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Last Weekend

Does your mother know you”re reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I”m trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children. If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you”re under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn”t always work out like a story. This story is copyrighted, ©2005. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

I lay naked across the concrete picnic table in the middle of the quad. A long line of horny highschool boys waited their turn at my mouth or ass. I could see twenty or more boys standing with cocks in hand as they slowly stroked watching one hard dicked boy after another ravage my eager and hungry ass.

I had a never ending line of boys equally eager for a shot at my mouth. They would step up on the concrete bench and bend over shoving their hard cocks in and out of my throat with no concern for anything in the world except to cum. And cum they did. I had so much sweet nectar shot directly into my throat by long cocks, short cocks, and all sizes in between.

I never realized how many sweet cocks we had in this school. As I would wait for another boy to take the position at my mouth I would roll my head around to get a look at my audience. Girls were standing with their books in their arms clutched tight against their sweater covered bosoms as they giggled and whispered back and forth to each other. I know that several of the girls were jealous of me. I had heard them state how they had tried to get this boy or that to fuck them. All of the boys seemed to only want my talents and who was I to deny them.

The principal was on his knees on the table next to me with his tiny little dick in his hand. His dick was like maybe five inches long and skinny as he stroked it madly shooting a thin line of splooge across my chest and then dribbling out a few sparse drops before it wilted and disappeared back into the folds of his pants.

The football coach had his thick member out and was aiming it at my face when I had a quick break between boys at my mouth. He shot his thick load all over my face as he laughed at me. “Finally found something you”re good at faggot,” he sneered at me.

None of the teachers penetrated me but all of them lined up to shoot their minuscule load of man cream across my body. Everyone was trying to humiliate me but, like the cum on my body, their taunts rolled off of me with no permanent effect. I was happier than I can ever remember as one huge cock after another left its deposit in my ass. I loved the taste of the cum shooting into my mouth. I never wanted this day to end. Someone shut off that fucking alarm.

Yeah, my alarm clock was giving its incessant caterwauling awakening me from the most fantastic dream ever. My body was soaked in what must have been many orgasms. My butt was a little sore as I reached back and pulled out the ten inch vibrating dildo that I had shoved up there the night before. I loved the feel of that thick rubber cock. I only wished I could have a real cock up my ass. I so longed for that. I scooped up a large dollop of my cum with the thick head of the dildo and shoved it into my mouth. I fucked the monster cock substitute in and out of my mouth, not able to take it all the way into my throat.

The stupid alarm clock buzzed again. I had left it on snooze “cause I tend to go back to sleep and miss my bus in the mornings. I climbed out of bed and stood up. I looked at my reflection in the floor to ceiling mirrors on my closet doors. “Not bad,” I thought to myself. Looking back at me was a five foot four kid of fourteen and four months of age. I had some definition starting to show through the thin layer of baby fat that still coated my torso. I was on a diet from hell and was working out each day. I wanted a body that would attract some body.

My cut cock was limp from a hard night. It hung about two and a half inches over my tight scrot. Why is it that when I have a good cum my balls draw up inside and hide for hours? I headed to the shower.

A good hot wash, teeth brushed, and my short cut dark hair spiked I was back in front of the mirrors pulling out clothes for a day of being seen in a highschool full of shallow people that didn”t notice anyone not on the A list. I was pleased to see that my scrotum had relaxed and my balls were back in place as a perch for my sweet meat to lay its tiny little head on.

I pulled on a pair of white CK boxer briefs. I chose a black Motely Crew tee with tan cargo pants. My new Nikes topped off what I thought was the look for the day. I grabbed my back pack, ran through the kitchen for a handful of carrot and clerey sticks and a bottle of juice then out to the corner, making it just as the bus came to a stop.

All of the kids at my stop were older and they all had some snide to remark to make about the tiny little frosh. “My they are taking them young this year.” Was the same old line that rich bitch always used. She was so full of herself and herself was full of shit. She got the prerequisite giggle from her entourage as she climbed onto the bus taking residence in the forward most seat, like a queen in her court.

School was the same ole boring same ole. I can”t help it, I am too smart for my own good, or popularity. I have always been an honors student. This shit just comes natural. I try to keep a low profile but the teachers always point out that I made As, why couldn”t the others in the class do it too. That was not a way to make friends, I can tell you. At least it was Friday, one more class and I was outta here for two kızkalesi escort whole days.

Gym class was the highlight of my day. There was not much going on so I liked to grab a barbell with twenty five pounds on it and slip it across my shoulders as I ran the stairs. I was getting good. I was up from no weight to twenty five in only eleven weeks and I could do three laps without a rest. I was going to look good if it killed me. Coach pulled me aside and gave me some pointers then told me to hit the showers.

There was only one other boy in the locker room when I got there and his locker was right next to mine. He was cute as all hell and I have to admit that his cute little body had given me some sweet thoughts in my down time, or would that be up time. He had the flat definition that I sought, without being some jock looking son of a bitch. That and the fact that he had an uncut cock that hung about three inches soft…I had seen him partly bone in the showers and he was a grower.

He followed me to the shower and took a shower head right next to me. “Hey.”


“You kind of got that pathageon shit down. How you do it?”

“Pythagorean Theorem. It”s easy, just say: Sally Can Tell Oscar Has A Hairy Old Ass.”


Opposite + hypotenuse = adjacent. Hypotenuse x opposite = adjacent, and variations thereof.”

“Shit that”s cool, so are you.” That startled me. I looked at him and he was boned, big time. He was stroking what appeared to be an almost six inch cock. I got on the rise and turned into the shower spray. He moved in front of me and looked down and my five and a half inch hard cock and squeezed it.

He moved out of the shower area, back to his locker. I waited until I deflated. With towel wrapped securely around me I headed to my locker. He had his socks and his tee shirt on. His name is Ted. He stood in front of me with his semi waving in my face as he asked me if I would teach him geometry. He told me that he sees me get off of the bus down the street from where he lives. His brother would be glad to give me a ride home.

My lust level was climbing so I agreed. I wanted to see if things came up at home as they had in the shower. I followed him to the student parking lot where he introduced me to his brother, Tony as we climbed into the backseat of his car.

His brother was well known to me as a star player on the school football team. He wore his letterman”s jacket or a jersey, when it was warmer weather. He liked to show off who he was. Another dude climbed in the passenger”s door and sat beside Tony. He was introduced as Darren.

We were pushed into the backs of our seats as Tony gunned his engine for a fast take off. I loved the adrenaline rush that ran through my body. We came up to a red light a few blocks from the school. Darren leaned across as Tony turned to face him. The two gave a hot, quick kiss, with tongue. “Hey, no PDA up there,” Ted laughed and punched me.

We pulled up to their house and I could see my house in the middle of the next block. We went inside and raided their kitchen. Sodas and a sandwich in hand Ted took me to his room. He took off his shoes and shirt. He told me to get comfortable as it was pretty warm in the house. I removed my shirt and kicked off my shoes. We heard a banging on the wall from the room next door. “Come on. I”ll show you something so cool.”

He opened the door to his brother”s bedroom to reveal Tony on top of Darren fucking him in the mouth as he was sucking Darren”s cock. Darren was cumming as we stood there and looked. I could see the juice leaking and running down the thick cock from around Tony”s lip lock. Tony was trying to recover each drop as his body stiffened and he shoved the whole length of his cock into Darren”s mouth to begin his own climax. I was boned.

Tony jumped up and spun around. Darren pulled his legs back and Tony pushed his cock directly into Darren”s butt. Ted was on his knees as he pulled my cargoes down and then my CKs dropped to allow full access to my stiff rod. Ted took the whole shaft into his mouth giving me the pleasure I had so long desired. My knees wobbled. Ted pushed me to the bed as he continued to suck my raging boyhood. I was where I could see Tony thrusting his mammoth cock in and out of Darren”s ass while Darren”s cock flopped about, slinging precum about the bed and onto my face.

“Suck it.” I heard as Darren grabbed his cock and pointed it at me. A pair of hands pushed at the back of my head. I moved forward and took the huge cock into my mouth. I gagged as it hit the back of my mouth but I didn”t let go. I wanted to do this, even if it killed me. I sucked on the first three or four inches as I continued to watch Tony ravage Darren”s ass and Ted bobbed his head up and down on my aching hard pole.

I felt my cum moving just as Darren flooded my mouth with his hot and super thick load of boy cream. It was the first I had tasted, other than my own and I loved it. I filled Ted with my cum as Tony stiffened up and shoved his cock so far into Darren that it caused him to move, shoving his cock further into my mouth. I had all of Darren”s cock in my mouth and my nose was deep into his pubic hairs as the four of us drained our balls, Ted”s load running down my leg.

Darren grabbed me and kissed me as I held up my pants with Ted dragging me back into his room. I stepped out of my pants as I stared at Ted, naked before me. He got up on his bed and I joined him. We got in position and began a long, slow sixty nine with each other. Several minutes into our mutual fun Tony and Darren came in and sat down beside us. They played their hands over our heated bodies as we continued to nurse on the sweet teat in our mouths. A hand spread my butt cheeks and a finger probed at my ass hole then disappeared inside. “Wow, he is so open. I have to fuck this sometime.” It was Darren”s voice.

I watched as, what I think was Tony”s finger go up inside Ted”s ass as tarsus escort Ted shoved his cock a little further into my eager mouth. “I told you to be patient little one. Now you have found yourself a boyfriend,” Tony told his brother as Ted moaned on my dick sending waves of pleasure through me. The two older boys left as Ted and I continued to just lie there and suckle each other, happy and content to just be together.

“Tony”s having some buds over later. Why don”t you stay the night?” Ted told me later. I called my mother and told her where I was. She agreed to let me stay but reminded me that I still had to rake the leaves the next day. I told her I remembered. I needed the five dollars too much to pass up that job.

Tony and Ted”s parents were out of town for a business convention and would not be home until Thursday or Friday. Tony had invited most of the football team to a party. As everyone arrived they were searched for drugs or booze. The boys would not have any substances in their house. Some of the guys left after getting all huffy. Tony had a lot of backup from his team mates so the whole party was cool

Most of the guys had brought dates. There was some making out and a lot of dancing but no one got high. It was the coolest party I had ever seen. Some of the guys were making out although they did it where they would not be seen by most of the others. I think they thought it was cool to kiss a boy in front of two little freshman and Ted and I were eating it up. Around eleven the party broke up and by eleven thirty there were only ten of us left. Six new boys joined Tony, Darren, Ted, and myself. Tony checked the whole house then went outside and looked around. He came back in and locked the doors then set the alarm. “Sex time.”

Everyone shucked out of their clothes and stood naked staring at me. I blushed and sheepishly removed my clothes as Tony introduced Ted and I as his special guests for the weekend. “Virgins wishing to learn,” he called us. A really cute junior standing beside me grabbed me and pulled to a chair. He sat me in his lap as his tongue invaded my mouth and his hand gripped my cock. I felt his finger go up my ass as he moaned into my mouth and I into his. I was as hot as I had ever been and ready for anything. I felt his hard cock stretch out between my legs as he whispered in my ear, “Are you virgin?” I nodded. “Can I take you?” I hugged him tighter as I mumbled my affirmative answer into his open mouth.

He got up and lifted me to his arms then carried me into a bedroom. The covers had been removed from the bed and only a sheet and two pillows remained. The light was very dim. A box of baby wipes and a silver tube lay on the table beside the bed. My junior was named Trevor. He lay me gently on the bed and spread his body over mine as he began to suck and lick and kiss me, all over. I was all over the bed with my passion. He got to my cock and sucked me for a few moments then moved to my balls. He got between my legs and lifted them in the air as his face moved on down to begin the most pleasurable thing I ever experienced, a rim job.

What a fucking rush. This big two hundred pound tackle had his face buried in my tiny virgin ass with a tongue longer than my cock shoved up inside my shit hole. He was tongue fucking me and making my cock leak like a cheap faucet. His fingers went up inside me, first one then two. I was a quivering mass of shapeless flesh as he worked his magic on me. My cock began to pulse and he was ready. He swallowed my whole boy member as his fingers pushed and stroked against my prostate. I could no longer hold it, I flooded his mouth with every drop of boi juice I could muster.

Trevor licked me clean then raised up, still between my legs. He pushed his huge cockhead against my virgin pucker and shoved himself inside. I shrieked from the invasion but quickly relaxed as waves of passion swept throughout my tiny little body. My size and his cock size were directly proportionate. His cock was half as big as my total mass. I could feel his cock in my gut as he pushed and pulled, time after time. I hooked my heels into the flesh of his humping buttocks and rode his pony for all it was worth.

When his orgasm came his cock swelled, stretching me even further. He filled my ass with wave after wave of red hot baby batter as he sucked on my tongue and laved the inside of my mouth. He rolled to his side taking me with him and held me tight to him as he lifted his cock in and out still thrusting inside my, no longer cheery, rectum.

“Next.” A voice said from the doorway. The quarter back slid into the bed beside me as Trevor handed me off to his team mate. Larry was a lover. He made love to me in so many ways. I sucked his dick as if there would be no tomorrow then gladly spread my legs for him to shove his lovely boi cock in me. He was no where as big as Trevor. In fact his cock was not that much longer than mine but what he did with it made my world a better place. I never knew that I could see so many bright lites with my eyes closed. I knew once and for all that I am now and forever queer.

I had all eight of the footballers in both ends of my body and had even taken them on two at a time as I sucked one and another fucked me. I had not seen Ted since this all began and wondered what he was up too. After everyone had used me to their satisfaction I was picked up and bodily carried to the bathroom and placed on the toilet. I farted and a huge splash filled the toilet with maybe ten or eleven loads of cum. I giggled as I was shown the shower and Ted was carried in to sit on the toilet.

The water temperature was adjusted and I stepped under the spray as Ted stepped in with me. We held each other and ran the soap over each other”s naked bodies. Our cocks were soft as we ground against each other. We got all of our body parts cleaned then we were lifted out of the tub and dried. We were both treated like the most precious things on earth as eight boys fawned over our nakedness. We were carried to Ted”s bed and placed side by side with the blankets drawn up over us. The lights were turned out and the door shut. Ted moved to me and we anamur escort kissed. I awakened with Ted in my arms and the sun shining through an opening at the side of the blinds.

I had to piss so I jumped from Ted”s bed and ran, naked to the bathroom. Ted was at my side as our streams crossed and we giggled at each other. We left the bathroom and walked down the hall. Two boys were sucking each other in the guest room. Two more were fucking in Ted”s mom”s bed. Darren and Trevor were fucking in the den and Tony had Larry”s cock down his throat.

Ted and I went to the kitchen and got out three dozen eggs. Ted set three skillets on the stove and put two pounds of bacon in them to cook. I put four cans of Hungry Jack biscuits in the oven while Ted opened cans of frozen orange juice and mixed them in a large pitcher.

With everything on the stove Ted and I embraced in the middle of the room and kissed each other, deeply. Tony and Trevor walked in. They each kissed us then Darren and the Larry did the same. All in all each naked boy came in and kissed everyone else. Everyone was groped and made stiff in spite of the night”s torture. We all sat naked at the huge dinning room table and had breakfast together.

The whole gang was going to the mall. I told them that I had to rake leaves. I really needed the money. Twenty minutes later ten boys converged on my house. The yard was raked, trimmed and the leaves bagged and at the curb forty five minutes later. I left a note for my folks that I had joined Ted and his brother for shopping and movies at the mall.

Shopping constituted the purchase of chap stick and KY jelly. A stop at an adult book store had one of the seniors in and out of the back door in five minutes with an oddly shaped bulge in his tee shirt. We were back at Ted”s house and naked before noon.

In the den the ten foot screen rolled down. The overhead projector shone on the screen with a scene of two boys not much older than Ted and I walking through a park, hand in hand. The boys sat on a picnic table and kissed then ran into the bushes to take turns sucking each other. It had to be the movies because these boys weren”t hung like real kids. They were both hung like young horses.

The next scene had the boys in a bedroom ripping clothes off of each other. Cocks were in butts in seconds flat. As one boy fucked the other the door opened and a man of about forty or so entered in. He grabbed the boy on bottom and crawled under him, taking his cock in his mouth. The boy sucked the man as his friend continued to fuck him. A few minutes later the boys changed positions as the fucker became the fuckee and the old man had a fresh ass juice flavored cock in his mouth.

I passively said that I wondered what that tasted like. Darren pulled his cock out of the ass of the boy in his lap and offered it to me. I sucked it. I turned into a sixty nine as Ted moved over and fucked me.

All together there were nine super hot boy fuck DVDs. All of used the chapstick over and over and the KY tubes got flatter and flatter. I learned that I loved to suck a freshly fucked ass hole and taste all of the deposits left behind, as much as I enjoyed my ass being soothed in the same way.

Sunday afternoon could not find a twitch amongst ten wilted teenage cocks. All of us dragged ourselves into our clothes and headed home. I even got a ride unable to make the one block walk to my own door. Fortunately no one was home as I entered and was able to nearly crawl to my bed.

My mother checked on me when she came home. I told her that we had been up playing games for two nights straight and that I just need some sleep. She left me alone.

Ted and I are boyfriends but I am very popular with certain members of the football team and have been told that I aint seen nothing yet. Basketball is next and the wrestlers are a frisky bunch. I”m too tired to get it up in anticipation.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at ame.

Hangin” hard, dude.

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