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Their plan was concocted over the course of several lunch dates. Val and Deb were neighbors on the same block, best friends, and they talked about everything. There was nothing either of them kept from one another. They had both been married for years, generally happily…except that both of their sex lives were pretty bland and stale. What was it about husbands that they wore out after a few years? That’s how what happened was almost inevitable.

Val also knew (woman’s intuition) that Deb was attracted to David, the mailman. Since nothing was taboo between them, Val came up with a plan, with Deb’s approval, for, as they called it, their plan to “get the mail delivered properly.”

Deb was to be at Val’s home when the mail was delivered by David, then attempt to seduce him while Val was secretly there, a voyeur in her own home. It was titillating…it was dangerous. They didn’t want Deb’s husband Bobby or Val’s husband Steve to find out.

Spicing up their sex lives by inviting each other’s participation was extraordinarily naughty. But Val and Deb agreed that this was something they both wanted: Deb wanted the man himself, and Val wanted toi watch, at least that’s what Val thought she wanted. The only question was the target, would the unsuspecting mailman want to deliver?

Val and Deb both arranged to get out of work early that day. They wanted to have the scene set at 2:45, when David usually arrived at Val’s front porch. It was a hot day out so they made lemonade to offer David. Deb put on a bathing suit and proceeded to go around with the hose watering Val’s plants. When she saw David delivering mail next door she sprayed herself guessing this would be similar to a wet T-shirt contest when David got close. Finally David was walking up to Val’s mailbox.

He was a little surprised to see her at Val’s house, instead of at her own down the block. Deb caught his questioning look, and she explained that she took care of Val’s house when she was away. She asked him if he’d like some lemonade, taking a sip of her own glass and licking her lips sensuously. “Sure,” he said, though his eyes were on her bikini top rather than the lemonade.

“Great,” she said, “but I only have the one glass here. Come izmir escort on in and I’ll get another glass.” Deb had to stop and bend over to turn off the water. She could feels his eyes staring at her ass as she turned around. She laughed and asked him if he enjoyed the view. He blushed, smiled and said yes, and then followed her like a puppy dog into the house.

They walked in to Val’s house. David held the door open for Deb and followed her into the kitchen for the drink. She had to stretch to reach the glasses in the top cabinet. David walked toward her to help but just as she started to stumble backwards he caught her under her arms on the underside of her breasts and her ass ended up pressed against his uniform shorts. “Wow, how embarrassing,” Deb said, but he didn’t move his hands, and then she could feel a stiffness in David’s shorts. He still had his hands on her breasts as she spun around and leaned into him. She looked up at him and gave him a kiss on the lips. He looked surprised but didn’t resist. She opened her lips and slid her tongue into his mouth. There was hunger in his response as his hands moved to the back of her head. Deb could feel his cock throbbing through his shorts, straining to be released. She turned her back to the helpless mailman and took his hands, placing them on her breasts again. With only the thin fabric of the two piece bathing suit between her flesh and his hands, David could feel her nipples protruding. With a very naughty look over her shoulder, Deb started grinding up and down against his cock with her shapely ass.

He moved in to kiss the naughty neighbor Deb on the neck. David was now too far gone to wonder where the real lady of the house was, even though, unbeknownst to him, Val was hiding in the kitchen pantry, peeping through a small crack in the door. A voyeur in her own home, Val was becoming very stimulated by the scene being played out in her kitchen, enough so that she started touching herself, making sure no sounds escaped her lips.

David put his hand into Deb’s bathing suit bottom and ran his hand over her pussy. He felt her smooth lips and the wetness starting to coat her lips. She moaned as he touched her pussy. He slid alsancak escort his finger down her slit, separating her lips and probing for the deeper wet spot. He then pulled her bottoms down and off, and lifted her to the kitchen counter. She leaned back and gave David a good look at her pussy. He began to explore Deb’s pussy with his tongue and lips. Deb and Val were enjoying this.

Val thought it was the hottest thing she had ever seen. As she peered intently through the tiny opening in the pantry, her hand was busy inside her unzipped jeans strumming her clit feverishly. Although she was able to stifle any guttural sounds she might otherwise make, she was not able to control the squishing noises coming from her now soaking wet pussy as she stroked.

Deb, meanwhile, was enjoying the ministrations of her very horny young mailman friend. As he licked and slurped hungrily at her tasty pussy, his saliva and her juices were running down her legs and the crack of her ass onto the counter, making a puddle of slippery fluids. Deb was pulling and pushing David’s curly black hair and face into her crotch. Deb peered over David’s shoulder through the opening in the pantry door, and for the first time saw Val. Val had several fingers inside her pussy. Val was pleasuring herself with a lot of enthusiasm. That sight, along with David’s relentless tongue invading her, sent her over the edge of an orgasm, sending fluids shooting on David’s face. David kept sucking on her lips, drinking her juices. “This is just what I needed,” Deb thought, “A hot man who enjoys giving and receiving pleasure. Now I want David’s hard cock.”

Deb pulled David up by his head and neck. His cock was at full attention. She guided his cock into her open, wet pussy. David’s eyes grew large and all he could say was, “Oh fuck” as his cock sunk all the way into her pussy. He was enjoying his cock in her warm welcoming pussy. After several minutes of hard stroking his breathing was getting fast and knew he was ready to cum. Deb could tell David was about to explode. Deb wrapped her feet around his waist and ass pulling him as close to her as possible. Deb was going to enjoy this until the last drop of cum was pumped buca escort into her pussy.

Val’s orgasm came swiftly as she peered between Deb’s upraised legs at David’s heavy balls slapping relentlessly at her ass. Deb could feel David’s cock swelling inside her, wanting to bathe her womb with his hot seed. Finally, as his breath shortened, she could feel him erupt inside her. Her pussy tightened around his cock as it sent rope after rope of his scalding cum inside her. Uncontrollably, Deb banged her heels into his ass, as if to urge him on. Val looked on with real sexual hunger as David continued pumping into her friend, licking her lips as she watched the cum overflow and leak out of her wet hole. Val could contain herself no longer as she stepped forward out of the pantry.

Val dropped her jeans and panties to the floor and kneels down on the floor as David pulled his cock out of Deb’s pussy. Val reached out and started rubbing his cock between her hands and put it in her mouth. At that point he was beyond surprise as the supposedly absent mistress of the house was obviously present, because she was now pulling his cock into her mouth and holding his balls. He had not lost his erection yet from pumping her friend, and she could taste the mixture of his and her fluids.

She wouldn’t let him go soft. He was as surprised as she was as Val sucked hard and was rewarded with another shot of sperm. Not as big as the load he had just dumped into her friend’s pussy, but she was pleased as his cock spasmed and she felt the shot hit the back of her throat. Val realized that somehow Deb had gotten off of the counter and was now kneeling beside her, her hand on David’s ass as she helped push him into Val’s mouth.

David’s cock finally softened, although as he withdrew from Val’s mouth it still appeared red and elongated. David himself looked a little in shock. He had never been double teamed before, and that second orgasm he had in Val’s mouth he would have thought was impossible.

Still in shock, he started pulling up his shorts. “I’ve got to get back to my rounds,” he said, “but that sure was nice.”

“I’m glad you had fun with Deb,” said Val, ” but I’m not finished yet. As soon as you can get that thing up again and you finish your rounds, get your ass back here. My pussy is hungry.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he stammered, as he put his thing back in his pants and stumbled out the door.

“I think this is going to be a fun summer,” said Deb, “don’t you?” Val smiled, knowing she would be getting hers soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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