Kissing Her the First Time

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Big Tits

Seeing her come in, her smile radiating through despite the rubbish day she had been having. The weather was obviously cold, her cheeks flushing as she begins to warm up, seeing me there, unexpected. Knowing her husband has allowed me in, silently cursing him for keeping it a secret from her.

I walk over to her, she looks shyly at me, anticipating how I intend to behave. My mind is already racing. How will she taste on my lips? Will she feel soft under my hands? Will her face warm and flush as I caress it? I want to experience every intimate detail of her, I want to take in her scent, mixed with the perfume she loves, kiss the curve of her neck, and feel her satin soft ebony dark hair against my lips.

She looks at me, and I run my fingers across her cheek. She is slowly warming from her brisk walk home from work; her lips feel soft like she uses lip balm throughout the year. I love that she takes care of herself; I want to take care of her in the same way. I move towards her and gently kiss her lips. She hums slightly, just like when you have a hot cup of tea which you have needed…..the need in her lips drawing me closer in, wanting to taste her, to feel her teeth grating against my tongue as I explore her mouth for the first time.

My hands move to her sides, feeling her amazing body gently moving as she breathes deeply Ankara escort as I softly touch her, I want to feel further, not sure how she will react. I want to feel the undulation of her breasts under her clothes, feel her ass moulding to my fingers as I massage it gently with one hand, while the other wraps into her hair. I chance it.

My cunt starts to feel wetter as I play with her flesh through her clothes. I want to feel her flesh against mine with nothing between us. I ask her….with my teeth grazing her lip, sucking it into my mouth, as I silently beg her with my eyes. She sees the need, and answers me by starting to move my own top up as she caresses my belly and my ribs.

I sigh as I move away from her, her body amazes me but I so desperately want to feel the heat of her skin on mine. I kneel in front of her and start to unbutton her work trousers, pushing them down her legs and drinking in the sight of her, like I have needed it for so long. Her legs are like warm porcelain, and the curve of her hips leaves me wanting to lick and kiss all over. Her knitted socks appear, I know how much work it took to make those, the colours mean so much to her after she spun the yarn. I feel a slight shudder of pleasure run through me.

I stand, brushing my still covered nipples on her legs as I rise. Levelling with her face I look Ankara escort bayan down at her and start to run my hands across her stomach, beginning to lift her blouse. The silky material flows over my hands, but the feel is nothing compared to her skin. My clit is tingling now. As she raises her arms I feel the shape of her body change; my mind plays on the thought of how her body will change as we play, feeling her breathing change, and seeing the difference in her curves as she moves with my tongue. I finally lift it over her head, and she stands before me in her underwear.

Her hands start to work the zip of my skirt, pushing it down over my ass, her hands kneading it. It almost seems she has wanted this as much as I have. Her eyes alight on the dark green satin thong I have worn especially for her. She realises which bra I will have on….knowing that she mentioned she wanted to see me in the set when I bought it. Now she lifts my t-shirt over my head, her eyes widening as she realises that I am dressed for her pleasure, and I may be more nervous than she first thought.

My nipples harden under the satin of the bra, seeing the pleasure and realisation in her eyes. I want to explore every last curve of her body, to know the deepest parts of her mind, to kiss away the pain and love every part of her. My self consciousness is Escort Ankara beginning to ebb away as her gaze flows across my body.

I move towards her and kiss her neck wanting to work down, but knowing her ticklishness will stop me. I want to lick her belly button….it is not a disappointment from the imaginings of the past weeks. She can’t see my reasoning she sees herself as a whole being, rather than a collection of amazing and beautiful parts, I want to play with each and every one and discover its perfection.

My hands are roaming across her now, undoing the clasp of her bra and sliding it down her arms. Her breasts are beautiful, I take her nipple in my mouth, sucking and biting down gently. I hear the change in her breathing, the slight increase in pace, so I start to flick the very tip of her nipple with my tongue before sucking it deep into my mouth, hard and fast. She slides her hands inside my bra, twisting my nipples and pinching them tightly, my clit feels like it’s about to explode with her expert ministrations. The scent of sex is beginning to fill the room, as her scent mingles with my own.

My cunt is begging for her touch, I want to push her hand inside my thong and feeling her pressed against my clit. I need her pressure, I need her. I want to lick her clit as she presses her fingers into me. I want to have her nipples between my fingers as I taste her. I want her to press her cunt into my face as she grinds down. I want to smell her on my face and taste her every time I swallow while I snuggle with her under a blanket on the sofa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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