Gay Roommate Fuck Buddies

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*** This story comprises entirely of gay sex. If that bothers you, well why’d you click on the gay sex tags 😉 ***

*** This is my first attempt at second person, so feedback is welcome! ***


Things have been rough for you ever since your girlfriend moved out and on. We’re not just talking about the end of the relationship, but a bit of pent up sexual need, as well. It’s a late Thursday night around 11:30, and you’re not getting to sleep anytime soon, so you decide to go downstairs and get a drink.

You walk past your roommate’s semi open door and hear moaning on the tv, and in the light of the tv see your roommate, Dave, and his latest fuck buddy, Matt (you think) sitting with their backs against the headboards stroking each other. Dave is about your age, 6’2″ tall, in good shape with a hairy chest and a thick, veiny 8″ or so cock with low hanging balls. Matt is about 5’10”, 20, fairly built, with a thin 9″ cock with a thick head. You think back to the conversation you and Dave had when he first started bringing Matt around:

“This one’s a lot of fun. Usually I prefer being a top, but sometimes I like to just be drilled. And man can he do it and leave you dripping. He can also give a mean blowjob.”

“Whatever you say man…” You told him with a laugh.

You and Dave have joked about things before, but never given getting with him and his friend of the month a serious thought. Now though, after a month or so of not getting any, you find yourself standing at the door way with your cock tenting in your boxers.

“Hey man come on in, pull up a spot on the bed,” Dave says with a grin. “My dude here hasn’t gotten sucked off since the bitch left, think you could help out Matt?”

Matt grins and replies “sounds good to me, let’s see what you got!”

“Fuck it, why not,” you say and drop your boxers to the floor, and lay down on the bed next to Dave. Matt lays down between your legs, and wraps his hand around the base of your cock and slowly starts stroking it and Dave at the same time. You look over at Dave’s thick cock, and then close your eyes as Matt’s warm tongue touches the slit of your cock before sliding the whole head into your mouth in one motion.

“Holy fuck” you moan out with a laugh, and Matt starts sucking more and more of your shaft in, gently starting to bob his head up and down, his velvety tongue gliding up and down on you with each motion.

“Told you he sucks cock like a champ,” Dave says with a laugh.

“You weren’t kidding…” you manage to moan out as Matt works your cock, knowing you won’t last too long having not gotten a blowjob in a while. Matt lets go of Kayaşehir Escort Dave’s cock, and you moan out as your eyes roll back into your head as Matt slides a finger inside of you, massaging your prostate as he sucks. Not really knowing why, you reach down with your right hand and grasp Dave’s thick cock and start stroking it.

“Matt when I cum, man, I’m going to cum hard so watch out” you tell him.

But this doesn’t make him slow down. If anything, he’s now sucking harder and faster. Your cock is glistening with spit and precum as he works you over while fingering your ass. Precum oozes out of Dave’s cock, and you rub it all over the shaft to add some lube while stroking him. Out of nowhere, Matt slides a second finger into your ass and starts pumping his fingers against your prostate. You moan as you start erupting in his waiting mouth, arching your hips up towards his face. He doesn’t flinch and swallows every drop down.

“Quite the tasty cock you have there, man,” Matt says with a smile, traces of cum on his lips.

“Well you’re welcome to it any time, best blowjob I’ve ever had,” you say with a laugh.

“Ya know, bud, the gentlemanly thing to do would be to return the favor. I mean you’ve already been stroking my dick so I feel like you’re open to it!” Dave says with a grin, as you both look down at his thick cock.

“I dunno…” you say tentatively, but your cock already starts getting harder again at the thought. You look down at Matt’s 9″, throbbing cock and feel your mouth start to water. “… I guess I could try it…” you hear yourself say.

“Nice” Matt says with a grin, and moves up the bed, kneeling on either side of your thighs. His thick head is inches from your face. You reach forward and grasp the shaft of his cock and start stroking it. Precum oozes out and you lean forward and lick it off of the head. Matt moans slightly and leans forward a bit, his cock pressing against your lips. You slowly open your mouth as the thick purple head enters your mouth. You wrap your lips around it and start moving your head back and forth on his cock, stroking his shaft while you suck him. “Fuck, that’s great. Faster” Matt moans down to you.

You start picking up the pace, sucking him deeper and harder. You feel a mouth on your cock as Dave leans down and starts sucking you. Matt is now thrusting his hips slightly, face fucking you ever so gently. You place your hands on his hips and start thrusting them faster as you suck him.

“I’m going to cum bud.” Matt moans, and you pull your mouth off his cock. You start stroking him in front of your face with your mouth open and tongue Kayaşehir Escort Bayan out. You see his thick, white load start to shoot out of his cock, the first couple spurts going down your throat. You close your mouth and swallow as his massive load keeps painting your face, and you feel yourself erupting in Dave’s throat. He finally stops cumming, and you can feel the jizz running down your face. You open your eyes and see cum hanging off his cock, and lean forward and suck him into your mouth, swallowing the last remnants of his load.

“Great blowjob man, thanks” Matt says with a grin. You can’t help but smile, too, as you look over in the mirror at your cum covered face.

“Yeah that was kind of fun!” you say with a smile.

“Fuck yeah it is, looks like you enjoyed it too!” Dave says laughing.

“Yeah I would be lying if I said I didn’t. Might have to join you guys more often, at least until I get a new girlfriend!” you say with grinning, as cum drips onto your chest.

“Any time!” Matt and Dave say, almost in unison. You look over at the precum almost flowing freely out of Dave’s cock and roll over onto your hands and knees over him, and lower your mouth onto his cock, sucking him hard, deep, and fast right away.

“Holy shit man, get some!” Dave says, placing his hand on the back of your head as you stroke and suck him. Matt walks over where he can see you better, and you reach up and start stroking his semi hard cock while you suck your roommate’s cock. Soon, you feel Matt is fully hard again and he pulls his cock out of your hands. You feel a cold wetness against your asshole as Matt starts rubbing lube into you. You know you’re about to get fucked while sucking cock, and relish the thought. Matt presses his thick head against you, and starts slowly sliding his cock into you. You moan as the pleasure overcomes the pain and he slides more and more of his long, hard member into you. Soon he starts thrusting into you, in time with your head moving up and down on Dave.

“Fuck yes.” you moan, as you pull off of Dave’s cock and start stroking him instead, the pleasure of being fucked for the first time too much to concentrate on doing both.

“Fuck me dude, go faster,” you moan out. Matt responds to your wish by pounding you harder and deeper, his hands on your hips and his balls slapping against yours with each thrust. “Fuck that’s it,” you moan, and wrap your mouth back around Dave, sucking him deeper than even before.

“I’m going to cum!” Dave moans out, and you keep sucking him. You feel the head of his cock swell in your mouth, and wrap your lips tightly around it. Soon Escort Kayaşehir he starts cumming deep into your mouth. You swallow some, and enjoy the taste, but it’s too much and it soon starts flowing out of your mouth and down your chin and his shaft. You slide his cock out of your mouth and lick the cum off of him. You look at Dave with a smile and lick your lips and swallow the mouthful of cum.

“Fuck that’s hot man!” he says with a grin.

“My turn.” Matt says with a grunt and pounds his full shaft deep into you as you feel him start to unload in your tight, no longer virgin, ass.

“Fuck that’s a lot of cum!” you say laughing, as he slides out of you slowly and feel it start running down your legs.

“Dude you have no idea.” Dave says looking at all the cum coming out of you. He leans in and starts licking your thighs clean. You collapse onto your back on the bed, thinking Dave swallowed, but then see him over over your face. He pulls your jaw down, and slowly snowballs the load into your mouth. The cum comes almost to your lips, but you close your mouth and swallow the load that leaked out of your ass just now.

“Hotter than hell. You sure this is your first time with guys?” Matt asks you.

“Yeah, but doubt it’s my last.” you say, looking up at him. Matt stands over you and places his softened, cum covered cock on your lips. You try not to think about where it just was (after all, you did just swallow his load from there) and open, and start sucking the cum off his shaft. Dave moves to the edge of the bed and pushes your knees upwards, sliding his thick cock into your already stretched and cum filled hole. He’s thicker, and it hurts, but you want him fucking you and filling you with more cum. He starts thrusting hard and fast into you, his hands on your hips. Matt is now hard again, and he places his hands on your chest and starts fucking his cock into your wet mouth. You feel him sliding up and down your throat and can’t wait for both to cum. They’re both fucking you hard and fast, and soon you hear them both grunting as they both start cumming yet again. You feel the warm cum entering you from both ends, swallowing every drop of Matt’s load. They both pull their cocks out of you, as you lay there fucked hard and spent.

“Your turn bud”. Dave says, as he straddles you and rocks back against your cock, sliding it expertly into his ass. He’s soon riding you and stroking your cock as you lay there, ready to explode but worn out and unable to contribute. Soon you start cumming in his ass, which causes Dave to shoot his load all over your chest (about the only place there WASN’T cum), as he collapses on the bed next to you and Matt.

“That was fucking hot guys.” you say with an exhausted moan. “We might have to do that again.” You get up and head to bed, and find yourself somehow hard again, and rub one out thinking about the unexpected evening before falling asleep, a glistening, cum covered mess.

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