, but now, at the beach that she’d begged me to take her to, she seemed to be… bashful? Right outside our door was a woman who we didn’t even know who was almost nude, so it wasn’t like she was going to be wearing anything less than others were doing. I didn’t say anything for the moment, just accepted it, and although I’d considered going naked, instead put on my favorite Birdwell Beach Britches, took her hand, and we went out to get wet.

The beach itself couldn’t have been any better. The sparkling clean sand, crystal clear water, and the beach being totally uncrowded, was utter perfection. There were people but they were all well spread out. There were a few visible under the awnings outside of their rooms but, this late in the day, there just weren’t a whole lot of people. A few were in the water, some walking, almost everyone somewhere between wearing skimpy bikini’s and just being naked. No sooner had we gotten in the water than I saw a “young” couple (probably in their 30’s, at least they were only slightly older than us) walking down the beach – obviously showing off. She was topless; a skimpy patch of cloth over her pussy was held in place by just strings so her backside was completely nude, and completely tanned. He had something similar, a pouch for his cock and balls, also just strings in back, and his butt also completely tanned. Both had a mask draped around their neck, although not near anyone, as they’d obviously pulled it off of their faces for the moment.

“Maybe I should get you something like that,” Stacy said, sliding into my arms as I was slightly over waist deep, and wrapping her legs around me, her hands on my butt.

“Like that guy?” I answered, nodding at the man with his cock sack, confirming exactly what she was talking about. “How about I just go naked?

“I get to see you naked anytime. Isn’t that a lot sexier?”

“Uhmm, that’s what strippers know – almost naked is a lot sexier than totally naked. Why would you want me to wear that?”

“So I can show you off.”

“And what about me showing you off? What happened to wearing your new bikini? I thought you wanted to show off too.” I saw her eyes on the couple now walking away from us on the beach, and her eyes trace across the fronts of the rooms and cabanas.

“It’s a bit scarier than I thought it would be.”

“Scarier? How? You didn’t have any qualms about getting naked when we were camping.”

“Yeah, but there wasn’t anyone else around, either.” Something didn’t seem to add up; she’d bought the bikini on her own, she’d suggested coming to an adults-only location, and now she was just a little bit bashful?

“Just where did this idea of yours about coming to the beach and showing off come from then?”

“We used to tease each other about how much fun it would be to show off in public.”

Now she’d lost me, I wasn’t following what she was saying at all. “Who used to tease each other?”

“Carrie, Josette, and me. Back in high school when we used to go skinny dipping at the Fletchers quarry? We always wondered if Mr. Fletcher was spying on us, imagining him getting all turned on perving on us. We would talk about how aroused guys would get if they could see the three of us naked together. When we first started going swimming there, we’d get dried and dressed as soon as we got out again, but after a while we started sunbathing naked too. We used to say that someday we’d all come to a place like this and show off together.”

“Somehow you surprise me. I thought you liked showing off a little more by yourself.”

“I like showing off to you,” she whispered, pulling her mouth to my ear and nibbling at my earlobe. “I like what it does to you,” she whispered, grinding her crotch against Beylikdüzü escort mine.

“My sexy cousin does seem to have some sort of an effect on me,” I whispered back, turning my head to hers and instantly we were in a kiss.

There was no doubt that it was an “I want sex,” kiss, especially when a moment later she said, “Why don’t you take me back inside and show me?”

“Uhmm, gladly.”


We entertained each other for perhaps an hour before we pulled our swimsuits on again and went for a walk around the premises, checking out where everything was. The restaurants – I think there were four, the pool, the nightclub and disco, the concierge desk where we found out about going on tours, renting four wheelers, deep sea fishing if we wanted. By the time we headed back it was almost time for Carrie to arrive, and then we’d be off to dinner. Walking back the other way we came across the hot tub, actually more of a small pool than a ‘tub’, and big enough for a party. There were perhaps 20 people spread around in different areas without anyone being crowded together, but again only a few wearing covid masks, a few wearing nothing at all. Standing or sitting in the water, it was hard to tell who was wearing what, as virtually all the women were topless, their breasts exposed, but out of the water perhaps half were also bottomless – unabashedly nude. I expected it was similar for those in the water. The men were nude in probably equal proportions. I saw a man wearing a ‘cock sack,’ perhaps the guy from the beach earlier, several totally nude, some wearing speedo’s, and a few wearing swimsuits like I was.

There were bars scattered throughout the facility, four or five outdoors, one being here by the hot tub. A tall blonde woman was standing by the bar, wearing nothing but a smile and two pierced nipple barbells, waiting for a drink to be served. I saw her glance my way, realizing it was an appraisal.

“Looks like fun,” I commented to Stacy, “although I’ve got the feeling this is really where the true swingers hang out.”

I thought she might have missed the comment until a few moments later she said, “Ricky?”

“Yeah, babe?”

She pulled my hand closer to her, and her voice dropped to where I almost couldn’t hear her. “I don’t want to share with anyone else.”

“I know baby. Me either.” I squeezed her hand, realizing that even as she said no one, that Carrie would be with us in just minutes. Me having sex with Carrie was her doing, and although I was sure she didn’t mean Carrie, I asked.

“Carrie too?”

“Don’t be silly.”

After she arrived, Carrie wanted a shower before changing for dinner, and after having seen the restaurants, Stacy had both of them dressing up. Shirt and slacks for me had me ready almost instantly. When Stacy told me to get lost, I took a beer and went out onto the patio overlooking the now dark ocean while they got dressed. A single large ship was visible close to the horizon, silhouetted at first in the twilight, and then only its lights at the end.

Clothing optional was everywhere, and although ‘dress’ was requested for the restaurants, it had been obvious when we’d seen in earlier that almost anything qualified as “dress”. It certainly wasn’t New York formal, but it ranged from pretty dressy, to lingerie.

“Oh My Goodness,” I said, appraising both of my ladies when I came back in. Stacy had put on her “little black dress”, which would have been appropriate for anything from a resort bar to a company Christmas party. She looked fabulous, but Carrie was absolutely stunning. Carries fire engine red dress was strapless, off the shoulder, and virtually off her body. Red was definitely her color, she’d looked fabulous back home in her red teddy, and looked equally as fabulous here. Her breasts were virtually bare, her nipples barely covered, I wasn’t sure how it even stayed up. Later I found out that it was taped in place; two-sided tape on the inside of the bustline held it to her breasts. Both girls’ dresses were mini-skirt style, barely extending below their bottoms. Formed to their bodies like a second skin, and with no signs of panties or thongs or anything showing on their bottoms, I was pretty sure they were both without panties. I found out later I was right, but for now, I happily just escorted my gorgeous ladies to the restaurant.

Although both of my girls drew admiring looks, they weren’t any more or less admirable than several other women in the place. That there were three of us, rather than two or four, drew absolutely no comment from anyone. Dinner was magnificent, and when we finished up it was almost time for the Disco to open. We’d found it earlier in our walking around, but when I asked what the girls wanted to do, Carrie said that after traveling all day, she just wanted to go back to the room.

“You’ll take good care of her?” Stacy whispered, as we stepped out of the restaurant. Carrie for the moment was just a few steps ahead of us.

“Take care of you too?” Escort Beylikdüzü I whispered back; whispering just because she was.

“I’ll be ok, but she needs a man tonight.”

“Whatever you say,” I answered, just as Carrie stopped and looked back. In two steps we caught her, and we wandered on. This time when we went by the spa there were easily twice as many people as there had been a few hours before, almost all of them now naked. “Want to come back and check out the hot tub?” I suggested, not expecting an affirmative answer.

“Not tonight, maybe tomorrow? Anyway, I think we’re overdressed for it,” Carrie answered.

“It looks like wearing anything is overdressed for it,” Stacy laughed. Stepping forward she took Carrie’s arm and the two BFF’s pranced ahead for a little bit, whispering and laughing together.

Stepping a bit faster to catch them, I stepped between them, running an arm around each of their waists, before dropping a hand onto their bottoms. As I’d surmised, I felt no sign of a panty beneath on either. “Oh my, are my ladies without panties tonight?” I asked, already knowing the answer. In unison, as if planned, they both wiggled their bottom against my hand and laughed.

Back at the room we stepped in and I noticed, but didn’t comment, as Stacy slid to one side to go around us. As I was stepping forward, Carrie turned around and I found myself slipping into her arms. “My Goodness,” I said, unable to keep my eyes from traversing the chasm of her cleavage. As I admired the globes of her breasts, I saw Stacy stepping over to the toilet in my peripheral vision. “Just how is it that you keep this fabulous dress from falling down?” I ran my finger from her neckline down between her breasts, inside the vee of her bosom until I reached the top of the dress. I knew my finger couldn’t be more than a fraction of an inch from her nipple as I ran it to the outside, toward her armpit.

“Tit tape.”

“What?” I said, never having heard of such a thing. “Tit tape? What’s tit tape?”

Carrie smirked and turned her back, obviously trying to keep me from seeing what she was doing. I watched as her arms came up and her head went down as she looked down at her boobs doing something, and then seconds later she turned around and held out several small strips of what I easily deciphered as double-sided tape when I took them from her. “Tit tape?” I said, glancing down at her bust once again. “And that’s all it takes?”

Carrie stepped forward to me, raised and put her arms around my shoulders. In doing so, her tits popped out. Or, at least, I should say her nipples popped free as her breasts were nearly exposed to begin with. Just that little bit of change in her muscles, her breasts rising while the dress stayed in place and both nipples were now resting on top of the dress, her areolas half exposed. “That’s all it takes,” she said, glancing down at her now bare breasts, “Don’t leave home without it.”

I reached up with my one hand again, traced exactly where I had before, only this time my finger ran across the tops of her nipples. “I think I like it better without tit tape,” I said, my finger running across her nipple where I could feel it erecting even more to my touch.

“Admit it, you just like my tits anyway.”

“Well, there is that” I said, reaching up with my other hand at the same time, my fingers tweaking both nipples at the same time. “And such nice tits you’ve got, too.”

Her hand slid forward to my crotch, easily finding my half hard prick which, just like her nipples, rapidly hardened to the touch. She hadn’t been far from me, but now stepped forward, her body pressed against mine and she bent her face up to mine. I didn’t immediately move my lips to hers, instead holding back just a bit. “Need something?” I teased.

“Kiss me,” she said, moving her face even closer to mine. I slid my hands off her breasts and onto her back, lowering them to her ass, and finding no feel of anything underneath the dress.

“And?” I continued, my hands squeezing her buns.

“And fuck me.” I looked up and around, realizing that Stacy was still in the toilet.

“Oh? And what will my girlfriend say about that?” I teased, knowing that Stacy had already told me to be sure and take care of Carrie.

“She said I could have you all to myself to start with, that you’d taken care of her earlier.”

“Ahh.” My fingers had been working the hem of her dress higher as we’d flirted, and finally it was above her ass. I now slipped my hands down onto her bare ass. “My, my, I was right, my girls weren’t wearing panties tonight.”

“Just for you…”

“Maybe. I think there were a lot of people that might have surmised that.”

“Maybe so, but it was all for you tonight.” Finally, I relented and succumbed to the nearness of her mouth, her whispered teases, and the desire for a kiss. I leaned in and closing my eyes, her mouth attacked mine. She hungrily sucked my tongue from my mouth into hers, the desire to have a cock in her at the bottom end matching my tongue in her mouth quite obvious, the heat of our bodies rising exponentially. Two handed I rubbed her naked ass, and then moved my left hand to the front, to her pussy, even as her hands were fumbling with my pants.

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