Kelly Ch. 04

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Ch. 04 Coaches and Parents

Personally, I like Parts 1 through 3, but you don’t have to read them before reading this. Thanks to all who have given me feedback, it’s gratifying to know you’re enjoying these flights of fantasy.

School on Monday was terrible. I could think of nothing but Kelly and our weekend. I saw her only in English class, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was so beautiful. I remembered how much I loved brushing her hair. I remembered all our sweet lovemaking. At the end of class I had to think about calculus to let my boner subside.

But gym class was the worst. The guys knew something was up. I told them I’d taken Kelly out, and it was instantly mayhem.

“You took Kelly Morgan out? Lucky duck!”

“She’s gorgeous!”

“Is she as oversexed as I think she is?”

“Didja get any?”

“Whadja do? Wheredja go? What’s she like?”

“I’ve heard she’s a stuck-up bitch.”

“Yeah, she doesn’t give any, so I’m told.”

“Did Big Justin wield the one-eyed lizard?”

“Did she get scared away by it?”

“Did you choke her with it?”

There were gales of laughter as they were completely gross at my expense.

I let it all flow over. Then I said simply, “We had a nice time. She’s a nice lady.”

“Gonna take her out again?”

“Yeah. In fact I hope to see a lot of her.”

Hoots and hollers, screams and yells. “Justin’s in looove!” Little did they know. On the one hand, these were my friends, and in a certain way I wanted to stand on top of the lockers and scream out my love for Kelly as loud as I could. On the other hand, I felt it was extremely private, and I didn’t want to tell them anything.

“Hey, back off. Justin needs our help. He needs our advice on how to treat Kelly like a lady. OK, guys, during class everybody has to give Justin a suggestion about what he should do with Kelly.” Cheers and affirmation greeted this idea. And they did. Every minute during class somebody would whisper “advice” about my dealings with Kelly. It was awful. It was crass. It was also very funny. They were coaching me. My coaches.

That night I had tons of homework. I called Kelly.



“How was your day?”

“Awful, Justin. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Same here. And I told the guys at gym about us.”

“Really? And what happened?”

“It was awful. They said the worst things. They tried to pry stuff out of me, and then they decided to give me advice all through class. So every minute or so somebody would whisper a suggestion about what I should do with you. They thought they were coaching me.”

“What did they say?”

“It’s way too crass to talk about. I’d rather just tell you how much I love you.”

“You’re changing the subject. They were really foul, huh?”

“Amazingly so.”


“In a way. But they’re also my friends, so I can feel some affection behind it. And some envy, I think. Just not a lot of maturity.”

“Are you going to take their suggestions?”

“Truth be told, I already have taken some.”

“Oh, really.” She didn’t sound pleased, “And did you brag?”

“No, Kelly. I told them we’d gone out, that we were going to go out again, and that I hoped to see a lot of you. That’s all.”

“Are you sure that’s all? You didn’t brag a little?”

“They know what Kelly Morgan looks like. I don’t have to brag when the evidence is right before their eyes. That you would even go out with me brags without my saying anything.”

“You didn’t even brag a little about what we did?”

“Not a word,” I said, starting to get a little angry, “I told you that all of that is between you and me alone. To tell would cheapen it. I didn’t even tell them a word about you making dinner. No details at all.”

“I believe you,” she said, but not convincingly, “When can I see you again?” There was a plaintive note in her voice.

“Too much homework tonight. Can I take you out for ice cream tomorrow after supper?”

“OK. About seven?”

“OK. See you then.”

Tuesday couldn’t go by fast enough. It was another day of torture, from not seeing Kelly to getting loads more “advice” from my “coaches.”

I was fifteen minutes early to pick up Kelly. Bad idea. She wasn’t ready, and was annoyed. I spent the time talking to her parents. Her dad was almost my size, and looked like he’d been quarried from granite. Her mom was tiny like Kelly, and very pretty. It was clear where Kelly got her looks. They were nice to me, but inquisitive. It wasn’t quite the third degree, but I was being interrogated. Her dad, in particular, seemed very protective. If my daughter looked like her, I would be, too.

Soon enough, I opened the car door for Kelly, took my place behind the wheel, and we took off for ice cream. Her parents watched us leave.

“Good move opening the door. Mom’ll like that.”

“Will you tell her that I do it all the time, and not just for her consumption?”

“Yeah. It’ll be part of the sales job.”

“Sales job?”

“Do you realize how important it is for canlı bahis me to convince them to like you?”

“I hadn’t thought of it. But you’re right.”

“Will you be selling me to your folks?” she asked.

“Dad will be easy. He’s my best friend, and if I tell him how special you are to me, he’ll love you and be glad. Mom will hate you, but I expect that as part of the Disease.”


“Her alcoholism. She hates all my friends, guys and girls.”

“You have other girlfriends? You never told me that.” She was prickly tonight.

“That’s not completely true. I have no other girlfriends, but I have a number of other girls who are just friends, and I distinctly remember telling you that. We even talked about them at the beach.” I said, referring to our day “beached” on her living room floor.

She calmed a little. “You’re right. I remember. I’m sorry, Justin. I just miss you so much it makes me crabby.”

We got to Dipper Dan’s. We ordered the usual.

“And Kelly?”


“Please, for my sake, no oral sex with the ice cream tonight.”

She laughed. “OK. But will you take me parking after ice cream?”

“Ice cream and parking? That’s our date? And you complain about how other guys only want you for sex? How am I supposed to feel?”

“Like my sex toy. How does it feel?”

“I love it,” I said, then more quietly, “But Kelly, remember that I make love with you, I don’t have sex with you. Please always remember that difference.”

“I remember it every minute,” she replied, “It keeps me warm even on chilly spring mornings. That’s why I want to go parking so badly.”

It was a clear spring night. The peepers peeped all around the pond where we went. It was just about eight, and dark. The air was chilly. I kept the car running and turned on the heat with the top down. In 1973, gas was 29 cents a gallon.

“What time do you have to be home?” I asked.

“By 10 for sure, but it would be better if it was earlier.” Kelly said.

She was wearing a shirt that buttoned in front. She had tied it up under her breasts, exposing her delicious tummy. Sometime during ice cream a few buttons that hadn’t been unbuttoned in front of Dad had come loose, showing off smooth skin between lovely breasts (When had she done that? I wondered). She wore gym shorts that clung to her hips and showed her legs. She had moved to the middle of the bench seat after ice cream, and had held my leg while I drove.

“If you don’t kiss me right now I’ll scream,” she said.

I took her in my arms. Our tongues explored each other. It was heavenly. I moved my hand inside her shirt and cupped her. She wore no bra. Her nipple was already hard. Her breast was an exact handful, and felt so firm, yet soft. I caressed it and squeezed her nipple gently. She sighed and moved her hand to my bulge. She felt me with her fingers, tracing its length. We spent a long time caressing each other. Then, she unzipped my pants and touched my cock through my briefs. I moved the waistband down so she had access to my manhood. She stood it up straight, and slowly stroked its length. We kissed some more. I moved to her shorts, cupping her pussy through the cotton. She moaned and spread her legs. I slipped my fingers inside her shorts and felt very wet panties. I moved them aside and found her pussy lips, wet and inviting. She stroked me harder, and started to breathe more heavily. I slipped a finger inside her vagina and started my own stroking motion to match hers on my cock. She bucked against my finger. She broke our kiss and panted as I finger-fucked her. She stopped stroking my cock as she was totally enveloped by the feel of my caresses.

“That’s it, buster! Now you’re going to get it!” She pulled away from my hand and dropped to take my cock into her mouth. She started giving me a most wonderful blowjob. As she did, she knelt on the seat, and I had the perfect chance to work her shorts and panties down to her knees. Then, I grabbed her by the waist, lifting her up. I dropped down to lay on the seat, and lowered her to my mouth. She pulled off my cock long enough to yelp as I lifted her. Realizing what I was doing, she resumed her kind ministrations to my dick. For my part, proud of my gymnastic skill, and feeling lucky she hadn’t clamped her teeth at the wrong instant, I commenced to eat her most delightful pussy. I licked and sucked. I nibbled her lips, avoiding her clit. She ground her hips into my face and sucked hard on my cock, taking the head in her mouth and stroking my shaft with her hands. And so we enjoyed each other. I brought her to orgasm several times, which I could tell because she would come up for air, clench her legs to my ears, moan, and shudder. After a moment, she would resume her wonderful sucking.

“Do you want to make love?” I asked.

“No. I want to bring you off this way,” she breathed.

“Fine with me. Just thought I’d ask,” I replied happily. I resumed my own snack with renewed fervor.

Soon, I could hold back no longer. At almost the right moment she lifted her pussy off my face so she could swallow bahis siteleri my entire length. When she did, I exploded in her throat, pumping what felt like gallons of sperm. She gagged, but held on tight, her nose touching my balls and my entire length down her throat. Unbelievable. I just cupped her ass cheeks and held them. Such a tight ass. Such wonderful cheeks. She came up for air – literally – gasping.

“I can’t believe I did that!” she panted. We sat up.

“I can’t believe you did, either,” I said, slightly short of breath myself, after an orgasm like that.

“Did you like it?” she asked playfully.

“Best parking by far that I’ve ever done,”

“Oh really?” she asked, now with an edge, “Do you go parking often?”

“Can’t say I’ve ever been before. This car’s a virgin.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t been driving this car that long,” she said, now clearly upset.

“Kelly, I’ve never been parking before. And certainly not like this.”

“OK, I believe you.” She still had the edge in her voice.

“It’s getting late. I think I’d rather deliver you a little early our first time out with your parents at home.”

“That’s probably a good idea.”

We drove home in silence. About a block away from home, Kelly shifted from the middle to the passenger side, and buttoned her shirt. I was sad to no longer feel her warmth at my side.

“Will they hear the car come in?” I asked.

“Mom will. She’ll probably be watching discreetly.”

“OK, we’ll give them the full show. Wait for me to come open your door.”

We giggled and I pulled into the driveway. I got out and trotted to her side of the car and opened the door for her. She got out and we walked to the door, not touching. At the front door, we faced each other.

“Thank you for ice cream, Justin. I really had a nice time.” she said, looking up at me.

I took both her hands. “You’re welcome, Kelly. And thank you for coming.”

I could tell that she almost burst out laughing. I leaned forward and gave her the slightest kiss on the lips, followed by another on the forehead. She smiled. While I was close, I said, “I have the biggest urge to cram my tongue down your throat.”

“Yeah? Well I want to grab your crotch!” she whispered back.

“Why do you think I’m holding your hands?” I whispered in return. That was it. We broke up in gales of laughter. I let her hands go and opened the door for her. She went in, and I wished her good-night, she saying that she’d see me in school tomorrow.

As I opened my car door, I heard her father’s voice. “Justin, can I have a word with you?”

“Sure, sir,” I said, letting go of the door.

He came up and faced me squarely, hardly a foot away. “Justin, it’s obvious even to a father that Kelly’s pretty taken with you.”

“Yes, sir. I mean, really?”

“Yes. You’re all she’s talked about to her mother since we got home. That’s never happened before. She’s never talked about the other boys she’d dated like that. In fact, her mother and I have been concerned because she’s never had a boyfriend before. She’d go out once and that would be it.”

“She’s kinda told me that, sir. She said the other guys were jerks,” I wasn’t really sure where he was going.

He dropped his head and looked at his shoes. “Kelly means the world to me, Justin. All I want to say is please be careful. Please don’t hurt her.”

“Sir, I know we’ve only gone out a couple times, but I like Kelly a lot. I’m really trying not to be a jerk, and I want to treat her as well as I can. Maybe, if it’s OK with you, sometime we can talk about what she likes, so I can surprise her?”

He looked up and smiled. “Maybe you are as special as she says you are. Put it this way,” he said, stepping back to go in, “You made a helluva start with the roses! But you know,” he confided softly, “In my experience, one is every bit as good as a dozen, and can come more often. So with greater frequency, you come out ahead. Good night, Justin.” With that, he turned and walked back towards the door.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief, and drove home, hoping I’d made a good impression on Dad.

Kelly told me about Mom: Mom had greeted her at the door while Dad slipped past and quizzed her about our date. Kelly had talked about ice cream, but carefully avoided our later activities. Mom had pried, but Kelly had resisted.

“It’s so nice to be able to talk to him. He listens, he really listens. And we talk about interesting things. We share so much with each other. He’s not like any of the other jerks. All they wanted was sex.”

“And he doesn’t want sex?” said Mom, a trace of concern mixed with curiosity.

“Well, he hasn’t wanted just sex so far,” Kelly replied, believing to herself that it was the truth, based on what I’d said. “And we laugh. Oh, Mom, do you know how wonderful it is when he makes me laugh?”

“Uh oh. Sounds like my little girl is falling pretty hard.”

Kelly hugged her mom tight and could only squeak out a tiny “Yeah!”

“He’s so tall!” Mom said.

“He is. I like it,” said Kelly with bahis şirketleri a smile.

“Can I give you a tip?” Mom asked.


“Stand on a step above him and kiss him, when you can. I used to do that with your father. It’s easier on the neck!” She giggled.

“Stand on a step to equalize our heights,” Kelly said thoughtfully, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?” They hugged for a minute.

Dad came in and mumbled, “He seems like a nice boy,” and continued on past.

“Is that the Dad Seal of Approval?” asked Kelly.

“As close as you’re likely to get, subject to withdrawal at any time. Kelly?”

“Yes, Mom?”

“He’s a hunk. He can keep his shoes under my bed anytime!”


“Wow! You’re Mom’s warm for my form? Cool! This could be fun!”

“Justin, don’t you dare think about anything like that!” Kelly was really mad.

“Whoa. I’m only teasing,” I said, and added quietly, since we were at school, “It’s you I love. And you’re dad didn’t try to break my neck or anything.”

“He’s really a softie at heart, especially where I’m concerned. If you take care of me, it will probably go fine with him.”

‘I’d love to take care of you right now.”

“I wish you could. Can we get ice cream tonight?”

“I don’t think so. Way too much homework.”

“Why don’t you come home with me after school? We can study and you can stay for dinner.”

“I’ve only got my bike.”

“We can walk together, it’s not that far.”

“OK. I’ll call home from your house and tell my folks.”

“Great.” I was rewarded by one of Kelly’s big smiles. I floated down the corridor to class.

After school, we ambled home. It was tough to manage books and my bike, with Kelly having to take my arm and manage her books, too. It was the days before backpacks.

We passed a florist. “Wait here!” I said, and dropping my books I ran into the shop.

I emerged with a single red rose and presented it to her. I was rewarded with a smile and shining eyes. “Justin, it’s beautiful!” She went up on her toes and kissed my cheek. We continued to amble.

When we got to her house, Kelly announced to her mother what she had invited me for. To her credit, Mom never blinked and welcomed me warmly, asking if I liked chicken. I said yes, and Kelly and I proceeded to spread books on the living room floor, sitting side-by-side and immediately engaging in the tons of homework we both had. From time to time we’d take a break and chat. Mom was busy doing this and that, so we weren’t free to express romantic interest other than in small talk. We made greater progress on homework that we’d anticipated, and by the time Dad got home from work, we were nearly done.

“Daddy, look what Justin gave me!” Kelly said, bringing the rose she to show him.

“That’s lovely, Kelly,” he said, and looking at me, he winked and smiled. “I’m starved. Is dinner almost ready?”

“Yes, dear,” said Mom, “Justin’s joining us.”

“Great,” said Dad. “Let me change clothes.”

Over dinner, we talked mostly about me. It was more of the gentle interrogation I had gotten last night. I talked about being on the basketball team. Dad had played, too, so he and I quickly lost the ladies with a discussion of tactics, picks, rolls, gives, goes, and rebounding. Mom asked me about my family, and I was pretty careful there, and it showed. She was sensitive enough not to press the subject. Kelly talked about homework, school, and having trouble concentrating on the last few weeks of work before graduation. That led to a long conversation about graduation and everyone’s plans.

After dinner, Kelly said, “Mom and Dad, Justin has been coaching me to improve my belching, but I’ll spare you a demonstration. It might hurt your ears!”

“Thank you, my sweet daughter,” said Dad, with mock relief, “I’m glad Justin is showing you the finer side of life.”

“He is, but I’ve already told him I’ll never belch as well as he does. Show us, Justin!”

I know I blushed a deep red, “Are you kidding?”

“Oh, now he gets shy!” said Kelly, laughing.

“It’s just as well,” said Mom, “If you can hurt our ears, he might bring the house down!”

“Mom, we’re going to take a walk to let dinner settle before we finish homework,” said Kelly, standing up.

“Shouldn’t we do dishes first,” I asked, standing up and taking my plate.

“I’ll make a deal,” said Mom, “Help me clear plates and I’ll take care of dishes. You two have better things to do. Take that walk.”

“Deal, Mom.”

It only took us a moment to clear the table, and then we went out into the cool night air. Kelly wore a loose sweatshirt that hid her uppermost assets, but her jeans looked like they’d been spray-painted on. We walked around the block, arm-in-arm and talking about the dinner conversation. It was starting to get dark.

“Do you think the neighbors would mind if I kissed you?” I asked.

“Nope, and I thought you’d never ask!” Kelly said. I moved to kiss her, and she stopped me. “Wait,” she said, hand pressing my chest, “Mom gave me a suggestion.” She led me to the curb. Facing me, she stood on the curb while I stood lower in the street. “Mom suggested that I should stand on a step to kiss you so that I would be taller!” She wrapped her arms around my neck and smiled.

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