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Big Tits

Mister was still a bit under the weather, but it has become more and more obvious that we needed each other. Tonight.

He came into the living room and sat down next to me on the couch, taking his cock out to show me. He was hard and I was on my knees at his feet before a thought crossed my mind. As I was sucking him off, he told me what he was envisioning for our evening.

“I think you should get me off now so I’ll last longer for you later.”

Looking up at him through my lashes, eyes darkened with lust, I couldn’t find any reason to disagree. I liked where this was going. I continued working his length.

“Why don’t you put both your toys in before you go to the store? That way you’ll be ready when you get back,” Misters voice edging on wicked. Moisture pooled between my thighs as I remembered the last time I’d tried this — a large anal trainer and Smartballs at the same time. I’d over estimated my control and had barely made it to a restroom before squirting wildly the moment I removed the Smartballs from my cunt. It had shocked me then. Back in the present I smiled to myself, moaned around his cock and nodded, accepting his challenge.

I sucked and teased Mister’s cock, gently cupping his balls with my left and his shaft with my right. After warming him up to rigid, I moved my hands and mouth together, Mister’s hands fisted into my hair. He didn’t take long.

Mister came, shooting hot, ropey cum down my throat. I ate it all, slowing my motions to a halt before finally releasing him. I looked up again through my lashes, and licked my lips. Smiling, I stood and went into the bedroom.

I retrieved my trainer and Smartballs from the nightstand, grabbed the lube, and jumped up on the bed. I started with the anal plug, lubing it up and working it in and out my backdoor. I must have still been stretched from the night before because the plug sank home on the second slow thrust and I sighed contentedly. I massaged the flange between my cheeks, making sure everything was nice and slick. I didn’t want to dry out and ruin the evening while running my errands.

Moving to my pussy, already dripping with arousal, I slipped the Smartballs into my vagina. It took a moment to move them past the bulge of the buried trainer, and it felt amazing. I forced myself to get up – I had errands to run and if I’d stayed on the bed any longer, I would never leave the house.

I decided the cold air might be stimulating, so I threw on a short dress and shoes. An image of the plug slipping out onto the floor of Home Depot flashed in my mind and I chickened out at the last moment and slipped on a pair of panties. I grabbed my coat and keys, pecked Mister on the cheek and headed out the door. Three steps down and I could already feel the balls vibrating against all the right spots. I clenched and unclenched my ass cheeks and bounded down the steps and onto the street. The wind was much colder than anticipated and I gasped, then shuddered as it whipped around my legs and across my overheated core. I squeezed my thighs together, squared my shoulders and made for the car. I knew from another recent experience that the cold leather seat on my plugged ass would be arresting. I braced myself and slid onto the seat, clamping my mouth shut to stifle the sounds that wanted to break free. Slamming the door, safely encased in the car, I shifted slowly on the seat, letting the cold seep into my core. For a moment, I rethought my decision to go out like this, but just as quickly regained my resolve and pulled away from the curb.

I parked at Home Depot and exited the car. I wondered if Mister knew the kind of looks I get at this place if he’s still have challenged me to go out like this. (He hates the hardware store and never goes with me.) I’d never been catcalled or eye-fucked before moving to Brooklyn. The feminist in me knows street harassment is wrong. My inner slut revels in the attention. Today the stares came, but no catcalls, for which I was thankful. I knew I was flushed, the weight of the balls rolling around deliciously inside of me, the plug jiggling with the movement of my ample globes. I tried to meet the Escort Arnavutköy eyes that caught mine.

Toilet paper, light bulbs, and chocolate for my sick Mister. I grabbed my goods and headed for the checkout. My steps slow and deliberate, each one adding to the pressure building in my cunt. Momentarily I wondered if my juices would run down my leg, and if I’d care, my panties a squishy mess. We’ve been working on being sex-positive. I have a lot of sexual baggage and I blame my religious upbringing. I smiled to myself when, upon examining my emotions in that moment, shame and guilt were nowhere to be found. Fortunately for my screaming cunt and flushed face, there was no line at the self-checkout, saving me a strained conversation.

At the exit I handed the checker, a handsome black man, my receipt and smiled. His eyes swept down me so quickly I might have imagined it, before marking my receipt and wishing me a good evening. I blushed, ducked my head and thanked him. I’m pretty sure I could feel his eyes watching my ass as I walked out of the store. Mister and I have talked about swinging. He wants to watch me take a huge black cock. I smiled to myself thinking about fulfilling that fantasy in the near future and unlocked my car. This time I was ready for the cold seat, but it was still shocking and soothing all at once.

I headed toward to grocer to get Mister some juice, rocking out to a remix of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” I chuckled at the timing. As I turned up the street to the market, I saw an open parking spot near one of the 24-hour sex shops. I’d never been to this specific one without my Mister because they have peep booths in the back and whores out front, but I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted a bigger anal plug and some thick lube. As soon as I walked into the store, I could hear a porno coming from the back booths. I browsed the near-barren shelves, finding the only body-safe plug in the joint and grabbed some Gun Oil. I’d read it has a thick consistency with no taste. Perfect. At the check out I threw in a cock ring with a long clit vibe, looking forward to trying it out.

Back in the car once more and up the block to the grocer. By the time I was checking out for the third time, I was fairly certain my juices were going to run down my leg. My anus clenched around the plug and my vagina was engorged around the balls. I needed to get home.

Seated once more in the car, I slowly rocked my cunt against the seat and sped away. The closest parking spot was a block away, so I grabbed my bags and braced myself for the cold wind. I tried to enjoy the sensations as the frozen fingers caressed my thighs and ass. Each step up the stairs caused the balls to roll, striking my g-spot.

Entering the apartment I slipped off my shoes, hung up my coat, called ‘hello’ to Mister and went into the bathroom to clean my new plug.

One foot up on the tub, I removed the trainer, popping it over my sphincter half a dozen times before setting it aside. The new plug, newly cleaned and bigger than anything I have ever worn, stared at me. I pulled out the Smartballs and spread my natural lubrication over myself, lubed up the plug and slowly slid it into my rectum. It stretched me just enough to send a shockwave from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet. I moved it in and out a few more times before settling it into place. Exiting the bathroom, I called another ‘hello’ out to Mister.

Still no answer. Curious.

I went into the bedroom, stripping off the rest of my clothes, feeling the new plug with every step, and rounded the corner into the cave. There was Mister, lights out, buck naked in his chair, and stroking himself while watching a porno of a swinger party. I broke into a wide grin and chuckled. I felt a twinge from the plug, reminding me how big it was, and I rubbed my thighs together, trying to create friction. I moved in, kissed Mister’s cheek and bent over to kiss his swollen member. The clip ended and Mister pulled up another. This one had a swinger couple meets porn-stars plot. Four hot babes, three voyeurs, and two hung Avcılar escort studs. Yummy.

I gingerly took my seat. I had to lean forward, the plug striking something deep and not quiet pleasurable. I rocked into my chair, forcing my muscles to relax. Mister noticed my rigid movements and cocked an eyebrow at me. I ducked my head and admitted the pit stop at the local sex shop. He chuckled and we turned back to the screen.

The movie was hot. As we masturbated, we talked about which positions we’d like to take once we bring someone else into our lovemaking. With a five and one-half inch plug up my rectum and my mouth around Misters cock it wasn’t hard to imagine being in the middle, Mister taking me from behind while I ate another woman. My cunt pulsed with anticipation.

The camera switched again, and again, and again.

Two women — the wife and a porn star kneeling at the husband’s feet. Mister liked that. The women took turns rubbing their lips up and down the husband’s shaft, lapping the head and balls in turn as they ate him like an ear of corn. I smiled wickedly and promised Mister he’d get his double blowjob, soon.

The stud on his back on some type of large ottoman with a hottie on his cock and another on his mouth. I asked Mister which one I was. “Both, baby” the words drawn out in a promise.

The wife seated on the couch, her head thrown back in pleasure, a porn star astride the back of the couch – riding her face. The husband behind her, groping her breasts and suckling on her neck, the Stud is fucking the life out of the wife. “I want that” I told Mister, stroking my swollen lower lips.

“Mhmm. Me, too,” Mister’s impassioned response.

All of a sudden, the party on the screen breaks up — someone’s arrived at the swingers’ house. We chuckle at the reality of the situation. And move into our bedroom. I comment that we need a TV in here for nights like this. Mister agreed.

I lay Mister down on his back and climbed up between his legs. I massaged his legs, starting at his well-formed calves, stroking and kneading my way up his thighs and nestling in before taking him in my mouth once more, his hands caressing my shoulders and back as I work him to another bulging erection.

I can’t take it any more. The build-up has been coming for hours. He’s barely touched me, but I’m at peak arousal. I crawl up his body and position him at my opening. I’m nervous. I still have the big plug in my ass. Once I take him, it’ll be the fullest I’ve ever been. I thrust down, taking all of him, gasping at the sensations racking my body.

“It’s so good,” I moaned in pleasure. Rocking on my Mister’s throbbing cock, he grasped my hips, gives my ass a few slaps for good measure. I kept him deep, pulsing and clenching around him. I could feel everything, my skin, my cunt, inside and out pulsing and clenching. I tried to relax, to regulate my breathing, to back off the edge. I’d been riding there for at least 15 minutes. I was a wanton creature again. Writhing and taking from my Mister. Then I gushed. It wasn’t explosive like you see in porn, but the wetness was unmistakable. This has only happened to me a few times before. I guess the Smartballs/anal plug combo hits the right spot. Mister moaned in appreciation. I took long slides up and down his shaft, the look of ecstasy on his face driving me on. I felt like a goddess. I slid and thrust, grinding down, Mister met my movements, murmuring words of encouragement. I don’t think he quiet gets how I edge, and enjoy it, for so long. Men are just different I guess. Mister took my nipples in his mouth, slapped my ass again and sheepishly told me he’s close. I grinned. Empowered and loving that I do this to him, to us. I back off my wild motions. I know I’m not quite there yet. It’s always been hard for me to cum. Only with my Mister have I been able to cum during intercourse without a toy, and it’s rare. I feel it, just out of reach. I want it. He indicates he’s backed off his peak.

I grasp the headboard behind him and throw everything into riding him to orgasm. I buck and freeze, the pressure so great. I Bağcılar escort bayan force myself to keep moving, faster and faster, squeezing him deep within my core, dragging my over stimulated lips and clit across his pelvic bone with purpose. I feel ripples pulsing out from my core and moan in appreciation. It’s not the cum I feel building, but it’s unexpected and delicious in it’s subtlety. I kiss Mister’s cheek and take pity on him, he hasn’t been feeling his best after all, and whisper in his ear, “cum for me.”

He bucks up, and I resume my joyride, clenching so deep, just like I know he likes it. I sit up, my hands strategically over his chest, pushing down but also rubbing as I ride. His fists tighten into my ample hips. He lets go. It’s a big one. I ride him, taking my cues from his grip on my hips, slowing down, but still deliberate in my movements. He stills me astride him, and I collapse with him still inside of me. I sigh and nuzzle his neck and chest for another minute. I try to keep my hips still. I know he’s sensitive, but the effort makes me whimper.

Mister smiles up at me, “you’re not done.” It’s a statement. I confirm it. “Go for it,” his encouragement to finish like I need it.

I roll off him, gently. I lie on my back, knees up. We play with my nipples a little bit. Then I reach down to play with my anal plug. The edge I’ve been riding is too big. I’m afraid of it so I need to back off. I take the plug out. I force all of my muscles to relax. I feel empty. I reinsert the anal plug, stroking myself; I move slow, big circles over my vulva. I’m still so wet. I taste myself, mixed with Mister. Delicious. Taking my stubby, bulged dildo out of the nightstand, I slowly insert it into my vagina. The sensation nearly overwhelms me. The dildo is shorter than my Mister, but it’s girthier. I’m stretched the furthest I’ve ever been. I can feel every ripple of the dildo buried inside my cunt. Mister lays beside me, gently stroking my arm, then my breast. I grab the wand, and flick it on to low.

Pulling my cunt taunt with my left hand, I gently touch the wand to myself and cry out. The sensation, amazing and overwhelming, is too much and not enough. I start to move. Thrusting my hips in time with the motions of the wand, Mister lies besides me, watching. He loves this show. The pressure building inside me is monumental. It takes several minutes, but this combo of toys is my favorite and the release is consuming when it comes. I screech and thrash as I attempt to keep the wand in place to ride the wave as it consumes me. As my movements settle, I clicked off the wand. Mister kisses my shoulder and jokes that I need to start laughing when I cum, or the neighbors will think he’s hurting me. Impossibly, I blush.

“That bad?” I ask awkwardly.

“Don’t worry, baby. I love the noises you make,” my Mister reassures me. He knows I can’t control it, he knows I need to be vocal, and he knows it’s something I’ve been working to overcome. His support means everything.

I nod and take the dildo and plug out, rubbing my thighs together and stretch.

“Another?” Mister asks, slightly shocked. The last one racked my body for nearly 60 seconds.

I cup my vulva and a spasm rocks me, hard. “I think so,” I mutter. He shakes his head, but there is love in his eyes, and goes to exit the bedroom to clean up and get some water.

I play with my folds, making sure I have another in me. I definitely do. I re-lube the plug and thrust it in and out of my anus, squirming with pleasure. I settled it between my cheeks and grab the dildo. I have to insert it in stages. I’m so swollen inside. Several slow thrusts, and the dildo nestled between my folds. Click goes the wand and I’m gone. I’m right at the peak of sensation within seconds. I try to regulate my breathing, to control my motions. I steady my hand with the wand and buck my hips. I feel the band draw back one more time and let go. A whimper/moan and my whole body shudders, kicking out my legs, I ride this one for several long beats before sighing contentedly. I still for several long moments, quieting my ragged breathe before cleaning myself up.

My skin is warm and tingly, my face flushed, racing heart slowing. Mister comes back into the bedroom, “you good?” I think he’s surprised at how quickly I came because he wasn’t gone very long.

“Perfect,” I smile at him. He comes back to bed and I wrap myself around him, satisfied and content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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