Head For Music

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Big Dick

Barbara’s assistant at work is a nice woman named June. She is in her late-40’s, or maybe even 50. She has long, straight red hair. She is trim and fit, but it’s hard to tell how nice her body is, because she generally wears loose fitting clothes. She is a free spirit, kind of a “left over hippie”.

June’s salary is ridiculously low. Her pay is set by the school, so Barbara can’t do anything to correct it. It is really hard to imagine anyone living on such a low salary. Barbara is always trying to do nice things for her, and I have done my part by burning music CDs for her. We have different tastes in music, but I have been able to put together some CDs containing artists she likes compiled from my large CD collection.

I don’t see June very often. Recently, she was over at our house enjoying after work drinks with us. The topic turned to music, and June said, “I want to thank you again for the CDs, it’s really generous and sweet of you to do that for me.”

“Sure, it’s no big deal, I’m happy to do it,” I answered.

“Well, it’s a big deal to me,” she responded. “I really wish there was something I could do for you,” she continued. “Can I make you some pottery? the way home izle Some macramé?”

I smiled and shook my head. “No, it’s fine,” I said.

“You don’t like any of the stuff I can make,” she pouted. “What do you like?” she asked. When I didn’t answer, she turned to Barbara and asked her, “what does he like?”

Barbara answered, “well, he sure loves blow jobs.”

I was taking a big swig of beer as Barbara said that. I coughed it up and out my nose in shock.

June got a big smile on her face. “Is that true, Ron?” she asked. “That’s something I can do.”

I didn’t answer. I just looked back and forth between June and Barbara.

“Well, would you like a blow job right now?” June asked.

“Of course he would,” Barbara said. “He always does.”

June continued to look at me quizzically. Finally I responded, “well, I’ve never turned down a blow job yet.”

That was all the encouragement June needed. She quickly came over to the chair in which I was sitting, pulling off her shirt as she came. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and a magnificent, albeit a little saggy, pair of tits popped into view.

She the witcher izle pushed the ottoman out of the way, and kneeled in front of me. Her hands were quickly at my belt, and in seconds she had unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and pulled my pants and briefs down to my ankles. She pulled them all the way off, and tossed them aside.

My cock was already fully erect. “Umm, nice cock,” June said, as she gripped it with her right hand. As she squeezed, a little pre-cum oozed out of the tip. She bent down and licked it off with her tongue.

Barbara had moved over to the ottoman, and was intently watching as her assistant stroked my cock and licked its head.

“He likes to have his balls licked,” Barbara said.

June licked her down from the head of my cock to my balls. She spent several minutes licking my ball sack, going back and forth from one nut to the other. Barbara was right, I do like having my balls licked, and June did it well.

I had a lot of pre-cum now, and June was rubbing it on her face. She moved up and began to rub my cock over her tits, rubbing the tip on each nipple, getting her the witcher blood origin izle nipples wet with my juice.

She cupped her breasts and put my cock between them, moving up and down, fucking my cock with the flesh of her breasts. It felt wonderful; her tits were large enough to engulf me, unlike Barbara’s smaller ones that didn’t fit around me.

After a few minutes of tit fucking, June took me in her mouth. She took my cock deep into her throat, and I could feel her chin on my balls. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock, taking me all the way in and then most of the way out. All the while, I could feel her tongue licking me inside her mouth.

I knew I wouldn’t last too long with that action, and in matter of minutes I felt the cum rising from my balls. “I’m going to cum,” I warned June.

She gave muffled moan around my cock, and took it all the way into her throat. I shot a load deep into her, then another, then another. She was moaning and cooing as she swallowed it down.

While I was still shooting, she pulled my cock from her mouth and let the last bits hit her face. She rubbed my cock and the last of my cum around her lips, cheek, and chin.

Finally, June sat back, her face glistening with my cum. “How was that?” she asked.

I sank back into the chair, spent. Barbara leaned in and began licking my cock and balls, cleaning up the last of the cum. “That was great, June,” was all I could manage.

I knew one thing, I was going to be making June a lot more CDs!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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