Erotic Liaisons with My Neighbour Ch. 04

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Suzan stared at the computer screen, as if in a daze.

She needed to put a stop to this, and right now. The infatuation she had with her neighbour had to come to an end.

With a high powered job in the city, she wondered just what the attraction was; Andrew was a builder, drove a truck and was the total opposite of most men she was attracted to.

And she couldn’t really stand the scandal of an affair going public.

But Suzan couldn’t deny the excitement she felt. The events of the last few weeks were intense and highly erotic; not to mention hugely arousing.

The moment she exposed herself – deliberately – to Andrew, through the curtains was the most dangerous. He could have been a creep that came knocking on her door, expecting more.

Instead, he seemed to ignore her for the next few days at least.

Then, there was a note in the letterbox asking for more; but nothing in the note identifying the sender.

But, she complied with every instruction. One night she lay down on the bed and let the stranger watch her though the curtains; undressing and playing with herself.

And now, she was to send him a link to her favorite porn scene.

Watching the scene on her computer, Suzan unconsciously slipped her finger under her panties, surprised at how wet she was already.

Oh fuck! What was she getting herself into? If she sent the link to her mysterious stranger, Suzan realized that the fantasy might well become a reality.

She hit the SEND button.

The alert on his computer awoke Andrew from his daydream. His thoughts had never been far from his neighbour this week; enjoying their little games and wondering how to take things further.

His last instruction to Suzan was for her to send him her favorite porn scene. But he hadn’t heard anything from her for several days now; hopefully she was just mirroring his modus operandi, not rushing, but moving ahead slowly and surely.

The email was from Suzan and the subject line simply said:

“Something of interest for you?”

Opening the email, Andrew saw there was a link to a web site address; and a simple message from Suzan:

“I’m killing county izle hoping this little adventure won’t be ending anytime soon.”

Feeling his cock harden, Andrew smiled. She’s hooked, he thought.

After opening the web site address, Andrew’s mouth dropped open.

A woman lay blindfolded on a bed in a hotel room. Then the door opened and in walked several people. The woman writhed around on the bed, and was soon undressing herself with help from some of the men in the room.

Looking away, Andrew was a little unsettled. Where was this heading?

He fast forwarded the video. A couple of the guys had their cocks out, masturbating in front of the blindfolded woman, now half naked and touching herself.

But no-one in the room ever touched her sexually.

Then, one guy moved closer, and pumped his cock harder until he came all over the woman’s tits. Then, one of the few women in the room came closer and licked the cum off the woman’s breasts.

Fuck! Is this what Suzan wanted?

But Andrew knew there was often a line between what someone fantasized about, and the reality of it happening. Be careful, he told himself.

He reflected on Suzan’s email and the porn link for several days before replying.

“Arrange the time and place; just you and me – this time.”

It was a test run.

There was no reply from Suzan for several weeks, and Andrew thought he had finally pushed things too far.

But, that very night a short and sweet message arrived from his neighbour:

“Sheraton Suites, this Friday, noon; I’ll be waiting on the bed. Suzie.”

Oh wow, Andrew smiled. Things were progressing nicely; the use of her name in the message was a first, adding a personal connection.

Also, it seemed to Andrew that Suzan was taking control a little, which was perfect; she might be defined as a willing, yet conditional submissive.

So, Andrew took a chance; a calculated one to be sure. He responded to Suzie’s message:

“Can’t wait; A”

He was telling Suzie that this was more than some kind of one-off liaison, exciting as kıyma izle it was. It was going to be an on-going adventure and the simple “A” (for Andrew) was designed to set her mind at ease, just a little.

Friday rolled around soon enough, and Andrew stood on the footpath outside Suzie’s workplace; somehow he knew she would be expecting that. She enjoyed being watched, after all.

There she was. Striding purposefully like the big city lawyer she was. He wondered if she was thinking about their rendezvous all morning and one look told him she had been.

She looked nervous but excited at the same time. He walked a safe distance behind her, and soon she arrived at the entrance of the hotel, and without hesitation walked inside and to the reception.

Andrew waited patiently in the reception area; he was to wait until Suzie sent him a text message with the room number. The wait itself was hugely erotic; perhaps she would back out at the last moment?

The text alert sounded on his phone and the simple message said:

“Suite 1560”

This was it, he thought as he walked towards the lift.

Taking the elevator to the 15th floor seemed to take forever, but finally the lift doors opened. It was a short walk along the corridor; suite 1550, 1558 and then he saw it.

Suite 1560; and the door was slightly open. Fuck!

Without hesitation, Andrew walked to the door and knocked softly, before entering.

In the dim light, he could make out the shadowy figure lying on the bed.

He sat beside Suzie on the bed and took her hand.

“Nice to see you close up Suzie,” he whispered to her.

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” replied Suzie. “But I don’t think I can stop now. And I want my blindfold on until you leave, ok?”

“You’ve got it,” said Andrew, quietly relieved. He knew how easy it was to have a fantasy, only for it to unravel in the heat of the moment.

He realized Suzie was wearing a robe, and not much else.

Andrew reached over, and undid the tie, and pulled the robe away from her breasts.

He moved his head close to Suzie’s face and whispered:

“You’ve koala man izle got great tits,” he said. He heard Suzie moan in response, her hands wandering between her legs.

“Why don’t you slip off your knickers, while I get out of my pants.”

Suzie quickly slipped off her knickers and reached for her own pussy.

“Should I finger myself?” she asked.

“Please do,” he replied and watched her fingers explore her wet, wet pussy, playing with her clit and losing control, her legs spread wide.

“Tell me what you’re going to do, Andrew”, said Suzie.

He heard the gasp from Suzie, realizing she had said his name by mistake!

“Sssh baby,” whispered Andrew, putting his finger on her lips. In response Suzie kissed, licked and then sucked his fingers.

“Ok,” said Andrew. “I’ve got my cock out and it’s only inches from your face. It’s big and hard, and I’m masturbating.”

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” cried Suzie, fingering herself furiously.

“I’m going to cum on your tits, baby,” Andrew whispered. “Do you want me to?”

“Please yes,” cried Suzie. “Make me your slave, your slut, I want it.”

Andrew took Suzie’s free hand and held it against his bare inside thigh, letting her know that yes, he was half naked and masturbating over her.

He pumped his cock harder and faster and then reached a point of no return; pausing to enjoy the moment before exploding and emptying a full load over his neighbour’s tits.

Suzie stopped what she was doing and ran her hands over her saturated breasts; her fingers playing with the cum on her tits, then licking her fingers, savouring every taste.

She just lay there for some time, touching herself gently; calming and soothing herself until her breathing came back to normal.

“It’s ok,” she said. “You can leave when you’re ready. Can I text you?”

“Ok,” replied Andrew. “I’m going now, and of course you can txt me.”

Driving home, a smiling Andrew reflected on the erotic liaison he had just experienced. It all went according to plan he thought, and now had to wait to hear from her again.

He didn’t have to wait long this time. Once home, his computer flashed a new email message waiting for him. It was from Suzie.

“Oh wow; can’t believe how that made me feel. I trust you, and I’ll do whatever you want me to, ok?”

Andrew thought about that. He had partially fulfilled Suzie’s fantasy and considered the next move. It was time to look up his old friend, Simon.

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