First Night Seduction Pt. 02 Ch. 01

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Adrien could feel the adrenaline being dumped into his body as he took the stairs two at a time, his hospital pager had beeped not thirty seconds ago and he was already one floor down from his office — a personal best. He’d been notified some forty minutes ago that there could be a critical case, already on life-support, being med-evaced from the nearest A&E to the hospital following a multi-vehicle accident on the motorway, the only information he’d been given was that the patient was male and had a traumatic penetrating injury to the left side of his chest. The bleep had been to call him and his team to the operating theatre for that same patient.

Maria was already in theatre by the time he got to the scrub room, she was waiting for the by-pass team to finish their job and would inform Adrien that it was time for him to join them. When she’d seen him her stomach had clenched, this wasn’t something she’d ever foreseen having to do but do it she must.

“Professor,” Maria began when she joined him in the scrub room, “I, er, I, we’ve sent for Mister Spence.”

Adrien stopped sluicing the soap from his hands and arms to look at her, not fully comprehending her statement.

“Why, does it need the both of us?”

“No, Professor, but this time it doesn’t need you.”

“What the ruddy hell are you talking about Maria?”

“This time you cannot go in there, this is not for you.”

“Maria how far out is Spence?”

“Twenty minutes or thereabouts.”

“How long before the by-pass team finish?”

“Less than ten minutes.”

Adrien cast a glance through the scrub room window to the man on the table already draped in green cotton sheets, as was normal, his face shielded by the one held vertically below his chin and there normality stopped.

Protruding from the man’s chest was a black, partially rusted, metal bar almost an inch in diameter with around a foot of it standing vertically as if nailing him to the table it was supported by a collection of medical instruments to keep it still.

“Maria that man cannot wait for Spence to get here.”

Paul Spence was Adrien’s senior registrar, despite being a few years older, he’d swapped from emergency to cardio-vascular surgery which accounted for the apparent age-to-seniority discrepancy, and had proved himself to be a highly competent second-in-command – but he wasn’t Adrien!

“He has to because you cannot do this surgery Adrien.”

He looked at Maria in shock, never, never, in the years they’d worked together had she ever used his first name when they were in theatre.

“Maria you’re not making sense, why the hell would they page me if I can’t do it? And why can’t I for crying out loud?”

“Because it’s Theo love.”

Adrien’s knees almost buckled and he grabbed hold of the edge of the scrub sink watching the still flowing water swirling down the drain just like Theo’s life, their life together, was draining from Theo’s body with every moment that passed.

“Get me a gown, a mask, gloves Maria. NOW!” he growled through teeth clenched so hard he was surprised none cracked.

“Please Adrien, let Spence do it.”

“Do you really expect me to watch my man’s life end on that table and do nothing to stop it? Either help me do my job or find someone who will,” he snapped at her.

He moved the tap’s control from red to blue dipped his head towards the sink breathing in the cool air from the water before cupping his hands and splashing the cold water onto his face then began to scrub-up all over again.

His mind flashed back to how his day had begun with him looking forward to Theo being home; Theo had been working abroad for almost three weeks starting in Canada, where they’d been skiing several times in the four years they’d been together, then Japan, which Adrien had hated when they’d visited briefly, New Zealand a country Adrien had wanted to go to since he was a teenager and finally South Africa from where he would come home.

Adrien almost smiled when he remembered the text he’d awoken to the previous morning “I.G.T.F.U.T.I.C.T.U.C.” it was Theo’s way of letting Adrien know he was on his way back and he’d sent it two days earlier than Adrien had expected. A second text had given him the actual journey times and tonight they’d be re-united, thankfully there’d be virtually no jet-lag for Theo as Johannesburg was only one hour ahead; Adrien doubted anyone would ever crack their code it was incredibly personal and harked back to their first night together and it always made Adrien re-live the moment Theo had said the words those initials represented,

“I’m going to fuck you ’til I come, ’til you come.”

And he had.

Irrespective of how far or for how long Theo had been travelling when he got home their desire for each other was immediate; the first time he’d returned from a business trip bad weather, delayed take-offs and missed landing time-slots had turned a relatively short eight hour journey into a twenty-four hour nightmare. Theo had barely got through the door poker oyna before they were in each other’s embrace, Adrien’s arms around Theo holding him as close as their clothes allowed as Theo held Adrien’s face with a gentle firmness Adrien loved all the time they kissed. All the worry, anxiety and frustration Theo’s trek home had caused were both expressed and expelled in that first kiss and it had remained that way ever since, Theo had even been known to visit Adrien at work so desperate could he be for that first embrace. And their reunion sex was off the charts!

For some reason Theo always had the need to take charge and dominate Adrien the first time they were together after he got home and Adrien had never had the inclination to stop him. That first time they’d undressed each other on the way to their bedroom their lips spending time kissing, nibbling and tasting whatever body parts had been revealed so when Theo had nipped Adrien’s nipple between his teeth as he’d been pulling off Adrien’s polo shirt Adrien had almost climaxed,

“Fuck, Theo stop! I haven’t come for days and I need you so bad.”

“Then neither of us are going to last long because I haven’t either.”

Adrien was the first of them to become next to naked — having the advantage of wearing only the polo shirt, boxers, chinos and deck shoes whereas Theo was in a suit, shirt, tie and all else. Theo had all but thrown Adrien across their bed before yanking off his underwear,

“God’s above you are fucking gorgeous,” Theo told him as he finished undressing, his eyes roving over Adrien’s body, “I have no idea where or how to start fucking you.”

“Hey, don’t be choosy just do me already,” Adrien had laughingly replied, he’d propped himself on his elbows to watch Theo undress.

“You asked for it,” Theo said with a hint of menace, reaching for the lube they always kept in the nightstands.

Adrien had licked his lips, a small part of him regretting not having taken the chance to suck on Theo’s cock, watching as Theo made sure the entirety of his hard flesh was well covered.

“Get your knees up and your ass at the edge of that bed,” Theo had growled, “and don’t you dare touch yourself.”

Before he’d pressed himself beyond it Theo had smeared more lube over Adrien’s puckered ring, allowing only the tip of one finger to enter,

“Oh fuck, come on stop with the teasing, please,” Adrien had begged.

“You want this?” he’d asked sliding the tip of his cock over Adrien’s sphincter.

“You know I do.”

“Then you shall have it.”

Theo had leaned over placing his hands on the bed either side of Adrien’s torso, his knees beside Adrien’s hips, the bulk of him pressing Adrien’s legs even further back and Adrien into the mattress then shoved his cock all the way into Adrien in one swift thrust. Adrien’s back had bowed in ecstasy at the feel of it, not simply the length or girth but the weight of Theo’s hard-on. He’d been surprised at how heavy Theo’s cock was the first time he’d held it — the doctor in him assessing how efficient Theo’s vascular system must be to achieve it — and how he could still feel it whenever Theo topped him.

“I’m going to fuck you ’til I come,’til you come,” Theo had repeated those words every time since, that night was when it had become their code signalling Theo’s imminent return to the UK.

Adrien had been fucked, for that was what it had been nothing but pure lust for both of them, front back and sideways before Theo had flipped him again onto his back to finish how they’d started. Adrien had been dizzied by Theo’s frantic actions, from start to finish it had lasted mere minutes before he’d felt Theo explode inside him,

“Fucking hell!” Theo had yelled as he’d pushed himself up and away from Adrien’s body but only to penetrate him even deeper.

“Theo, now, oh fuuuuck,” Adrien had groaned mere seconds later as his body convulsed beneath his lover with the power of his own climax, he loved feeling trapped beneath Theo this way it always added to the intensity of Adrien’s orgasm.

“Adrien, Adrien, come on love, if we’re doing this it’s now or never,” Maria quietly coaxed him from his recollections.

“Sorry I snapped at you,” he said looking at her clearly pained by what he’d done.

“Not important Professor,” she’d re-gained her professional tone, “we only wanted to spare you the,”

“I know,” Adrien quickly put in, “but fortunately because he’s neither my spouse,” he paused, blinked rapidly, swallowed then carried on, “nor a relative, I’m at liberty to do this,” he nodded towards where Theo lay dying.

“Technically yes, but I won’t have Spence stood down Professor, just in case you and Theo need him.”

“I can live with that, thanks. But I need you with me on this Maria, we need you, if you think I’m not performing at two hundred per cent I’m giving you permission to pull me away from the table.”

Maria had nodded and backed into the door through to the theatre proper holding it open for Adrien to pass through. The canlı poker oyna by-pass team, anaesthetist and nursing staff had all looked at him askance, they knew exactly who they were there for. So began the worst time of Adrien’s life, Spence had joined him around fifteen minutes after Adrien had put the first scalpel blade to Theo’s body.

“What have you found Adrien?” he’d asked when he’d entered the theatre.

“The bar somehow passed between the anterior ribs so there are no bone fragments to contend with, the angle suggests only,” he huffed, “only the right side’s affected. Worst case it’s penetrated the heart wall, damaged both chambers, the right atrioventricular valve and chordae tendinae. On the up side I think we all know it can’t have gone all the way through or we wouldn’t be here.”

“What do you need me to do?”

“When we get there be ready with the suction, there’s no way to know if there’ll still be any blood in the aorta or ventricle.”

Adrien worked in silence except for requesting instruments, suction or Theo’s vital signs as he gradually revealed Theo’s heart, he stopped moving as he was about to carefully move aside the last of the ribs and intercostal muscles from around it.

“Adrien, do you want me to take over?”

His hesitation had been slight but everyone in the room had seen it.

“No, I’m still ok. Remind me, what anti-infection measures were taken before he got here?”

He meant the bar, it was clearly old and dirty.

“It had been sprayed with Betadine, the wound the same by the E.M.T.’s before they took him by chopper to the emergency department at The Royal Infirmary and it was wrapped in sterile dressings until we began the hook-up Professor,” the by-pass team leader replied.

No matter how hard Adrien and his team worked, how well the surgery went Theo’s greatest danger was infection,

“Get a blood culture to the path lab, I want it done every hour until we’re sure there’s no infection.”

“Yes, Professor,” a nurse said already extracting a small hypodermic’s worth of Theo’s precious blood from the by-pass circuit.

“Now, let’s look at you, you bastard,” Adrien muttered addressing the bar.

“He’ll need a new valve for certain,” Spence observed.

“He’s a tough bastard Paul, I wouldn’t be surprised if the damned thing’s not been able to slice into him.”

They all knew this was impossible but no-body argued.

“I need saline wash, plenty of it,” Adrien ordered.

He recognised Maria’s gloved hands as she held the bag of fluid beside his right hand, Adrien looked at her nodded once then turned to the most delicate part of the whole operation. Without disturbing the bar he had to assess if he would be able to pull the metal from Theo’s heart, although doing so could cause even more damage or, his least favoured option, there being no chance of pushing it all the way through Theo’s body which could often cause less tissue trauma, excising as little of the heart muscle which was touching the spike as was possible.

“Paul, would you plan to pull or cut?”

“Cut, definitely, there’s rust flakes all over it, if you pull it god knows how many of the little bastards will scrape off it and I don’t want to even think of the consequences that’d bring.”

“My thoughts exactly, I just wanted to be sure everyone agreed.”

Adrien looked at his anaesthetist who nodded as did the by-pass team leader. He took up the laser scalpel said a silent goodbye to Theo, he knew all too well that Theo’s heartbeat — should it re-start after this — could rip the stitches from the wound or a massive and overwhelming infection could set in and there may well not be another chance to save him, then set out to repair the heart of his lover.

“Dear god!” Paul breathed when they got their first sight of the damage Theo’s heart had sustained.

Adrien had been right, below the end of the relatively blunt bar the structures of Theo’s heart had collapsed not ripped, part of the right side of Theo’s heart was trapped between the end of the bar and a rib although there was a remarkably small tear to the front of the heart muscle; the two surgeons looked at each other across the operating table both shocked to the core.

“That’s astounding,” Spence exclaimed.

“It’s bloody miraculous,” Adrien responded

“It’s strong because of you, for you,” Maria whispered to Adrien.

Adrien couldn’t explain even to himself how it changed but there was suddenly a far lighter atmosphere in the room, like him, he thought, his team now had real hope of Theo surviving; when he’d removed the bar the valve between the aorta and ventricle showed tiny signs of bouncing back which they could see through the rip in the muscle that Adrien quickly lengthened and tidied.

“He needs anti-toxins, now, smallest dose, we can build it up if he needs it,” Adrien said to the by-pass team, they all knew that any body part crushed for any serious length of time could and often did flood the body with a toxic mix of the internet casino body’s chemicals.

Paul had immediately introduced the suction tube, using the microscopic lenses he wore to check every part of the aorta and ventricle for any particles of rust as he moved it around with Maria irrigating the site as he directed.

“It’s as clean as we’ll get it,” he reported moving aside for Adrien to check for himself.

Both men proceeded to ensure that their first impressions were correct, that Theo’s heart could be sutured without further intervention,

“Time to close, Adrien.”

“Yeah, who’d have thought it?”

“You did,” Maria chuckled.

Adrien lasted only until he was sure he’d repaired Theo’s heart perfectly, he had to step away as the by-pass was lifted and blood finally suffused Theo’s heart muscle although he stayed close – they may still need to do an emergency valve replacement; Paul applied the defibrillator paddles and Adrien jumped but he saw Theo’s heart twitch only in response to the electrical pulse. Nothing. Paul called for a higher kick and attempted to jump-start the muscle again. Nothing.

“Come on Theo,” Paul muttered, “don’t do this.”

“Three-sixty,” Paul called.

“We’ve got a rhythm!” the anaesthetist yelled.

Everyone held their breath, some even surreptitiously crossed their fingers hoping for Theo’s heart to keep beating on its own all knowing it may not. The pulse was irregular and a little too quick but it was there and it kept going.

“Come on, come on,” Adrien begged silently.

Finally, after more than ten minutes Theo’s pulse steadied,

“What’s the count?” Adrien asked.

“One ten,” his anaesthetist replied.

“His at-rest rate’s usually fifty-eight, b.p.’s usually one-twenty over sixty-five.”

“Currently one-forty over seventy-three.”

“He’ll survive, Adrien,” Paul reassured him, “some have with much worse.”

“I told you he was a tough bastard.”

“Professor, leave us to look after him, I think you’ve got calls to make,” Maria suggested.

“She’s right Adrien, we’ll take care of him, you go and talk to your family,” Paul added.

Unusually for Adrien he didn’t change before returning to his office, he only removed the outer apron, he heard his secretary Pamela gasp when she saw him,

“I need a conference call to my parents, Linda and Jeff, Theo’s father,” he said rapidly on his way through to his office,

“They’re already waiting for you, how is he?”

“Alive, for now,” Adrien replied, not trusting his voice to say more.

He sat at his desk taking in slow lungsful of air before connecting the call,

“It’s done,” was all he could say.

“Adrien,” his father said quietly, “did you save him son?”

“Yes we did.”

“Thank-you, thank-you,” Theo’s father whispered.

“How are you Adrien?”

“I think I’m going into shock to be honest Lindy.”

“Strong, hot, sweet, tea, people laugh but it works love,” Dorothy put in, “ask Pamela for some, now, because I know you can while you’re still talking to us.”

“Your mother’s right lad, get some,” Theo’s dad added.

“Look everyone I’m still in scrubs, let me get a shower get changed and down a tankerful of tea as prescribed by my mother and I’ll call you back; I’ll get up to I.C.U. and give you a full report but I can’t do this now, I thought I could but I can’t, sorry. Lindy get onto Theo’s security team tell them to arrange for the chopper to bring you all to the vicarage a.s.a.p. and you’ll need cars to bring you from there to here but I’ll warn you now I’ve no idea how long we’ll need to keep him sedated so pack for a few days.”

“She already has,” Jeff told him, “it’s already on its way to collect your parents then it’ll come for us. And there’s a car at yours already waiting to bring us to the hospital as and when we arrive.”

“Ask Pamela to arrange for your housekeeper to let us in and I’ll collect some things while we’re there. Clean everything, toiletries the works, for both of you” Dorothy suggested.

“Thanks mum.”

“Go on, get yourself off son, we’ll be there soon, we’ll work on no news being good news ok so don’t worry about calling us back if you want to stay with him.”

“No, I’ll call, but it may well be brief.”

“Like your dad says, go and see my brother he needs you,” Lindy put in.

“I need him,” Adrien replied quietly although they could all hear the strain and fear in his words.

They said their brief goodbyes and Adrien headed to his shower after calling for tea. He hesitated before pressing his hospital i.d. tag to the door release at the I.C.U., he could see into Theo’s room and despite all his training and experience seeing the man he loved hooked up to so many monitors and i.v. lines coming from the unit hanging from a track in the ceiling, had shocked him to the core.

“Hello Professor how are you?” the ward sister asked him when he’d finally stepped into the ward.

“Holding up I think’s the best I can say.”

“Go and talk to him, let him know you’re here. In here, for now, you’re not a doctor you’re just our patient’s partner, you leave looking after him to us. I’ll come and get a list of allowed visitors in a bit.”

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