Dave Makes Debbie Beg

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This story started innocently enough. I started my first job three weeks after graduating from high school. I worked in the reception at a big conference hotel and it was a job I enjoyed a lot and I knew that they liked to promote people from within their own ranks so I could have a great career there. About a month after I started working there I started dating one of the chefs. His name was Leon and he’d trained in France and he used to put on a French accent that was sexy as hell. It didn’t take him long to get me into bed. He wasn’t my first, but all my other boyfriends had been high school sweethearts and back when I was in high school I had strict rules to follow so sex had never been very exciting. It’d been exciting enough to do it in someone’s backseat in a parking lot and not get caught.

With Leon I started discovering my own sexuality. He had his own apartment so I used to sleep over there after our dates. Leon was the one who got me to shave my pussy, he and I tried out all kinds of positions and he taught me how to become a great cock-sucker. We loved to watch porn together, especially amateur porn because it seemed more honest than the studio stuff. After a couple of months Leon asked me if I’d agree to be filmed. At first I completely turned down the idea, but the more Leon talked about it, the more I got excited by the thought. Leon showed me a web site that had a competition for the couple who could submit the best blowjob video. That couple would win a trip to Mexico.

A week later Leon’s friend Todd came around with a digital camcorder and recorded me sucking Leon’s big shaft. I normally swallowed his spunk, but this time I let him cum all over my face and tits and the last shot was of me licking cum off my lips and rubbing some into my nipple. Leon and I were both really proud of it and we were sure we were going to win. A few weeks went by and I kept fantasising about sucking Leon off in front of the camera. I told Leon and he said that he wanted to try it again.

We didn’t win that competition, but we came second and our prize was a brand new camcorder. By that time Leon had found a competition looking for the hottest amateur fuck video so once again Todd came around and Leon and I fucked our brains out. We continued this for a few months. We submitted our tapes and won minor prizes, but we never came first. Shortly after Christmas Leon was transferred to a new hotel and we broke up. We were still good friends, but I wasn’t ready to make a commitment and move to a whole other part of the country and Leon was starting to look at other girls. It was time to move on.

I dated a lot of guys in the next couple of months, but I didn’t get serious with anyone. It was fun to have sex with different guys and play around a little. At 19 I was still too young to settle down. I was still living with my mom and step-dad just before Easter when I tripped at work and broke my foot. I was ordered to stay at home for the next month. Mom was worried because she and my step-dad were going on a Caribbean cruise for two weeks and she wanted to cancel it. Between the two of us my step-dad and I managed to talk her out of it. The cruise was for their 15th anniversary and since I had crutches there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do, except wear the high heel shoes that were part of my work uniform.

The day before mom and my step-dad were due to leave on their cruise the phone rang. It was my brother Dave. He worked for the government and had been in South America for almost a year, he was coming home for a month or so to relax before his next mission. Once again mom wanted to postpone the cruise and once again we talked her out of it. She and my step-dad would get to see Dave when they came home.

Dave arrived in the evening the same day I’d taken mom and my step-dad to the airport. He’d always been good looking, but it seemed that his year in South America had taken away the last of his boyishness and made him all man. He had more muscles than I remembered, his body looked more solid and his face was hard and angular. I could see a lot of my step-dad in him, and since my step-dad was a good looking 50-year old I could imagine that Dave would only get better with age.

“Hi Debbie,” he kissed me on the top of my head. “What’s up?”

“Not much,” I answered. “I’m off work for a month cause of my broken foot.”

“Stuck in the house on your own, eh? Or does your boyfriend come around and take you out?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Really? I was sure…”

“Didn’t mom tell you that Leon and I split up? He got a new job and had to move.”

“Uhm… No, she didn’t tell me that. It must have slipped her mind.”

I went to bed shortly afterwards. I was a bit puzzled that Dave knew I’d had a boyfriend in the first place. I was seven years younger than him and he’d never been interested in what I was up to. He’d been eleven when our parents married and even though we’d lived in the same house for seven years and we’d been pretty close during that time, once Dave had graduated Ankara bayan escort from college we hadn’t seen much of him and he didn’t seem to miss us all that much.

I had a restless night’s sleep. This broken foot was cramping my style. I hadn’t had sex in two weeks and I was getting seriously horny. I couldn’t go out dancing and get picked up while I was on crutches. I thought of calling some of the guys I’d dated, but I didn’t particularly want to fuck either of them again. If they’d been good enough to fuck again I would’ve had more dates with them. I spent the next night at home, watching TV while Dave was out with his friends. Once again I had a restless night.

The next morning I was about to go have a shower when the bathroom door opened. Out came Dave without a thread on his magnificent body. He didn’t attempt to hide anything as my eyes moved down to his crotch and I got to see how well hung he was. I blinked and averted my eyes and Dave chuckled as he made his way to his bedroom. He was gone by the time I was out of the shower and I was both disappointed and relieved. Disappointed because I wanted to see more of him and relieved because all I could think of was that wonderful piece of meat. I could imagine what it would feel like when it penetrated my cunt for the first time and I knew that I was dripping wet.

Just as I’d eaten my dinner Dave came home, carrying a laptop bag.

“Hey Debbie,” he said with a smile. “Come and have a look at this.”

I followed him into his bedroom that was full of posters from his teenage years, but where his old bed had been replaced with a big double bed. He placed the laptop on the desk and motioned for me to sit on the chair. Dave was standing behind me, his arms on either side of me, and he was typing in things into the computer.

“You know,” he started talking from behind me and I felt his breath on my neck. “When guys are away for a long time they have to find some way of pleasing themselves. Some start dating local girls, most of us dream of the honeys back home and an endless supply of porn. One day a couple of months ago the guy I was sharing an apartment with found a new porn star. She was so hot and he couldn’t stop watching her and jerking off, dreaming of fucking her. I’d never seen him so possessed by anyone before so I asked him if I could see too. He was right. She was so hot. I wanted her to suck my cock too. I’ll show you.”

With a couple of clicks with the mouse Dave started the video clip and I stared dumbfounded as I saw myself sucking Leon’s dick on screen. I felt myself go bright red. I wanted to get out of there, but Dave’s body was in the way and he’d tossed my crutches to the side.

“What’s the matter Debbie? Don’t you like to watch it? My favourite part is coming up. I love it when you smear his pre-cum on your nipples. That’s such a nice touch.”

“Please don’t tell mom and Bill about this,” I begged Dave. “We only did it to win a trip to Cancun.”

“Oh yeah? Then how about this? And this? And this?”

One by one Dave started showing Leon and me fucking on screen. We were fucking on Leon’s bed, then in a field, then in the car and every other place we’d fucked for those competition movies.

“Stop it!” I shrieked and Dave hit the X on each clip. “Where did you get all of these? They were only meant for some amateur video competitions.”

“Well, it seems your boyfriend has been making a fortune selling them online. The one of you two in the bike shed is the Number 1 requested title on several amateur sites.”

I wanted to die. The thought of guys jerking off while watching me being fucked was a tremendous turn-on, but my own brother had seen it now. He was going to tell our parents for sure.

“Please don’t tell mom and Bill,” I repeated. “Please!”

“What’s in it for me?”

“Anything. I’ll cook and clean for you when you’re at home. I can still drive, I’ll drive you anywhere. You can have the money I was saving up to get an apartment, anything! Just don’t tell them.”

He seemed to be thinking it over for a while, then he shook his head. “Sorry, that’s not good enough. I guess I’ll have to tell on you.”

“Please don’t!” I begged him.

“You’ll do anything?”


“Good, you can start by giving me a blowjob. I haven’t had a decent one in months and you seem to have the technique down to a T.”


“You heard me. Suck me off, you little whore.”

“I can’t do that!”

“Why not? You always enjoy it in your little movies. My cock will be just as juicy as that guy.”

“But…” I was lost for words. Surely he was joking!

“Debbie,” Dave grabbed hold of my head and looked me straight into the eyes. “I’m only going to say this once. You do NOT want to call my bluff, OK? You either do as you’re told or suffer the consequences. Now since you’ve been arguing a simple blowjob isn’t enough anymore. I want you naked, in front of the mirror while you’re sucking me off so that I can see everything. Understood?”

I Escort bayan Ankara nodded and started undressing. I was a bit clumsy since I had a broken foot, but Dave didn’t do anything to help me. I managed to get my jeans off and then my t-shirt. I stood before him in my white lace bra and panties and looked at him, begging him with my eyes to stop there but there was just a cold demand to get naked in his eyes. I released my 36C tits from the bra and realised that my nipples were stiff with excitement. I could tell that Dave noticed that as well. I finally pulled off my panties, showing off my shaved cunt. I felt my tits bouncing as I hopped over to the mirror and kneeled, waiting for Dave to follow me. He walked up to me and shoved his crotch in my face as he released my long, dark hair from the ponytail. He sat on the side of the bed and smiled.

“Your body is much hotter in real life than it was on the video. Now get my cock out and start sucking.”

He moved himself backwards so that I had to lean forward to get to his cock. I knew that he was able to see the effect this was having on my pussy in the mirror. As I pulled his thick semi-erect cock and his heavy balls out of his pants I could feel myself getting wet. He was forcing me to do this. He was practically raping my mouth, but my cunt was gagging to feel what my mouth was about to taste.

I slowly licked the length of the rapidly hardening shaft. I tickled every inch of him and ran my tongue along the veins. His tool was smooth as silk in my hand as I moved on to lick his balls. I sucked his balls into my mouth and teased them with my tongue. I could tell on Dave’s breathing that he liked that. I then released his balls from my mouth and licked the pre-cum off his cock head. I circled it with my tongue, teasing him more. Then I licked my lips and slowly started sucking him into my mouth.

As Dave’s cock slid across my lips I let my tongue caress what was inside my mouth. I sucked him in slowly until he hit the back of my mouth and I stopped there. I had one hand wrapped firmly around the base of his cock while my tongue worked on what was inside my mouth. I felt my pussy juices starting to run down my thighs and I knew that I was enjoying this as much as Dave was.

Then I slowly moved my head up again, almost letting Dave’s monster cock out completely before I sucked him in again. I was starting to suck harder and harder. He tasted so good. I moved my head up and down, faster and faster. I sucked him harder and harder. He started hitting my throat, I swallowed to deep throat him and I could hear his moans. I released him and sucked him in again. His hands landed on my head and he forced me all the way down on him again. His entire shaft was down my throat. I couldn’t breathe. Then he let me go again. Now Dave was in control again. He pushed himself deep into my throat. I sucked and played with my tongue, but he was in charge. He pushed himself deep and hard inside me. Faster and faster. Then he finally moaned a long moan and shoved his cock into my throat and didn’t release. That’s when I felt him cumming. He shot his load deep into my throat, forcing my to swallow every last drip. He didn’t let go until he’d released the last drop.

When he pulled out of my mouth I coughed and gasped for air. Dave just looked at me and chuckled.

“You should learn who’s in charge, little whore,” he said as he looked at me, my chest heaving as I tried to get oxygen into my lungs. “You’re a great cock sucker, but don’t ever fool yourself into thinking that you’re in control. I only let you do what I want you to do. Now get up in bed, I’m not done with you yet.”

“What? You said a blowjob and I gave you a blowjob.”

“The rules have changed, slut! I can see how wet you are. You want your big brother to fuck you.”

I blushed all over.

“The innocent act doesn’t work with me, whore. I didn’t say I was going to fuck you. I might fuck you. If you’re lucky. But you’re going to have to beg me for it first.”

“I’ll never beg you to fuck me, asshole!”

“I’m not blind, slut! I can see how you look at my cock. I can see how soaking wet your cunt is! You want it badly. But it’s up to you whether you get to enjoy our fucking or whether it’ll be a more painful experience. Now get the fuck up off the floor and lie down. I’ll be back in a second and I want you on your back with your legs spread so that I can see your juicy cunt.”

I didn’t dare do anything else. Would he really rape me if I didn’t beg for his cock? I lay down on my back and parted my legs. I was getting wetter and wetter and my nipples were fully erect. My body was already betraying me. My body wanted him to fuck me, whichever way he would have me. His cock had felt so good in my mouth. It would feel so good in my cunt. But I didn’t doubt that he’d make me hurt if I didn’t do as he said. Dave soon returned and he was naked. His cock was already semi-erect again, proving to me that he was ready to take this as far as he liked. He was carrying a camera.

“Those Bayan escort Ankara movies never gave a good close-up of your wet cunt. Pull your knees up and show me how horny your are, my little slut sister.”

I pulled my legs up and I felt my pussy lips part as Dave started taking photos. He made sure he got a lot of close-ups and that my face could be seen in all of them. I didn’t doubt that he was going to sell these pictures on the Internet. The thought of being an Internet porn star made me wetter.

“Oh you’re gagging for this. You’re such a whore!”

Dave put the camera to the side and his cock was almost fully erect by now. Was he going to fuck me now? Was he waiting for me to beg him? I was already humiliated beyond belief. I wasn’t going to beg. I simply wasn’t.

“Do you want me to fuck you, slut?”


“Liar!” Dave laughed. “Hold your legs like that and don’t let go, no matter what, or you’ll be really sorry.”

Dave positioned himself below me, slowly taking in the sight of my open cunt and asshole. He sucked his finger and started teasing my ass. I gasped as he slid his finger inside. He hooked it and slid it out and I gasped in pain.

“Remember that, sister whore… You will be begging me or I’ll rape your virgin ass.”

He laughed as he saw the fear in my eyes. He had me exactly where he wanted me and he knew it. He leaned forward and placed his tongue at my asshole and then he licked all the way up past my clit. I moaned with pleasure as I felt his rough tongue lapping up my juices. His tongue soon stopped lapping and started penetrating me. I cried out as I felt his tongue in my cunt. I heard him slurp up more juices.

Dave started tongue fucking me. His tongue felt so good inside me and I was dying for him to touch my clit, but he didn’t. I was tempted to reach down and stimulate my clit myself, but I knew I’d be in trouble if I let go of my legs. Dave’s hands were caressing my ass cheeks as he fucked me with his tongue. I moaned louder and louder. This was wonderful. I wanted to cum, but he wouldn’t let me. He was torturing me with his talented tongue.

“You only have to say it.” Dave whispered from my cunt, still fucking me with his tongue.

I moaned some more. I wasn’t going to do it. I wasn’t. Dave’s thumbs started massaging me around my asshole. It felt so good. My juices kept running into his mouth and he fucked and sucked my cunt. I wanted to cum. I wanted to cum so badly.

“Please let me cum,” I finally begged him.

“What was that, sister slut?”

“Please let me cum,” I begged again.

“I could swear I heard my whore sister beg for something, but was it my cock?”

I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to say this. I felt like nothing but the whore he said I was.

“Please fuck me, Dave!” I finally gave in.

“Say that again?”

“Please fuck me with your juicy cock.”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Because I’m your slut sister.”

“And what else?”

“And your whore.”

“You’ve got that right. Now let me hear you beg me properly.”

“Please fuck your whoring sister with your wonderful cock!!!!!”

“You bet I will, but first I’m going to do this.”

With those words he slid three fingers into my cunt and started sucking on my clit. His tongue flicked across my engorged clit as his fingers found my g-spot. It was as easy for him as flicking a switch. My body convulsed and my cunt cramped around his fingers and showered his hand as I screamed out the longed for release.

“Mmmm….” Dave pulled out his fingers and licked them. “What a fucking slut you are. Beg me again.”

“Please fuck me,” I said quietly.

Dave was on his knees, stroking his wonderful cock.

“Is this what you want?”


“Then maybe I should give it to you. But which hole should I fuck?”

“Please fuck my cunt!”

“What’s that? Does my little whore sister want her big brother’s meat in her slutty cunt?”

“Yes!” I cried out, I couldn’t stand the torture any longer.

Dave didn’t say anything else. He placed his cock against my wet cunt and then he thrust himself inside me, all the way. I cried out in pain, he was so big and I was so tight.

“Oh, you’re a tight fucking whore, little sister!”

He started sliding in and out of me. His arms were pinning my thighs against my stomach and my legs were resting across his shoulders, forcing my ass up and giving Dave deeper access to my cunt. I soon got used to his size and he felt so good. He leaned forward and started biting my nipples hard. He tugged my nipples with his teeth as he pumped my cunt. Each time he was deep inside he gyrated his hips, making sure I felt every inch of his cock, making sure I knew who was possessing me. His thrusts set my clit on fire.

Dave picked up the pace. He fucked me harder and deeper. Each slam produced a loud squish sound as he buried himself deep inside my overflowing wetness. He fucked me harder than I’d ever been fucked before. It felt better than any fuck had felt before. Each time he pulled out I wanted him right back inside me, using and abusing my cunt. I moaned out loud and he laughed against my tits as he sucked and bit my nipples. He knew he could do whatever he wanted with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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