Kim and Me Ch. 10

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Ch. 10: Kim tries webcamming on her own Saturday afternoon

You’ll enjoy this more if you read chapters 1 through 9 of “Kim and Me” first.

It was only about 4:00pm, but we’d already had quite a day. Between sex in the morning, a visit to the gym, and lovely snuggly, hot sex on the couch, I was thinking a nap was not out of the question.

Kim and I had moved back up to the couch and necked and hugged and rubbed copious amounts of semen on her chest between us for a while. We were now both extended on the couch, with Kim lying halfway on top of me, smooching occasionally and tweaking each other’s nipples, but we were mostly watching another episode of Red Dwarf.

When the episode ended and we were back to the pledge drive, Kim looked at me and said, “I believe I’m going to go downstairs and check my email and romp around the web a bit.”

“That’s fine with me, honeybunch,” I replied. “I was thinking seriously of napping for a little while to recover my stamina. You do take it out of a man.”

Kim poked me gently in the ribs. “Well, it’s not like we don’t know where it’s ending up, you know.” She rubbed at a small dry spot of semen on her chest. “It’s exactly where you left it, see?”

“True, true, and I really liked putting it there, but a man has needs, honey, one of which is the need to nap on the couch to restore his precious bodily fluids while his beautiful and sexy companion plays on the computer.”

Kim snorted. “If there’s a male need you haven’t expressed to me yet, it’s not because you lacked a conversational opening!”

“Well, now that you mention it—” I started brightly. Kim put her lips against mine and blew a loud raspberry, which made us both laugh and we started kissing again.

“I am going downstairs for a while. You can lie here comatose as you wish.” She stood up and stretched, once more giving me a view of any number of scrumptious features.

“Do you want me to tell you how to run CuSeeMe?” I said.

“Yes, please!” Kim said.

“You don’t need to run mIRC to check in on the various reflectors. Just start the software, adjust the camera, and then go to any of the first six or seven entries in the directory. Phil and Betty’s reflector is listed like that so it’ll be easy to find. I’d suggest that you stick with that one unless no-one’s there or you’re feeling particularly adventurous. And remember that you’re using my computer, so you’ll get treated as me until someone looks at you or you tell them it’s you. Technically, I’m not supposed to lend my account to someone who’s not approved, but judging by the response yesterday, I think that everyone approved of you.” I thought for a moment and said “If someone asks you to go to a private chat, you’re welcome to decline if you wish. If you want to accept, have them step you through the process of calling them. They’ll know what to do. You can put the headset on and phone them to hear their voice if you wish, too.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun to me,” Kim said, her eyes sparkling.

“I think you’ll do just fine with it. God knows you know your way around a computer and CuSeeMe is configured, so it’s point and shoot. Given this crowd and your newfound ability to squirt, I’d say there’s at least two or three other meanings to that concept in this regard.”

Kim smiled and said “Anything else, John?”

“Um, yes, now that I think of it.”


“Bring a fresh towel downstairs with you. Just in case.”

“Plbplbpblpblpbllbplbplplbpl!” Kim blew me another raspberry but she did go and get a towel. I noticed with pleasure that she wasn’t bothering to get dressed as she walked downstairs to the office. Someone’s about to get a major thrill, I thought. I turned the sound up on the TV just enough to hear the pledge drive and snuggled into the couch. I remember hearing “We’ll get back to the program in just a minute…” and then I fell asleep.

I awoke about 45 minutes later to the sounds of Kim cumming downstairs. Not a bad way to wake up, I had to admit, but I wanted to see what kind of mischief she’d gotten herself into. I stood up, stretched, and padded downstairs. Under the circumstances, I figured that clothing, even the kimono, was completely superfluous.

Kim had moved the chair out of the way and was lying on the floor. The towel was doubled up and was just under her ass and then down to her ankles. Kim had the phone headset on and the phone was beside her. Her legs were drawn up and she was working her pussy with one hand and tugging on her nipples with the other. Periodically, she’d suck the pussy juice off her fingers. The camera was on the edge of the desk and the monitor window showed that it had a great view of her open cunt and the rest of her as she lay on the floor masturbating.

The really surprising part was when I saw who was on the screen watching: it was Lynn and Honeybare! Both of them were also masturbating along with Kim, although only Lynn had a headset on. Lynn was in Uşak Escort her favorite chair and was masturbating by hand like Kim. Honeybare was also on the floor, which was unusual for her from what I’d seen. She lay on her side and had one leg cocked. She was pushing a small vibrator in and out of her pussy and seemed to be getting close.

Kim noticed me and said “Oh, John, come here! I want to suck you while I do this.” I knelt by her head so my still-soft cock was near her mouth.

“What’s going on right now?” I asked.

“Honeybare wanted to tell me about webcamming for girls since I was new and brought me to her private reflector.”

“I didn’t even know she had a reflector,” I said.

“She hasn’t had it long,” Kim said. “She tends to use it for small groups of people, so she gets really good video speed. We saw Lynn online and dragged her along, too. They started by showing me a few things for better posing for the camera and we all got hot and steamy. I’ve been having little skimmy orgasms but I want to come bigger.”

“I’d like to see that,” I said. “Are you talking to Lynn?”

“Yes,” Kim replied, “I’m talking to Lynn on the phone and she’s talking to me and typing to Honeybare. She’s saying ‘Hi’ by the way and—” Kim listened for a moment “and she wants me to suck on you while I jerk off so she can watch. Honeybare’s messaging her with roughly the same idea.”

“Wow!” I said.

Kim started rubbing her pussy more vigorously. “I am so hot doing this! It’s the biggest thrill I’ve ever had. I want to be a dirty little cum slut and swallow you. May I suck you off, please?”

“Anytime, sweetheart. Where would you like me?”

“Lie down next to me.” I lay down next to Kim but in a loose 69 position. My cock was still only semi-hard, but I didn’t think I’d have too much trouble rising to the challenge when Kim really went to town on me. My head was near her right thigh and I reached over to touch Kim’s hand. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and ran them over my tongue. I could taste lots of hot, sticky cream. Kim stuck her fingers back into her pussy with a slight squishing noise and then rolled over slightly and swallowed my cock all the way to the base.

I was once again dazzled with how incredibly good at cocksucking Kim was. It had felt like my cock was being inhaled right down Kim’s throat. I’d not felt any stopping when it went deep and her mouth was slick and pink and soft. It was like fucking a pussy with a tongue and I loved it. Kim made little happy moaning sounds that vibrated my cockhead slightly. Her tongue was working my shaft and her lips were working at the base of my cock trying to pull it in even a little further.

As much as I liked this, I wanted to be part of the program, too. When Kim had rolled toward me to suck on me, her hips had tilted toward me slightly. I pulled her closer to me and brought her clit within range of my tongue. Kim moved with me and cocked her left leg to make it easier to get in, but her fingers were still working her pussy deeply. I kissed her clit and then licked as much of her clit and her pussy as I could get to around her busy fingers.

Kim had already cum several times and there was plenty of cream to lick up. She tasted heavenly as always. I pressed her hips into me and buried my face in her crotch. Kim pulled her fingers from her pussy, stroked my cheek (leaving a wet trail), and moved her hand up to play with her nipples, all the while suckling my now stiff cock. I responded by pulling her thighs apart with my hands and plunged my face into her gaping pussy.

My tongue was stroking up and down in deep strokes, alternating occasionally with trying to fuck my tongue as deep into her as I could go. As much as I loved having her suck me off—and she could do it better than anyone I’d ever met—I loved eating her even more. The taste and aroma hit something that was wired right into my spine. It felt primal and I couldn’t get enough.

While I was eating Kim lustily, she was now pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. When I started moving my hips back and forth to fuck her mouth, she opened her mouth wide and said “Fuck my mouth deep!” I pulled my cock out all the way and pushed in smooth and deep. Again, there was no resistance and, when I pulled out, she said “More!” I pushed in again and started pumping into her mouth like I really was fucking her pussy. Kim grabbed my ass and pulled me in deeper with each stroke. Each time I went all the way in, I felt her nose touch my balls and her teeth hit my pubic mound.

I was focusing exclusively on Kim’s clit at this point. I had sucked much of it into my mouth and held it firmly with my lips while I pushed the folds apart with my tongue and lashed it hard. My orgasm was building and Kim’s pussy was getting that hot taste that told me she was a minute or so away. I nestled the tips of all four fingers between her pussy lips and worked them in. I was only able to get them Uşak Escort Bayan in a few inches but Kim shuddered violently with pleasure. I pulled them out and pushed them in again, bringing another shudder. I opened my mouth wide and tongued everything I could reach while pushing my fingers into her as far as they’d go, pulling them out, and doing it again.

Kim’s was making a noise through her nose like a steam engine each time I fucked my cock into her mouth. We were both working hard and I felt my cockhead swell suddenly. I pulled away from Kim’s wet cunt and yelled “I’m cumming!” Kim pulled my cock half way out so the head was in her mouth and sucked on me furiously. Cum spewed out of my cock and she held it all in her mouth without swallowing and bobbed her head, giving a slicker feeling in her mouth and making me cum all the harder.

I was bucking and jerking but I managed to keep licking at her pussy, sort of. My fingers kept pumping into her and that’s what did it for Kim. I felt a hot squirt of liquid hit me on my mouth and chin. Kim had previously pulled away from me when she came like that, but I had one arm around her hips at this point and I held on tight while I plunged my fingers into her and then wiggled them, pressing into her G-spot. Kim made a muffled noise because my cock was still spurting in her mouth and clamped her lips and tongue down very hard on me. She gripped my ass very tightly and jerked a little, all the while holding on to my cock and trying to fuck my fingers.

Hot spray was running down my face and hand by this point. As my orgasm subsided, I tried pulling my cock out of her mouth, but she was still in the throes of her own violent orgasm. I held on to her but stopped pumping my fingers and just held them where they were. Kim stopped moving and I could feel her muscles relax slowly. After about 15 seconds, she opened her mouth enough for me to pull my cock out. She sucked at the head as I pulled it out, making a loud popping noise.

I rolled back slightly but kept my face on her hip bone and my fingers in her pussy. We caught our breath and then I heard something indistinct on the headset. Kim’s body language told me she was listening to something interesting. She burst out laughing and said “Lynn says that she’s never watched anyone 69 on camera before. She thinks that we may be the hottest thing she’s ever seen.”

“Was that what made you laugh?”

“No, although it was nice. She said you should feel your head.”

I reached up and touched my hair. One side of my head was all wet. I stroked it and a drop of liquid trickled down the side of neck. “Is this you?”

“Yes,” Kim said. “Lynn says that she could tell when I came because I squirted three times that she could see. Apparently the second one shot up and she saw it fountain over your head and a lot of it landed in your hair. She says you were probably preoccupied and didn’t notice it at the time.” A pause. “Me squirting was a big part of why this was so hot for her.”

“I can’t say I blame her; it does for me, too,” I said.

I looked at the monitor. Lynn and Honeybare were both lying back with their legs spread wide and their pussies wet. They’d obviously liked the show. I gave the camera a broad smile and a thumbs-up gesture. I could see Lynn and Honeybare laugh and start applauding. Kim laughed, too, and said “Lynn’s shouting ‘Encore! Encore!’ and Honeybare messaged Lynn saying that she needs to find a man like you.”

“High praise, but I think there’s only one of me right now,” I said. “Most people seem to think that that’s more than enough, actually.” I smiled, too.

Lynn asked something that I couldn’t hear and Kim responded, “No, only since this weekend. John’s got magic fingers and he got me started. Now I seem to do it every time.” Kim listened for a moment and said to me in a slightly more serious tone, “Lynn wants to know if it’s okay with me if she asks you to teach her how to squirt the next time she’s in Seattle.”

“That is a serious question,” I said. “It’s totally up to you, sweetheart. I don’t want to do anything with or without you that’s going to hurt you and I treasure what we have already and I’d like to do more of this for a long time. I’m giving you carte blanche here: if you’re comfortable with her asking me, then tell her she can ask, but if you have the tiniest reservation, then don’t and we can talk about it later and see if it’s something you might feel comfortable with. But don’t do it if you don’t want to.”

“If she asked you, what would you say?” Kim said.

“Well… We both think she’s a hot woman who’s probably as much of an exhibitionist as you are, right?”

“Yes to all of that.”

“I think what I’d like to say is that, if it’s okay with you, I’d love to do this with her, providing that you were there to watch or whatever you were comfortable with, but only if you like that idea,” I said. “I’d feel more uncomfortable if you weren’t there. Escort Uşak It’d feel like I was cheating on you somehow.”

Kim said into the headset “Did you hear all of that?” She paused, then said to me, “Lynn thinks you’re not a typical man because you weren’t letting the little head do the thinking for the big head and that it’s very sweet of you to make sure that all this was okay with me first.” Returning to the headset, Kim said “Yes, it’s okay with me and I would very much like to be there and watch. I’ve never done anything like this before so I don’t know if I’ll just watch, but we’ll play it by ear. Is that okay with you?” A pause, and then Kim said to both of us, “It’s a date!”

Honeybare had been sending messages to both of us on the screen asking what was going on, please, so I got to the keyboard and filled her in on everything. She said “Wow, it’s not all that much further to get to Seattle from Hawaii than Anchorage; you think I could buy in on the same deal?” I relayed this to Kim who said “Yeah, I’d like that. She looks really cuddly.” I let Honeybare know that we’d leave a key under the mat if she found her way to the Pacific Northwest. Her response was “Oh, goodie!”

I heard Kim wrapping up with Lynn and then she said “Okay, Lynn, I’m looking forward to it, too. John’s got my phone number and I’ll have him send it to you right now in a private message.” She motioned at me and I sent a quick pm to Lynn with Kim’s home number. Lynn responded with “Thanks! I’m looking forward to this very much. If it’s okay with Kim, I’d like to suck your cock, too.” I typed “No promises, but I think it could be arranged.”

Kim was saying “No, thank you! This is a weekend that’s breaking a lot of new ground for me. Talk to you really soon! Byeee!” She reached over and hung up the phone and took the headset off, then went to the keyboard and typed a similar message to Honeybare. Honeybare typed back “I’ll keep you and John posted about my potential travel plans, then. Thank you for an amazing show!” Kim broke the connection and sat back down on the floor next to where I was standing.

“I simply cannot believe how much fun I’m having!”

“Ditto, honey,” I said, looking down at her.

“No, I mean it’s even more than that. I’m having an incredible weekend with you and I’d be having an incredible weekend with you even if it was only the two of us. But this is giving me a chance to experiment with some of my deepest fantasies and I feel so safe and warm and loved that I’m on the verge of happy tears all the time!” Kim hugged my legs and looked up at me. “I love you very much. You’ve given me a bigger gift than I think you know.” She reached up and touched my cock, which was saying in a quiet voice only I could hear “Don’t bother me, I’m asleep!”

I sat down next to Kim on the floor and hugged her. “I want to talk to you a little more about having someone else in. This can be really tough stuff and I have a little more experience in it than you do. Remember that I said that I don’t swing? It’s largely because I don’t want to risk my primary relationship. No matter who you are, you’re periodically going to feel jealous and abandoned and out of your depth when you open up your relationship and the only way you can keep things safe is for either of you to be able to say ‘Wait a minute, I need to call a timeout here because this is beyond my comfort zone.’ I think that we may be able to experiment with this, but I want to be clear that I don’t want to hurt you or do anything that will fuck up what we seem to have going here.”

Kim considered all of this for a minute and then said, “I don’t want to hurt you, either, and I think that we can do this and try it out. No-one will be able to counter the fact that we’ve known each other for so long and I’m not too worried about someone stealing you physically when you’ve got these—” she lifted her breasts and bounced them at me “—to come back to. So, yes, I’d like to try this at least with Lynn.” Kim put her arms around me and kissed me, then said “I really think you’d like this, too, and I don’t mind if we only do this with women. Think of it as a present that you can take home with you to bed.”

I kissed her back and said “All right, my little cum slut.” Kim went “Oooooh” and wiggled in my arms slightly. “But I want to be really, totally, crystal clear that either one of us can call a halt to things if it gets too far outside of our comfort zones. Is that a deal?”

Kim held up her hand and said “It’s a deal. Cross my heart.” She crossed her heart theatrically, then pulled her breasts up by her nipples.

I smiled at this and said “Yes, they’re big, but are they art?”

“Oh, you!” Kim shouted and she pushed me to floor and leapt on me.

Later, after we’d called our tickle fight a draw (my armpits are pretty sensitive, but Kim’s feet are worse), we went upstairs. Once again, we were naked and sticky. Kim still had traces of my semen from earlier in the afternoon and we both were covered with G-spot cum and her regular cream. Frankly, we probably reeked but it smelled wonderful to both of us. We both showered quickly and put our robes back on and went back to the living room. I heated up the tea in the pot and poured us another cup.

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