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I gave myself a trim after my shower last night, my little garden had become overgrown and tangled, and as I expect you home soon my love I wanted to be sure everything was neat for you. I’ve not taken everything off as I want you to have the fun of shaving me when you’re here, but things had got a little too far out of control, which makes you cross, and I want our first night back together to be full of love, after that I might have to be naughty though.

I gather my little scissors and mirror and wander naked to my bed, where I had spread a towel ready. Water is still dripping from my hair, down my neck and over the swell of my breasts where drops form on the tips of my tight nipples before rolling off and hitting my smooth thighs. My skin feels tingly in the cool of the air after having the hot water pummeling my body for such a long time. I love baking hot showers, I like scrubbing every inch of me to make my skin smooth and red, like I’ve been spanked all over, and then rubbing the silky shower gel over it, soothing and caressing my skin. I like to feel the soft weight of my breasts in my hands and then run my fingers over my nipples and tweak them. This time I’d been restrained and hadn’t used the shower head on my clit when I started getting güvenilir bahis horny, I had decided to tease myself like you do before allowing myself to cum.

I have to use a mirror when I trim my garden to make sure I get everything neat, but it has the delicious added bonus of being able to watch as I uncover my hidden delights. I sit on my bed with the mirror between my legs and start at the top, clipping away the dark curls, leaving just a short cropped lawn. I work down and soon I’m reaching my favorite part, but before I go near my clit I make myself work down further, trimming all the way down either side and right to the back. Reaching the awkward bits means I have to lift my bottom up, exposing my back hole like a dirty slut begging to be fucked there. My fingers brush across my little rosebud, but that’s not the fun I’m going to have tonight. Finally I allow myself to clip away at the bush that’s hiding my favorite little button, which by now is throbbing in anticipation.

I brush away the last of the loose hairs and pull my lovely pink lips apart, they’re already glistening and wet, and my clit is bright and engorged, just begging me to touch it. I make myself wait though, and just look at it as I tweak and twist my nipples türkçe bahis and stroke my skin, touching everywhere but there.

I love feeling so exposed, I fantasize about being watched as I do this, imagining people admiring my pretty pussy and taking photos of it as I hold it open for all to see.

Soon I have to give in and brush the tip of my clit ever so gently with a finger, before delving down to seek out the source of the wetness that’s dribbling out of my hole. I spread my juices all over my expectant pussy lips and clit, going back for more the sight of my fingers sliding inside me turns me on so much and I use my other hand to continue playing with my clit with little circular motions as I watch my fingers explore the inside of my pussy, feeling the wet, warm walls stretch when I push against them and feeling my pussy expand as my fingers push into it.

My clit wants more though so I grab my lovely pink vibrator and turn it on. I choose a low setting to start with and touch the tip to the tip of my now desperate clit. Oh! Its like an electric shock, making me whimper in pleasure as I slide it down so the tip is throbbing just inside me and the shaft is pressed against my clit. I slide it up and down, dipping deeper in to my hot güvenilir bahis siteleri wet hole each time, little by little, all the way in, all the way out, so my clit gets the full thrill of the buzz from the end every time, until I can feel its bent tip deep against the wall of my pussy. I turn it up to get faster, stronger vibrations deep inside me as I rub my clit, she’s firm and erect, which makes me think about your cock and how much I’d love to have it in front of me right now.

I’d kiss it and rub my pussy juices all over it but I wouldn’t be able to hold off from fucking you for very long. The thought of your beautiful cock sliding into me, stretching me and filling me up almost tips me over the edge and I have to thrust my pink vibrator deep into my pink wet pussy, my finger franticly playing with my clit, imaging that its your cock inside me, pulsing and throbbing as you reach your orgasm. As I come it feels like an explosion going off inside me, echoing through my bones and making my whole body shake.

I lie there for a few minutes enjoying the last involuntary spasms that take me by surprise when I move my fingers lazily across my clit. Eventually I slide my toy out of my spent pussy and admire the creamy sticky mess I have made on it before licking it clean, wishing it was your tongue and fingers and cock I’m tasting my sweet juices on. Finally I put my toy to one side and curl up to go to sleep, drifting off to dreams of having your arms around me once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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