I cheated, Well, WE cheated

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I have been dying to tell someone of my true experience but due to obvious reasons you will read below there was nobody I could tell. When I found this site and read some of the stories I knew this was a good venue because keeping it inside was almost killing me.
This is my first time writing a story so I hope I did alright. I read many stories here and took inspiration from a few of my favorite authors to tell my story. I guess I could have written this in my own words but I knew I would not be able to express it and deliver the impact I had felt and experienced.
I hope you like this story and look forward to any comments.

I almost couldn’t believe this was happening, even though I egged it on and definately wanted it to happen. Having already emotionally cheated on my husband I had set things up to physically do it as well. I knew he wasn’t or hadn’t been faithful to me but that has nothing to do with my decision nor does it make it right. This has nothing to do with right or wrong, it has to do with need, desire and lust.
This was my chance to discover a part of myself and perform an act I have only heard, seen or read about. I was enamored with a man, a man who is married to one of my friends.

I straddled him while holding his thick and wide dick in my hand to guide it to my dripping pussy. I eased my body down onto him. I was filled with nervous lust at this moment because this was wrong and also the size of him. He was incredibly thick and his mass kind of scared me, which only enhanced the entire situation.
Once the tip of his cock touched my extremely sensitive cunt lips I rotated my hips while also moving his cock back and forth along my slit. I was dripping wet anyway but I needed to tease him and myself just a little. A part of me wanted to be in the kneeling position letting him just take me from behind and shove his massive cock into me.
With his cock in position and his head firmly seated between my cunt lips I felt we could stop at this point and still claim neither of us commited adultry. He wasn’t “inside” of me yet but with any resolve long gone I lowered my body down some more and began to impale myself.
With his head plowing it’s way through the tip of his cock peirced my hole and this was the point of no return, he was inside of me. His head found it’s way in my hole but as the top of his shaft began to push through I tightened up and stopped my descent.
I felt the palms of his hands on my ass cheeks and he suddenly raised his hips as his fingers dug into my flesh of my ass. With him gaining a little more ground than I was truly prepared for I heard him let out a blissful breath but the intrusion made me grunt in discomfort.

I felt I was being split apart but the pain I was experiencing coupled with the fear and lust had me reeling, and this was only the beginning !.
I began to raise up a little then he put his hands on my hips to stop me and tightened his grip. He held me into position and raised his hips again pushing more of his fat cock into me. I took in a huge breath which caught in my throat as my hole was suddenly stretched then I insticntively tightened my vaginal ring muscles.
As he held me in position and stayed firmly inside of me he groaned out in immense pleasure as I tightened up. I struggled for breath and when I was able to take in another breath I grunted loudly and painfully but it was an excrutiatingly delicious pain. This position wasn’t going to work out like I hoped it would, I was now being timid and wanted to relinguish control and let him take me. I had no idea it https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/” title=”escort izmit”>escort izmit was going to be this tough even when I first saw his cock, I still figured I could handle it.

His need was taking over now and when I felt his hands tighten on my hips I knew he was ready to attempt another assault. I braced myself and with my legs and hands I pushed myself up to keep him out but this only added fuel to his fire. I knew this wasn’t going to work for me being in this position then he eased his grip and he pushed me off of him while easing his hips down.
Once his cock was out of my pussy he pulled himself out from under me and got on his knee’s behind me. I felt his hands on my shoulders pulling me to lay down on my back. He immediately positioned himself between my legs and leaned his body over mine. He reached down and grabbed his cock and starting at the bottom of my slit pulled his head up to get himself between my cunt lips. Once he was positioned at my entrance he instantly penetrated me and started the fucking motion,
I tried not to grunt loudly because I didn’t want him to think I couldn’t handle it but it felt like he was shoving a telephone pole up into me.
The mix of pleasure and pain was something I haven’t felt since my very first time, which was like 30 years ago. He wasn’t playing around at this point as his attempts to get fully inside of me were becoming savage. I couldn’t relax and loosen my cunt muscles for anything in the world even though I desperately wanted him deep inside of me.
At first I was trying to help him by having my hands on his waist but as he became more aggressive I was relegated to being taken. This was the way I wanted it and the mixture of fear, pain and pleasure was consuming me more and more now.

As he drove his massive cock deeper into me I stretched my arms out above my head to brace my hands against the headboard and to display complete submissiveness. He was fucking me harder and harder now that he was fully inserted in me and I was loving it, almost beyond what my words can describe
As he kept banging me it was getting easier and now that my cunt was stretched and more easily taking his cock in and out. I was gaining more perception now from the initial “assualt” and other feelings were evident as his cock was hitting something deep inside of me that I never felt before.
I was in a different world being filled like I never have been and I knew going forward that things would never ever be the same for me as far as the sex I had been getting from my husband.
What he was putting into this act was far beyond anything I have known for many years and on each descent it seemed his cock was punching the bottom of my stomach.

I was feeling a tingling burning feeling in my cunt as I was already building to a climax. As he continued to ravage my body I felt my jizz work it’s way down. With my stomach tightened and my hands pushing against the headboard I held off until I had to let it go. I pulled in a last breath and held it then as my stomach cramped and as I ran out of breath I finally let go.
It was like a river of jizz flushed through my pussy and the wet slapping sounds became louder as he continued to drill me. Totally relieved and in complete heaven my body was now at ease while he pounded me harder and faster. I knew he was building to a climax and his eruption was imminent. I was not on birth control and he wasn’t wearing a condom however, I wasn’t going to say anthing if he didn’t, I had no intention of stopping him from cumming inside of me.
Even though this thing was building between us for quite https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/izmit-escort” title=”izmit escort”>izmit escort some time the situation we found ourselves in developed quickly so we did’t talk about it due to the heat of the moment.
I looked up and saw the strain on his face and his back becoming more rigid but his hips were rocking like they were well oiled. The way he as silently panting I knew he was trying to hold off as long as he could just like I had done. As his thrusts increased he was gently shaking his head “no”, like he was denying what was inevitable.
I wasn’t sure what he would do and I even thought he may pull out at the last second. If he pulled out I would be fine but at this point I was just as fine if he shot off inside of me and actually I truly wanted his cum in me more than anything.
Before I knew what I was doing I raised my hands up and placed them around his back and was pulling as he thrust into me.

I was now intent of having his cum in me and I was trying to make that happen with my actions. As I pulled him into me I raised my legs higher and wider as I looked up at his face.
The contorted pain on his face was evidence of his attempt to hold off and I wanted him to cum now just as bad as he needed to. I slipped my hands down to his ass and pulled while picking up my hips to meet him.
I felt his cock expand then he opened his mouth leaned his head back and I witnessed his neck muscles strain. I suddenly felt his cock pulsate as he began to fill me with his seed. He began to moan outloud as I felt the cum course through his dick and into my drenched pussy.
I felt his cock expand and contract with each stream of cum he shot into me. His grunts were were a mix of pain and relief as he pumped semen deep into my pussy.
I felt the warmth of his cum pooling inside of me and the pressure building from the amount he sprayed. He grunted one last time and started breathing heavily while he remained in me. When he finally did start to pull out I squeezed his cock then clamped down to milk and clean him off, plus I wanted to keep his cum inside of me while my stomach spasmed.

I felt so alive at this moment that I surprised myself but I figured I may feel bad about it later yet I somehow knew then that I wouldn’t. He looked down at me and smiled and when I smiled he leaned down and kissed me.
I felt my hearts strings getting pulled and now I was suddenly scared because I knew I was hooked. Not just the way he fucked me but his kiss had somehow set the hook in me.
I knew these feelings would be the beginning of the end and only make a wrong situation even worse. I had finally crossed the line, there was no taking it back now. How things would preceed depends on what stems from the aftermath of what we have done.

He lowered himself down and laid on his back breathing heavily and I finally had to release my muscle tension and let his cum flow out of me. This made me take deep breaths in and out as I relaxed my body. I was astonished at the amount he had ejaculated which made me wonder how rich it was. Seeing it had a double effect, it made me hot again knowing I could get pregnant. I found myself formulating a plan/excuse in case I turned up pregnant and my other plan was to get with him again and get his cock in my mouth.
With our time running out we got up, got dressed and he left. I cleaned up and changed the sheets on my bed (something I never ever had to do before after having sex) and all I could think about was the next opportunity.

We did have another opportunity about 10 days later. We met up to “talk” but we https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/izmit-kendi-evi-olan-escort” title=”izmit kendi evi olan escort”>izmit kendi evi olan escort knew what the real motive was. He gave me something I never had and I wanted to express appreciation for his long thick cock.
In typical cock sucking fashion I went to my knee’s in front of him and undid his pants. I was loving the act of being this nasty little whore on my knee’s willing to service him. He wasn’t treating me like the “good wife” but like a dirty little whore, which is what I wanted. There were times I wanted my husband to just let me be nasty and provocative and even just plain FUCK me but what I was doing now had always been denied.
I had his pants pulled down and was at eye level with his tented underwear which I also pulled down. I was now face to face with that delicious monster dick, I licked my lips with the increased saliva that coated my mouth.

I looked up at him and just like I was praying he would do he looked down at me with a very serious look and placed his hand around the back of my head and pulled me to him.
I leaned forward while he pulled and with all the determination in the world I grabbed the base of his cock with my fingers and plunged down on him. I went right to work stretching my mouth open as much as I could. Pulling him deep into my mouh with suction I peered up at him, he was looking right down at me then I felt him make a fist as he grabbed a lump of my hair.
He was rocking his hips and he steadily pulled and pushed my head while I worked on him. I was lucky to get in my mouth what I could but his actions were telling me it wasn’t enough.
As what must be his typical aggresive style he began to fuck my mouth and was forcing his cock deeper than I thought I could take. He was giving me exactly what I wanted and was now forcing me to suck him off despite my very real struggle.
I really had no choice now and was loving just that fact alone while I increased the depth as best I could and sucked harder on his rock hard tool.
I concentrated as best I could only peering up at him every now and then and the last time I did look up I knew I was doing the job. He was’t looking down at me anymore rather his head was level, his eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly agape.
I reached up with my other hand and tickled his sack while I continued to try and suck the cum out of him.

As his breathing became more rapid I mentally prepared for the inevitable. I couldn’t wait for him to cum in my mouth then without any other perceivable indication I was caught of guard by a stream of cum hitting the back of my throat.
I chocked a little then recovered as I began to swallow while trying to pull my head back but he held me as he loudly groaned as he while flooded my eager mouth.
With my tongue on the underside of his meat I felt the pulsating ripple of cum coursing through his cock. He held my hair tight and grunted as the last few spurts of his warm thick seed flowed into my eager mouth. When he eased his grip on my hair I pulled back and keeping his head firmly inside of my mouth I sucked his now very sensetive head. His body shook while I sucked and licked his helmet. When I was sure I had extracted every ounce of cum I pulled off and looked up to see the relief on his face, he pulled in a breath then swallowed before looking down at me.

He didn’t say a word or make any expression other than nodding his head as an indication of approval. He gave me two chances to be a wonton little whore but there was so much more I wished to do like this. I would love to be tied up and be thoroughly taken advantage of, have cum all over my face and my titties, to be fucked in the ass, etc, etc.
If I ever get the chance then I’m going to take it and be taken by him.

The End……..so far

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