I Dream of Jeannie

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I gasped and quickly averted my eyes as I saw him walk into the college class room. I felt his eyes on me, but tried to look elsewhere.

It’d been a year, but it looked like Chance had finally moved back to Georgia. We’d dated our first year of grad school, and it certainly hadn’t just been a fling for me. I fell hard for him, maybe even loved him. I wasn’t too sure at this point. Regardless, he left to go back to his hometown in Texas, soon reconnecting with an ex girlfriend he’d had there. I remembered it like it was yesterday.

I’d planned a really nice dinner at my place for our one year anniversary, complete with flowers, candles, and some of the best cooking I’d ever done. He was supposed to come over at 7, and once 7:20 hit I started feeling worried. The laid back person he was, I was accustomed to him being late, but twenty minutes was usually longer than he allowed. I called his cell phone, but he didn’t answer, and finally he came rushing in at 7:45.

“Chance…are you ok…? You were supposed to be here nearly an hour ago…I was really worried…”

“Jeannie…look I have to talk to you…why don’t you sit down…”

A knot formed in my stomach, but I did as he asked and sat at the decorated table, “What’s going on Chance…?”

He sighed looking completely vulnerable and conflicted, “Baby I’m really sorry I was late…but I got a visit from my mom…Look…my dad is…he’s sick. They didn’t want to tell me because I was here, with you, trying to get my life together, but he’s really really sick now..”

I caught my breath studying him closely as his eyes began to water. He looked away from her furiously rubbing them. My heart was breaking for him, and I placed a soft hand on his shoulder whispering, “Chance it’s ok…just tell me honey.”

His voice broke against his will as he broke down, “Jean you know how frail my mom is. She can’t take care of him by herself anymore, and I have to go home. I..I have to take care of him. I don’t know how long we have with him.”

At this point, this is what I’d expected him to say, but it still brought tears to my eyes to hear him say it. “Hey,” I mumbled pulling him to me, “it’s ok…we’ll get through this right? I can’t go to Texas with you, but I’ll be here for you every step of the way…”

He pulled me to him and kissed my breath away, pouring his emotions into me, needing me. We’d made love like no other night that night, but soon he was on a plane back to Texas, and I was completely alone.

We’d tried to make the distance work, but I couldn’t be there with him, and Shelly could. Oh, Shelly. Blonde, perky, beautiful, she was his ex-girlfriend who’d broken his heart once before. And she ended up getting his heart back after he’d been in Texas for three months. Finally he called and told me that the distance wasn’t working, and that he thought he and Shelly were really reconnecting, and he was “so so so very sorry.”

I’d love to say I handled it with pure grace. But I would sooo be lying. I cried and tried to convince him that I was good for him. That I could be better to him than her, and she would just hurt him again and again. It wasn’t enough. He just sighed with pity, wished me a good life, and told me goodbye.

And I’d love to say I was soon over him, and moved on with my life. But I would, again, be lying. I have thought about him every single day. I cried, and cried and cried. I even threw away the pictures of him, then dug them out of the trash. Hell, I was a mess. A complete and total mess.

But one day I woke up convincing myself that I had to change. I would move on. I was better than this. I was a professional, damn it! So I did what every woman does when they reinvent themselves. I died my hair a fiery red, and got bangs. I started going to the gym. I wasn’t large by any means, but I got in shape, my average body becoming pretty rocking, if I do say so myself. I got contacts. I got new clothes. And I felt Escort bayan a hella good about myself. That had all been over the summer.

And then he walked into my class room, first day of the semester. Looking incredible in his fitted jeans and button up, his hair just a little longer than when I last saw him.

I immediately looked down at myself, thanking God I took time to look decent that day in my light make up, skinny jeans, heels, and black and white striped fitted top.

He looked startled when he saw me, doing a double take and not hiding it very well since I could see it out of the corner of my eye.

He carefully crossed to the opposite side of the room, now trying to keep himself from staring, and I smiled. You know that song “Gives You Hell” by the All American Rejects? Yeah, that was soooo going through my mind.

The class passed by quickly, and I was soon heading out the door when a hand grabbed my arm, “Jeannie?”

I smiled, and turned to face Chance, giving me searching eyes. I, of course, played coy as if I hadn’t seen him there before now, “Chance? Oh hey. When did you get back?”

He looked at me incredulously, eyeing my new look with shock, “What…when did you do all this?” he asked ignoring my question.

“Oh you know. I’ve sorta been experimenting. I love it.”

He just nodded, his eyes still on me, but remained silent.

“Well,” I shrugged his hand off, “I have to get to my next class, so I’ll see you.” I didn’t give him time to reply as I moved away from him into the hallway and disappeared from view.


It went like that for a few weeks. He would stop me and try to talk, but I would soon be retreating from him. I know that’s mean of me. It’s not like we were in high school. I was a grown woman, and I should have been more mature than that. But I wasn’t. And I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

But one day he caught me by surprise. I had just gotten out of the shower, my hair still wet while I plopped down on the couch with a book in my night shorts and t-shirt. Just as I had gotten into the book, there was a knock at my door. Being that I’m a single woman on a not so good part of town without a peep hole in my door, I yelled through the thick wood, “Who is it?”

I heard some shuffling on the other side, and a clearing of the throat, “Um, it’s, uh, me…Chance.”? I confusedly opened my door, but only wide enough for me to look out of it. “Chance…what are you doing here…?” my eyes widened as I took in his appearance. He was shirtless, in athletic shorts and tennis shoes, looking all sweaty and completely sexy, his hair falling down into his eyes.

“Look Jean…Jeannie..Well…first, when I moved back, I got an apartment at the complex a couple blocks over, and I was out jogging and thought I’d see if you still lived here.”

I nodded slowly, not really understanding. He was talking in circles. “Ok….” I murmured.

“Look Jeannie..I think…I think we need to talk. I know the last thing you ever expected to see was me..here and all..again. But here I am. And I wanted to say I’m sorry. I guess it’s obvious that Shelly and I didn’t work out. You were right..she did just hurt me again..and I came all the way back here after my dad passed away because I realized what I’d lost…you were everything I ever needed…I know I can’t just barge back into your life, especially when you seem to have everything together and..moved on…but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t at least tell you I’m sorry, and I want you back. You have every right to hate my guts, and I’ll be surprised if you don’t. But I had to tell you how I feel. Seeing you again…you look amazing…and you..you are amazing. I just had to tell you.”

I was pretty stunned to say the least, but I wasn’t going to give in so easily. After several moments of silence, I spoke up, “Chance…it’s very sweet of you to say those things. But Bayan Escort I will not be your Georgia booty call. And I’m not the same person that you left here a year ago. I’m better than that girl, and I’m not gonna let you just waltz back into my life…did…did you just say your dad died?”

He looked down and solemnly nodded, and I felt my heart breaking all over again. I sighed and whispered, “I’m sorry Chance. I didn’t know.”

He looked up again and sighed, “I’m not looking for sympathy Jean..Jeannie. I am just telling you how I feel.”

I softened toward him, and opened my door a little more. “Why don’t you come inside Chance.”

He walked inside, and I couldn’t think. All I could do was flashback. Every time he’d been here. Every time he’d been on this very couch with me, kissing my bad days away, making me moan under his hands and mouth, our cries echoing into the night. I suddenly blushed and averted my eyes from him. I stuttered standing up, “Would you like something to drink…?”

“No…no just sit…I want to catch up with you.” he mumbled, catching my hand and pulling me back down.

I sat, and soon we were immersed in conversation of my life over the last year, and somehow, I stupidly mentioned one of my crying episodes briefly, almost like a passing comment. I cringed hoping he didn’t hear that part, but to my chagrin, he didn’t let it go.

“Crying? Why were you…did you say one of the times you were crying..?”

I looked down, embarrassed, and murmured, “Oh, you know us women…we get emotional sometimes…”

“You were crying over me.”

I looked up, feeling incredibly stupid. I looked away, only for my chin to be caught by his hand, forcing me to look him in the eyes. He wordlessly kissed me, and I couldn’t breathe. There was never a man who could kiss me like he could. Just one touch of his lips, and I was a gonner. Every moment I’d spent avoiding him up to this point was officially in vain. I was done for.

I clutched him moving my body closer to him. He moved his kisses next to my ear and whispered that whisper that always made me hot, “Baby…I’m sorry you ever had to cry for one second over me. If I have anything to say about it, it won’t happen again.”

I shuddered against him as he kissed across my shoulder, laying me down on the couch as he tugged my shirt upward. He got it off, and took a moment to admire my lacy expensive bra pushing together my ample cleavage. He let out a rush of air and murmured, “Well that’s new..”

My responding giggle quickly turned into a moan as he kissed the exposed flesh around my bra. I quickly reached back to unclasp it, and flung it across the couch. He got passed my breasts and kissed down to my toned stomach.

He gasped as I flexed underneath his kisses, “Baby, what have you DONE this last year???” He whispered against my skin, moving lower to her star covered night shorts.

I giggled again, “Well I work out a little I guess…”

He suddenly moaned, interrupting me as he pulled down my shorts and panties in one swift movement. I’d forgotten about my wax that I’d had earlier that day. It was my third one, and while they hurt, I loved getting them. I was so smooth and silky, it was unbelievable.

Chance groaned again, sucking my aching clit into his mouth, “When did you start doing THIS??” but before I could answer, I was moaning under his tongue. I’d forgotten how crazy good he could eat me. I gasped as he opened me up further and slid two fingers inside, still licking and sucking all over my clit and pussy lips.

“Chance…” I breathed lacing my fingers through his hair, he grinned up at me, rubbing my clit with his thumb as his two fingers pumped inside me. His head came back down, kissing all over the insides of my thighs, biting and sucking as he moved from one to the other. He slowly inched back up to my aching cunt, receiving a cry from me as he sucked my clit back Escort into his mouth, and inserted a third finger into my tunnel. His other hand reached up to tweak my nipple, and I lost it.

“Chance…Oh God…I….I’m cumming Chance…Ahhhh….mmmm more…” I moaned as I writhed my hips, pressing myself against his mouth as one orgasm blended into the next. I arched my back and screamed as I bucked under him.

Finally I relaxed, and he moved back up to me. I pulled him hard against me and kissed him, my own juices on my tongue.

He gasped and moaned into my mouth,”You used to never kiss me after I ate you..”

I sighed as our tongues intertwined, and he nudged my knees apart with his, moving in between my legs. He teased me, moving the head of his cock up and down my slit. I moaned and arched my hips up trying to force him inside me, but as I lifted, so did he. I growled in frustration. “Chance! I haven’t fucked in a year. I have never needed this more. Just give it to me.”

His breath caught and he pulled away, “You…you haven’t been with anyone since me?”

I looked into his eyes and breathed, “No…I always thought you might…come back..”

He groaned and pushed his head into me, watching me as I threw my head back in pleasure. He then grinned mischievously and mumbled, “You never used to talk dirty either, and now you’re talking about fucking?” He pushed further into me, receiving a cry from me. He pushed a little further, seeming to inch his way into me, “Is that what you want Jean? You want me to fuck you?”

I moaned, squirming under him nodding my head furiously, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

“Tell me Jean…” he gasped as he was finally in to the hilt and I writhed my hips beneath him, feeling him in every part of me, “tell me what you want me to do.”

I bucked against him and growled, “Fuck me Chance..fuck me senseless…till I can’t walk…Oh God!” I gasped as he had already begun thrusting into my dripping pussy, making me scream in short gaspy screams. He leaned down to bite my neck and shoulders, palming my breast and tweaking my nipple.

Suddenly he pulled out, and I whimpered simply from the absence of him. He roughly flipped me over onto my stomach and growled, “Hands and knees, Jean.”

He knew I loved to be fucked this way. I got on my hands and knees, and he plunged into me making me scream. He gripped my curvy hips, and pumped into me, and began kissing up my back, moaning and whispering against my skin, “God you are the damn sexiest thing I’ve ever seen..”

I was suddenly on the brink of the release I so desired, and I screamed at him wildly, “Harder! Chance! Fuck me harder… Oh… please….”

He groaned and grabbed a fistful of my hair pulling it as he pounded into me in our last moments together. With one final shove, he bursted into me as I fell over the edge screaming his name and bucking against him. He let go of my hair and gripped my hips once again trying to steady me as he let go of his last drops into me.

We both relaxed and I fell limp onto the couch. He moved to lay next to me, burying his face into my hair and murmured, “You’re so different…not in a bad way…I…I love it really. You… you know yourself. You see yourself the way I’ve always seen you. Sexy and beautiful and…just completely perfect. You finally realize how amazing you are. It’s breathtaking. I just love it.”

I smiled, suddenly sleepy, and breathed “I love you too Chance.”

He froze and I gasped, stuttering trying to find a way to back pedal, but he simply held me closer, and mumbled, “Good, cuz I love you.”

It was silent for a while when he said, “You know, ever since I saw you that first time after I moved back, I haven’t stopped dreaming of you.”

I giggle and whispered, “You dream of Jeannie?”

He laughed and mumbled before drifting off, “Yeah baby. I dream of Jeannie.”


For a while, I wondered if I’d made a mistake, but now, three years and one baby later as I look at him laying next to me in a slumber after incredible love making, I must say I made the right decision.

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