Kitty Walters Episode 01 Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Linda Paterson entered the hotel’s restaurant. Her appearance was quite professional. She wore business attire and low-heeled shoes, minimal make-up and a sensible scrunchie to hold back her otherwise long, curly, jet black hair. Lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry was her occupation and she looked it. Yet if you scratched the surface of her outer covering, you would have found a fit, athletic body. One that was trim, supple and soft, perhaps mid to late twenties in appearance despite being chronologically old enough to have a college-aged son. If you’ve ever fantasized about a teacher or librarian who looked like an iceberg, but you knew that deep down inside she was a nymphomaniacal slut who wanted to be screwed senseless by the football team, you would have found such a woman in Linda. Tonight she would be having dinner with Senator Richard Long. Like Linda, the dinner would be completely professional in appearance, but the promise of a ‘sexual indiscretion’ would be hidden beneath the surface of their conversation. Linda was more than confident that she would be able to lure the senator into a hotel room where the two of them would perform depraved acts of carnality that would have both their faces plastered over the evening news for weeks…if anybody found out about it. And while there was little doubt that the senator would be having the best sex of his life, Linda was certain that she would be completely satisfied by tonight’s tryst as well. She could think of nothing that got her off better than fucking a man she was about to kill.

The maitre d’ showed me to my table and handed me a menu. The fare at this restaurant was adequate. It was the atmosphere that was superlative. Dark lighting, employees that always minded their own business, and no reporters or news people unless something very dramatic happened. The murder of a senator would have this place hopping like a frog-jumping contest. But given my track record on assignments, if I handled matters just right, his death should be classified as no more than a heart attack during an extramarital affair.

“Sorry I’m late,” Senator Long said as he greeted me with a friendly touch of my shoulder. “When you’re in politics, there’s always somebody who wants a piece of you.” He sat opposite me, and if external appearance was a true indication of a person’s quality of spirit, I would have felt incredibly sad and guilty for what I was about to do.

The senator was in his mid-fifties and one of those rare individuals that greatly improved with age. Even in his twenties and early thirties he didn’t appear to have fully matured. There were still some green or even childlike characteristics about him. But in the here and now, he was a confident, influential master of the political game. And his power announced itself to all with his granite jaw, his broad shoulders and biceps that tightened his suit almost to the point of ripping whenever he bent his arms. Yet even through his endearingly rugged five o’clock shadow, his charming smile and soft blue eyes conveyed a sense of purity and trust. His parent’s genes had blessed him with all the superficial trappings necessary to make it in politics, and Machiavelli gave him the rest.

“I understand,” I replied. “That’s why we’re both here.” After Richard quickly scanned the menu, the waiter came over to our table.

“Good evening. I’m Bob. I’ll be your waiter tonight.” I always wondered if waiters told you their name because the familiarity of calling someone by his first name helps to diminish the fact that his occupation is merely that of servant or because it, momentarily, elevates him to the same level of his clientele so he doesn’t feel too much like an inferior. Perhaps both reasons were just two sides of the same coin.

“May I take your order?”

“What looks good to you?” I asked the senator. He looked over the entire menu.

“I don’t know,” he said. “It all looks so…unappetizing.” We both held back an impolite laugh, knowing full well that people rarely came to this establishment for the cuisine. “Well I suppose you can never go too wrong with a filet de bœuf.”

Bob seemed a bit puzzled. “Filet de buff? Is that like a filet o’ fish?” The senator glanced at me and we both let out a long, mental sigh.

“I’m sure the chef will know….” He paused for a moment. “I’m sure the cook will know what it is. And please make it rare,” which probably meant he would have been lucky if the steak didn’t arrive charbroiled. “Also a green salad and…” He gave me an impish grin as he asked “…would you mind if I went a little crazy?”

“Go ahead.”

He turned back to Bob and said “And some French fries.” We both smiled.

“I’ll have the same.”

“And I suppose I would be hoping for too much if we could have a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon.” Richard turned back to me. “Just to wash it all down with.” I was beginning to appreciate the affable character canlı bahis of my dining companion. It was easy to understand why he was so popular amongst his constituents as well as his fellow politicos. I was beginning to feel bad that I had to kill him.

“I’m sorry,” Bob said. “A napping cabinet…what?”

“Just make it you’re best one hundred dollar bottle of red wine.”

“Very good, sir.”

We both watched Bob as he left. Then the senator leaned in and quietly said to me “This is one of those restaurants where you’re actually glad if the waiters ignore you.” Again we both smiled. I didn’t know if it was his natural personality traits or his well rehearsed politician’s façade which turned what I thought would be an uneventful meal into one of the most enjoyable dining experiences I’ve ever had. Unlike most men of power, or men for that matter, he allowed me to take charge of the conversation and happily listened to what I had to say. Or perhaps as an experienced politician he was just an expert at feigning interest. That seemed unlikely, however, as he would interrupt me from time to time to explore a point further or to interject an amusing remark about something I’d just said.

While finishing off our cappuccinos and cheesecake, which had to have come from an outside bakery, we decided to get to the reason for the meeting.

“I’m glad you didn’t mind waiting to talk shop. I hate to discuss business over dinner, too,” Richard said.

“Well, waiting until we were finished eating would have helped prevent having to eat through an awkward meal if we couldn’t come to a mutual agreement, but I think you’re going to be very pleased with what my people have to offer.”

“I’m already very pleased with the messenger they sent.” His eyes were sending me a very clear message of their own. I smiled back and tried to appear appropriately, but not excessively, flattered.

“Please, you’re embarrassing me,” I replied quite coyly.

“Come on. To a woman as attractive as you, compliments must be as common as raindrops.” If the senator was ever hard-up for cash, he could always make a fortune hocking that silver tongue of his. But I would have to wait about thirty minutes before finding out how skilled his tongue really was.

“I understand Senator Ludgate wants to introduce a bill making it illegal for doctors to, shall we say, promote certain medications to their patients. He seems to feel that when pharmaceutical companies, shall we say, benefit doctors in a, oh, shall we say, financial way, that this may influence doctors to put the pharmaceutical company’s wants ahead of the patient’s needs.”

“Politicians,” Richard said, shaking his head a little in annoyance. “Tell me about it.”

“Exactly. This bill does nothing more than imply that doctor’s care more about money than their patients. And as someone who works in the health industry, I, for one, do not want to insult our fine physicians that way.”

“I understand where you’re coming from. But what can I as a powerful senate leader do?”

“Well, I’m sure if you spoke with some of our executives, who happen to be living in Rome right now, for a few weeks, I’m sure they would be able to help you to convince other senators to kill this…insulting bill to doctors. And they wouldn’t want you to be away from your family for too long, so they’ll pay to bring your family to Rome with you as well.”

“Interesting. Although don’t labor under the illusion that I always have to be with my family. I have a wife but…” His fingers eased over to my side of the table and started to caress my own. “…I’m not married to the concept of monogamy.” We smiled at each other. Him because he knew he was about to get laid. Me because the fish had just jumped out of the water and into the boat.

I pulled my hand away and got my purse. “Why don’t I get a room so we can discuss this further…in private.”

“Why don’t you.”

“I have your cell phone number. Have another cup of cappuccino while you’re waiting. I’m sure the extra caffeine will come in handy in a few minutes. After all, it is a stimulant.” As I walked away I heard the senator calling for Bob.

As I signed the hotel register, I asked the clerk to send up a bottle of brandy with two glasses. For a brief moment I thought about getting a bottle of champagne, but if I was really going to be that pedestrian, I would immediately change my occupation to that of dog walker.

The brandy arrived at Linda’s hotel room shortly after she did. Then she quickly went to work. There were two small vials in her purse. One was red. The other white. She drank all the liquid which was in the white vial but only poured a small drop of liquid from the red vial into each of the two glasses. After returning the red vial safely to her purse, Linda swirled both glasses until the liquid inside smeared into a film too thin to be seen. Calling the senator, bahis siteleri she let him know that all was ready. It would take him a few minutes to get up to the room, but a few minutes was all she needed. After throwing her business clothes on a chair where they would be noticed by the senator, she retreated into the bathroom for a few final touches.

Knowing that he was expected, Richard didn’t knock but simply turned the knob to Linda’s room. Sure enough, she had given him full and easy access. He let the door close loudly enough to announce his arrival and then locked it.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” she said. “Make yourself very comfortable.” Seeing her outfit on the chair, he began to strip down to his shorts. By the time he got to pulling down his zipper, he looked up and saw Linda emerging from the bathroom. Her hair was no longer tied back but loose and wild. The little extra mascara and lipstick she’d put on required the senator to take a second look. If he hadn’t just spent an hour in the restaurant with this very same woman, he would have sworn they were two different people. His shock at seeing her new appearance almost distracted him from noticing her completely naked and extraordinarily sexy body.

Again he could have sworn that this was another woman. While her body seemed quite attractive in the restaurant, there was no way he could have imagined the Venus that was hidden beneath her clothes. Obviously her business suit had camouflaged her firm, supple flesh, creamy thighs and more than ample breasts. The one thing that could not have been camouflaged was the massive erection forcing the senator’s zipper to open as if by magic. His cock quickly poked through the opening in his shorts, freeing itself from its confines and making it’s readiness known to Linda.

“Magnificent,” I said, entranced by the sight of the senator’s bulging boner.

“You certainly are.”

“Oh, you’re sweet.” His eyes traveled down my body, drinking in every drop of my naked flesh. After reaching my toes, he went back up and stopped at my snatch.

“Smooooth. I love a hairless pussy. It’s looks so…inviting.”

“Well, nothing comes between me and my Calvins.” We both laughed a little. Softly striding over to Richard, I was more than happy to immediately kneel down and go down on such a marvelous piece of man meat, but his cock had to be put on, ahem, hold. He pulled me close, his gigantic prick being forced into the outside of my belly. His strong hands held my arms gently as he brought his lips to mine. After a few seconds of tasting his sweet lips, I felt his tongue penetrating into my mouth. I wasn’t about to obstruct a senate probe, so I gladly yielded to his power. I always found a sense of helplessness and being at the mercy of a strong, controlling man to be incredibly erotic. Power has always been a big turn-on for me, and fortunately there are many types of power to satisfy my orgasmic needs.

His hands were slightly calloused, no doubt from pumping the iron that gave him quite a muscular physique, but that only wanted me to be pumped by him even more. He ran his rough hands up and down my exposed flesh, exquisitely stimulating my body…grasping as much of my generous tits as he possibly could…squeezing my taut butt cheeks…pulling them apart and tickling my wrinkled pucker with one of his fingers until slowly inserting it deep into my asshole.

I’ve never shied away from anal stimulation. Quite the opposite. The invasion of a thick piece of dick into my anal cavity only fed into my desire to be overpowered and sexually submissive. In fact, there have been quite a few times when I’ve achieved a much more intense orgasm from having a thick, fat dick plowing my ass instead of my pussy. Just remembering the erotic sensations of having my ass cheeks forced apart by some huge, bell-shaped cockhead which then drove deep, then deeper, and even deeper into my rectum until I could feel it bumping up against my ribcage was enough to make me cum after only a few seconds of rubbing my clit. My knees buckled and I shook a little, but Richard held me firmly in his grasp. Even now, after having gotten laid by thousands of men, sometimes several hundred in a single week, I’ve never gotten so accustomed to sex to the point where my cunt didn’t enjoy quivering and convulsing to a marvelously gratifying orgasm. I happily resigned myself to the fact that I was a junkie, a cum junkie, always looking for that next fix.

A minute later, when I felt some of my cream rolling down my thighs and onto my knees, I pulled away from Richard enough to be able to kneel down before his impatient member. After removing the last pieces of clothing from his body, I opened wide and took his cock into my salivating mouth, all the way in until I reached his balls. I was pleasantly surprised that, due to its enormous heft, his prick wasn’t pointing up but straight out.

“Wow,” bahis şirketleri he said. “I’ve never seen any woman swallow my whole dick with such ease. There aren’t that many who’ve taken the whole thing period. And when I first saw you standing naked, I’m sure my dick swelled to at least an inch longer than it’s ever been.”

I tightly sucked on his cock as I pulled back, letting it fall out of my mouth. “Although it’s very kind of you, you don’t have to keep flattering me. You’re already getting laid.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you could make a fortune if you did this for a living.”

I laughed a little. “In some way, shape or form, everybody sells themselves for money. The only difference is that this way is the most fun.” I took a firm grip of his shaft and lifted it, exposing his large, plump balls. They were two ripe apricots waiting to be gobbled up. Instead I simply licked and sucked each one like a giant lollipop. I could feel the heat being generated by his tasty nuts on my tongue. Their warmth was quite comforting for some reason. My tongue searched out his scrotum and I slid my way up between his balls. I continued to slide up his shaft, delighting in his moans and animalistic grunts of pleasure, until I reached the brim of his cockhead. And let me tell you that was no short journey.

His precum juices flowed freely out of his piss slit. Much to my surprise and enjoyment, it was sticky and sweet, like transparent honey. I had enveloped his shaft with my saliva and now his honey was enveloping my saliva. I was amazed that he was able to produce enough precum to cover his entire prick. But not to be outdone, I enveloped his meatstick and all of our juices into my mouth once again. My tongue explored every vein and bulge of his manhood, taking pleasure in the giving of pleasure. He firmly took both sides of my head and began to skull me. I held his cock, also firmly, in my mouth making him work to pull it out and work to shove it back in. Despite its girth I had no problem breathing, and despite its length I had no problem taking in every hard inch. I had been very well trained in the art of cocksucking and a ponderous piece of prick like the senator’s, which would have caused most women to choke and gag, was a perfect fit for my compliant throat.

He continued fucking my mouth as quickly as I would allow him. I was the one submitting to his will, but I was also the one in charge of how fast he was going to get off. His groans of satisfaction were intermixed with the sounds of my saliva and his plentiful precum juices sloshing around inside my mouth. The fluid build-up became very abundant, so from time to time, when he pulled his massive meat out, I swallowed all of the liquids that had been flowing from his dick and my salivary glands. Occasionally I timed it too late and our copious supply of juices would be forced out past my lips, drooling and dripping onto my firm, oversized tits.

Five minutes later, after I had settled into a perfect rhythm and could have gone on sucking his prick for another hour, Richard, it seems, needed some relief. His seed was burning and churning inside his sweltering nut sac. His cock muscles were sporadically twitching in an attempt to have a full blown orgasm. “Make me cum!” he shouted. “I need to cum!” I released his prick from my oral grip and clutched his cock with my hand. As I squeezed and stroked his overworked member, I softly caressed and tickled his meaty balls. The blood in his shaft was being forced to the top, turning the bell-shaped head a rich purple. His nuts convulsed and contracted together. A second later his thick, delicious cream fired out of his cannon, past my lips and into my hungry mouth. The first few blasts of a man’s spunk were always reserved for my belly. The last few I always like to have shooting onto my tits. When he had finished, I took him into my mouth again to capture that final drop of sperm that had so valiantly made it to the outside world.

Richard sat on the edge of the bed then laid back and rested while I rubbed his cream all over my tits. Like a precious, youth restoring lotion, I massaged his spunk into my skin, inhaling the intoxicating scent. I covered as much of my body as possible with his seed. My tits. My tummy. My shoulders. And my arms. Even half of his full load was more than a very abundant supply. There’s something about the feel of a man’s sticky cock juice coating my flesh which makes me feel so decadent and depraved. And if you want to enjoy the sensual delights of sex, you might as well get as down and dirty as you can. Save the antiseptics for the operating room.

Once again knowing what it feels like to be slimed, I got up and opened the bottle of brandy. “Could you use a drink?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said through deep, heavy breaths. I poured the brandy into both glasses as he sat up. I offered him one glass but he took the other. I suspected such a possibility but it didn’t matter. As we drank, he looked me up and down.

“You’re so shiny. You look like a ham that’s just been glazed.” Looking at my arms and belly, I nodded in agreement.

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