Girls Nite Out, Guys Nite In Ch. 02

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Wife’s, daughter’s night out. Dad’s, son’s night in ch. 2

All are 18+.

This story has graphic male on male gay incest, mom, daughter and son incest, gay friends fucking, daddy’s watching, mommy’s watching, you get the gist. So if this is not your thing I have no idea why you’d read further than this sentence.


“What the fuck is this?!!”

Chapter 2

Lisa takes off her over coat to reveal all she’s wearing underneath is her black, fishnet, crotch less body stocking and six inch, clear plastic 5 inch fuck me heels. Her shaved pussy shines with cunt nectar mixed with man spunk. She’s covered head to toe in globs of cum. Somehow though she always manages to look well put together even after a blow bang bukkake party, a more and more frequent occurrence these days, not discouraged by me.

Even with clumps of jizz in her hair it still has a just been to the salon look. Her gorgeous blonde curls bounce on her shoulders. Those piercing hazel eyes melt everyone. Manicured nails and toes painted hot red. Rock hard nipples, like pencil erasers. I love how they poke through the fishnet. She loves pinching them and having them pinched and clamped.

I know it’s not normal but I love when she goes out to her gang bang or bukkake blow bang parties then comes home covered in gooey clumps of white jizz and recounts to me all the sordid details.

Lisa walks over to us, her heels click, clicking on the hard wood floor.

Eli sort of mumbles, “Sorry mum I.”

Lisa holds up her index finger up to Eli’s shiny, cum glazed face, “Not a word!” she commands.

Eli stops talking, mid sentence.

I blubber something like, “Lisa honey, please it was… we were just.”

SLAP! Lisa full force, slaps my face yelling, “How could you!?”

“Fuck, owe! Honey please,” I whine, covering my cheek with my hand.

Lisa barks at me, “One fucking request! Wait for us to get home then we could all have a nasty cum dump together on Eli’s little faggot, slut face! Is that so fucking hard Al?”

As my wife berates us, my gorgeous, slutty teen daughters Camilla and Beth giggle as they also take off their over coats. They too are wearing matching crotch less, body stockings. Camilla’s body stocking is not black though like there whore mother, it’s baby blue. Beth’s fishnet stocking is pink. Unlike their panty less mother they are wearing panties. Cute cotton, girly panties. Blue and Pink to match. To contrast though Beth wears the blue panties against her pink fishnet and Camilla wears the pink panties against her blue fishnet.

It’s easy to tell they are sisters. Not so easy though to tell they are filthy, mother trained cum sluts. Camilla the gorgeous brunette with deep brown eyes, and plump bouncy and firm natural tits only a teen could possess. And her olive oil complexion, mmmmmm.

Beth the hot blonde with her turquoise blue eyes and little cup cake titties. Sweet hard, pink nipples. And porcelain, alabaster white skin. I’ve seen many men gawk at them both.

Both are just under a hundred pounds. Perfect petite, fuckable, teen babes. And me the lucky daddy whose mummy trained them to be cum bucket, useless whores. I say this as the highest of possible compliments.

Boy do they like being kinky, nasty, cum dump, cock loving whores. I blame it on their mother Lisa. Lisa of course cheerfully and proudly owns this fact.

The sisters walk up to Eli and me, scoop a little cum of their brothers face and licking it up purr, “Holy fuck brother that’s quite the facial faggot.”

They giggle in unison tasting the cum mixture me my buddy Cameron, his twin sons Nick and Glen have dumped on Eli just moments earlier.

My little girls look at me and then over to Cameron and his 2 stud twin boys, all on the couch stroking there growing cocks, “You guys really gave him a nasty bukkake glazing eh?” they purr.

Rubbing their hairless pussies above their moistening panties, they walk over to the couch and get mariobet güvenilirmi on their hands and knees. Camilla takes Nicks big teen monster cock in her mouth and gets to work. Beth takes Glens cock in her mouth to do likewise. They wink at each other (the sluts have done this more than a few times) and say in perfect sync, “First to deep throat wins!”

And they go to town slobbering all over the two pulsing, throbbing, teen fuck sticks.

Glen and Nick say in unison, “Oh fuck yeah, you filthy cock gobbling sluts start sucking like the cum thirsty bitches you are!”

(the 2 studs have done this more than a few times. Hehe)

Lisa pipes in, “Yes fuck those filthy, useless cum dump faces hard boys! Swallow those cocks like momma taught you baby girls!”

Getting on her knees between her 2 teen, cock sucking, slut daughters Lisa starts to slobber, throat, drool, gag and choke on my buddy Cameron’s fully erect cock. I can see his balls tightening, refilling with hot cum.

Me and my son Eli are like two deer’s caught in headlamps, staring at 3 gorgeous cum dump sluts, who just happen to be my two slutty teen daughters and my fucking whore, cock slut wife. With backs arched and asses pointing they get face fucked good and hard, competing for first to deep throat bragging rights.

My whore wife, Eli’s mother gobbles and gags as good as any porn star cock swallower I’ve ever seen. She drooles a stream of hot saliva on my best friend Cameron’s glorious balls. It looks like cum dribbling out her mouth. Every time Cameron thrusts his cock balls deep I down her stretched larynx Lisa’s tongue juts out and flicks his balls. The nasty image telling me she’s easily beaten Beth and Camilla, to attain first to deep throat bragging rights. This nearly pushes me over the edge.

I need a cum hole for my cock now! I grab my son, who’s still stroking his gorgeous cock and staring like a school boy at his sisters and mom getting full on throat fucks.

Looking down at my cum glazed son I whisper in his ear, “Get on your knees son, I’m gonna fuck your tight fucking man cunt now you filthy little faggot.”

As I push him down on all fours, I turn him so we can keep watching Cameron and his twin boys force feed there hard wet cocks into my girls and there whore mothers throats.

Eli yells, “Oh fuck daddy” as I go balls deep into his sexy, tight ass.

He blathers like a crazed sex fiend, “So good, give it to my fucking man pussy dad, I fucking love it.”

The view and moaning sounds contribute to the overall fuck fest nastiness we feel.

As the intensity of their face fucking increases, Cameron and his sons start verbally abusing the sluts.

Glen screams out. “Yes gag on it Beth! Fuck you know how to swallow big cocks hole, you useless cock sucking cum slut!”

As he fucks Camilla’s face full throttle like a hookers over used ass, with slobber and drool splashing out the sides of her mouth, Nick chimes in, “I don’t know bro look how fast and nasty Camilla takes her throat pounding. And can you hear the slobber spurting out her, slippery wet mouth? Your mouth feels like a sloppy, loose, wet cunt Camilla!”

Camilla pulls off so she can moan, “Thank you Nick,” as more slobber drips out her mouth over and off her chin, dripping over her rock hard nipples. “Don’t stop, keep fucking my mouth like the cock whore I am baby, mmmmm.”

Face fucking her Cameron groans, “You useless bitch Lisa, you’re such a nasty cock sucking MILF whore aren’t’ you?”

Cameron pinches her nose, pushes his cock balls deep, forcing Lisa to struggle for air. Her arms flail in a futile struggle free herself.

Her eyes float to the back of her head and her face reddens. She’s oxygen deprived. Just before she faints he pulls his cock from her throat and let’s her up. Gasping and choking for air Lisa croaks, “More, more, I get so fucking wet when you choke me out like that Cameron, forcing me to stop breathing. Fuck I’m mariobet yeni giriş so wet, do it again. I love being used, choked and smothered like a useless fuck hole.”

I look down from the insane porn action taking place on the couch to my pulsing cock slamming in and out of my sons tight ass. Cum mixed with sweat drips of his still jizz glazed face. Fucking my little faggot son I think to myself, ‘what wonderful, nasty, kinky, cum slaves we’ve created.’

As I pound my sons ass harder and harder, the extreme nastiness’ of our incestuous fuck party is intensifying my arousal.

The room fills with obscene sounds of gurgling, gasping, moaning, drooling, choking, slurping and balls smacking my sons ass sounds.

Ready to explode Cameron groans, “Fuck Lisa, you want my hot jizz whore? I’m about ready to blow?”

Furiously throat fucking Camilla’s mouth cunt Nick shouts, “Me too dad. Fuck I love you cum dump sisters so much! You want some hot jizz Camilla you thirsty jizz drinking cunt.”

As his balls smack against her chin in a watery, gooey mess of drool and saliva, Glen barks out, “Fuck yeah, how bout you Beth, you fucking useless cum slut, you ready to swallow or get glazed?”

Interrupting, Lisa orders, “Wait you fuckers!” in her most commanding voice yet.

We all stop and await her instructions.

“Al baby, get on the couch with Cameron, Nick and Glen.”

“Eli you cum glazed faggot son of mine, lie down on the floor over here for mommy.”

“Camilla, Beth get over here on the floor on either side of your cum drinking faggot brother.”

“Turn around sluts, face daddy, Cameron and the twins, show them those shaved teen holes now.

“Boys keep stroking those meaty jizz hoses, but don’t cum yet, you’re in for a super nasty treat.”

It’s at this point with their asses facing us I notice round, disk like shapes pushing in my little girls pink and blue cotton panties. The disk shapes are moving. One moment they are very noticeable the next not so much. My girls and Lisa all wink at me around the same time.

Fuck me, can it be!? I knew what this meant. My wife had come home with a similar bulge sticking out of her ass a few times. Has my depraved wife actually taken my sweet, innocent little girls to the next extreme level of depravity? Taken them both to a full on bukkake gang bang party? We’d talked about it. And now she’d gone and done it without me, the immoral, depraved whore. I love her.

Lisa, seeing the recognition on my face, smiles the nastiest, most mischievous smile ever and says, “That’s right Al, I trained the little sluts to be cum receptacle’s at tonight’s Gang Bang Night.”

Lisa orders her girls, “Show them sluts.”

Camilla and Beth slowly peel their panties down to show the boys their nasty surprises.

Lisa says, “You were supposed to wait until we got home guys. I guess this turned out alright though as I can see we’re all about cum again anyway. Plus we did get our nasty, useless faces fucked so it all worked out in the end.”

On hands and knees facing us, Beth and Camilla slowly pull their sopping wet panties down then up, down then up again, down then up again like teasing, naughty strippers.

One of the twins, eyes popping out says, “Holy fuck dad, in there asses, what the fuck!? Are those? Fuck you filthy sluts that is so nasty!”


Cameron bleats out, “Fuck Lisa, you continue to take it to the next extreme level of kink you filthy whore!”

My little sluts stop teasing now and keep their panties down at knee level. They look over their shoulders at us and start strumming their wet, hairless cunts. We all groan out our reactions seeing the black butt plugs poking out of my daughters asses. This alone has us oozing precum.

I moan out, “Oh Lisa you are one nasty, perfect, kinky, daughter training, whore wife.”

I was about to blow and I could sense the guys were also about to blow and said, “Wait, wait guys you mariobet giriş will not believe it, but the best is about to cum”

Right on cue Lisa coaxes, “Ok looks like these boys are ready to blow girls get ready.”

Lisa turns to us and says, “Get your fucking huge cum shooters over here studs and get ready for the nastiest bukkake facial finale ever.”

Not letting go of our dripping dicks, we all stand up and approach my whore wife and 2 slut daughters. Eli still on the floor, lying on his back is also of course stroking his meat at the whole debauchery of it all.

Lisa commands, “Ok you filthy sluts get ready!”

My wife lies down on the floor beside our faggot cum dump son, getting in the universal ‘bukkake slut’ position we all know and love. Their heads are together facing opposite directions. Such a nasty sight: Bukkake mom cum dumster beside bukkake son cum dumpster.

Camilla and Beth crouch over putting their asses in Eli and Lisa’s faces.

Demonstrating and unable to contain her lustful excitement Lisa says with a smile, “Stick your tongue out like this son.”

She longingly looks up at us all and wags her tongue in the give me all your fucking hot cum pose.

Standing in a tight circle over my son and wife’s faces, our balls blue with tension and ready to burst we continue furiously stroking our cocks.

My two slut daughters are crouched over their faces with their asses no more than a foot above continue to finger their clits, moaning and indicating their impending orgasms.

Lisa moans out to Beth and Camilla, “Ok pull those plugs out you filthy, nasty cum spraying sluts!”

Lisa’s tongue, slippery wet wags with excited anticipation of the cumming cum bath. Her hand has made it’s way down to her cunt. She’s about to cum, but is waiting to time it with the bukkake party she knows is seconds away.

Then it happens. With Camilla and Beths butt plugs removed the nastiest, bukkake cum shower erupts. A powerful spraying of hot, creamy cum pies shoot out their asses all over their mother and brothers faces.

Ass the cum continues to shoot out their asses it’s too much for the teen sluts. They strum furiously on their puffy slippery clits and bring themselves to mind bending orgasms.

Spewing out more and more hot juicy man cum their brother and mother faces they purr, “Fuck mommy, fuck Eli, so nasty. Look at you two cum whores. Mom, your face is glazed like Eli’s now.”

The sight of this nasty bukkake shower has all our cocks explode simultaneously as if in a filthy GGG porno.

Shooting cum all over Lisa and Eli we yell obscenities.

“Fuck yes, you nasty cum drinkers!”

“Clean it it up now like good bitches.”

“Fuck mommy, look at our cunts, we’re leaking like faucets.”

Etc., Etc., Etc.

“Yes baby girls, spray your filthy faggot brother and me. I love it. You nasty sluts are doing so well in your training. I never thought you’d become full on bukkake whores before your twenties. Good job sluts. Keep pushing that cum out your wet asses girls. Mmmm.”

“Filthy whores, you god damned useless gang bang, cum filled anal, teen bitches.”

“Oh my god, look at that sis! Fuck we had so much cum in our asses. Here Eli clean our cum dripping cunts please,” they giggle.

“So good. Fuck son, you are one eager little cum faggot. That’s it son clean your sisters cunts. Lots more white goo to slurp”

“Mmmmm so nasty son here let mommy have some of that cum too.”

“Hey buddy let me help you clean some of that tasty cum of that monster dick of yours.”

Barely recognizable Eli spits out, “Thanks mom. Thanks dad. Thanks Camilla, Beth, guys, I love being your nasty cum bucket. That was so good.”

I looked down at my sons cock, “Holy shit son you are the only one who hasn’t cum yet! You’ve earned it son it’s your request how you get to shoot your load?”

Eli replies, “Well seeing as it’s my request dad, I want to fuck your faggot face and throat while Cameron fucks your man cunt from behind. As this is happening, Camilla and Beth I want to watch Glen and Nick ass fuck you on the couch while mom, you stuff your messy cunt and ass in any mouth you choose and moan ‘lick my cunt sluts!’ Mmmmm.”

To be continued

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