Desires Within

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Female Ejaculation

Your fingertips played slowly in the thick curls you encountered, most of your hand slipping into the now unbuttoned entry way. The deliberate pressure and caress you provided—now pursued a bit further. Your thumb and forefinger separated by the tactile finding of something very thick, spongy as you squeezed. Still somewhat soft in his present state but his cock never remained that way when you were around. You liked knowing what effect you had. You allowed yourself to savor the deep, probing kiss his mouth and tongue gave your senses. You could feel those rhythmic pulses and surges of that hot blood filling up that gorgeous shaft of his. His smooth girth enlarging by the moment as you pulled and stroked him, finally tugging him into the open. You enjoyed looking at him, essentially a new toy for you. He did offer something quite different than what your husband could ever provide and your specific desires for this particular morning and what you were needing matched the pleasure held now in both of your hands.

Your right hand gently pulled on his balls…he liked that, he had told you last week…as you continued to slide a very gentle and light touch back and forth from the base of that cock all the way up to just under the purplish ridge of that engorged glans. You repeatedly squeezed the base, pausing with that motion as you released the pressure and worked your way to the tip. You pulled back from your biting down onto his lower lip and looked down at what effect your hands were producing. His cock no longer the soft satin of a partial erection but very, very stiff…and with that amazing curvature that first turned you on to him when you ended up falling into his arms, then carried to his bed where he fucked you hard and repeatedly for hours that early morning.

Your interest in erect cocks, more specifically the shape, length and contour, now governed your collection of various men whose endowments were basically indexed according to your particular desires as they arose. Your business and ability to manage your daily schedule on your own terms coupled with a hot, tight body afforded you the luxury now of maintaining a certain sexual independence, especially as it related, perhaps a bit selfishly, to your own awakened erotic needs. Each of your companions had certain equal attributes, such as knowing how to kiss and produce the rush of heat into your face and gush of wetness deep in your cunt as you enjoyed that pleasure. Their touch, both gentle and sometimes harsh and rough, were part of the turn on as well, above and beyond, that you chose the good looking ones. But their cocks were your focus generally. And, for this special one, you had been fantasizing for most of the morning. You wanted to return to that one position that drove you up a wall and gave you those repeated, drenching orgasms. That shape, the length….you actually had asked if you could measure him the second time you spent with him. The cloth tape you had black snow izle pressed up against his pubic hair and laid along the full length. His quite prominent upward bend allowed a full distance of just under eleven inches. His cock almost defied gravity in extending nearly flush against his belly, the head pressed against his skin from that sexy angle he had. He certainly had no need for any pills to keep him up like that. You gazed down at him as you wrapped your fingers around him, feeling how intensely rigid he had become and continued to slowly pull and tug on his length.

You were now on your knees, your left hand pressing his erection down as close to horizontal…the better to get a good four inches fully into your mouth. The thick, swollen tip being allowed to slide against the roof of your mouth. You tried once to attempt a deep throat, to try getting that whole thing in your mouth. At that time, you two were sixty-nining, your pussy pushed down onto his face as you tried to negotiate the bend of his prick down your throat. Perhaps you might have pulled it off, the short panting to allow him to slide deeper without the gagging but you had heard the deep, sudden moan as he pulled back from your clit and you really weren’t interested at that time to feel in your mouth what seconds later was his thick release that squirted hard against your cheek. But, for now, in the moment, you were readying him for another hard, pounding fuck. He knew what your purpose was in having his cock around for today. A mutual interest in that he’d get to fuck a wet pussy. He had mentioned that fucking a married pussy was a turn on for him and for now, and for your stated needs, he definitely had the equipment your spouse sure didn’t have and you could begin feeling even now a tense throbbing yourself.

You removed your top and barely managed to remove your bra before you felt his hands almost instinctively reach down to grab onto your breasts. You allowed him to give your nipples and flesh some rough squeezing and then you pushed him away. He seemed a little disappointed but not for too long as you , slowly and seductively, lifted the weight of your tits and stroked and rubbed his shaft in between both. His cock felt absolutely on fire as you rolled yourself around that prick of his. You imagined perhaps one day to lubricate your cleavage with a thick layer of massage oil and to have one of your men get off as he fucked your tits. Each time the idea popped up, other more pressing desires interfered but no parties seemed to mind missing an impromptu tit-fuck. Besides, it would be such a waste of cum…you also just happened to enjoy that particular sensation deep in your cunt.

And he certainly could cum. He was quite vocal when he reached that point, telling you in hard language what he was needing from your pussy. For now, you were close to getting him there. The two of you had already gotten to the bed. He knew bling empire new york izle your preferred position as he laid back, those nicely muscled legs of his slightly apart. His sexy large balls draped down, touching the sheets and of course the object of your cunt’s desire bounced and twitched slightly. He usually would cum rather quickly which initially during the first time you fucked him had produced a disappointment but he could manage to remain hard even after a third time. Perhaps he softened a little but he still could keep that pussy of yours completely filled. Usually, the only limiting factor for you in ending your time with him was of the aching, swollen effects of having that thing of his fucking you for hours. You tended to walk a bit gingerly for several days which you would explain away to others, especially your husband, that your back was just stiff from working out which was partially true although it was your pussy getting its share of exercise.

You enjoyed this position with him. You were so wet as a rule that it was rather easy to get the initial 7 to 8 inches of him into you. And because of how your bodies matched up, the remaining length, and most definitely that hard diameter, provided that anal stimulation that drove you absolutely crazy. You had discovered that by straddling him and then lying back onto his chest, you not only could feel the constant, short thrusts he willingly gave you but depending on how you squeezed or relaxed your ass cheeks, you could rub and slide your tight little anus hard up and along the remaining inches of exposed cock. The pressure of him up inside was nicely stimulating, sometimes he would go a bit too deep and you would get that sharp pain way up inside but this wasn’t too often and your cunt was getting used to him anyhow. But the main focal area for you and where your own orgasms would be centered was your ass…the grinding movements stretching and exploring your pussy walls and the consistent movement of the delicate anal skin shifting back and forth as you rode him. You almost always would finger your own clit to get yourself off…he really didn’t do that very well but that’s not why you kept his number on your cell phone. You felt a sudden tightening of his fingers surrounding your tits—he loved playing and touching them in this position—but you also knew his touch now was what you felt just before he would cum. His first of the morning and you pressed your butt down a little harder, firmer into his hips. Those deep groans and urges for you to fuck his prick signaled that your cunt was going to receive a deep liquid massage. He managed a dozen or so deep, quick upward thrusts, spraying you with that warm sensation that within seconds would begin to trickle and leak around his cock and slide along the creases of your inner thighs and more importantly along your ass. You never needed any kind of lube with this man…that gooey, bollywed izle slippery sensation was a constant item he could provide repeatedly. You loved that feel and you also were getting closer to a quick orgasm yourself as you started to rub that hard clit of yours a little faster. Some of his cum you used as an additional moisturizer for your clit.

His cock stayed firmly in place, rooting itself deep in your cunt…his cum providing additional slippery pleasure as you basically rode your anus against him. Too bad, you couldn’t feel his mouth and teeth tending to your tits and nipples. You were getting to that point where that attention added a greater intensity. You were so damned close to that edge now and he sensed your breath, those heavy sighs louder…your sexual energies allowing you to demand him to fuck that pussy of yours. You felt your ass begin to tighten and relax, the building of the vaginal pressure getting you close. You were now losing yourself into that pre orgasm world where you felt and heard nothing but what your body was focused upon as you fucked your man. But you were wanting more of that anal sensation. You jammed your ass down against him, even briefly stopped your clit play to pull your own cheeks wider apart to get more direct pressure. Damn, you couldn’t believe what you were really needing right now and you told him, barely getting out your words between the labored breaths, trying to get yourself to a higher level of what you enjoyed. You were needing him there completely.

Both of you lost track of the number of orgasms you both fed off of each other. He later told you that no woman ever took his prick that particular way before. He maintained that juicy, hardened cock especially for you…maybe half of him was able to be negotiated inside of you. You allowed just subtle, brief movement because you yourself hadn’t had this experience in quite a few years and never with something as big as what he offered. Your ass felt pleasurably tight yet stretched as the same time. His cum was the only lube you really needed. You felt a tickling, dripping awareness from inside. You were using both hands to gently and slowly pleasure your clit and labia, considering if you had the energy to get yourself off again. Was starting to take a little longer now. As you shifted around, you were aware that your lover’s cock was now soft and only partially still inside…he had cum a lot also and given you more than what you had expected this morning.

Later, that night, you asked your husband if he minded giving you a back rub. You hadn’t bothered to take a shower, actually you hadn’t had the time with how the rest of the day went anyhow. You still had on that black thong from the morning, giving you a curious and very pleasurable sensation of heat as the strap pressed snug against you. He slipped that item down below your ass cheeks to expose your fully. You decided not to spread your legs too much, the morning’s activity would be evident but there was that more than obvious scent of cum and semen that you hadn’t considered prior to the moment You felt his hands rub gently along the soft curves of your hips and ass. Mind if I remove my clothes as well, he asked. Sure, you answered. Your husband’s cock would feed other desires.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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