Dave’s Awakening Ch. 01

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Dave was forty-two, almost six feet tall, and one hundred-eighty seven pounds. He was married for twenty-one years to his college sweetheart. Three children and a long career later Dave was looking for something more than he had. As with many couples a once healthy sex life had slipped into very brief encounters once every two weeks or so.

One afternoon on his day off Dave was checking his email when he paused at a line that said, “Bimarrieds.” Dave had never thought of himself as anything but straight, but for some reason he opened the email. A brief email invited him to join a bi married site group in his state.

Intrigued he went to the site and after looking for a while joined. It didn’t take long for Dave to get an instant message from a late fifties man in another part of the state. They talked about bisexuality and how it all started. Dave felt secure for the simple fact that this man was from another part of the state. No way they would ever hook up. Dave and his friend talked for several months and Dave did not give the idea any more thought.

One afternoon he opned his email to see an email that said, “HI from Paul.” Dave wondered but then opened the email. He quickly discovered that Paul had chatted with Dave’s friend and the friend suggested he send Dave a message. As Dave read he discovered that Paul was in his late fifties, married, retired, that his wife worked days, and most important of all he lived in the same town as Dave.

Dave trembled for a moment and then hit reply and sent Paul an email. Within half an hour Paul sent at email back to Dave. The two men emailed up and back for over a week when Paul invited him over. To his surprise Dave said, “Yes.” Unbelievably Dave pulled up in front of Paul’s house the next day. Dave was unsure what to do and then finally mustering up all his courage gaziantep escort got out of his car, walked to the door, and rang the bell.

Within in moments the door was opened and the two men looked at each other. Paul invited Dave in and both men sat on the couch, drinking coffee. Dave was still nervous but more relaxed when Paul said, “Well, shall we get started.” Dave just nodded and then Paul moved closer to him on the couch.

The two men smiled and Paul put his arms around Dave and kissed him. It was a soft, gentle kiss. As Dave received the kiss he had trouble believing that he was actually kissing a man. Paul sat back and simply said, “Well?”

Dave swallowed and said, “That was nice.”

Paul leaned in and the two men kissed again. This time Paul’s kiss was more passionate and when Dave felt Paul’s tongue he parted his lips and let the older man enter his mouth. The two hugged and kissed passionately for quite sometime as Dave began to caress Dave’s chest.

Paul could feel Dave’s hardened nipples and as the two men kissed Paul unbuttoned Dave’s shirt. Soon Paul’s hand was inside, gently caressing Dave’s nipples. In a few moments Dave let out a slow moan. Take this as a positive sign Paul pushed Dave’s shirt off his shoulders and down his arms.

Dave began to lick, kiss, and nibble on Dave’s shoulders and then his nipples. Dave laid his head on the back of the couch and enjoyed the pleasure created by Paul. As Paul licked and kissed Dave felt his cock straining inside his pants. It was becoming uncomfortable until Paul lowered his hand and gently began to massage Dave’s erection through his pants.

While still licking Dave’s nipples Paul unzipped Dave’s zipper. Then Paul unbuckled and unsnapped his pants. Paul kisses his way back up to Dave’s mouth and after a long soulful kiss said, “Why don’t we get these off so you can be more comfortable.”

Without waiting for approval Paul began to slide Dave’s pants off. Dave lifted his hips and in a moment he sat naked in front of a man he knew for only an hour. Paul’s hand slowly slid up Dave’s thigh and both men looked down at the erection standing straight and tall, surrounded by dark brown curls. A nice set of large balls hung down below. The two men looked into each other’s eyes and they only smiled. No words needed to be spoken. Dave felt himself being pushed down on the couch and suddenly he was flat on his back, his cock jutting out into the warm summer air.

Paul was kneeling perpendicular to Dave as he gently massaged his balls. “Wow, they are really loaded. How long since you’ve cum?” he asked.

Dave thought for a second and said, “Two weeks.” Paul only smiled and as one gently massage Dave’s swollen balls his other began to gently stoke Dave’s cock up and down.

Dave watched the action for a few seconds and then gently closed his eyes. Now Dave was totally relaxed as he felt the older man’s hands working their magic on him. His mind wandered to all sorts of erotic activities and suddenly he felt something warm and moist around his cock. He opened his eyes to see his cock engulfed in Paul’s mouth. He watched the older man’s head bob up and down as the one hand played with his balls and the other caress his nipples.

Dave closed his eyes once again and focused on the feelings coursing through his body. He felt a warmth, an intensity that he never felt before. It was almost overpowering. The pleasure grew and the more Dave relaxed the more intense the pleasure became.

Dave had never had a blow job like this. He never felt anything so hot and as intense in his whole life. He moaned louder now and he fought to keep from coming. He wanted this pleasure to last forever, but he knew it wouldn’t.

He moved ever closer to cuming and as he did he began to caress Paul’s back. Dave was unsure what to do next so he simply moaned, “I’m going to cum soon.” He wanted to give Paul warning. If he didn’t want Dave to cum in his mouth it was now time to withdraw. When Paul only intensified the sucking action Dave took it as a sign that Paul wanted him to cum in his mouth. Dave stepped over that final nervous hurdle and now he could focus totally on his orgasm

Dave let go totally and then it hit him. That moment when you reach the point of no return. That split second of total ecstasy when the orgasm begins. He tried to prolong the feeling but then he surrendered to it. His hips bucked and his head and shoulders came up off the couch. When the first spurt left his cock and entered into Paul’s mouth he had never felt anything so intense and so pleasurable. For a moment he thought he was going to die. Wave after wave or orgasmic pleasure swept through his body. His toes curled, he gasped for breath. He had never felt anything like this, not with any woman any way.

Paul kept sucking and swallowing the hot, salty offering from the tip of Dave’s cock. He drank it down greedily and was very pleased with Dave’s reaction. When the last spurt was emitted from the tip of Dave’s cock he lay back down exhausted. Trying to catch is breath he lay there unable to move.

Paul kissed his way up his body running his tongue around each nipple and then finally exchanging another deep soulful kiss with Dave. Dave tasted his own saltiness on the man’s lips. He opened his eyes and smiled. “I never knew anything could feel so good,” whispered Dave.

Paul smiled and said, “I’m glad I could make you feel so good.” Paul cradled Dave’s head and shoulders. The two men cuddled and finally after about fifteen minutes Dave said, “I think it’s your turn.”

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