Daddy’s Friends

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It was finally spring break and I could make it home for once, no schoolwork pinning me down. It had been so overwhelming at my new university that I hadn’t had any time to sleep with anyone on my course yet and my usually high sex-drive had gone into overdrive. I was finding myself getting wet at the slightest provocation and, remembering how close me and my Daddy were, I didn’t think that Spring Break was going to be uneventful. I pulled up to my house and opened the car door, excitement building in me even at the thought of being close to my Daddy again and hoping that Mum would be out for most of the days I was home.

As I got out of the car I turned to bend over and grab my bag from inside. Without warning I felt large, strong hands grab my waist and pull me back. I straightened up, laughing, knowing that my Daddy was as eager as I was and that, if he was out here to welcome me home alone, it meant that Mum was out on some errand and we had the house to ourselves.

“Mm, my baby girl, finally back from college!” He laughed in my ear as he backhugged me, his arms forming a steely grip around my waist.

“Daddy! I’ve missed you so much, you have no idea.” I moaned. I was completely aware that we were on our front lawn, but the position was just innocent enough that no one would suspect a thing and I couldn’t break free of his grip even if I wanted to. His arms slid up under my generous tits and pushed them up even further until they were almost spilling out of my tight tank top. I’d purposely worn a tight white tank and a short skirt with no panties, prepared for the inevitable welcome home pounding I’d get from my Daddy. I hadn’t worn a bra, so my nipples were hard and obvious against the front of my top and Daddy’s hands crept up as if to squeeze them. I laughed and turned around in his arms, throwing my own around etimesgut escort his broad shoulders and pushing up on my tiptoes to rub against him.

My Daddy had finally started using me when I was 18, just before university, and every chance we got he would teach me how to properly please him. Since I’d always dreamed of his cock, once he started groping me around the house my sex appetite became insatiable. I would wake up, wet from a dream or the night before, and make sure I had a skirt on with no panties as I walked down to breakfast. That meant that, whether my mum was in or not, I could quietly pull out his cock on the sofa in the living room and impale myself on it, feeling his thick, hard length split me open as I tried to keep quiet. Often this led to small bouncing up and down when Mum was out of the room and then, as soon as the front door clicked and she was off to work, a furious morning of being fucked over every surface in the house. Needless to say I was eager to be back with my Daddy after a long semester of only pleasuring myself. Being the cum slut that I was, having no actual cum was driving me insane.

“God, baby, I’ve missed you.” Daddy repeated, hugging me tighter to him and running his hands up and down me. The fact that we were outside and people could see my Daddy nearly groping my ass turned me on.

“You too, Daddy,” I said loudly then, more quietly in his ear, “I haven’t had any cock at uni Daddy, is Mum in? I need you so badly, anything you want Daddy. Need your fucking cum in me.” This had an immediate effect with my Daddy unconsciously bucking his hips into me. I could already feels his hard cock pressed against the outline of his jeans.

“Fuck baby, you can’t say things like that outside! Come on, let’s get you in. Mum isn’t home, so I hope you’ve otele gelen escort remembered everything I taught you…” He trailed off, releasing me and looking me up and down. My high heels, mini skirt, and no bra accentuated my figure and made my juicy tits almost impossible to resist. He grinned at me and took my hand, moving in for a quick peck on the lips.

Once inside our luxurious home I couldn’t help but be a bit of a tease. I kept my heels on and strutted to the kitchen counter, hopping up to sit on it and spreading my legs wide. With this angle, my pussy was on full display and I could see the outline of my Daddy’s cock twitch.

“Fuck, you’re even hotter than when you left baby,” he whistled, “you’ve been able to resist all cock while you’ve been at uni? Good girl. You know who that pussy belongs to, right?” He took a step closer in between my legs and ran his hands up and down my thighs. I was hot and dripping wet with anticipation as I had already started playing with my pussy on the drive down here.

“You, Daddy, of course it’s yours.” I leaned to wrap my arms around him and whispered close to his ear. “Only been able to thing about your cum, covering me, filling me up, ever since I left. Every night and morning I’ve had to finger myself, thinking of being used and filled up by you.”

“Mm, good girl baby, good girl.” His hands found my generous ass and started squeezing and pulling the cheeks, rutting in to my bare pussy and trying to worm a hand underneath me so he could play with me ass and pussy at the same time. I moaned and sighed, rubbing against him this way and that until he finally picked me up by the hips. I wrapped my legs around him and he walked us over to the living room and sat down on the sofa.

In seconds I was bouncing on his hard but still covered kızılay escort cock and Daddy was laughing at how desperate and blissed out I looked already, holding on to his shoulders as I imitated riding his cock. He ran his hands up and down my tits, pinched and squeezed my nipples hard, and down to my thighs again.

“I think you’ll be pleased to know that Mummy’s out because I sent her on a spa weekend baby, so we’ve got the whole weekend to have fun.” I barely heard him as my wet pussy was covering his jeans. My hands went down to try and free his cock and impale myself on it as quickly as possible, but he stopped me with one hand. I looked at him pleadingly and, when he shook his head, collapsed against his chest and started just riding his thigh, desperate for release.

Daddy laughed at me and slid his hands down to my ass. He slapped it gently, then harder, until I was crying out in pain and pleasure and my ass was jiggling on his leg.

“And, since we’ve got the whole weekend to ourselves, I thought I’d give you just a little treat. See, I was so pleased with the way you reacted to becoming not just my daughter but my sex pet that I couldn’t help but brag about it to a few friends of mine. And they didn’t even believe me! None of their daughters are as good as you baby, and they were all telling me what a liar I was. Well. I thought it would be best to show them in person, what do you think?”

Before I had time to reply the doorbell rang and I moaned. Daddy lay me to the side on the sofa where I could only spread my legs and start rubbing my clit, beggin him not to leave me alone. I sniffled as he smacked my thigh and then walked out. I heard him open the door, laugh with a few older men, and then walk back in. There were many more footsteps than just him, and as I looked up a trail of old, grisled men walked in, each whose face morphed from laughter to instant lust as they saw me spread out on the sofa, tits almost spilling out of my tank top and two fingers in an already dripping, ripe cunt. All in all I counted eight men, including me Daddy, and I knew it was going to be an interesting weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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